of Fish vs Match: Find out the Perfect Platform for You
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Plenty of Fish vs Match: Find out the Perfect Platform for You

Plenty of Fish vs Match: Find out the Perfect Platform for You

Are you confused between Match and Plenty of Fish? Do you not want to waste your time registering at the wrong platform? We understand. That is why we have brought you the ultimate extensive guide to choose the best dating site. Do not worry because we have got you covered.

Online dating has been accepted more by the millennials because finding your match whose interests comply with yours has been made super easy. If you are new to the world of online dating, this excellent article will help you spice up your dating game for sure. We have all heard about Plenty of Fish and Match. Let’s delve deeper to find your suitable platform. We also have answers to all your queries. Are you excited to know who wins in POF vs. Match comparison? Then stick to this article till the end. Happy Dating!

Plenty of Fish vs. Match: The First Impression

Plenty of Fish has been popular for its compatibility assessments and for its USP of finding a long-term committed partner. This website hosts all ages (adults), and the algorithm links you to partners who rank higher in the compatibility test. Plenty of Fish caters to you with lots of free features, which makes the application so user-friendly.

The paid online dating site Match, on the other hand, has been famous for matching singles with perfectly compatible interests that might even last till the ring.

The dating apps do not assure marriage or any other consequence to your relationships. However, both these sites are more popular for long-term relationship partnerships than for casual flings and hook-ups. Match is a pro-LGBTQ+ dating platform, while POF has been an age-old heterosexual application. We recommend you go through each of these sites’ details, pros, and cons to pick a suitable platform. We promise to make finding a date easy for you by the end of this article.

Functional Differences: Plenty of Fish Features vs. Match Features

The sites have unique features that will hook you up. Let us brief the special features to you before jumping on to the similarities and dissimilarities between POF and Match.

Features of Plenty of Fish include:

  • Chemistry Predictor: The site asks you multiple questions. The options you choose assist the algorithm in finding out your compatible partner.
  • Super Yes: If you come across a profile you like a lot, you can use the super yes button.
  • Nearby: Find out the potential matches in your area using the nearby feature.
  • Self-Care Resource: This feature has been recently added for the pandemic to ensure you are healthy and happy.
  • Meet Me: If you and your match use the Meet Me feature, you can start texting each other immediately.

Now, let us see the features of Match:

  • Tools for view and communication: This feature includes a notification that you receive if someone has seen your text message.
  • Mobile Support Option: Match is a mobile-friendly site where you can find your date on the go. It is convenient, straightforward, and is user-friendly.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The simple, lucid homepage design gives the app a very smooth user interface. The search box, notification bar, and other icons are well placed and are easy to handle.
  • Advanced Search Option: The profiles can be sorted based on lifestyle, profession, and exercise frequency. It filters your suitable matches and increases your compatibility with your potential date.
  • Quiz: You have to answer 20 questions to register your basic choice and preferences.
  • Games: There are 5 minutes games designed to test your compatibility and encourage interaction with your potential matches.

The Differences between POF and Match are:

POF Match
  • It offers free messaging.
  • It is one of the leading sites in the dating industry for finding love.
  • It has a plethora of free features.
  • It automatically signs out the inactive members.
  • Participation in matchmaking games is free.
  • Texting is a paid feature, available in the premium version.
  • More suitable for finding love interests for long-term commitments and marriage.
  • Free features are minimal.
  • Automatic signing out of an inactive account is not the case here.
  • Participation in forums is free.

Match and POF have several similarities in terms of their USP. Let’s take a glance!

POF Match
  • Free account registration.
  • The mobile application can be downloaded for free.
  • You can take a compatibility assessment for free that multiplies your chances of finding love.
  • POF is open to members of all sexualities.
  • Creating your account at Match is free.
  • The free mobile app download is available.
  • Match sends its users Singled out matches that increase your chance of finding out your compatible “The One.”
  • Match is a fantastic LGBTQ pro dating site.

We have dug deeper to find out some more differences between POF and Match. Keep reading for a detailed guide.

The Biggest Advantages of POF and Match

Both the sites have some amazing advantages. No wonder they have been consistently the favorites of the industry for years now. The fascinating features make these sites highly rated in the world of dating. Eager to know what the advantages are? We have it all covered.

Plenty of Fish Match
  • Leading dating site to find your love with tons of free features.
  • Messaging is a free feature.
  • The inactive accounts are automatically signed out.
  • The mobile application can be downloaded for free. The user interface is smooth and fancy.
  • Adding accounts to the favorites list is free.
  • Finding out members near your locality is available in the free version.
  • You can enjoy an ad-free, hassle-free experience at the low-cost premium version.
  • It has been in the industry for over 20 years with a fascinating success rate.
  • The mobile application is free to download and is easy to navigate.
  • Participating in matchmaking games is allowed without charges.
  • You can send likes to accounts of your choice in the free version.
  • Viewing other accounts is free.
  • It is ideal for finding a long-term match for eventual engagement and marriage.
  • With daily logins of over 3 000 000, finding matches can not be more manageable.

