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If you are looking to skip the traditional introductions of dating sites and get right into business, BeNaughty is the site that can help you do so. This particular dating site provides its members with a fun dating experience by encouraging a naughty community of singles and couples. The rules of BeNaughty are simple – if what you see is...

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Together2Night Review – Legit or Scam?
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Together2Night is an online dating site that was initially created for casual hook-up and sex. It was founded in 2015 and is considered one of the most well-known and high-quality dating platforms for adults in the modern world. While the site is mainly used for virtual hook-ups, flirting, and one-night stands, some also use the site purposefully to look for...

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In short, Flirt is a dating site that singles use to look for quick hookups and casual relationships. The site was launched in 2009 and has held high traction since then. The platform was later acquired by Cupid plc, or previously known as EasyDate. Since its acquisition, Flirt has gained more than a million users from all corners of the...

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Welcome to our OneNightFriend review for 2020. In this review, we are going to discuss more of this site's features, how it is used, its advantages, disadvantages, and also give a little hint about its competitors. Join this review to find out more. OneNightFriend is an online dating website, specifically for members who are looking for a one-night sexual experience....

Technological progress brings a profound positive change in the way our global neighborhood operates. Still, it deprives us of face-to-face communication with other people. Online dating has become the only solution for millions of singles. The following review deals with America’s best dating sites that have managed to deserve the audience’s trust, catering to its requirements of features and security.

More than 8M online dating platforms on the Web cover all the fifty states of America. They connect people of various gender, races, and lifestyles for either casual meetups or long-lasting relationships. Some people look for romance, and the others are into one-night sex. Plenty of users crave marriage, and some Americans want to find love with promising continuation. Sugar dating and finding friends with benefits are also popular options. Totally, there are over 70M users of popular dating sites for now.

Surely, you’ve read or heard some happy-end stories of people that have met each other online. Their successful experience testifies to those platform’s productivity and credibility. They do their job, resulting in fast-growing communities and a significant number of perfect matches. It is true, but only concerning the legal and respectable resources. The following dating site reviews highlight the portals where everyone can find love, despite sexual preferences and the concept of happiness.

What Is the Common Factor for All Dating Websites?

What Is the Common Factor for All Dating Websites

All real dating sites come with large databases of singles, allowing them to find each other via the website’s suggestion (match). Advanced search algorithms and filters let people see like-minded potential partners in the search results. For his purpose, you should opt for the appropriate platform, register on it, create a profile, and start browsing other members’ profiles.

Each of the dating websites has its own set of distinctive features to stand out from their competitors. Some of them are free, but, as a rule, most reputable resources have paid plans. They give access to exclusive features that, in turn, make online dating enjoyable, entertaining, and useful.

Oft Expressed but Mistaken View of Dating Platforms

A specific part of the audience still sees dating portals as something raunchy and indecent, or they consider them the money traps. Let’s discuss them and settle the truth.

1. Dating sites are the shelters for sex seekers and kinky people.

It looks like there might be some truth to this statement. There are many types of dating on the Web, including, for example, swinger or BDSM online clubs. It’s crucial to opt for a platform that caters to your desires and life plans.

2. Only alienated geeks use these sites.

There are all sorts of members on the dating platform. However, each community has some standard features, primarily, when it deals with niche websites. For instance, sugar-dating portals include profiles of wealthy business people, bankers, and other distinguished clientele.

3. True love requires personal acquaintance.

Actually, the most robust relationships are usually based on friendship and similar lifestyles. Sometimes, the chemistry of sex blinds us from recognizing them. Messaging and video chats of dating services help know each other better to evaluate prospects impartially.

4. It fits an implausible story just because this can’t happen.

Read dozens of happy love stories to see that the opposite is exact. It’s not easy and takes some time and effort, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.

5. You can interact with dozens of people online but without the final output.

It depends on a love-seeker rather than on the website. The ones who know their minds will always achieve the goal. Besides, the search is also exciting since one can meet interesting people and make new friends.

How Do Websites Make Their Suggestions?

All dating platforms base the matches they offer on two main algorithms.

The first of them implies data collection from tests and surveys. The system considers your answers to use them as a foundation for predictions. They look for the members that have given similar answers in their personality tests and choose those with a more significant percentage of hits.

