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Jaumo Review 2024 – A Dating App On the Go

Jaumo Review 2024 – A Dating App On the Go
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Active Audience 69%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 22-34
Profiles 2 700 000
Reply Rate 94%
Ease of Use 6.6
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy and understandable interface
  • Both for straight and for homosexual people
  • You can chat with people even without a match
  • Reliable customer support
  • Too many ads
  • There are a lot of fake users

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Jaumo: find your someone! There is no need to be too specific. On the main page of this very popular German dating app, you will find what you need on your own, anyway. All that Jaumo is trying to do for you is to create an environment where you will be safe and visible to people around you.

Is it for a cheating adventure? For a travel experience? Of are you looking for the love of your life? Maybe you don’t know the answer, either. Whatever it may be, Jaumo is intended to be the mean of it.

If you are wondering whether Jaumo is a good starting point for your dating experience, in this review, we will try to give you a broader perspective.

We hope you’ll find it fulfilling enough to make a wise and informed choice. As the dating world is wide, maybe it’s time for you to start your download. Let’s get into Jaumo’s universe!

Jaumo Review

Jaumo: How Does it Work?

In a few words: on Jaumo you don’t have to be “liked” to have a nice chat with an unknown person. Although the match is not compulsory to start chatting, it sort of grants you a more welcoming approach form the other person.

Jaumo is a working dating app. It detects your location and shows you only matches nearby. You can start a conversation, as said, without a match, but you can also swipe profiles and like/unlike them. It has almost every feature you can ask.

Open Jaumo, and you’ll get immediately how it works. On a lower toolbar, you will see all the icons displayed. They will guide you back home when you are lost into meaningful chats with your neighbor, or when you have been obsessively swiping all morning.

You have the swipe icon. Here you will see one profile at once. The profiles are set according to your search filters (you can change the filters whenever you like, from your profile).

You’ll notice immediately that one of the filters is the location: you won’t be shown far away matches, as it happens in other less serious dating apps.

Then you can pick a profile directly from a list: just touch the second icon. In the third icon, a cartoon bubble, there’s the chat. We will talk a little more about the chatting process in the paragraph below, as it’s a little more complicated than apps where the chat is only enabled after a match.

And finally, the settings: on the last icon, you will be able to update your profile, add pictures, update your descriptions filling in some blank spaces such as, what is your profession, and what do you like, or what are you looking for.

No big deal: as you can chat basically with whoever you like, the profile description’s importance is high, but not that high. Let’s say it’s essential in a way that if your first message to a person is just “hi,” and you have a bland description, then it’s doubtful you will have a further discussion.

These are the main features. Some restrictions happen when you have a free profile. You will receive a lot of ads asking you is you would like to upgrade your membership, so it will be straightforward to understand how you can upgrade.

What’s The Audience Like?

Here we are with the bad news for men: there are many fake profiles on Jaumo. Of course, it also depends on the location. But still, the percentage of female profiles who would like you to pay for services is too high.

Unfortunately, that diminishes the rest of the app a little bit, which still works well. But if Jaumo’s primary purpose is to create real relationships of whatever nature they are, sex for money will affect that purpose.

We’re not saying sex for money is wrong; we are only saying that it should be in another app. Despite that, we think that you are grown up enough to understand what you like.

If, in a conversation, you receive insults, trolling, or money requests, it’s up to you to choose if you want to go further. There’s no way of blocking a user who you don’t like, but you can ignore notifications, or you can dislike them before the conversation starts.

We believe in free will, after all. Save it in Jaumo, you’ll need it.

Primary Features We Need To Mention

Here in Jaumo, you can do almost everything you are allowed to do, concerning chat and match. There’s a swipe section, where you can like or dislike profiles. Be careful, you can’t go back, and once a match is lost, it’s lost forever.

Wow, that was dramatic. Let’s change it into this: if you pay for a membership, you won’t have to regret anything, as you can “un-swipe” and give a person a second chance.

