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AntiLand Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

AntiLand Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
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Active Audience 53%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 23-36
Profiles 2.200.000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 8.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Complete anonymity and sharing is forbidden on the website, as well;
  • Usable and friendly
  • The vast majority of users are real users. Or at least, they are very sophisticated chat bots
  • The karma rule (we will explain this further)
  • You can block users who bother you
  • The community feeling is more important than the money you spend on the website
  • It’s not possible to share contacts with users.

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Have you ever stopped to think about what “anti” means? Well, it’s not what people usually do, but let’s answer that: “anti” means “the opposite,” so when a linguist runs into the AntiLand platform, the linguists are confused.

What is this website, the opposite of a land? And is the chat the contrary of a chat, where people speak instead of typing, for example? The original idea of AntiLand is precisely the total anonymity of its chat, which make it a good option for introvert online dating and chatting.

That’s what makes AntiLand the perfect place for anyone who loves chatting and likes open-minded exchanges of views. The “confessions” chats are a free space, where you can confess your darkest and most private fantasies, confessions, events, etc.

AntiLand is not a dating website. It’s more of a community, where after your entrance, you will not be bothered by scammers or special day offers: you can chat, build a friendship if you like.

After a while, you will be a part of a broader yet anonymous community of people.

Chat in private or chat in chat rooms. This is basically what you can do on AntiLand. Still, it’s not a mechanical type-and-send environment. On the contrary: a massive pro of AntiLand is the community sense you perceive from the public chats.

The users know each other well. By nickname, of course. Some of them showed their selfies to the community, so there are also funny talks and jokes in a lot of public chat rooms.

If you learn some simple rules to detect and avoid bots, you can have a real and fulfilling experience. Follow us in this AntiLand review and learn how to chat in AntiLand!

How Does AntiLand Work?

AntiLand Review: Legit Or Scam?

It’s generally forbidden to mention or ask personal contacts. Spam messages will cause you a ban from the moderators here, so no links to your unique website are allowed.

If you lightly break the rules, you will receive warnings by the moderators. If you ignore them, you can get your karma worse. Karma here does not mean anything philosophical. It’s more a community concept: behave, and this sort of coin will reward you.

Well, you can also buy real coins (called “tokens”), but they will not affect your reputation. You can use them to purchase virtual gifts to other users. But you can have a full Anti Chat experience without buying a single gift.

In the secret chat section, you can share messages that will be automatically deleted after a while. If anyone tries to copy-paste these messages in another place, he/she will get a random list of symbols. So, your conversations are encrypted and safe.

Audience Analysis

As it’s not possible to upload a profile and public pictures related to a profile, it’s more complicated – and kind of pointless – to create a fake public profile. As we are talking about more than a million users, it’s still possible that some users are not who they claim to be.

But after all, who cares about AntiLand? You won’t be judged here because you say you’re ten years younger than you are. There are some bot users, though. We find it hard to understand, as usually the function “stop user” and “ban user” catches moderators’ general attention, and bot users are typically banned soon.

Maybe there’s a vast and tireless bot generator somewhere in the server world, which creates tons of women eager to sleep with you. Who knows? What we know is that the vast majority of users are not a bot.

We can’t tell how the audience is, as there is no general data collector. The anonymity is guaranteed, keep that in mind. We tried logging in with both a female and a male profile, and in both cases, we found plenty of users ready to interact with us.

So, there’s no telling.

Key Features

AntiLand Review: Legit Or Scam?

You sign up, you chat, you follow some simple rules. This might feel very simple. Still, some users are banned at a certain point, as they don’t seem fit for the community.

There are some fundamental principles in the standard rules like not demonstrating violence or sending away genital organs’ pictures—as we said in detail before in the “AntiLand and its general rules” paragraph.

Another function is to send virtual gifts to other users. This function may be useful for users who need the extra mile in their roleplay chat. Or who want to make the other user feel special. It’s not forbidden, even though they are anonymous.

There is no search function, so if you want to discover a new person you might have never find, you can create an anonymous random chat with a stranger. Just press the pencil button on the main screen.

One last feature: the personal contacts flirt. This might be funny because your synchronized personal contacts can receive an anonymous message from the website. It’s free of charge. This will make your anonymity less effective, so we suggest this only if you feel comfortable sharing your contacts.

AntiLand User Friendliness

There’s no way you can lose yourself on AntiLand. The functions are few, and the user-friendliness is high. No pop-ups or add-ons will bother you in your Anti-journey.

In the worst-case scenario, you receive too many notifications from users, as you are so lovely and cool in the public chat that everyone would like to speak with you. Well, you are here to say, aren’t you?

But then, if the notifications are too much, if you find a user annoying, you can disable this user or block this user.

If, after the sign-up, you don’t immediately understand how it works, an admin chatbot will help you find your way through the private chat and common chat rooms.

Then, we typed an answer about functions in the “newbies” chat room, and we received immediate and unbiased help from several users. It’s our experience; still, we think that an active community can help you best than customer support. Either way, there’s also a Customer Support. You will find more information about it later on.

AntiLand Website Design

AntiLand Review: Legit Or Scam?

The design is the direct effect of the website’s features. It reminds of the 90s forum websites and chat rooms, but it’s speedy and well-working.

The background is black, the chat boxes grey, and the writings are white. By no means will you get tired by seeing other profile’s pictures: everyone owns an avatar, and nothing more than that.

AntiLand Mobile App

AntiLand has both an Android and an Apple Mobile App so that any smartphone can support it.

If you feel itchy on the go and you would like a friendly hand to scratch it: open AntiLand with the same features on your computer. Maybe your typing will be less fast, but still, you will keep your conversation running.