Biggest Drawbacks

Every site has some limitations. Nothing is perfect in the world. You already know the fantastic benefits of the sites, but now it’s time to understand what they lack. Read the table below to find out:

POF Match
  • The sign-up process is a little draggy.
  • For the complicated matchmaking systems, daily match options are restricted.
  • The premium version can be a bit expensive.
  • Unsuitable for casual flings and hook-ups.
  • The messaging feature is premium.
  • The paid features are too costly to avail.

These limitations do exist however they are very easily ignorable. For all the amazing free features they offer and the success rate they have proven over the years, both the sites deserve huge thumbs up. However, in terms of catering for free, Plenty of Fish wins fair and square at this competition. Do not miss pricing details and interface. Stay hooked!

Interface Differences: Which Is More User-Friendly?

Both Match and POF have gained a considerable amount of love for their straightforward user interface. Yet there are some minor differences between the designs of the two websites that you ought to know. Keep reading below to find out more about their aesthetics!

Who has Better Design or Overall Aesthetics?

As per the honest review of our experts, the overall design of POF looks a bit outdated. The website and app need some modern layout that matches other dating apps’ aesthetic in the market. On the other hand, the structure of Match is much stylish compared to that of POF. It has a minimalistic design that looks soothing to the eyes. The colors and icons used are light and pleasing. So, our experts can’t help but declare Match as the winner!


Gladly, both the platforms are available on all devices. Have a look below:

Match POF
iOS Yes Yes
Android Yes Yes
Desktop Yes Yes

As you can see, the availability of both Match and POF is good. Hence, we declare a tie here!

Match vs. POF User Base: Demography and Popularity

Even though Match has a higher number of daily logins, POF is comparatively more popular than Match. But Match is giving a hard competition to POF, and experts assume that the site will soon overpass the POF member count. Both apps are popular in most major countries like the US, UK, Canada, etc. Other than the European and American countries, the sites are used in the Asian nations as well. In POF, you will meet more members from the age bracket of 25 to 36 years old.

On the other hand, Match consists of more users belonging to the 25-50 age bracket. So, as you can see, POF is more popular, but you get to meet people of different ages in Match. As both of them provide these unique benefits, we declare a tie. Hence, you can join the one that serves your needs the best!

Men/Women Proportion

The men to women proportion of both the platforms are given below:

Men Women
Match 55% 45%
POF 60% 40%

As you can see, the gender ratio is more equally distributed in Match. So, our experts believe Match is the winner in this category. When you join this site, you get higher chances of communication with both boys and girls!

Profile Details and Settings

While signing up at either Match or POF, one has to provide way more details than required on other dating platforms. Hence, both sites have an excellent quality of each member profile. You will get to know a lot about a person by just looking at their accounts. Apart from the personal details, you will also see a gallery of photos. The settings, too, are easy to understand for both apps. It consists of all functions that you need for good online dating. So, for this category, we again announce a tie.

POF Vs. Match: Searching and Matching Differences

Let’s find out which of the two sites is more suitable for finding true love or hook-up!

Chances to Find Serious Relationship

Both POF and Match are made with the intention of allowing people to discover lifetime love. Hence, you can join any of these sites if you are looking for serious commitments, as both are helpful in true love finding. Be ready to explore the joy of meeting a soulmate with the help of Match or POF!

Chances to Find Hookups

If you are looking for hot temporary hook-ups, we are sad to say that none of these platforms can help. They promote the idea of a long-time love. So, looking for casual sex here will be just a waste of your time. There are multiple other websites made for this purpose. You can find some steamy sexual encounters there!

User Safety and Fake Profiles

Both POF and Match are secure dating apps in the market. They have robust websites where all data stay protected. But no matter how safe these sites are, there are fake or bot accounts that you need to avoid. So, in terms of safety and fake profiles, both POF and Match are the same!

User Verification Process

Match requires no user verification after signing up. Several users have complained about this issue, but yet so far, the brand has not introduced any changes in its verification process. Unlike Match, POF has a strict anti-robot verification procedure. This method helps the site stay away from bot accounts, and hence, it is loved by the members. POF is the clear winner in this category!

Moderation Process: Reporting Fake Accounts and Scam

Reporting fake accounts and scam is easy on both POF and Match. The platforms also take the reports seriously and act immediately. Hence, we declare a tie here!

Pricing and Upgrades

The pricing chart of POF is as follows:

Duration Cost per month
2 months $19.35
4 months $12.75
8 months $10.18

The Match price list of the premium subscription is given below:

Time Cost per month
3 months $14.99
6 months $11.49
12 months $8.99

Free Version: Features Available

The free services provided by the Match and POF are:

POF Match
  • Free registration
  • Text and audio messaging
  • Regular matches
  • Entry to forums
  • Locating nearby members
  • Trying the compatibility test
  • Free sign up
  • Send likes
  • Use search filter for matching
  • View unlimited profiles
  • Matching with nearby members
  • Playing cool games

Match doesn’t allow free texting, which can be a roadblock to successful online dating. So, POF wins in this category!

Final Word: The Prize Goes to….

Our experts have gone through all the categories and finally chose POF as the winner. As a dating site, POF has excellent features, usability, free texting benefit, and a secure verification process. It has served many users in the past, and they are pretty happy with the platform’s service.

Match is also a decent dating app, but we prefer POF. Find out more about POF and Match today! Also, before leaving, tell us which site do you like more? We are eager to know!

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