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Tinder vs OkCupid Review — Comparing Two Dating Giants

Tinder vs OkCupid Review — Comparing Two Dating Giants

While somewhat subjective, it’s worth noting that active and popular sites like Tinder or OkCupid will undoubtedly provide better services. If you’re wondering whether they are good, consider that these services have been around for almost two decades and still have millions of users — that’s a pretty good answer to that question. Below, we take them into more detailed consideration.

The First Impression of Both Sites

Let’s start our Tinder vs OkCupid review by analyzing the first candidate. With more than 50 million users worldwide, Tinder is one of the world’s largest dating apps. The so-called “swipe principle” has become known due to this app. Countless dating portals have since copied the system, but Tinder is still the undisputed market leader.

Tinder is a dating app where you only decide whether you want to touch with the other person based on their appearance. You see the photo of a “single” and swipe the person to the right if you like them. Swipe to the left if you don’t like them. If two people swipe to the right, then there is a match, making contact. At least, that’s the theory. What sounds good, unfortunately, looks a little different in practice.

If you compare Tinder vs OkCupid, the latter is one of both worlds’ best sites and oldest sites. This aspect means that you will encounter different types of people who want both short-term meetings and lasting relationships. When OkCupid originally started its work, its current members were somewhere in the range of 10 and 20 years old. This gathering grew up seeing a specific, explicit style of web composition and the Internet by and large — OkCupid truly mirrors that (for better or for more awful — we’ll discuss that soon enough in this Tinder vs OkCupid review).

Functional Differences: Tinder Features vs OkCupid Features

The general pros and cons of each site may give you a better understanding of which one to choose.

Biggest Advantages

Tinder OkCupid

✔️A huge number of clients

✔️Good for both fleeting and stable connections

✔️Outstanding features such as Tinder Passport, Tinder Select, Tinder Night Mode

✔️Video chat feature

✔️Easy swiping method of matching

✔️A huge number of clients

✔️Good for both fleeting and stable connections

✔️Excellent design and convenience of the application

✔️Straightforward interface

✔️Accurate determination of your best partners

✔️An international site with many local departments

✔️Personal tests that allow you to reveal your expectations

Biggest Drawbacks

Tinder OkCupid

❌Many fake profiles

❌Limited profile details

❌Matching happens in a few seconds, and you cannot get to know a person fully

❌Contacting users is only possible after a match

❌Your popularity entirely depends on your appearance, not personal attributes

❌Fake profiles

❌More men on the platform

❌Even though the site’s design is easy to use, it looks outdated

❌No video-chat feature

❌The best features are available only for the paid subscribers

Interface Differences: Which Service Is More User-Friendly?

The site’s design doesn’t have a lot to do with how well it can coordinate you in finding a partner. Does interface influence the functions? Certainly not. Be that as it may, an aesthetic aspect can make your broad experience somewhat upsetting — everything relies upon how important are innovations to you. Which one is the best in this term — Tinder vs OkCupid?

Who Has Better Design and Overall Aesthetics?

Tinder boasts of top design with the innovative operation. In terms of design and usability, Tinder sets new standards. None of the services you have tested so far will be so easy and pleasant to use. The site’s design ensures that it can be operated intuitively and deliberately dispenses with any extra functions.

Tinder vs OkCupid? When it comes to OkCupid, it has a web composition that is slightly out of fashion. Does the site work and perform all of its functions well? Yes. You will receive notifications about other users’ actions on the site, and there aren’t irritating ads.

App and Web Versions Availability

Tinder OkCupid
iOS App
Android App
Web/Desktop Version ✅ (login with FB or Google)* ✅ (login with FB or Google)*

Tinder has an innovative app that correlates well with the desktop version. So you can comfortably chat with great people in the office without having to use your smartphone.

Tinder vs OkCupid: the second one also a portable application (for both iPhones and Android gadgets) and is extraordinary compared to other such applications out there. The OkCupid app includes all of the site’s highlights. Its interface is slightly more modern, and it even works incredibly, offering a wide range of tools.

