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Farmers Dating Site Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

Farmers Dating Site Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 95%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 22-30
Profiles 1 300 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 8.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Niche dating site
  • Quick and free registration
  • Has a Rapid Match option
  • Search by location
  • Has a large following from many countries
  • Caters to many sexual orientations
  • Farmers Dating Site mobile app
  • Cool design
  • For all ages above 18
  • Has multiple upgrades
  • Not completely free
  • Not much info on users’ profiles
  • Sending messages is not included to your basic membership

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Farmers Dating is a beautiful, warm, and cozy niche site, created specifically for farmers who like the lifestyle in the countryside. It is a friendly community for fantastic workers, full of life, and ready to take adventures. Unfortunately, users on usual dating sites put up a façade of fake nobility, and project a materialistic outlook. On Farmers Dating Site, users believe that love is a series of happy moments, simple pleasures, and it has a wholesome approach.

Farmers Dating Site was created in 2011 by Dating Media Group. This company gave life to many niche sites, such as Biker Dating, Millionaire Flirt, Christian Singles, and many more. The idea of creating a series of niche dating communities was a total success. Millions of users from all over the world are forever grateful for specific sites that help them find their soulmates. The site is located in the US, but it operates in more than 100 countries. With more than 1100 daily visitors, Farmers Dating remains a fierce competition for other countryside dating communities.

In this Farmers Dating Site review, we are going to observe every aspect of this site, including its contingent, design, cost, support, quality, safety, and integrity.

How does an Amazing Farmers Dating Site work?

How does an Amazing Farmers Dating Site work?

Farmers Dating Site has a standard system of registration. Like most dating sites, you need to create an account to start talking to men or women. After registration, you can choose your first date according to their looks, necessary information, and, of course, your preference. It has a handy system of Rapid Matching that works a lot like Tinder. If you liked a certain someone, you could swipe right. This site is truly one of a kind, as it contains elements of a quick dating app (like a system of fast matching and an online chat). But it will not disappoint those who came here for a stable long-term relationship. You can always get to know another person of your interest, chat with them, see their photos, flirt with them, get to know each other, and, hopefully, meet them in real life. You can see who is available nearby because their location shows in their profile. You can even see how close they are to you in miles or kilometers. Online dating has never been easier!

The only major peculiarity is the purpose of the site. There are dating communities that are called “lifestyle sites”. Deriving from its name, it matches people with similar outlooks for life. So if you already own a farm or want to live in the countryside among nature, here is your best chance! Also, people from this site build strong, friendly connections, communicate and share knowledge on cattle, domestic animals, crops, and gardening. It is exciting and fascinating to meet a lover by interest!

What Beautiful People Can You Meet On This Site?

To start our Farmers Dating Site review, let us see what kinds of users you can come across on this site. Who are they? How old are they? Where are they from?

  • Location
  • As we stated already, here, you can search for a date by location. Generally speaking, it is an American dating site, so the US citizens are 72% of visitors. Next, we have Canadians, who are 12% of users. 16% of visitors are residents from other 106 countries, including the United Kingdom, Argentina, Australia, Barbados, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Finland, France, Germany, Mexico, Norway, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Russia, and many more.

  • Gender
  • You can pick two genders when logging into this site, either male or female. Although there are lots of males of different ages on this site, females slightly prevail.

  • Sexual orientation
  • Love has no borders and limitations, so on the Farmers Dating Site, you can choose any partner according to your preference. This site equally supports heterosexuals, homosexuals, and bisexuals. When on this site, you are free to choose four types of connections “man seeking for a woman,” “man seeking for a man,” “woman seeking for a woman,” and “woman seeking for a man.”

  • Age
  • When it comes to age restriction, it has none (of course, all users should be over 18!). But aside from that, all people up to 99 years are welcomed here! Usually, men on this site fall into a category of an adult to mature (30-50 years old), women fall into the same categories. There are no discrepancies when it comes to age groups.

  • Ethnicity
  • This site welcomes all nations and ethnicities. Although this site is predominantly white, there are African-American, Asian, Mixed, and Latino users on the Farmers Dating Site.

What are The Main Features Of This Site?

What are The Main Features Of This Site?

What makes the Farmers Dating Site unique is a combination of multiples techniques of communication. You might think that a dating site must subject to either chatting or instant replies, but no, this site gives you multiple choices! You can either text a liked person like you would normally do on any other dating platform. But besides that, you have multiple options and additional features.

