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OkCupid vs POF: Detailed Comparison Review

OkCupid vs POF: Detailed Comparison Review

The First Impression

Choosing a dating site/app is easy after reading the following ultimate review of OkCupid vs Plenty of Fish (POF). OkCupid is one of the top dating sites in the international dating pool. Everybody loves this complimentary service where you will find many matches thanks to its super-active user database. There are many couples that met online and succeeded in creating a long-lasting union.

POF is a powerful competitor that boasts a slightly different target audience and level of popularity, yet it belongs to the same group in the same market. You can access the service free of charge. It is modern, intuitive, and makes a healthy competition with OkCupid. It shows a pretty high percentage in forming romantic and casual relationships. The following details will help you to make the right choice.

Functional Differences: OkCupid Features vs POF Features

Let’s move forward with our ultimate comparison. We want to compare the essential features of OkCupid and POF. Both websites offer dating services free of charge. They have plenty of interesting and efficient features to have a positive dating experience. Some features are free to access for all the users, while others require a premium membership.

Starting with OkCupid, you can see that the platform has all the essential functionality and features a user expects from a free dating website. You have the option to view profiles, send/receive private messages, play fun online games with other members, browse through millions of profiles, and use the geotagging feature to find potential partners in your area.

Plenty of Fish has all the essential features, just like OkCupid. Some users find it scarce in terms of available non-paying features. The auto-generated matchmaking mechanism gives precise results, though.

When you are ready to upgrade your OkCupid profile, the site knows how to do it efficiently. The dating platform offers you two upgrade options, called “A-List” and “A-List Premium”. Each of them gives you full access to extra valuable perks. It is straightforward to navigate the platform in invisible mode and form a list of members who have the right to view your profile for better privacy. The site displays the read status of your sent messages.

POF offers several upgraded plans. Paying members to have the option to add as many photos to their profiles as they want, while free members can add only eight pictures. If you’re going to make your dating fun and spicy, you can send free virtual gifts or winks. Such details are more important to the younger generation of users.

Biggest Advantages

OkCupid: POF:

✔️ The site has an enormous database of single men and women.

✔️ You can access advanced search filters to find accurate matches faster.

✔️ Most efficient features are available free of charge.

✔️ Customer support is responsive.

✔️ There is an option to link your Instagram account.

✔️ Users do not have to purchase a premium subscription to send text messages.

✔️ The site has an enormous amount of registered members.

✔️ You get access to plenty of advanced search filters (annual income, education, profession).

✔️ A diverse target audience.

✔️ Stylish web design and user-friendly interface.

Biggest Drawbacks

OkCupid: POF:

❌ There is a risk to deal with inactive profiles.

❌ Some users are catfishing on the platform.

❌ There is no random messaging feature available.

❌ The profile information could be more detailed.

❌ Every member can send you a text message with questionable content.

❌ Some members are interested in casual hookups only.

❌ There is a certain amount of scammers.

Interface Differences: Which Is More User-Friendly?

We can assure you that both online dating websites are easy to use. The only difference is that OkCupid is slightly more user-friendly. It offers less complicated features, which is perfect for new members who are not familiar with the platform and online dating in general. Plenty of Fish looks a bit disorganized and asks for a period of adaptation.

Who Has Better Design/Overall Aesthetics

The ultimate comparison review of OkCupid and POF can’t be complete if we do not mention the interface and aesthetic look. The majority of members are fully satisfied with the quality of photo content and the site design. You can see matching colors and motivational visual content to jump into the pool of potential partners straight away.


OkCupid POF
iOS App ️✅
Android App
Web/Desktop Version ✅ (login with FB)* ✅ (login with FB)*

User Database: Demography and Popularity

OkCupid will impress you with more than 100 million logins per month. People come from all around the globe. The platform provides high-quality services worldwide. As for Plenty of Fish, the user database is minor and counts 3.5 million logins per month. It’s still a good number, considering the fact that POF’s services are more concentrated. We must admit that OkCupid is way more popular compared to Plenty of Fish. That is why you have much higher chances to find your partner there.

Both POF and OkCupid cater to a worldwide audience. You will meet men and women coming from the USA, Canada, the UK, and Europe. Do you know that OkCupid functions in more than 100 countries and its services are available in many different languages, so there is no barrier between members? Plenty of Fish is available in 20 countries, and there are 9 languages you can access. It’s not a big deal because the majority of dates are either American or European. Indeed, Plenty of Fish is an excellent choice.

Men/Women Proportion

OkCupid gender ratio:

  • 35 % of female users
  • 65 % of male users

POF gender ratio:

  • 40 % of female users
  • 60 % of male users

Profile Details and Settings


The signing up step is ridiculously simple and fast. You need to spare no more than ten minutes. You will appreciate an intuitive process where you must choose an excellent nickname, a safe password, and upload your profile photo. There are several quick questions to answer. The site does not ask you to type in your answer. You have to choose from several available options. When you start setting up your profile, you must write a bio, which aims to help your potential partners decide whether they match your relationship criteria. Usually, the members discover additional details during the communication. Your dating profile must include a minimum of one photo. You can skip this step and edit the profile at any time later.

