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Spiritual Singles Review 2023 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

Spiritual Singles Review 2023  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 91%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 24-25
Profiles 1 700 000
Reply Rate 84%
Ease of Use 9.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Detailed profiles enable users to know their matches better before the actual meeting.
  • It has a free registration process.
  • Easy to navigate and use even for people with less or no experience.
  • Verified profiles and advanced security features make this site to be safe to use by any individual.
  • Members of this site are spiritually connected.
  • There is no mobile application to its android and iPhone users.
  • Expensive: most features require a subscription, which is costly.
  • Low membership: compared to other sites, its users are still few.

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Spiritual Singles is an online dating site for serious members looking for other single, like-minded individuals for long-term relationships guided by spiritual aspects. It is for individuals who regard their spiritual being an essential feature in their life.

It is a dating site that combines spiritual connection, diet, and personalities to connect its matches. This site’s users are a bit spiritual and like to be connected to like-minded profiles for long-term spiritual relationships, which ultimately lead to marriage.

It brags about being the only dating site that does background checks to its members. It is committed to providing its members with a conscious and evolved kind of relationship.

This dating site is owned by spiritualsingles.com and only works via website. It does not have functional mobile applications for its members. It was launched in the year 2002. Most of its users come from the United States of America, Morocco, Georgia, and the United Kingdom. Let’s look at its audience, use, and alternatives.

How Does Spiritual Singles Work?

How Does Spiritual Singles Work?

To become a member of this site, you need to register and create an account. This site works in various ways to connect its users to likeminded individuals. Most of these relationships are serious, which leads to long term dating.

This dating site combines questions and answers from its members to evaluate their compatible matches. Their profiles are a bit detailed. This means the more information you provide, the more matches you will likely get. It mostly uses personal details to create potential matches.

Through various search filters, accounts can also get their preferred matches according to their set likes and preferences.

To have all these functions, users need to login to the website. It does not have a mobile app.

Audience Analysis

Being an online dating platform, Spiritual Singles has garnered a large number of users from all over the world. These users are classified into the below categories:

  • Age: this is an adult dating website. It contains members who are above 18 years of age. The majority of these members are the youth, who range between 20 to 35 years of age.
  • Gender: this site contains both spiritual men and women singles who are looking for long term partners.
  • Sexual Orientation: being a site guided by spiritual and astrology aspects, most users are straight members. Either man is looking for their ladies’ partners or vice versa. However, you will also find a few LGBTQ communities using this site.
  • Geographical: This site contains users from all regions of the world. However, the majority of its members come from the United States, United Kingdom, Morocco, and Georgia.
  • Ethnicity: this dating site contains all types of races. Using this website, you can find black Americans, Indians, Arabs, Africans, and other ethnicities.
  • Goal: most users of this online platform are spiritual singles looking for serious partners for long term sapiosexual dating, which leads to marriage.

Vitual Singles’ Key Features

There are several essential features designed on this site to make it functional and easy to use. These essential features include the below:

  • Percentage match feature: This helps the user understand the compatibility percentage between their profiles and their matches. It gives the level of compatibility between their profile and that of their potential match.
  • Advanced search options: these enable members to search other profiles by the advanced filters, which include personalities, body features, and habits.
  • Media uploads: this feature enables users to upload their pictures and videos to this site.
  • Questions and Answers: these are different questions and answers that define if one profile is compatible with the other. It’s the feedback given that represents compatibility.
  • Compatibility reports: these are unique astrological reports by the website, which shows if profiles match or not.

Is Spiritual Singles User Friendly?

Is Spiritual Singles User Friendly?

When it comes to being user-friendly, we can say Spiritual Singles is on average.

It could have been better if the website had a mobile app to its members.

However, the website is excellent, with a good to use interface.

Spiritual Singles Design and Website Use

The website design is simple yet modernized. The features are great, placed on strategically places for users to notice, and to click on them quickly. The features are minimal, each having its unique use. The interface is not stuffed, making it look neat and organized.

