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Gamer Dating: Credible Sites for Passionate Geek Love

GOOD FOR those who are looking for social networks to meet new people
GOOD FOR meeting new people and making friends
GOOD FOR meeting fursuiters, murrsuiters, and furries near you
GOOD FOR single people in search of love
GOOD FOR entertaining, making friends, and dating

Best Gamer Dating sites

  1. Good for sugar parents and sugar babies Seeking Arrangement
  2. Good for serious relationships and marriage FCN Chat
  3. Good for searching a sex partner SexSearch Quality
  4. Good for those who are interested in random chats with strangers Omegle
  5. Good for finding the Asian women AsianDate
  6. Good for people who want to be a part of swingers' community SwingerLifestyle
  7. Good for serious relationships LoveAgain
  8. Good for casual dating adventures Loveaholics
  9. Good for finding partners all around the world InterracialCupid
  10. Good for single Muslims MuzMatch

Top-5 Gamer-Dating Sites & Apps

The following are top-5 gamer-dating sites & apps for your consideration:

Top-5 Gamer-Dating Sites and Apps

Read on to pick the best for you!

Kippo – Best for Knowing about Newly Launched Video Games

Kippo - Best for Knowing about Newly Launched Video Games

Perfectly immersed in the gaming culture, Kippo’s design appears to have inspiration from Twitch streamers. There was a time when hardly any gamer would have known its name. However, the quarantine kicked the app into the limelight, and a recent survey found that it can now raise over $2 million per year.

With its vibrant profile colors and heavy graphics, Kippo has a corner to display recently launched favorite video games. To make your stay on the site exciting, Kippo introduces many features. For example, your zodiac sign, your favorite character in a particular game, and an exciting section named ‘This or That.’ Just like Fortnite, the members on Kippo can also unlock various badges.


  • Caters to non-binary genders
  • It has a variety of women gamers as the founder claims to have collaborated with over 100 female gamers
  • Allows in-game contact via phone
  • Has many exciting sections on the site to maintain users’ interest
  • Issues profile cards to favorite characters in the game


  • Shows limited matches to unpaid users
  • Relatively costly for its small member base
  • Still not known in many circles

Gaming Passion – Best for Building a Community

Gaming Passion - Best for Building a Community

The best about Gaming Passion is that it helps you find a partner you can play your favorite game with and makes you a part of a gaming community. With this friendly app, you can build a network of gamers and share your passion with them.

If you want to see this app from just an online dating platform, Gaming Passion has everything you want from an advanced dating forum. With its numerous communication options, the site allows you to build a lasting connection with your fellows with whom you may share photographs, email, and webchat.

In sum, it’s the ultimate solution for those searching for a romance with like-minded singles.


  • Straightforward registration process
  • Allows you to sign up using email or Facebook
  • Hundreds of online users available 24/7


  • Limited member base
  • Lacks exciting features for free users
  • Relatively pricier

GamerDating – Best for Showcasing Your Favourite Games

GamerDating - Best for Showcasing Your Favourite Games

Want a perfect player 2? GamerDating allows you to display your favorite games in the library section. It allows other users who are fans of the same game to contact you. Similarly, you can search for people in the library who are passionate about the same video games as you.

The registration with GamerDating is pretty effortless. However, to ensure a protective gaming environment, the site makes it mandatory for you to upload a real photo. A few users may knit their brows on it. However, it is a great feature and ensures that you are talking to a real person.

GamerDating offers premium plans which include unlimited communication through audio and video chat. If you want to get the most out of your stay on the site, go for a premium plan.


  • Relatively protected and a secure gamer dating website
  • Rewards its premium subscribers with free games
  • Quick signup process
  • Does not allow offensive ads and annoying solicitations
  • Multiple search options
  • Provides informative material
  • Offers two days free trial


  • Limited database
  • Extensive questionnaire at sign up
  • Lacks communication options for free users

Zoosk – Best for Its Large Database

Zoosk - Best for Its Large Database

Although Zoosk is not a niche dating website for gamers, its large member base makes it relatively better than those gamer-dating websites with a limited number of profiles. Probably Zoosk will find you more gamers than they are there on the platforms for this specific niche.

