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Foot Fetish Dating Hot Men with Feet in Their Minds

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General Features of Foot Fetish Dating

For some time, open ankles and feet, especially those of women, were considered indecent. However, as time goes by, nothing seems to be changing. Foot fetishism is becoming a new normal. To know more about it, consider having a look at the below features, which will give you a detailed overview of what you need to know about this kind of dating.

Focus on a particular object

Unlike other dating forms where the party’s focus may be on the characters, feelings, and sex, this kind of dating majorly draws the sentiments of those in it towards the feet. When the two partners are seated together, the chances that they will be crisscrossing their feet or even rubbing their feet is high. They know the impact the feeling has on them.

A different way of gratification

In foot fetishism, the parties have a different way of arousing each other. At times they stimulate each other by just looking at the feet and touching them with hands. To some extent, some stroke their genitals. Besides, licking is also a common way of gaining satisfaction in this form of dating. Therefore, how people get arousal is unique.

You will find out that most sites have excellent features meant to make dating more accessible and exciting. Here are the top dating platform features that any member can leverage.

Foot Fetish Dating Chat

As a user of these sites, you can be sure that you will be in a position to get in touch with your loved one as frequently as possible. Messaging is, however, a common feature with every dating site that the user can send messages and chat actively with a new connection. However, with the advancements in technology, many dating sites adopt the latest user features, such as video chat options.

Profile set up

There is nothing as good as knowing that you can upload your favorite picture onto a site and use it for setting it up to your profile. Also, enjoying the freedom of setting up your bio in the perfect way possible allows you to be outstanding in the crowd. You can easily set up your profile with the foot fetish dating sites since that feature is enabled.

Privacy features

Almost all the sites have a privacy feature. However, if you land yourself in the right foot fetish dating site, you will likely enjoy a highly integrated privacy level. Therefore, deciding to join any of the sites should not make you worry about who will see what you say with your partner. Your privacy of you and that of your partner is guaranteed. Confidentiality is a vital feature of the sites.

Compatible App

Another feature that makes the foot fetish dating sites stand out is the users’ ability to have the apps on their phones. An added advantage is that the applications are compatible with the user’s phones and tablets. Therefore, one does not necessarily have to log in to a site as it is possible to use an app that is easier to use at the same time easier to install.

The Pros Linked to Foot fetish Dating

Besides its less popularity, foot fetish dating has got some substantial positive impacts, especially on the parties involved.

Feeling at home

As a foot fetish, you may be silently suffering from deep emotions of loneliness. Such feelings may be as a result of lacking somebody who can truly understand the way you feel. In such situations, not even your family members can understand you. However, after getting into foot fetish dating, you will be in a position to explain to your partner how you feel. Having a partner who understands you always will make you feel at home and never be stressed anymore.

Helps in saving time

Being with a foot fetish partner will make you know your purpose early. For instance, when you go out, you will spend most of the time doing what you love rather than when you are with someone who is not a fetish. This fact will make both of you save the time you spend on a date.

Also, there will be no need to go out on blind dates trying to figure out the right guy for you because foot fetishists are not easy to find compared to the other people who like the different forms of dating.

The joy of having a like mind

Knowing that you are with someone with whom you share the same ideas and thoughts is excellent. It will make both of you feel satisfied with each other. Also, it will make you feel comfortable whenever you go on a date. The feeling of having someone who admires your feet is adorable. You can imagine both of you seated, and then boom, you feel some game on the feet. It feels nice.

Besides, ladies have attested that dating a guy with foot fetishes is fantastic, here are some of the benefits that made them say it’s lovely.

  • Massage at no cost:
    Often, people spend a lot of money on massage services to get that good feeling. But in free foot fetish dating, the massage will be offered to you for free. Guys are good at doing that.
  • Adult talk:
    Having a guy that can make comfortable rub your feet like a lady when you’re together will make you feel open for sexual conversations. From such discussions, you will not only enjoy but get to know each other better than before.
  • Increasing sexual interactions:
    Through the sense of touch on the sensitive part-feet, foot rubbing will make a lady feel aroused and sexually attached, thus creating a better room for deeper intimacy. Dating a guy with a foot fetish is the fantastic thing ever.

Above are, therefore, some of the positive aspects of engaging in foot fetish dating.

The Drawbacks of Indulging in Foot Fetish Dating

Whatever is good, naturally, has to be wrong. Similarly, this kind of dating is also associated with the below-outlined cons:

  • Addictive
    The activities involved in free foot fetish dating are naturally addictive. The more one does them to the other party, the more it will become a norm in the relationship. Also, depending on the intensity, foot fetish can affect your inside thoughts and end up ruining a percentage of your mind.
  • Keep you away from shoes
    Once you are a foot fetish, your passion for putting on your favorite footwear will be inhibited because your partner might be turned off when you wear the shoes. So, as a way of making the relationship grow, you will have to sacrifice your closed shoes.

Tips for Finding a Successful Match on Foot Fetish Dating Sites

Finding someone who understands how a foot fetish relationship works and making you grow relationship-wise may be difficult. However, when the right tips are applied, the whole process becomes easy. Below are, therefore, some of those essential tips that you will need to end up with the right partner.

Choose the right site

When you are out to get your perfect foot fetish partner, you should know that the partner will not come to look for you where you are. Therefore, you need to decide on the right foot fetish dating site to see you connect with the right people with whom you share the same purpose. Also, some dating sites are casually developed and will not give you the best you need. Your choice will be significantly determined by how the site you are using enhances its services.