Combining its blue and white color, we can say it’s cool to use the website.

You can also find success stories and pictures of hot models on its homepage, giving you a clue on what’s on the website.

The only missing feature on his website is its absent mobile application.

Does Spiritual Singles Have A Mobile App?

Unfortunately, Spiritual Singles does not have a functioning mobile app for its members. It’s not found on Android or on iOS. This is a significant drawback to this online platform as its competitors have this mobile app.

However, the site can be used on smartphones via mobile browsers. Users need to type www.spiritualsingles.com on their mobile browsers to access the site. All features found on the desktop browser can also be accessed while on a mobile browser. The issue will be the quality and function ability of the features.

Customer Support

There is all-day available customer support, which deals with day-to-day issues arising from using this website.

Members can contact the customer care through the contact us feature available on the website.

The customer support can also be contacted via the social media pages, including Facebook and Twitter social media pages.

How To Sign Up & Create User Profile

How To Sign Up & Create User Profile

To sign up and use the Spiritual singles dating website, you need to register and create an account. The only registration process available on this website is by use of an email address. After registration, you are required to provide your full profile details. These steps have been explained in details as below:

How To Sign Up On Spiritual Singles

To register and have an account on this platform, you are required to provide the below information:

  • Username: the website requires users to have a unique and catchy username.
  • Email Address: you need to provide a valid email address on this section. This also verifies your account.
  • Gender: you need to provide your gender details—either male or female.
  • Sexual Orientation: You are required to provide your sexuality in this section. Options include: straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, and asexual.
  • Password: you are required to provide a robust and unique password to secure your account.

After filling the above details, the next step will be creating your profile.

How Are The Profile Details? Does It Have Verification?

To get suitable matches on this website, you need to have a fully detailed profile.

Profiles on Spiritual Singles are a bit detailed.

This section requires the details below to complete your profile.

  • Basic information: this involves the tagline, your current location, and date of birth.
  • Personal information: In this section, users are required to provide their details, which include: How spiritually they are, food and the general diet, eco-friendly choices, among other information.

It is recommended to complete all the details in this section to have better matches. Verification is usually done manually by the website admins. It takes 2 to 8 hours to have a profile approved. You can be using your account without approval, but most features will remain inactive until approval is complete.

Once your account has been approved, you will receive a confirmation email from the platform admins.

What Are The Spiritual Singles Search Options?

What Are The Spiritual Singles Search Options?

There are several search options available on this site for members to use in seeking their matches. These search options include the below:

  • Age: You can search members by their age on this dating site.
  • Sexual Orientation: you can search straight members, gays, lesbians, and other sexualities using this search filter.
  • Location: you can search for individuals according to their area of living.
  • Gender: you can search for either male or female using this filter.
  • Advanced search: this involves searching users according to their body features, astrology, spirituality, hobbies, and interests, social habits, among other filters.

After getting your potential matches, the next step will be to match and chat with them to create conversations. These steps are explained below:

How To Match & Chat

To match on this site, you are required to choose your preferred profiles using the search filters. These filters will bring you several matches. You can choose to view them on a detailed view, a basic view or gallery view, to show their photos.

From these detailed and basic views, you can directly send your potential matches chats via the messaging feature available on their profiles.

From the detailed profiles, you can also send hello, as an icebreaker to create attention. The full profile view contains other advanced features, including the astrological compatibility test, sun compatibility, love and passion compatibility, a compare tab, and the Match Question Compatibility. These compatibilities show you how close or far their profiles meet your likes and preferences.

After sending messages, you can also decide to add members to your favorite list, to keep following on them. The website also allows users to block unwanted profiles in their matches. After matching, you can plan for your hook up and then meet your spiritual dates.