And while signing up with Zoosk to hunt for a passionate gamer, be assured of one thing that you will not be looked down upon for your passion. It is because gaming is not a queer passion. You may mention in your profile that you are searching for an enthusiastic gamer. The best part of signing up here is that you will be able to weed your match out of a large pool! The more the choices, the better the match!


  • An active user network
  • Verified profiles
  • Live customer service via phone and email
  • Diverse users
  • No lengthy questionnaires at sign up
  • Intuitive app


  • Premium features cost extra
  • Limited match recommendations
  • Offers costly coins
GOOD FOR finding a match



With its motto ‘dating first, gaming second,’ LFGdating is a premium online dating app that offers 100 % free services. Looking for Group Dating – this is what LFGdating is short for! As the name suggests, the site is the best forum for those searching for a specific group of people for dating.

LFGdating prides itself on having gamers passionately searching for partners to play Destiny, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and Twitch with them.

Founders of this app constantly monitor the users’ activity and ensure a protected environment and active customer support.


  • Protects your profile information with SSL encryption
  • Responsive customer services
  • A large database
  • 100 % free


  • No mobile version for Android users
  • No communication options for unpaid users
  • Not many Smart Picks

General characteristics of gamer dating

Are you passionate about computer games and spend hours playing them? Why not combine your passion for games with the love search? How to do this? Actually, you can do this easily if you register on gamer dating sites. What are they, and where to find them? Gamer dating platforms are aimed at uniting gamers from all over the world for having fun, making friends, and finding love. There are quite a lot of them on the Internet. The most important thing is to choose a reliable platform. Start choosing a gamer dating platform with the reading of experts’ reviews and users’ feedbacks. They will help you to make the right decision. The next step is to go to the site’s official page and study its safety measures and price policy and see what features the site offers. Pay attention to the number of users. The more users the site has, the more chances of meeting your perfect match you will get.

After you choose the dating platform, you should initiate a procedure of registration. It’s usually simple and fast. You only need to inscribe your personal data in the empty fields of the registration form. The following data should be indicated: name, gender, age, email, telephone number, etc. A lot of dating sites perform the procedure of verification. Verification is a great way to reduce the number of fake accounts on dating sites. Usually, email, phone, or photo verification is performed. It must be mentioned that a user can’t register on dating platforms if he/she is less than 18.

You also need to write a short bio for your profile page. The description of your perfect partner must also be added. Indicate what games you are playing to find a person who shares your interests. Make your profile as informative as possible. This will help other users estimate you and decide whether you are compatible with each other. You also need to add nice and clear photos to your profile. Nice photos without blemishes will help to attract more users to visit your profile page.

As soon as your profile is created, start searching for your ideal partner. Most of the gamer dating platforms use basic, advanced, and local search options. Advanced search is great because it helps to search for a person based on refined criteria. Local search is great when you want to find a potential match who lives near you.

After you find someone you’d like to communicate with, start contacting this person, applying different communication options, you can start with sending winks or emojis, for example. You can also send a text message to a user you like. Pay attention that not all communication methods are available for free users, as a rule. To use the dating possibilities of the site in full, you need to purchase a premium subscription. There are free gamer dating platforms, of course. But the set of features they offer is somewhat limited. Besides, most of them have irritating ads. To be more successful on dating platforms, it’s recommended to choose the sites that provide free and paid services. The prices for paid services are different. It all depends on the package of features the site offers.

Those users who always want to stay in touch with other members of the site should choose dating sites that offer mobile apps. The gamer dating app is a great way to be in touch with other gamers without being dependent on your location. You can discuss new games, play together, or just communicate from any place you are. One thing must be paid attention to – the stability of your Internet connection.

If your dating site doesn’t have a mobile app, but you want to date on the go, there is a way out of this situation. You can apply the mobile version of the site. To open it, apply your mobile browser.

These are the main things you should know about gamer dating platforms and how they function.