  • Flirt
  • Communication may be a little intimidating, sometimes. Especially if you see a fascinating person, taking a leap of faith can be hard. For occasions like this, Farmers Dating Site invented a Flirt system that takes away an awkward “Hi, how are you?” Here, you can choose little phrases in the categories of Ice-breakers, Humorous, Passionate, and Expressive. These are funny catchphrases that may start your conversation on a more positive note.

  • Ask If He/She’s Interested
  • If you are not sure how to start talking a certain someone, cease the time of painful awaiting by asking them right away, “Are you interested in me?” It is a great, straightforward feature that prevents you from feeling ghosted.

  • Rapid Match
  • Rapid Match is a fun, fast, and free feature that lets you choose a person straight from your profile. You can Like or Pass them just like on Tinder, as well as see your matches and people who liked you back. A dating site inside of a dating site, how cool is that?

Is Farmers Dating Site User-Friendly and Apprehensible?

Is Farmers Dating Site User-Friendly and Apprehensible?

If you could choose an easy dating site, the Farmers Dating Site is where you would go for user-friendliness. There are no riddles, hidden features, and cryptic icons on this site. Every little image is accompanied by text, and you can find hinders and reminders on every option. There are no weird links and provocative pictures. Moreover, the site is family-friendly, as there you cannot find nudity or obscene bios here.

Can You Call It a Usable and Well-Designed Site?

Farmers Dating Site wins in the looks department. The style is simplistic yet wholesome and calming. The whole site has a green theme going on, reminding you of nature and juicy meadows. Colors are not flashy; there are no banners and pop up pictures. Everything has a simple old-school style, which is kind of refreshing.

Here you will not find high-tech 2020 design, but at least everything looks flawless and operates super smooth. The site works quickly without delays and lags. Images open instantly, and unless you are climbing Mount Everest, there should be no problem with usability.

Does Farmers Dating Site Have a Mobile App?

Again, no complaints.Farmers Dating Site has a mobile app that operates just fine. It is available on Google Play if you are trying to download it on Android. Unfortunately, it is not yet available for IOS users. But, everyone can access a free mobile version of the site from any gadget. Farmers Dating Site mobile version is optimized for every computer and phone. All you need to have is access to the Internet. You can switch to a mobile version by scrolling to the bottom of the screen. There, you can choose “Switch to mobile version.” You can always switch back to Farmers Dating Site online the same way.

Does the Site have a Customer Support?

Of course, no site is credible or useful if you cannot tackle your problems. The good thing is, Farmers Dating Site wanted to ensure a safe and secure experience for its users. This amazing site has a Help/FAQ page where you can have access to the most frequent questions, like tweaking your account or switching to a different membership. Everything you need to know will be in a lengthy list of QNA’s where all the answers are lengthy and grounded. If you still have questions or complaints, you are welcome to leave them below a FAQ section. Just search for a “Didn’t find the answer you needed? Send us your question, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.” message and click on the link.

What Will My Sign-Up Process and User Profile Look Like?

What Will My Sign-Up Process and User Profile Look Like?

Continuing our Farmers Dating Site review, let us learn how to sign up. The signup process is as easy as it can be. It is completely free and accessible to almost any country. You will not need help from third-party apps or anything else. The steps are very forward and direct. To sign up, just write Farmers Dating Site on Google and choose specifically this link (https://www.farmersdatingsite.com/ ). There are more sites with similar names, so make sure you choose the one and only Farmers Dating Site.

After registration, the site offers three plans of a paid membership, but you can exit that window if you want to take a look at the site first. So, how will your user profile look like?

Having entered the site, you will see several small horizontal and vertical columns. On top of the page, you will see the following options: Home, Search, Who’s Online, Browse Photos, My Profile, Settings, Upgrade, and Your Mailbox. From here, you can also change the language. This site maintains many languages, such as English, Danish, German, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portugal, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, and Swedish.

On the left panel, you will see your profile picture, and Summary with detailed information about your page. Here, you can also access the Community page to get to know more people. You can also click Manage your profile to change something. On the left, you can also log out, upgrade your profile and your membership. Under the left panel, you will see a search tool to find any member you want.

Moving to the right side, you can start a Quick Profile Search, typing in all the wanted characteristics. Right below this option, you can take a gamble and talk to a random account, displayed on this panel. In the center, you will have a Rapid Match section, as well as all suggested accounts. The disposition of all the options is more than apprehensible.

How Do I Sign Up Here?

