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Kinkyads Review 2023 — Real Hookup Site or Scam?

Kinkyads Review 2023  — Real Hookup Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 77%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 25-30
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 6.4
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Absolutely free, so easy on the pocket
  • You can post as many photos and videos as you want
  • Easy to earn trust and merit points
  • You can create a fabulous
  • Allows you to show your bold side without inhibitions
  • Not for people who want serious relationships
  • Too much of skin show could make it uncomfortable for some women
  • The selection process does not consider special criteria

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Jonas Brown, running the company, has a dedicated team working for him, and all of them share the common goal of taking the monotony out of the day to day drudgery that most people are inflicted with, living their corporate lives day in and day out. The main idea behind the creation of the website is to allow people to express themselves in whatever way they want.

Kinkyads is operational in several countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, Jamaica, Poland, Spain, Ukraine, France, Germany, and Guam, among many others. The users can choose partners from their own country or even beyond the borders.

Unlike other kink dating sites that claim to be free, they have inferior security features to protect their members. However, Kinkyads makes sure that all its members are verified through their cell phones.

Members have the option to post anonymously. Moreover, members do not have to provide their personal email numbers to strangers they have just met; they can instead use their Kinkyads inbox to conduct private conversations.

With over 182,000 members and counting, new members get the opportunity to meet new people every day. Kinkyads makes sure that they find exactly what kind of partners they fantasize about for casual encounters. All of this becomes extra special because the perks can be enjoyed absolutely free.

Kinkyads Review – Legit or Scam?

How Does Kinkyads Work?

Kinkyads mostly works with ad posts. Members can post ads seeking what kind of partners they are looking for their casual encounters, and they do so by posting pictures and videos of themselves for maximum responses.

Kinkyads does not believe in preventing people from expressing themselves and allows nude posts and videos as well. It acknowledges the needs of the body so that casual encounters become fun and intimate, and the members can make informed decisions about who they are going to hook up with.

This is a great platform to speak openly about kinky fetishes, and one is sure to be pleasantly surprised at the responses that start pouring in once an ad is posted. Members can be as explicit as they want to be, which increases the anticipation of the actual encounter.

Audience Analysis

Kinkyads has a robust network of over 182,000 members, and users have rated it as one of the best, even better than Craigslist and Backpage. Several Americans use Kinkyads regularly to spice up their dating lives. It is perfect for those seeking one-night stands.

Those looking for long-term, meaningful relationships will not find the site suitable, but then again, who knows? A casual encounter just might be the beginning of something more long-lasting.

The best part is that there is no age limit when posting an ad on Kinkyads. Both young and mature people get ample opportunity to satiate their indulgences. Kinkyads believes that everyone should have a chance to explore their sexual fantasies, no matter what age or their profession.

Users have often lamented that they are forced to comply with social norms when dealing with the world, and Kinkyads gives them a chance to come out of the cocoon and express themselves in any way they want.

Audience Analysis

Key Features

Kinkyads works with ad postings. There are over 701 personal video, 352 group, 1458 discussion, and over 28,183 casual encounter ads. Members can post an ad, and those interested in responding can contact them through private messages.

All the personal information is confidential unless the members want to share it themselves. Not only individuals but couples too can post their ads and, in turn, seek the kind of partner they want for their hookups, be it male, female, transgender, or couples.

Members can create their profiles and post as many photos and videos as they want. Spam is controlled with account checks so that only genuine members can list themselves.

Members can give free rein to their imagination and list down all their kinks and fantasies. With such a robust network group, they are sure to find partners who will be able to satisfy them.

Users are given full freedom as a result of which they can upload videos of themselves in action to make themselves more available for casual encounters. Before long, every member will find themselves in a strong network and end up making friends with like-minded people.

Kinkyads does not feel that any person should have to withhold their desires. It wants to convey that connecting with people over casual encounters is not to be looked down upon. It is a healthy way of building bonds, and with that aim in mind, it also has a dedicated blog section, which has stories about the casual encounter culture.

Those who are new to this culture will be able to gain a better understanding of what it feels like to be a part of this network and how in the past, this culture has helped people get out of monotony and depression.

Key Features

Kinkyads User-Friendliness

The Kinkyads website has been designed in a very user-friendly manner, and that is a part of its charm. Members have to sign up, create their profile, and post their videos and photos.

There is a messaging system to carry on conversations through the inbox. One can also go through and reply to other members’ ads just by clicking on the ad itself. The page navigation makes it simple to browse through the various ads and profiles.

Website Design & Usability

Using the website is simple, and there aren’t many pages to browse through to look at what you want. The site has a dark background, which is minimalist and adds an element of sensual mystery. The ads are posted with headings, and one can choose ads based on their preferences by going through filters.

Kinkyads Mobile Application

There isn’t any mobile app for Kinkyads as yet, but one can easily check out the Kinkyads website through their smartphone browser. To stay connected while on the go, one can also keep themselves updated on what’s happening on Kinkyads by following them through their social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter.

However, users’ social media accounts are not linked to the account on Kinkyads unless they choose to share the information with the people they are interacting with. This is again done to ensure the complete safety of the user.