Customer Support Info

We must say that customer support will be your last option if other users couldn’t help you or if the admins could not help you either. Otherwise, you can also read the FAQ section.

This is mostly used for any question regarding payments. Use the “report” yellow button at the bottom right of the page.

Signing Up and Creating a Profile

Looking for “anti-chat” in your usual search engine is the best way to find the unspotted Antiland world. You will be shown on the sign-up page, at first. You need to look for the “register” button lying below it.

Now fill the concise form with your email, password, and phone number – which will be used if you need extra password recovery. It’s also an extra step to verify you are not a robot; also, there’s the anti-captcha.

Now you’ll have to wait for the confirmation email you will receive. Inside the email, there’s a link that activates a unique token. Click on it, and you will be redirected to your brand-new profile.

If the screen shows you “error 141 – token not found” of a similar message, just exit from the current window, open it again on “Anti chat.” Then sign in usually, using your phone number and password. Now you are in the anti-website!

How To Sign-Up

AntiLand Review: Legit Or Scam?

You will immediately feel welcomed in the AntiLand world. At first, a chatbot will say “hi” to you and point you the different parts of the website. You will just need to type your answers in the chat bar, which is indeed in plain sight.

The bot will lead you through a step-by-step process. The chat bot’s suggestion is to press the back button, at first. That way, you will go back to the main page. Now you can open the Newbies group and send a message to everyone to introduce yourself to the group.

Don’t do this on your own. Wait for the bot to ask you, so: proceeding that way, you will receive a karma point!

Now it’s time for you to explore more deeply the Anti Chat groups. If you click on the + button on the top left, you will see all the open chats. By looking for “confessions” chats, you can access directly to other users’ secret thoughts. You can share your ones as well, by creating a new chat.

Meanwhile, the chatbot in the chat bar will keep on telling you what you should do: open any confessions chat and share your story with the community. The website grants your anonymity, so feel free to unveil your hidden secrets.

Profile Quality And Verification

AntiLand Review: Legit Or Scam?

Your email address will be verified, and you will be giving your phone number. So, it’s more likely there are real profiles on Anti Chat. Also, if you share personal pictures, the other user won’t be able to take a screenshot, as for website privacy policies.

You can build your profile by writing a short description and changing your avatar picture. It’s enough to go on the profile picture, on the little pencil, click on it, then change the avatar.

As the community’s purpose is to grant anonymity at all costs, you can’t upload a profile picture. You can, of course, upload your photos in typical chats, or in private chats.

Be aware that the community is ruled by moderators and by karma. You can’t buy yourself more karma, but your goal should be to build a good reputation.

If you help other users, if you chat at least 15 minutes with a user and only then share your photos with him/her, your karma will go up.

Karma is a handy feature to understand other users’ reputation. If they have only a little karma point, here’s when you can start suspecting about a bot. There’s no way to buy karma points; they are a reward the community and the admins will give you. Even if an admin does not like you, we are talking about a million users online. So many people can’t dislike you.

AntiLand Review: Legit Or Scam?

No, you can’t. As this is a chat-oriented website, you can look for a chat room and do a human search in other users’ comments.

Another feature similar to the search function is the message to a random contact. You can give a chance to a person who has never seen you anywhere.

One last thing: you can’t chat again with a user who has banned you.

Matching And Chatting

It’s effortless to create a private chat room. You go to a user’s avatar, select it, and then click on the “create a chat room” tab. As easy as it sounds.

To create a public chat room, users can join you if they have something to say: go to the features/public chats and select “public chat room.” You will have to follow some super-easy steps, and then you will receive a secret code to access your brand-new public chat.

Subscription Options

There is no subscription model. Instead, there is a token system.

Free Version

You can have access to every feature on the website without paying for it. There’s one single feature you will need to pay for: the gifts. The gifts are – like in real life – teddy bears, chocolates, flowers.

To make an example. Things you send to another user to show esteem/affection or draw his/her attention.

There’s no rule about gifts. They are a way for the website to earn something from your entertainment, and we think it’s not that bad to receive a gift, even if it’s virtual.

After all, it means someone has thought about you and has spent some money on you, just for your intellectual company’s pleasure. Then, if you give other users presents, your karma will rise.

By going to the small settings gear at the top right of the page, you will find the “buy artifacts” tab. Go for it, and you will see the full goods on sale and the price related. Remember: the “k” letter indicates karma points, while the “A” letter shows the tokens required to buy an artifact.


You can buy 100 tokens for 2,99$. 550 tokens for 6,99$. 1250 tokens for 11,99$. At last, the cheapest option: 2750 tokens for 23,99$.

Cancelling Subscription?

AntiLand Review: Legit Or Scam?

There’s no subscription to cancel, as you don’t buy a membership. You instead buy a product. If you would like to ask for a refund, go to the refund section and check if you are still on time.

If you want to cancel your profile, you can log out and never come back. Your profile will be automatically deleted after a while.

Security And Security

You are giving this website only your cell phone number and your email. No more, no less. You can’t technically share personal information about yourself, so your identity is safe. You can’t screenshot a page if there’s a private photo on it.

Your identity should be safe.

AntiLand Alternatives And Competitors

A great competitor to AntiLand is Chat Zozo. Another similar website, but more about the BDSM world, is BDSM.com.


As we made evident in this review, the primary concern of AntiLand members is to protect privacy. Here you are an anonymous human being who is free to share personal stories, fantasies, desires.

We hope this review helped you in detecting your favorite AntiLand features, and let you understand if that’s what you are searching for.

Have an excellent Anti experience!

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