Types Of Spiritual Singles Memberships

Types Of Spiritual Singles Memberships

There are two types of memberships in this Spiritual Singles website. These include:

  • Basic membership: these are free accounts available on this website. Basic membership offers limited features to its members.
  • Premium membership: these are paid accounts on this platform. They offer all features of this platform.

These accounts and their features have been explained into details as below:

Basic Membership

Being free accounts, Basic memberships provide the features mentioned below to its members:

  • Free account registration and creating the profile.
  • Free Compatibility tests to its members.
  • Free account holders can add members to their favorite lists.
  • Search filters: members on basic membership can make use of the search filters while on this website.
  • Replying to messages: users on free accounts can reply to messages sent by members on premium accounts.
  • Upload of photos and video: members on free accounts can upload five photos and one video to their accounts.

To access other advanced features of this platform, free account holders are encouraged to upgrade their accounts to premium.

Premium Membership

These are the paid accounts that offer all the basic and advanced features of this platform. Members on premium accounts enjoy the below-added benefits:

  • Messages: members on premium accounts can send a maximum of 50 messages per day to other accounts.
  • Instant Messages: premium account holders can send unlimited instant messages to other members of this site.
  • Photo and video uploads: members on premium accounts can upload up to 20 photos and two videos to their profiles.
  • Astrology compatible reports: members on premium accounts can read these reports on their platforms.

Spiritual Singles Premium Prices

Spiritual Singles Premium Prices

Members are required to subscribe to different pay packages available on this dating platform to access the above premium features. Spiritual Singles provide the below payment packages to its premium account members:

  • One-month subscription package at $19.00, payable monthly.
  • Three-month subscription package at $39.00, payable quarterly.
  • Six-month subscription package at $60.00, payable half-yearly.

The more months you pay on packages, the more you save on subscriptions.

How To Cancel Your Spiritual Singles Subscription

All these subscriptions keep on auto-renewing when they reach their expiry dates. This auto-renewal is always done 24 hours before the due date.

To cancel these subscriptions, users need to turn off the auto-renewal feature available on their account settings. This exercise must be done 48 hours before the current subscription ends.

The website does not refund already made payments. Users need to fully use the remaining balance before terminating their accounts or canceling their subscriptions.

Website Safety & Security Features

There are several safety and security features that this website has put in place to secure members and their data.

Verification is always done by the website to approve new accounts. This takes 2 to 8 hours before these accounts are approved for use.

The website has also provided a block feature, which members can use to block unwanted or suspicious accounts. Members can also report these accounts.

Spiritual Singles also has a detailed privacy policy that tends to secure members’ data on this website. The privacy policy has provided details on how this website collects data, the kind of data it collects, and how it uses it.

Spiritual Singles Competitors

Spiritual Singles Competitors

Spiritual Singles is facing competition from well-established websites when it comes to spiritual dating sites. Readers can check on these competitors, which might also act as their alternatives. These competitors include the following.

  • Adventist Singles

This is a niche dating site for the Adventist singles. It tends to connect its users for long term relationships with other like-minded individuals. This website uses photos as major requirements and has got stringent security measures. It can be used on the websites and also on mobile apps, both Google and iPhone.

  • eHarmony

This is an online dating website for all types of users who are looking for serious long term dates. This site contains straight members, gays, lesbians, among others. It is one of the websites with a large membership in the world. It can be used on the site and also via mobile apps, both on Google and iPhone.

  • Match

The match is a dating site for serious singles who are looking for love and serious dating. It is one of the best platforms for single members who are seeking partners to settle within marriage. This site can also be used on the website and in mobile apps, which can be downloaded on Google and iOS platforms.

Final Reflections

Spiritual Singles is one of the fastest growing online dating platforms in the world. The features are great, and also, the interface is appealing to any user. It is a highly recommended site for individuals who are looking for like-minded spiritual singles for long term dating and serious relationships.

However, there are a few cons regarding this website. These include the absence of the mobile app and also its low membership, which may make one seek other alternatives. Nevertheless, it’s a website worth trying.

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