Customer Support

Kinkyads has great customer support in place, and all kinds of member queries are seriously taken into account. To contact Kinkyads, one can head straight to their Contact page where there are details about various categories of inquiry.

Emails can be sent directly for General Support and Enquiries, Reporting Members or Ads, seeking assistance regarding any kind of legal action, or only for knowing more about posting an ad on Kinkyads. The customer support executive gets in touch with the user as soon as possible to resolve the issues.

Customer Support

Sign-Up Process and User Profile

The sign-up process is relatively simple and hardly takes any time. A few details have to provided to complete the account set up.

How to Sign-Up

To sign-up with Kinkyads, click on ‘Sign In,’ and the page will be redirected to a sign-up form. Here, one has to provide information, like Email address, username, password, gender, relationship status, and sexual orientation. Users can also specify what kind of match they are looking for and whether they are interested in men, women, couples, or crossdressers.

Then, details about date of birth and country have to be provided, and once the terms and conditions boxes are checked, the account verification takes place. Signing up and creating a new account on Kinkyads only takes a few minutes, and users can start exploring in no time.

Profile Quality and Verification

Kinkyads makes sure that there is no spam, which is why the account verification takes place through the mobile number. Once the mobile number is verified, the account set up is complete. The mobile number is not shared with any other member, ensuring the complete privacy of the user.

How to Sign-Up

Members can search through various ads by browsing through different categories. The relevant ads will pop up, and one can browse through the ads and click on them to view the ad poster’s details and reply.

Ads show up on the page based on the encounter preference that one had stated while signing up, and they can make the search a notch up by browsing through the ads listed under the said categories.

Matching & Chatting

Kinkyads is overall a free site, and so there are no charges for signing up. And, the website does not aim to make any matches. Rather, users are free to browse through various ads posted on the site and make their own choices.

Matching is a feature that is mostly seen on dating apps, and since Kinkyads is mostly designed for casual encounters, the website does not attempt to match the profiles. Dating apps match profiles based on specific algorithms, and for every match it finds, several other profiles remain unmatched.

Kinkyads chooses not to be a mediator, and members can make their own choices by going through the multitudes of ads posted and making their own contacts through the messaging system.

In fact, research has often shown that people sometimes try to hide who they indeed are just so they can get matches on dating apps. Kinkyads is all about letting go of such restricting acts, which might hinder someone from showcasing their true personality to their fullest. Based on the preferences, the website provides the user with relevant ads, but there are no matching criteria to contend with.

Matching & Chatting

Subscription Options

Kinkyads is a free website. Once a member becomes more active in the community, they get to earn trust points and merits from other users, which makes them an authority figure in the community.

The membership helps with meeting new and interesting people from around the world. Other than that, there are no additional charges to use the services of the website.

Canceling Subscription

Since the website is free, there is no need to provide any kind of card details. If one does not wish to be a part of the Kinkyads community anymore, they just have to go to the Settings page of their profile and deactivate their account. However, if one wishes to return to the Kinkyads community again, they may again create a new account.

Subscription Options

Safety & Security

For the moderators of Kinkyads, the safety and security of their patrons are of paramount importance. Apart from the verification process conducted at the initial stages of setting up an account, there are also options to report a profile if a member feels insecure or threatened by it or deems it inappropriate.

The moderators take such complaints very seriously, and any complaints are aggressively dealt with. The photos and videos, which the members have showcased on their profiles, can be shared with the help of any other app. This keeps users safe outside the community.

Members from different time zones are a part of the Kinkyads community. The site has a dynamic screening system in place to constantly debug the website and prevent the system from hanging or slowing down when multiple users are online at once. Such security options make sure that the site is a safe place to be in, especially for women.

Kinkyads Alternatives and Competitors

There are several other hookup sites as well. If you choose to play safe in the beginning, these are some of the sites you can check out:

  • Tinder:Tinder is quite popular these days. It is a swipe dating app. Once the profile is created, members are matched based on their likes, dislikes, and information provided. One can swipe left or right to dislike or like a profile. Once the profiles are matched, a conversation can be initiated. However, posting nudes are not allowed on the site.
  • Hinge: Hinge is also a popular dating and hookup website that promises some features that have not been seen on any other website to date. It uses the tagline ‘designed to be deleted’ and is more of a serious dating app. However, for those looking for dates, this is an excellent place to start exploring.
  • Happn: Happn is a unique website that connects people with whom we might have crossed paths but never had a chance to speak. We could have come across a person across the bar counter, on a bus, or in an art gallery, and when two Happners cross each other’s paths, their profiles emerge on each other’s timeline. The app gained popularity because users still get a chance to initiate a conversation without having to directly walk up to the person and avoid the embarrassment of hearing no for an answer.


Kinkyads is a platform where people can express themselves without any kind of inhibitions and can be who they are without having to hide from the world. We live in an age where people are quick to judge, and it can often become difficult to fit into social strata where everyone is expected to be ‘ordinary.’

Kinkyads was created with the idea of liberating such people so that they may find people of their own tribe and engage in casual encounters without the responsibility of commitment weighing them down.

For those who had tried Kinkyads before, they have only had rave reviews for the website, and it has quickly become one of the more popular sites for casual encounters. Try it for yourself!

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