The signup process on the Farmers Dating Site only takes four quick steps. First, to sign up, you have to choose your gender preference. Next, you need to choose your age. After this, you will proceed with typing in your email address. And lastly, you have to come up with a username and agree to Privacy Policy. That is all it takes to enter the site.

My Profile Quality And Verification Process

My Profile Quality And Verification Process

In this Farmers Dating Site review, we will give you the truth. You do not have to verify your account to open the site. It works without checking your email inbox, which can be both a good and a bad thing. Your profile quality will directly depend on how much time you spend on filling in all the information about you. You will see the bar with a percentage of your account potential on the menu. As the site suggests, a good photo increases the chance to meet someone by 85%! To update your profile, you can choose several languages you speak, come up with a tagline, tell about yourself, answer questions about your appearance, ethnicity, marital status, lifestyle, personality, views, taste, goals, and, of course, your life as a farmer. It will complete your profile and make it high-quality. As to other users, they rarely fill in all the information, because the questionnaire is quite lengthy.

How Do I Find My Special Someone On Farmers Dating Site?

It’s time for you to search for love on the Farmers Dating Site. To do this, simply use a Find a Member tab from the Home page. If you don’t know anyone familiar yet, just open up a Who’s online tab or use Browse photos to open a gallery of beautiful people. Also, if that is boring for you, scroll down some options from your homepage to see users with their profile information available at hand. You can read everything about this person without looking at their page. It is a quick search that triples your list of desired people. Again, if you can’t find anyone from that list, just use a Rapid Match option and swipe left to right on pictures you like or don’t like. A Take A Gamble option from the right column will reveal a random user, so you can have fun talking to a stranger who’s page was randomly generated on your search list.

How Do I Match With People Here and Talk To Them?

How Do I Match With People Here and Talk To Them?

You can match with people manually, searching them by interest or lifestyle, goals or appearance, age, or gender. The possibilities are endless. If you choose to be your matchmaker, you can scroll through dozens of accounts in the search of a perfect match. But if you do not have that much free time on your hands or that is not so important, try an instant match to talk to an offered account. It is that easy.

There are three types of interaction on the Farmers Dating Site. You have 30 free Flirts, an unlimited number of “Is He/She Interested?” messages and a chatting option. To receive an option to talk to users, you will have to buy a membership and use that with no limit.

What Are My Subscription Options?

There are several levels of membership on the Farmers Dating Site. You will start with a Basic or free one. Next, you can upgrade to three modes of paid membership.

What Are My Options If I Choose A Free Version

Basic plan users have all commodities of this site except for messaging. You can still flirt, see the gallery, search for users, but it doesn’t work much if you cannot talk to them. The good thing is, a paid membership is not that expensive.

What Are The Benefits Of A Paid Subscription?

What Are The Benefits Of A Paid Subscription?

With a paid membership, you will get unlimited messages, instant messages, as well as activate an invisible mode. It will open up a full potential of possibilities on the Farmers Dating Site. Moreover, you will officially join the community and get 24/7 customer support, as well as the online chat!

How Much Will It Cost Me?

On the Farmers Dating Site, you can choose to subscribe to a 3-day trial, which will cost you $7. A monthly subscription will cost you USD 30, while a 3-month subscription will be USD 40. Buying a three-month membership will be more beneficial and cheaper than canceling membership and repurchasing it.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

If you are a paid member of this site, you can enter a FAQ section, find a question “How do I cancel my paid membership?” in a Billing topic and follow a link to proceed.

Is It Safe To Use?

Scammers on Farmers Dating Site are a rare occasion because this site has a specific niche. The site uses Cookies and your location, but only to ensure that you find a possible date nearby. This site does not give out your personal information to third-party apps. When it comes to payments, all transactions are powered by Vendo, which means that a payment page is a secure area.

If you see any unwanted action on your page, you can block the user and report them to improve the quality of the site.

What Are The Alternatives Of Farmers Dating Site Site?

What Are The Alternatives Of Farmers Dating Site Site?

Given its specific nature, you cannot find many niche sites about farming and dating. But the Internet suggests some alternatives, such as FarmersOnly, Famersdatingapp, Muddymatches, and Farmerdatingexpert. These are the alternatives to Farmers Dating Site dating, but not necessarily the competitors.

To sum up our review, the Farmers Dating Site is a great niche site for farmers with a warm atmosphere, respect for all cultures and lifestyles, a great range of power ups and upgrades, many alternative systems of communication, and unique features. If you are a lonely farmer who wants a reliable soulmate to live happily ever after, this is a perfect place for it!

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