Tinder vs OkCupid User Base: Demography and Popularity

More than 1 million clients who are 25-35 use Tinder every day. Tinder vs OkCupid popularity is equal. One of the absolute first things you’ll also see when registering on OkCupid is that the service is famous. OkCupid brags to more than 1 million every day dynamic clients, with the dominant part situated in the US. These numbers put both Tinder vs OkCupid in the first place in the list of excellent dating services.

Men to Women Ratio

The age statistics show that you will meet mainly young people on both sites. On average, the women and men on Tinder are between 18 and 35 years old, and it is rare for a more senior user to get lost here. The search preferences differ significantly between the sexes. While men, whose proportion on the site is more significant, are increasingly looking for erotic dates and one-night stands, many women would instead get to know a man for a relationship. However, there are, of course, exceptions to this rule on both Tinder vs OkCupid.

It’s a well-known fact that most dating locales are loaded with males. There are twice as many men as women on OkCupid — relying upon what your orientation is, this can be a significant issue.

Profile Details and Settings

Tinder profile descriptions are most usually funny and not meaningful. You cannot use Tinder without a profile photo, which is a great plus. There is little personal information stored in your Tinder profile. You can upgrade or change it at any time (gender, orientation, age, location, profession, up to three hobby tags, relationship status, Instagram photo, favorite Spotify song, and a brief self-description).

Suppose you compare Tinder vs OkCupid. The latter bases matching and profile search on the character tests. When you register, you have an opportunity to pass a small questionnaire that will reveal to you which OkCupid classification you fall to. The personality test consists of 16 questions. Nevertheless, many people skip this step, and this makes matching more complicated.

Tinder vs OkCupid: Differences in the Search and Match Systems

One problem for the partner search, which results from the connection of Tinder with Facebook, is that to use Tinder effectively, you also have to keep your Facebook profile attractive for the partner search. This profile maintenance can take some time and effort and contradict the Facebook profile in a family environment. Besides, you have to upload quality photos where you look conveniently attractive. Otherwise, you will not receive swipes and matches.

Comparing Tinder vs OkCupid, if you want to use OkCupid effectively, it is sufficient to optimize the corresponding profile on the online site for the partner search and pass the test. Here you can show yourself from your best side, which is not always possible without Facebook restrictions.

Chances to Find a Serious Relationship

Most themed dating destinations have a reasonably apparent reason — they either focus on serious relationships or one-night stands. According to the OkCupid reviews, if it were a themed dating site, it would most likely be suitable for serious dating. Indeed, OkCupid is genuinely outstanding as it works for the two universes. This atmosphere implies that you will meet various individuals who seek everything from friendship and sex to marriage.

Chances to Find a Casual Hookup

Comparing Tinder vs OkCupid, Tinder has made superficiality the top priority when looking for a partner, both when choosing people and making contact. This fact leads to various problems for seriously intended singles.

To get the chance to get to know another person at all, you have to receive a match. You have to stand out from the mass of pictures shown one after another so that the other person swipes you to the right. It almost exclusively depends on your profile picture. Of course, such an atmosphere is more advantageous for seeking sex than something serious.

User Safety, Bots and Fake Profiles

The main Facebook photo is also the Tinder profile picture. Besides, Tinder wants to share with Facebook the age and “likes” of the user. Furthermore, Tinder needs access to the smartphone’s GPS data; even if you are not actively using Tinder, it will transmit your location data in the background. Since April 2015, Tinder has also forced users to share personal information about political and religious attitudes and current and former employers via Facebook.

Anyone who thinks that this is the data protection super disaster is suitable. Here you have to bring a good dose of humor and expect to make your partner search public. In case you do not like such surveillance, choose the second candidate of our Tinder vs OkCupid review.

