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Hookup Sites Like Craigslist: Top Web and App Alternatives for OG Dating

Hookup sites have changed their course a long time ago. Nowadays, youngsters and elder people cannot find appropriate substitutes for Craigslist hookup ads. These short personals allowed singles to communicate and link up for quick dates, get hookups and promote themselves before social media were a thing.

Hookup sites are divided into two categories, the sites themselves and personal ads/forums. On sites, people see each other’s photos and can exchange messages, flirt via the web, and meet in real life after messaging through videos. On sites like Craigslist, you don’t have much information about the person on the Internet, expecting them to fit your standards.

But what happened to Craigslist and are there any similar dating sites/apps to hit the same goal?

What are Craigslist hookup personals?

Сraigslist hookup sex used to be a famous way of getting D and V-appointments on the Internet. All you needed to do is write a column about you in the Personals sub and advertise your persona like you would do on the original Craigslist site if you were looking for a job.

But how did it work essentially? Men and women who wanted casual sex were visiting casual sex threads from time to time, managing their feed and seeing if an exciting offer is in their city/state. If someone saw an exciting upcoming possibility of a hookup, these people would communicate in the comments or on other social media, conversing and planning a real-life hookup.

Craigslist is known for its freedom of speech where you could find many close-up photos of someone’s genitals in one click, for example. In the Hookup section, people agreed on sex right away. Here, you could easily run into drug addicts, freaks, hardcore BDSM people. The policy was regulated by the people themselves; you could mark any ad as “offensive” or “violating”, and then the moderators would sort it out. Millions of spammers, scammers, and outright sex addicts would go on CraigsList every day. Despite all this, millions of respectable, serious people would not abstain from this category, communicating and using ads every day.

On Craigslist, ads were posted by those who wanted sex just the same day. Others would seek normal connections, like communication on cars, veterinarians, or oatmeal. You could do anything on Craigslist personals. You would get a response quickly, and sometimes the numbers of people would outgrow your capacity or desire to meet. The site used to be active and supported by any social group or profession, such as lawyers, boxers, dentists, florists, etc.

Why is Craigslist hookup no longer a thing

Craigslist hookups used to be one of the most popular sources for meeting people online and leaving personal ads. Sadly, it was closed due to the law against prostitution on the Internet, which was passed in the US Congress.

It was told that the US version of the website was a hazard for people. The closure of the popular dating section is due to the passage of the Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) in the US Senate. Craiglist owners received allegations of sex-exploiting minors and prostitution, as well as exchanging weapons and other non-licensed goods.

Of course, the original Craiglist has nothing to do with the actions of some malevolent users as the site’s moderation wasn’t able to trace each personal ad. With the help of FOSTA, the authorities prosecuted the site whose users post advertisements for paid sex services. Like it was said by the owner, any service could be used with the worst intentions in the hands of the wrong person. But, according to Craiglist, millions of people have met, got into relationships, and got married thanks to the site’s dating section.

Until 2009, Craigslist had a section called Sex Services where users openly advertised paid sex services. Since 2009, the section has been renamed Adult Services. Of course, management had to stop the category from operation because of damage control and lawsuits.

Craiglist Alternatives for Hookup

Craigslist users from other countries can still get to know each other on the site. To do this, they need to confirm their age and agree with the possible viewing of materials that are intended only for adults. Still, the site isn’t quite accessible and or popular for now.

The better way to look for Craigslist alternative for hookups is through the new dating sites and apps. Hooking apps are a new way of finding a fuckbuddy without having to go through thousands of ads daily. These are the sites you might be interested in:



It’s a dating site for people who don’t want to reveal their identities and only want to get to know other fortunate people. You can even create voice memos to contribute to the experience and fill in the profile with detailed information to make the matches better. The site uses your location because it makes hooking up with the person in your proximity faster.



Pure is a dating site for everyone who wants to concentrate on a casual encounter without the need to be formal and meet for the second time. Practicing random sex here is okay, so there should be no problem in talking about your wants outright.



Another great dating site for casual hookups and dating for sex. Pernals is a site and an app, and a new Craigslist personals alternative. This site allows you to talk and initiate sex, and never opt for continuation if you don’t want to.



Deriving from the name, AdultFriendFinder is a site strictly for adults that will help you fulfill your personal desires and have sex with not one, but multiple people at a time. It is one of the biggest no-relationship-only-affair dating sites that should help you connect with the most sexual and freaky people who aren’t afraid of encounters of any kind.



AshleyMadison concentrates on third-party situations and mistress dating. It’s a site on affairs and infidelity for someone whose kink is sleeping around. You can find people with different fetishes and desires.

Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish

PoF allows you to date some people and sleep with highly sexual young and older people who just want sex.