The second algorithm works based on search filters you’ve set before to let you opt for traits, features of character, location, marital status, etc. Each of the services comes with its set of filters and search options.

Root Causes of Finding a Partner on the Dating Website

Root Causes of Finding a Partner on the Dating Website

Online dating is the achievement of the century, as it allows you to shine without everyday efforts. You should just create a compelling profile and highlight all of your attractive features there. You choose what info is to share and what should stay off the grid. It’s possible to pay attention to work, friends, hobbies, etc. while also continuing your online search of love.

You can escape exhausting explanations if you stop liking somebody. A click is usually enough to block the user or delete his/her profile from the list of favorites. Besides, if you reveal a scammer, you continue to stay safe due to the distance.

Speaking about benefits, don’t forget that you get custom matches that reduce the time you should waste on searches. They also provide you with more variants of potential soul mates. Some of them may be pleasantly surprised, like those that the following top dating sites can offer:

What Are the Primary Types of Dating Services?

There are many websites within it, and they come with unique value propositions to everyone’s taste.

  • Regular platforms are versatile platforms that welcome singles with different preferences. They usually come with a menu where you can find several categories of users. These portals feature large communities and rich functionality. They are designed to let you see either a life partner or a one-stand date.
  • Mobile applications are suitable for on-the-go users that prefer to message and get a date between jobs while having lunch or traveling. They are also helpful if you look for a partner nearby.
  • Platforms focused on long-lasting relationships and marriages. For example, Christian dating sites are in this category, as well as other religion-based dating services.
  • Portals and online clubs that help find folks for a casual encounter (so-called casual dating sites). You don’t need to look respectable on these websites. Their communities are usually flirty and open-minded. Just specify what kind of sex you are looking for and choose the relevant partner overnight.
  • Senior dating sites welcome people over 50 years old. These platforms have a user-friendly interface and a minimum of buttons to provide the older audiences with a seamless experience. Note that the dating portals for seniors might be either for finding true love or fun in the bedroom.
  • Race-focused resources connect people of the same ethnicity. National minorities tend to band together in an environment of a foreign land, and ethnic dating portals provide such an opportunity. Interracial dating sites welcome other ethnicities. For example, sites for blacks might accept whites that look for blacks.
  • Niche platforms focus on the audience with specific features or preferences. It is about nationality, age, tastes, etc.

What Is Waiting for You Behind the Front Page of the Dating Websites?

What Is Waiting for You Behind the Front Page of the Dating Websites

Paid and free dating sites won the hearts of millions around the globe. Each of the members is unique, having different desires and dreams. That’s why you’ll definitely find the like-minded person to start building relationships with your liking.

Messaging, Dating, and Ties

Is it real to get a date online?

Once you’ve registered on a particular platform, the whole universe of new experiences and impressions is opening in front of you. Create an eye-catching profile to enjoy other members’ likes and attention. Start your search to see other people’s profiles and makes a list of users that you have on your mind.

The website’s suggestions will also be helpful to contact the right people. Popular platforms usually offer several tools for communication. You can send and get text-based messages, as well as opt for a video chat. The interaction with potential partners might be romantic and playful due to virtual gifts you can send, and other exclusive stuff. Eventually, an exciting online adventure will end up on a promising date, and further developments are up to you.

Should I Strive to Get a Date?

The full-fledged profile and your active part in the life of dating community are the primary keys to success. In other words, it’s crucial to disclose your character, intention, lifestyle, and other stuff that can provide you with an essential number of matches. At the same time, you should be active online and responsive to make your profile work for you.

Features of Community on Dating Websites

Who “Lives” on Dating Platforms?

According to the Kaspersky Lab’s research, the online community of dating services has some standard features:

  1. The average age of users is 33.8 years old, and 43% of the members are from 25 up to 34 years old.
  2. 63% of them work full-time. You can meet the heads of the companies, business owners, medium-level managers, doctors, teachers, and other high-quality specialists.
  3. The male audience usually a bit prevails, but 51% of men date for fun.
  4. 41% of women are looking for friends.
  5. Only 12% of men and 10% of women want to find love for marriage.

However, that data is somewhat schematic and averaged since each dating club has a unique community. You’ll probably agree that it’s not smart to find soul mates on adult dating sites where people are into casual meetups, sex, and kinks.