User Verification and Other Safety Processes

On Tinder, you have to upload a photo to use the site. This step eliminates the number of fakes, but you should beware of profiles with overly edited, high-resolution images from professional photoshoots — these users can be fakes. The same goes for OkCupid. However, you can browse the site without a photo, which complicates understanding whether the person is shy or a fake.

Moderation Process: Reporting Fakes and Scammers

Both sites offer to confirm your profile via e-mail or phone number and provide a real-time video to receive a particular official tick, ensuring that you are a natural person. You can report fakes and block users at any time. The number of bots and fraudsters on both Tinder vs OkCupid is significant, but this happens mainly because the general audience is enormous.

Pricing and Benefits

Tinder annoys many users because they are supposed to pay for the most excellent features and the tariff structure. The older you are, the more expensive it gets. If you are a 24-year-old Tinder user, Tinder-Plus costs $9.99 per month. For those who are over 30-year olds — they pay to double ($ 19.99). Tinder costs and prices are as follows:

Tinder Plus over 28:

  • 12 months for $ 80.04;
  • Six months for $ 60.00;
  • One month for $ 16.49.

Tinder Plus:

  • 12 months for $ 31.44;
  • 6 months for $ 20.49;
  • 1 month for $ 3.91.

Tinder Gold over 28:

  • 12 months for $ 129.72;
  • Six months for $ 99.00;
  • One month for $ 27.49.

Tinder Gold:

  • 12 months for $.88;
  • 6 months for $ 35.94;
  • 1 month for $ 7.99.

If you compare Tinder vs OkCupid, Tinder is cheaper. However, what is a significant “advantage” you can utilize OkCupid for nothing and access every one of the highlights you need? The most basic features are sufficient for finding an excellent match and thoroughly enjoying the site. You can also buy various credits (to boost your profile) and purchase two kinds of subscriptions. The last two are month-to-month paid memberships — you need to pay a specific expense every month. The OkCupid plans are as following:

OkCupid Basic:

  • One month for $ 7.95;
  • Three months for $ 18.35;
  • Six months for $ 24.55.

OkCupid Premium:

  • 1 month for $ 24.95;
  • 3 months for $ 68.65;
  • 6 months for $ 122.35.


  • 1 credit for $ 1.99;
  • 5 credits for $ 9.45;
  • 10 credits for $ 16.90.

Free Version: Features Available Without Subscription

Free Tinder services:

  • Registration;
  • Profiling;
  • Swiping;
  • Matching;
  • Uploading a photo.

Free OkCupid Features:

  • Sending messages;
  • View Profiles;
  • All enrollment, testing and profile customization capacities;
  • Discovering clients utilizing the inquiry device;
  • Save Profiles You Like.

Tinder Paid services:

  • Tinder Boost;
  • Filter function;
  • Unlimited likes and more super likes;
  • Undo;
  • Tinder passport;
  • Instant matches;
  • Tinder Gold.

OkCupid Paid Features:

  • View who has liked your profile;
  • Day by day profile upgrades;
  • View when the user has read your messages;
  • Absence of promoting.

Final Verdict: The Winner Is…

Tinder is more about spontaneity and adventure than big feelings. Tinder is and remains just very superficial: it’s a hip app for most young people who want to have fun. The principle of getting to know each other is, of course, easy, but experience has shown that the app is rarely used for chatting — it is better to exchange mobile phone numbers. If you seek sex and nothing more, or travel to another location and want to quickly make friends with the locals (with whom you can then have sex as well) — chose the first one of our Tinder vs OkCupid competitors. Read full Tinder review.

Many reviews of the OkCupid services have revealed that it is one of the most extraordinary dating portals you can use today. OkCupid is a highly famous dating site chiefly focused on youngsters and provides them with more information about others. It has an enormous number of everyday clients and is extraordinary for those searching for long-haul love and momentary connections. Choose it if you prefer serious meetings and do not approach online dating just as a fun game. This site is our Tinder vs OkCupid review winner.

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