Then, you can just research profiles, selecting a location, or some features. You can chat, of course, and the chat had clear fonts and is highly readable.

Then you can update your profile and pictures as many times you want, and you can also see who liked your profile. This feature is enabled by buying a membership, so you can’t do it as a free user.

Once you are chatting, whatever happens, you can send pictures without any limitation, and you can share your personal contacts, too.

If there is a nudity-filter in the app, it’s not working. True story.

Jaumo: How Does it Work

Is Jaumo User Friendly?

We can’t actually say anything bad about Jaumo’s user-friendliness. You can’t possibly lose yourself within these clear icons and straightforward ads. Maybe only the continuous stream of ads is a little annoying, but you can avoid that easily. How? By paying, of course.

Also, the sign-up process is highly user friendly, just like an app should be. Some psychological studies are showing that people are more inclined to sign-in into an app than a web browser’s website. Jaumo is taking the chance of giving you a friendly place, in a friendly way, promising you helpful people. Let’s dig deeper into Jaumo’s design.

Design, Usability and Notifications

First of all, to enhance usability, we strongly suggest you check the notification that Jaumo is sending to you. You can do that form the settings section, in your profile icon, main toolbar.

The design is highly modern, and the colors are peaceful. The notifications on the screen are shown plainly so that you won’t need to look for them. Our take is: Jaumo’s usability is the best.

Jaumo Mobile App

Apparently, no one needs a web browser app for Jaumo, as there are ONLY mobile apps.

You can find the Jaumo app both on Apple Store and on Google Play Store if you would like to have the Android version of it.

Are you ready to chat on the go with your new friends? Also, if you are on a trip, you can update your current position and find new matches everywhere

There’s no need to feel lonely when you’re abroad or far from your hometown. Jaumo is right in your pocket.

The only way for you to user Jaumo from a web browser is to be nerd enough to simulate it on a simulating machine. Our take is: never mind and use it from your phone. It’s not worth all the time it will take, and you can use your phone form wherever you like.

Where Is Customer Service?

Like many other dating apps, you can’t find Customer Service at first glance. You will need to go to the browser page of the app. Maybe a little tricky, but they renounced to CS’ section to gain more lightness. The app is so fast, and we are sure you won’t complain about making your research a little longer.

Once you are on the main web browser page, scroll it down and go for the “support” or “contact” section. In the “support” section, you will have a form to fill in with your issue.

While in the contact section, you can share tips, experiences, and everything concerning proactive feedback.

Is Jaumo User Friendly

The Sign-In Process and User Profile

Now it’s time to see what information is required for signing in. As any other app designed as a mobile app, first, Jaumo is so easy you will find yourself in without even having noticed the download had started.

Before proceeding, some advice: we noticed that the app, like other messaging apps, consumes a lot of energy and the Internet. So, we recommend checking first which apps on your phone are taking advantage of your battery the most.

Go to the settings and switch off what you don’t need to be running in the background. It’s not rocket science, and if you are nerd enough to be thinking about a dating app, you may have already done this already.

Now, let’s see what goes on during the sign-in process.

Here’s How to Sign-In

Once upon a time, there was a downloading app. The main character of this story sees the app downloaded and opens it right away, eager to know what’s behind this red glowing heart appeared on his screen.

Two buttons are disclosed, and the character is wondering: should I open Jaumo with my Google account, or should I register?

Let us help you: it’s the same. Signing-in with Google will only save you a few steps. If you touch the registration button, the process will still be a piece of cake.

You will be asked which gender you identity yourself in. We liked this part, as it’s meant to be un-discriminating. Then, fill the form with your birth date, and select if you would like to share your location with the app.

Now, select who you are looking for. This is a fair point and makes Jaumo a good app both for straight and for homosexual people.

How’s Profile Quality? What About Verification?

Now your profile is created! You will be able to access Jaumo only when you have uploaded a profile picture. More points for Jaumo, in this way, you won’t have grey silhouettes all over the place.

