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TenderMeets Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

TenderMeets Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
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Active Audience 66%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 22-38
Profiles 1 987 500
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 9.3
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Privacy is highly guaranteed when making your secret moves on the platform
  • This platform has extremely simple dating strategies
  • Once registered, it is alright to pick that particular individual you intend to date
  • It is equipped with various niches that you can check out whenever you wish.
  • The profiles are displayed so that one can get all relevant details about a particular person in a few minutes and without much hassle.
  • It is permitted to perform a few tweaks to your profile even after you have successfully created it.
  • 99 percent of the text on the site is clear and very easy to comprehend.
  • Most pictures uploaded by members are crisp and clear; no need for lenses to view them.
  • Anyone who intends to become a participant at no cost is highly welcomed. However, you shall be limited to a few elements for use.
  • New members are supposed to splash a few dimes for full leverage.
  • No mobile app yet unveiled that you can download & install on your phone to improve accessibility.

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TenderMeets Review

Online matchmaking on TenderMeets has become the order of the day in many countries. The majority of singles find it easier and more appealing to browse on such sites than wait to visit places in search of someone they can love.

TenderMeets has found relevance in this field. All of those who have ever tried it know its value in the dating niche. Armed with just a mobile handset or PC, you can get to know thousands of individuals, an achievement which is not easy to enjoy without the internet and the advanced technological trends. Do not worry, though. There is a lot you should learn about the industry and its key players, which TenderMeets happens to be one of them. Here are more insights into this amazing matchmaking site.

Now that the world of dating has rapidly changed, no one has to remain hooked to olden days of flirting. Many sites like TenderMeets have come up to help you realize your dreams. The processes are incredibly easy, and it does not consume much of your time. This post gives insights on this site.

This site is purposely created to offer matchmaking services, especially to anyone who is tired of the traditional methods of flirting. However, you must be ready for something serious. But in case you are never serious and are searching for someone to squander valuable time or even resources, this site may not offer you much since most of the participants are after serious relationships.

Do You Know How TenderMeets Serves its Customers?

TenderMeets Serves

TenderMeets is one of the sites that do not require user names. Truly, one could be amazed at how the registration process is super easy. And it is, of course, created for those who have attained the required age, which is 18 years.

A clear overview of the Audience

  • Age distribution
  • To begin with, the site is purposely created for people who have attained 18 years and above. In most cases, 50 percent of the participants in the matchmaking site are aged between 18 years to 40 years and even above.

  • Sexual orientation
  • Indeed, every person has their preferences. Some will admire people of the same sexual orientation, while others will look for the opposite sex. However, it is allowed to find any person of your preferred orientation. Are you highly interested in gay or lesbian partners, you will get several rights on this pool.

  • Your location and ethnicity
  • Well, you do not have to belong to a particular state or country or ethnic group to be allowed to find love on the platform. It connotes that you can find someone to love, romance, or even become good friends with even when you are from a different ethnic group.

Are there any Special features

TenderMeets Special features

Yes, the site has numerous handy elements which include:

  • Safe mode
  • It is good to have control over who can reach out to you via a message and who cannot. This feature makes that possible on this amazing site. This mode is very crucial as it helps you manage those who can message you. For instance, all the participants in the site can easily send you a message when this feature is switched off. If you set it to basic safe mode, then you can easily reach out to the entire member base except those with suspicious accounts or profiles. However, a full safe mode setting limits just a few members whose accounts are verified shall be able to text you.

  • 100 percent refund assurance
  • You do not have to worry about losing your hard-earned money. This matchmaking platform promises a refund guarantee that is not offered in any other online matchmaking site. It is, of course, for anyone who does not feel satisfied with the matching provided in TenderMeets. However, this may not happen if you fail to inform the customer care that you are not receiving the services as per your expectations and would want a refund. Besides, there could be some procedures and guidelines you must meet before you could earn a refund.

  • Promote My Account
  • Truly, not all times or moments you spend time on TenderMeets. There are many chores to perform. Nonetheless, the account you own could be given promotions as you attend to other things. In most cases, they will deliver notifications on some meetups or even serious guys who intend to get into a relationship that would last long.

TenderMeets ease of use for users

TenderMeets users

From the various reviews of those who have already used the platform, it is clear that it is highly user-friendly, even on mobile devices. Thus, no one should be afraid of errors or hard to browse pages.

The design and Simplicity of the website

One of the highly impressive things is the classic look of the website. Both men and women have shown love for their looks by coming back for more socializing even after they have gotten what they were looking for. If you have come across its amazing logo, you must admit that it is well laid-out, clean, and straight to the point.

When it comes to its general layout, a large portion of it is white and makes use of pink and blue ticks as ascents to denote female and male participants, respectively. And the good part of it is that once you log in, you meet beautiful profiles plus photos of matches. At the top, there is the search feature, the logo of the firm, and the Like Gallery. The button to help you make an upgrade has been placed strategically to make it easy for you to upgrade your membership anytime you deem right.

Is there any Mobile App for TenderMeets?

TenderMeets App

Unfortunately, this matchmaking lacks a phone app to install on your phone. However, this may not bar you from using it since it is highly adaptive to mobile browsing. This aspect makes it possible for anyone to browse across the various pages without any glitches. Nonetheless, it is also reported that its mobile browser is not so good and comfortable when browsing.