Male/Female Ratio on Dating Portals

The accurate number of registered men and women depends on the website’s topic and niche. For example, 80% of the audience are women on the sugar-dating platforms, and only 20% are men. You can hardly find females on gay dating sites, but women dominate on ethnic platforms with Asian or Slavic brides. In any case, the competition becomes an excellent incentive to stay active and move towards your goal.

How to Use Dating Sites Successfully and Provide Safe Dating

How to avoid frustration and disappointments is you are a rookie on the dating site? Sure, these platforms have their micro-universe where specific rules and laws work. Consider the following tips on how to date online fruitfully:

1. Test several resources to ensure the appropriate choice.

First, you should be aware of online dating types since the boundaries between categories might be blurred. If you want to find true love, start your search from regular dating platforms. Are you ready to move abroad? Then, it’s possible to narrow down your search and consider only international dating sites.

In other words, one should clearly understand the kind of relationships he/she needs. Besides, it’s necessary to bear in mind your vision of a perfect family, including finances and other practical issues. If you want to sign up for one of the casual dating sites, think about your sexual preferences, desires, and fantasies. Decide for yourself whether you are into vanilla sex or some sorts of kinks.

Check our reviews of popular dating sites for each of the categories mentioned above to save time on personal research. You’ll know about their features, options, and fees to choose the platform concerning your requirements and budget.

2. Create Outstanding Profile to Shine

Any profile consists of two core parts – photo gallery and information. First, you should provide the main profile photo, and then add more pictures to create an eye-catching gallery. What rules should you follow?

  • Choose well-lit and in-focus images that are not noisy or grainy.
  • Make your face and body-type visible.
  • Use captions to identify other people on your photo (however, it’s better to dispense with the company on pictures).
  • Don’t publish only portrait-like images. Try to show what you are keen on or how you cook, draw, travel, etc.
  • Put aside photos where you drink or smoke, even if you are not going to hide your bad habits.
  • The text-based part of the profile should be as informative as possible. Consider the following tips to make it enjoyable and productive:
  • Don’t lie but have the art of making yourself agreeable in other members’ eyes.
  • Use taglines to capture the essence of your personality (top dating sites use them as filters to provide you with precise matches).
  • Fill out all the tabs and fields of the profile page.
  • Don’t pretend to be another person. Other people will admire and contact you if you love yourself just the way you are.

When your sparkling personality is presented in your entirety on a dating portal, the time comes to start communication.

3. Initiate Contact and Messaging

While delving into search, you’ll have to look through tons of profiles. It’s crucial to choose those with photos where you can see a person full frontal, close-up and stuff. Try to skip empty profile pages since they probably belong to occasional members and scammers, or, they might be just a fake. Many photos and decent content on the profile page create a positive first impression and give the green light to messaging. Let’s list some more marks that help make the right choice of a potential partner:

Recognize Fake Profiles

Skip the profiles where stock photos, cartoon avatars, and other similar images are used. If a person hides his/her real face, you can hardly count on their frankness. Note that most paid and even some free dating websites identify these profiles as fakes and remove them from the system.

Opt for Active Members Only

Some people sign up for the dating platform, but then, they rarely appear online. Don’t waste your time on them since your messages might go unanswered. Many services indicate the member’s status and the date when they were online the last time.

Use Search Filters and Contact List

You can set your search and base it on location, gender, ethnicity, or other meaningful parameters for you.

4. Turn Your Matches into Date

When you exchange messages with one of the members, it might not always be clear whether he or she is the right person for dating and building relationships. How to recognize your luck and separate the wheat from the chaff?

  • Have dialogs; discuss both dark and amusing matters, share news and experiences.
  • Check your partner’s social media profile to be sure of his/her identity.
  • Don’t be afraid of setting a date pretty soon. This time-saving decision will also help avoid disappointments.
  • Disclose your aims and inform your partner what you are waiting for before your date face-to-face.

Love, at first sight, is beautiful but phantom; that’s why you shouldn’t rely on the profile photo only. The same relates to casual dating sites where it’s crucial to discuss turns-on, fantasies, and possible kinks before you cut to the chase.