You will be warned if your profile picture is not good, because it’s not showing your face. At the moment you access, you will be bothered by the “special discount” ad, saying that you will be covered 5,99$ for our first month instead of 9,99$. Welcome to nudge marketing! Now push the “I don’t want this big occasion” button and go ahead. We are taking a tour in Jaumo. Now, there’s no time for shopping.

Jaumo The Sign-In Process and User Profile

How to Search for Users in Jaumo

Once you have signed in, you will be able to see some profiles. You can use the zapping first icon on the left. Here you will be able to use the swipe, and to see random profiles one at a time, and “like” them if you want to. If the other person likes you back, a match will happen, and you will be able to chat.

You can also select the second icon in the toolbar and look for people nearby. This way, the app will automatically upload people close to your location, and you will see them all together in the panel. You can select who you like and your favorites. To see who liked you, you will need a paid account.

How to Search for Users in Jaumo

How The Chat Works

You can basically chat with whoever you like. Still, if you like a user and he/she likes you back, a match will happen. Now you will be shown a notification in the “chat” icon, and the chat will open on its own.

This eases the whole chatting process, as normally, if you would like to contact a person on Jaumo, you can send only a few messages, and then wait for them to decide whether they like you or not.

It works like that: you send the message, and the other person will see a notification in their chat section: they can see your profile first, and like in the swipe, they can answer or decline. That’s it.

A previous match is like, in real life, being in the same club, or at the same party, or having familiar friends. You are already in the same circle of people, loves, connections. In Jaumo, you have “liked” each other.

It’s not like a real crush, but still, it’s something.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to block users. You will still be receiving notifications from a user you started chatting with.

Jaumo How The Chat Works

Jaumo Membership: Free and Paid Versions

It’s enough for you to have an idea of what is waiting for you on Jaumo. You can see what’s more important in a dating app: the audience. We usually recommend to check it out with your own eyes. When possible.


Let’s cut the chase: with a free membership, you can do a lot of things here in Jaumo. You can chat with everyone, and without limits, for instance. You can also have a taste of how the matching and like process works.

But a paid membership is always better. Here’s why.

With a free account, you have a limited number of likes you can use while you can put as many likes as you want with a paid membership. You can also use more filters in the users’ research.

As said in the chat paragraph, you can go back to your swipe activities if your cat, who climbed on your legs, distracted you and made you unlike the match of your life. You can make it up: first of all, punish the cat as you prefer, remembering that it is not good to use violence on animals. Then, if you have a paid membership, simply press “undo.”

Then if you chat with a person, you can be up in the chat thread. So he/she will see your messages first. You can find out who liked you, as well, and you can avoid annoying ads.

Jaumo Pricing

Twelve months of membership will cost you 35,99$, which means 3$/month. 3 months of membership, 11,99$ (4$/month) and 1 month, 5,99$.

Terminating Your Jaumo Subscription

Your profile will be automatically deleted after some time. We found no way of deleting it before that period, and we have asked the Customer Service about it.

As soon as they answer, we will update this review.

Jaumo Membership: Free and Paid Versions

Safety & Security on Jaumo

The website is entirely safe, and the payment options are encrypted, so to assure you that your credit card details are secure.

The verification here is granted by using your personal phone number, as you can only download a mobile app from Jaumo.

Safety & Security on Jaumo

Jaumo’s Competitors

Meetic, Badoo, iDates, iCupid, Tinder, Once, Lovoo, MyDates. These are just some free dating apps, with a plus membership option on them. While the dating industry is wide, it’s up to you to decide what exactly you want—this will narrow your search.

Jaumo’s Competitors


Now that you are into Jaumo’s world, you can start chatting and matching safely. Our take is to try the free account, and then pick a choice. Our review is comprehensive enough to give you enough information to get you started. All in all, the decision is yours, go try it. Good luck!

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Betty is a curious, patient, and observant professional young lady. She can watch and listen wholeheartedly before making a move. That allows her to develop the skill of noticing behavior changes that hinder relationships. She can understand different situations and does everything she can to guide and inspire other people.
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