Profile matters

How you work on your profile will determine the reputation you will have online. A good reputation and a perfect match go hand in hand. Therefore, you should be keen on what you write, upload, and do to your profile. When you write a shoddy profile, no one will take you seriously, and therefore even if you try sending messages to their inbox; they will ignore it. Your biography is like your resume for a job. Therefore it deserves to look useful and informative.


Once you have joined a foot fetish dating site, ensure that you’re patient, do not get out of your control. Also, you need to understand that you can’t join a fetish dating site today and have things working out tomorrow. You need to give things time.

Shout out!

Joining foot fetish dating sites, setting your profile, and remaining patient is not the only way to get the right partner. After joining, you can scan through the site and find out if there is someone you think suits you-judging from the profile. If you realize that there is one, try messaging them, and if they reply, you will be set to go on. Don’t just join a sit and keep quiet.

Do you know that the foot fetish singles that were single some days ago are no longer who they were then? They used the below trick in their search for the right partner.

Don’t give up!

When your request to someone you thought would be your partner gets turned down, you should not give up with your hunt. Continuing with the search is the only way you will get that person who fits you. It’s never what you think it is. It’s what you make it. This is the one trick that was used by the singles to change their status.

Also, as a lady, you may be asking yourself a question; How can you date a foot fetish guy?

It’s not anything complex. Finding the right guy for you and getting into a free foot fetish dating is easy and straightforward. You need to be:

  • Knowledgeable
    There is no magic here. It’s all about what you know and what you do to make things work, especially when you want to magnate that perfect guy you have been looking for. You need to be good at teasing and making your money enjoy how you do the foot rub. Don’t make it a rough game.
  • Surprise Addict
    When you are dating that guy who has been in your dreams, make sure that you make the foot game a surprise. Remember, if you keep asking the guy if you can do foot rub every time, he will get bored with it sooner than you think. So make it a habit to surprise your guy. It works magic!

What are the various Myths and Misconception about Foot Fetish Dating

Due to misunderstanding, issues have arisen in the past. Some are still emerging about free foot fetish dating, some of them are as highlighted below:

  • Forceful
    Those who view fetishism from outside do think that the relationship is forceful. Also, they do believe that one party is dictatorial on what is to be done.
  • Reality
    The truth is that fetishism is highly democratic. Any party who decides to indulge in it always does so with a lot of willingness. Therefore the lie should be taken into the dust bin.
  • It is only meant for people in a given class
    Some people are rooted in the belief that fetishes are majorly the rich and not the middle class and the poor. Those who say so should have a deeper understanding of what foot Fetish dating involves. If that happens, such fictions shall cease to exist.
  • Rare
    Many people know dating as an ordinary and mutual relationship between two parties who are romantically attracted. Although little is known about foot fetish dating, only a few have explored it to get accurate information. Since people know little about it, they tend to presume that it is rare, yet fetishes are global.
  • Costly
    What a lie! The cost of anything depends on how you plan for it. Therefore, the blame should not be put on fetish dating when it comes to cost. Free foot fetish dating exists, and consequently, the question of cost should not even arise. Don’t allow yourself to be swayed by misconceptions.

The information highlighted above is, therefore, some of the myths that revolve around fetish dating.

Tips for successful Foot Fetish dating

Having got the right partner and started dating, the question that can linger in your mind is how to make the dating successful. There is a lot of information on making dating successful; however, not all of them work. Therefore, below is an overview of some of the essential tips for making fetish dating a success?

  • Respect
    How you view your partner and treat her is a significant determinant of how far both of you will go. Therefore, both of you must treat each other with the respect that is deserved. Failure to do so will make your dating reach its graveyard early unexpectedly.
  • Faithfulness
    When you feel satisfied with your partner, your relationship will be destined for greatness. However, if you start double-dealing, which is a typical case with many, you will end up with nothing as you will lose even that which you treasured the most. Therefore, as a way of making your relationship prosper, try as much as you can to uphold the faith you have in your partner. As a result, your connection will remain strong and bonded.
  • Knowing your purpose
    Free foot fetish dating requires that both of you understand your goals and pursue them fully. Having a clear purpose will make you remain bonded, thus enhancing your relationship. Success never comes easy; you need to give it your all when making your relationship survive all the hostilities.
  • Communication
    Assuming you are dating online via a foot fetish dating site, you will have to frequently get in touch to create the rapport between you and your partner. Therefore, ensure that you are always in contact with your partner. Always find a topic to discuss to keep going. Communication is vital in any relationship, and therefore it should not be treated casually.
  • Meet Frequently
    If you have been dating online, you must often organize a physical meet-up if you meet through foot fetish dating sites. Doing so will not only increase your bond but also let you know much about each other. Through online conversation, you may not know the actual characters of someone. Also, keep in mind that you should accept whichever characters your loved one posse so that you avoid unnecessary conflict that may arise between the two of you.

Wrap up

With the information in this article, you can confirm that foot fetish dating is a beautiful type of dating that can lead to something good and bigger if taken care of carefully. Also, people should stop handling relationships casually as that can lead to their early death. Our outlined guidelines on finding the right person for you and how to make a relationship work out for you, if followed well, will see you get a reliable partner. Your relationship will also move into the next stages, which will make it something good in the future. Therefore, if you are single and have never tried foot fetish dating, here is a good chance for you to implement the things highlighted in this article. You will surely get a unique experience that will enable you to succeed in your pursuit.

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