Plenty of Fish

POF is famous for its equally fast and straightforward registration process. The site asks you to provide answers to a set of questions and fulfill a bio section. Make sure that your dating profile includes an eye-catching photo. The verification process is simple. You can confirm your account via a phone number, which is essential for security/privacy purposes. Some members do not feel like sharing their phone numbers on sites, so you can jump to OkCupid, which is an excellent alternative.

We have compared the registration process on both platforms to assure you that our winner is OkCupid. A phone number is something private, and it is not recommended to share it on dating sites.

OkCupid and POF: Searching & Matching System Differences

OkCupid offers a primary search tool with filters, which are similar to other typical online dating services: age, gender, location, interests, etc. OkCupid allows you to access more advanced filters based on additional factors, such as body type, native language, shared interests, etc. Note that the search tool and most of these filters are free of charge. You should use the benefit of these extra search filters because they aim to help you find 100% compatible matches. OkCupid does not allow random men or women to send you private text messages. First, you should match each other. It is an essential step for the security level and protection of female users.

Plenty of Fish offers a pretty easy search option, which focuses on common qualities like hobbies, physical characteristics, etc. Note that the site provides a username search if you know the exact nickname of a registered member. POF encourages its members to upgrade their membership to see the list of people who have liked their profiles. The platform allows sending/receiving text messages to everyone, and that includes even non-paying members. It is possible to record/send voice messages too. POF is a rare dating app that offers this feature to free users. The voice message feature helps single men and women know each other more intimately and safely within the online platform at the same time. POF has the right to block particular text/voice messages that contain inappropriate content, external links, spam, pornography, etc.

Chances to Find Serious Relationship

OkCupid and POF are legit dating sites that help single men and women find compatible partners for romantic relationships. You’ll get all the needed tools to filter the search results and meet a perfect match within a short period.

Chances to Find Casual Hookup

Plenty of Fish and OkCupid are rare websites that ask their new members to describe what type of relationship they look for on the platform. You will meet men and women who vary in the kind of preferred relationship: friendship, long-term relationships, marriage, or casual dates. It is true that some singles are interested in casual hookups only. That is why you should read the profile details attentively.

User Safety and Fake Profiles

In this section of our comparison review, we are going to put aside all the unique features, pros, and cons for a little bit and focus on safety for all the registered members. When you provide your information, you expect total privacy. When you choose a dating platform, privacy is the top feature that you must consider.

Like every online dating platform, you can find fake profiles or scammers on either Plenty of Fish or OkCupid platforms. Over the years, the POF site has ensured its members that there is an enormous decrease in their amount. The developer has put several essential policies in place to ensure people’s safety and privacy.

OkCupid has recently improved its security department. OkCupid makes it obligatory for members to use only real names instead of any cute nicknames to increase the security level.

User Verification Process

The most significant step of POF is the implemented SMS-based verification feature to verify every new member. The developer of OkCupid has implemented social media, which works as verification and boosts the level of transparency about all the registered members.

Moderation Process: Reporting Fakes and Scam

You should keep in mind several essential rules. By no means must you not share your address and credit card details to your potential dates. As soon as you notify a user’s profile which is presented in any form of abuse or misbehavior, you must report that individual immediately. Both sites have such an option. If the moderator satisfies your reason for the report, he will take down the user’s profile. In our opinion, OkCupid looks like a safe dating platform.

Pricing and Upgrades

When we speak about premium memberships and the pricing policy of OkCupid and POF, the Plenty of Fish platform offers more affordable options. However, it is just the first impression of the newcomers. When you compare the longer-term subscription prices of both platforms, you can see that POF is more interesting. The advantage OkCupid has is that it allows you to buy a monthly plan to test the service. The minimum duration for your POF subscription is two months, so you have to be sure you are ready to invest two months into this dating experience.

OkCupid Subscription Options:

  • A one-month plan costs 20 USD.
  • A three-month plan costs 15 USD per month.
  • A six-month plan costs 10 USD per month.

POF Subscription Options:

  • A two-month plan costs 20 USD.
  • A four-month plan costs 13 USD per month.
  • An eight-month plan costs 11 USD per month.

Free Version: Features Available

OkCupid offers the following free services:

  • A new member can create his/her dating profile.
  • You can include several photos in your profile.
  • The site offers you matching profiles, and you can swipe left/right on them.
  • Mutual matches have the right to send private text messages.
  • You can view the full profiles of all registered members.

POF offers the following free services:

  • You can join the platform and create a new profile.
  • You can install the POF app on any mobile device.
  • The messaging feature is available to all the members.
  • You can undergo an Online Personality Assessment.

Final Verdict: The Prize Goes to…

The competition within the dating market is tough. Our absolute winner is OkCupid. After checking all the pros and cons, we confirm that this dating platform does everything possible for its members to have an enjoyable and fruitful dating experience. Find your true love with OkCupid!

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