They have a dedicated Customer support

Anyone experiencing issues can reach out to customer care for assistance. However, since it may take a while before you get the said help, it is always recommended you check out the various FAQs for any possible help. But if that fails to give the expected help, feel free to reach out to the customer care through the following contacts.

The Simple process of joining and user profiles

TenderMeets profiles

As said earlier, the only way to become part of this growing community is to register. You can opt for a free account or make an instant upgrade upon successful signup. The procedure of signing up here is incredibly simple and won’t take much of your valuable time. And if you are interested in joining this ever fruitful community, here is how you can go about it.

Registration Process

You see, becoming a member of this online matchmaking site is very simple. It takes just a few minutes of your time. However, you must be over the said 18 years. Once you have established your login credentials, you can now tell them who you are and be precise on what you want to get from the site. For instance, if you are trying to find a man, which is exactly what you will say. If you are finding a beautiful lady, you can make that clear before you could even proceed. The location will be auto-populated with regard to your IP address.

Afterward, you will receive an email from them. Also, you can add more information about your hair color, the type of your body, and even upload a few of your top photos.

What about the quality of the profiles?

TenderMeets quality of the profiles

The profile is one of the parts you must pay much attention to. The information you provide when joining the site is used to make sure your profile looks informative. You see, one of the many ways to get hits to your inbox is by creating or say completing the questions that pop up as you make the registration.

To make sure that the profile is Quality enough, you must consider adding photos that look amazing. In this site, it is even permitted to add videos. Adding more info about the type of your body, ethnicity, or even sexual orientation enables other members to view a quality profile. Also, you will find out that the profiles of other members are well done. You can see if someone is bisexual, straight, or gay.

An upgraded account, however, will be much better than the free version. On this premium version, your profile will even look better. And you will be able to leverage much that is offered here.

TenderMeets search tactics

One great element about searching for your matches on this platform is that you can narrow down your search using special filters. For instance, you can make use of location, age, body type, hair color, ethnicity, gender, etc. to narrow down the possible results. Other special features such as the Promote My Account could be utilized to get noticed and notified by as many members as possible.

Matching and striking a chat with another member

TenderMeets Matching

Typically, most matches will flood your first page immediately. They use your details to get the very best matches or scrutinize the members who match your profile to a particular percentage, and they bring them forth for review. In most cases, the matched profiles you receive on your page are based on location pls other aspects. It makes it simple for you in case you intend to meet them in person.

However, a free account may not help you a lot. Thus, you require a fee-based version to exchange messages in the flirting platform. To wholly leverage the chatting services, then you must consider going for a paid version of the account. Indeed, it is of no use to have an account that is incapable and can’t even revert to your messages.

Does it have Subscription options?

When signing up to get a subscribed version on this platform, you can utilize a card, especially when using; Visa, Discover, Diners club international card, and Amex.

The free yet Handy version

As stated earlier, anyone of the eligible age can join this online matchmaking site. However, you will be limited to just a few elements of the service. For instance, anyone with a free version can do these:

  • Navigate across the site
  • You can upload a video into the site
  • You can leverage the safe mode
  • You can make good use of the Like Gallery
  • You can upload a good photo
  • And lastly, you can perform a search

How About Fee-based Offers?

one is allowed to enjoy unlimited messaging

The photos you view are of a maximum size or just their full sizes

You can leverage the filters for searching on the website

You are eligible to share your best photos and even videos via chats

The General Cost of Membership to the site

TenderMeets Membership

This site has a free version that you can begin with if you want to learn how it works. This version is free of charge, which connotes that you will join at zero cost. Nonetheless, those who want to get the best experience go for the paid version. This premium account has the best features, and you can achieve a lot within a few days of registration.

Remember, with this type of account; you have access to all the features of the site. For instance, using the best tools of the platform is possible. Here is a breakdown of the membership to TenderMeets. You are expected to make a one-time payment.

One month subscription 34.99 USD

Three-month subscription 59.97 USD

Six-month subscription 95.94 USD

Is it possible Cancel the Subscription?

On this site, you can cancel your subscription if you think the services aren’t up to your expectations. You could even earn yourself a refund of your paid cash. See, your eligibility for the refund would be impacted by several factors. However, consider being attentive right from the beginning since the procedure may be more overwhelming than you think.

Is Safety and security assured?

The site is safe and secure. It uses algorithms based on locations that link you up with your matches from your location. However, you have to exercise caution when going for the first date. Make sure you adhere to any safety and security tips shared on the blog of the site.

Are there Alternatives and Competitors of TenderMeets?

Many other platforms do exist like TenderMeets. Some of these are OkCupid, Tinder, and match. Thus, you can always make the right choice when you intend to find love online. However, it is always good to perform research on which will best suit your needs.


You have explored the various aspects of TenderMeets. They are all genuine, and you will not regret your decision to sign up with the dating service. Anyone can make use of the free version if they are not prepared to take a free-based account. However, the features will be limited, and you may be bombarded with numerous ads. You could easily get full leverage, but you must consider making a subscription.

All you need to do is to make a decision. So, make up your mind to get yourself a paid subscription that permits you to leverage the handy elements. However, in case you find TenderMeets not as good as you anticipated, feel free to contact them for a refund since it is possible. Dating has been made easy by TenderMeets, and it is time to explore the endless matches on the site. You will meet your preferred lady or gentleman on this site. You just need to make an effort to invest a few bucks and a bit of your time for viewing and selecting matches from the various TenderMeets profiles.

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