Forums are a great Craigslist alternative because they have that original vibe. Forums are also an excellent idea for someone who wants to go incognito without leaving traces of being registered on a hookup site. You can simply log off and forget about dirty paths while the app remains on your screen. Here are some of the best forums that might be the best hookup sites like Craigslist (free.)

  • Reddit
    Reddit also announced a change to its privacy policy. According to the company, users can no longer sell weapons, explosives, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, paid sex services, stolen items, personal data, fake documents, or currency through the site. The company stressed that Reddit is not a marketplace, so the site does not bear any responsibility for any transactions that users enter into between themselves. Anyhow, you can still chat about sex and suggest sexual encounters, just in a more low-key format where moderators won’t be able to trace your attempts. Additionally, you have to be over 18 to touch upon those topics.
    The Chatandhookup forum is divided into several categories. Here, you can talk about LGBT, breakup and sex advice, and date gays and straight people. It is by far one of the best gay hookup sites to replace Craigslist.
    A similar dating site where you can easily navigate the topics to find someone concerning your interest. Hookupandtalk is a place with no taboo where you can easily involve other people and engage in sexual conversations and encounters.

Google Groups

Google Groups are an excellent hookup alternative if you want to feel a part of the community. These groups will allow you to engage with several people at the same time, concentrating on a topic and forgetting about the rest. Google Groups are conversations with a suggested topic people hop on when they need to message you and continue a conversation. This allows you to talk with multiple people at the same time and leaving links to the important stuff.

Google Groups are better than forums and dating sites because they do not go through moderation like that, so you can share more intimate topics and leave outrightly sexually explicit content without fear of being banned or your comment being deleted. These can be a great Craigslist personals alternative.

Hookup Sites Like Craigslist: New Craigslist Personals

These are all the sites that would apply to the topic of new Craigslist personals. Some of them might be even better because there are more modern, and others have that original concept:


Doubelist is wholeheartedly dedicated to personal ads just like Craigslist did. It’s a site that allows you to leave the personal ad and converse with males, females, heterosexual, homosexual, transexual, bisexual, non-binary, and other individuals which is a representation of tolerance and diversity. If you don’t know where to start from, it’s best if you tried Doublelist from the beginning.

  • Free Version Available: yes
  • Price: interchangeable depending on the service
  • Be mindful of: scammers and rude users.

This personal site is great for someone who doesn’t want to forget about Craigslist’s easiness of navigation and quick search by categories. On the downside, you will have to come across scammers or fake bots.

  • Free Version Available: yes
  • Price: interchangeable depending on the service; the site is free
  • Be mindful of: fake pages.

It is one of the oldest Craigslist dating alternatives that will allow you to come across hundreds of people on the web and choose applicable one for casual sex and all sorts of encounters. This site has the same features as the original one, so if you remember Craigslist as it is, is it would be easier for you to get accustomed to the site’s navigation.


If we are talking about gay hookup sites like Craigslist, it is one of the best gay personals sites with the biggest following. Here you can search for people depending on your common interests and communicate with them without hyper-sexual topics. Although you can meet a man for sex, the conversations will not be as direct and highly kinky.

  • Free Version Available: yes
  • Price: interchangeable depending on the service; the site is free
  • Be mindful of: malevolent users; leaking your personal information.

This website will be an amazing chance to exchange photos via the internet before meeting in real life for the hookup. Here, you can exchange photos without having a fear of someone finding out your secret.

  • Free Version Available: yes
  • Price: interchangeable depending on the service; the site is free
  • Be mindful of: strangers downloading your photos.

MenNation – World’s Largest Men-Only Hookup Community

MenNation is a dating platform and a hookup site like Craigslist for both bisexual and gay men who want to find casual sex in their close proximity. The site has both free and paid services with a variety of unique features, such as blogs, filters, video chat, and a video library. The site also has webcams streams and an original Buzz Mode. The site is so popular among men because it offers a variety of connections for all gay types, bottoms, tops, and switches. If you truly want a Craigslist gay hookup, it’s your place.

  • Free Version Available: yes
  • Price: 1 month – $30
  • 3 months – $60
  • 12 months- $180
  • Be mindful of: scammers, lack of the app.
  • Read the full MenNation review.

How to Use Personal Ads Safely

  • Never give away your address
  • Don’t contact the person if they ask you for money from the start
  • Avoid mentioning any names, giving any other contact information
  • Choose a public place for your first date
  • Try to monitor the person in the database
  • Reverse-search the photos

Final word

There still are many places to find hookups, not only Craigslist. Hopefully, this article was reassurance that sites similar to the personal database exist, and you still can submit the information the good old classic way.

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