5. Keep You in Safety on the First Date

It’s not challenging to get a date if you met your partner on one of the local dating sites. These platforms usually match you with plenty of men/women nearby. However, don’t be in a hurry and consider the place for your meeting thoroughly since security always comes first.

You should opt for a public facility where you’ll be seen. It deals with a café, city square, or sports club. The final choice depends on your preferences. You can go to an amusement park to embrace your inner child or visit a museum if both are from a world of art. If you want to stress the non-binding character of the event, select a coffee shop in the center of your location.

Of course, it may seem as though you know each other for 100 years already while you enjoy messaging. However, a personal meeting can turn everything upside down. That’s why it’s better to set video conferences before you get the first date. Unfortunately, not all dating websites come with this feature.

The first real date is worrying but adventurous and exciting. It brings tons of emotions and causes a swarm of thoughts. It is promising and intriguing, exciting, and romantic.

6. Recognize scammers to avoid traps.

Many platforms, especially free dating sites, suffer from scammers. They create profiles on many dating platforms and try to contact other members with a mercenary motive. Fraudsters skillfully use other people’s feelings and life circumstances to schmooze and ask for money or swindle financial data and other pieces of personal information.

Fraud in Larger Scales

Even the most popular dating sites have a specific percentage of scammers. However, things are worse when you enter the platform that has been initially developed for fraud. Fortunately, they are easy to recognize. Once you’ve created a profile there, but no photo is attached, the bots (not real members) start sending you tons of messages. It is about standard phrases like “You’re so cute”, “You’re hot”, etc. So, you should pay credits or buy a membership to respond to these emails. However, they cannot be real since no one has seen your photo yet!

It can hardly be a credible resource if you get hundreds of flirts, likes, virtual gifts, and other courtesies in the first 24 hours of your presence on the platform. You have no prospects here but can face challenges that would discourage online dating in the future.

7. Enjoy Your Adventurous Time Online

If you don’t dwell on the outcome but focus on new impressions, you’ll get pleasure and excitement from making new friends on the dating websites. The best dating sites come with an essential number of unique features that turn dating into an incredible adventure and let you get much amusement out of it. For example, many users like to send each other funny flirts or virtual gifts, participate in forums to share their experiences and impressions.

If some members harass or just bother you, it’s possible to cut ties with them in a click. Remote communication plays into your hands in this case.

Should I Select the VIP Membership?

Should I Select the VIP Membership

Most of the top dating sites allow you to interact with other members and use the entire website’s potential if you buy a paid subscription. This approach ensures better security of the platform, fewer scammers, and more real profiles. Besides, premium members are provided with other benefits.

  • First, you access unlimited messages. It’s the critical point since all the credible resources offer this option only to premium members. 
  • Instant access to all the unique features of the website is an excellent bonus. Some of these options are for entertainment, but others help promote a profile and make it visible at the top of search results.
  • You can find clubs that hide their names in your bank statement and provide you with 24/7 support via phone. VIP-users can enjoy discreet dating and avoid a bad situation.
  • Some platforms allow you to rematch with an expired match or to use extra search filters that are not available for free users.
  • As a rule, premium users get ad-free space on the website. They can interact with the site without annoying banners.

Do paid plans have essential flaws? Sometimes, they might be costly and have a reduced money/value ratio. In this case, it’s just necessary to make the right choice of a dating service. Besides, some people report that they have spent money for months but never made the desired progress. This complaint is subjective and relates to the scope of personal experiences.

So, premium members get all the dating website’s bells and whistles that ensure precise suggestions, productive interaction, and lots of fun.

How Much Does the Dating Website Cost to Me?

The price of the paid subscription depends on its duration, and platform’s policies. Popular dating sites have pretty flexible plans to match a budget. The generally accepted tariffs are subscriptions for 1, 3, and 6 months, but some platforms offer a 12-month subscription. Typically, the subscription is getting cheaper if you opt for extended plans. The most popular duration is 6 months, and the average price of this plan is near $35–$45 per month. Some services offer free trials to test the features.


The best dating sites are legal and safe, multi-functional and user-friendly, enjoyable, and efficient. They allow you to take advantage of both process of search and real dating. The advanced online techs make it possible to outreach either local or foreign partners, offering immense possibilities for having fun together or traveling. Diversity of services cater to all tastes and requirements, hidden desires, and disclosed intentions, both night and life plans.