1.1 Pros of gamer dating

Like all dating categories, the gamer dating category has both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with the advantages:

  • Dating a gamer means dating a big child. Such people are usually kind and friendly. Children never get bored with such people.
  • Gamer dating gives an opportunity to meet gamers from all over the world. You don’t need to leave your house to meet someone with the same interests. Just apply your computer or laptop to find adherents globally.
  • Dating platforms for gamers are usually safe. They perform all the required safety measures to make their users feel comfortable and protected.
  • Dating sites for gamers usually have good interfaces. The majority of gamers are tech-savvy people; they prefer dating sites with modern but convenient interfaces.
  • The registration is usually quick and simple. You only need to provide some basic information to sign up.
  • Most dating sites for gamers have mobile apps. Mobile apps are a convenient way to date from any place you are,
  • Most of the dating sites for gamers have cool features, blogs, and forums.

Cons of gamer dating

Along with advantages, several disadvantages can also be distinguished:

  • Gamers, well, actually spend a lot of time playing games. Sometimes it’s hard to communicate with them.
  • Not all dating sites for gamers have mobile apps. This can be inconvenient for users who prefer dating on the move.
  • A lot of features on dating sites are available for only premium users. In particular, most dating sites don’t allow their users to send messages until they upgrade their memberships to the premium.
  • Some dating sites for gamers offer expensive premium subscriptions for their users. Compare the dating sites’ prices before you join one of them.
  • You can meet fake accounts and scammers on dating platforms. There are no dating sites completely free from scammers. You need to adhere to some safety rules to avoid meeting them. Always study the users’ profiles before starting to communicate with them. Never give your personal details to other users of the site.

Tips for finding a successful match on gamer dating sites

If you want to be successful when dating online, you should stick to some recommendations:

  • Choose only reliable dating platforms. Always read other users’ reviews before you register on the site. Find out what safety policy the site conducts to make sure that it’s reliable and safe.
  • Choose dating platforms that offer a lot of dating features. In this way, you will find your perfect match as soon as possible.
  • Choose dating sites that offer a lot of search filters. This will help you to find the most suitable partner for you.
  • Try to find a person who shares the same interests (plays the same games). You will have a lot of topics for communication.
  • Start communicating with several people. This will help you to determine your circle of contacts. Choose the people who are of interest to you. Don’t be shy to stop communicating with a person if he/she seems unsuitable for you.
  • Pay attention to the number of users the site has. The more users the site has, the more chances you will get of finding your perfect match.
  • Find out about gamer dating. There is a lot of information on the Internet. Read the experts’ reviews and articles to know everything about gamer dating.
  • Enjoy your dating. Gamer dating is like a game to play. Here you can have a lot of fun and meet new people from all over the globe.

Myths and misconceptions about gamer dating

Myth 1. People are fond of computer games due to the lack of social life. Games are just a hobby and the way to have a good time; they don’t harm social life. Besides, many gamers play cooperative or multiplayer games with friends.

Myth2. Gamers are violent. Not at all. Most of the gamers are creative people with great imaginations and problem-solving skills. They are not violent but kind and creative.

Myth 3. Gamers don’t have high levels of intelligence. That is not true. Many gamers are intelligent people who just want to relax and have fun. The IQ level doesn’t depend on your gaming passion.

Myth 4. Gaming is a waste of time. TV watching or listening to music is also a waste of time then. However, gaming is a more thought-provoking type of entertainment. You need to think the situations over and make the right decisions. By playing, you learn to act in different situations correctly and make decisions quickly.

Myth 5. A gamer will never meet his/her match if playing games. Actually, there are a lot of dating sites for gamers. They are aimed at uniting lonely people from all over the globe. So, a gamer can easily find a partner who shares the same interests.

The list of myths and misconceptions can be continued. There are a lot of them. But if you are looking for a partner who will share your interests and beliefs, you shouldn’t pay attention to myths. Choose your match with your heart, and don’t believe in myths!

Tips for successful gamer dating

If you want to be successful when dating with the help of gamer dating websites, follow these simple recommendations.

  • Register on only trustworthy dating platforms that provide their clients with safe and reliable services. Study the users’ reviews and information on the official site before you register.
  • Choose dating sites that have a lot of users. In this way, you will get a lot of choice options; thus, you will be able to find your perfect match as soon as possible.
  • Study the features and memberships the site offers. You will hardly find a free dating platform with a lot of dating features. If you want to find a good and reliable platform, choose dating platforms that offer free and paid membership. At first, you can use a free membership to see how the platform functions. If everything is OK, upgrade your membership to a premium. Premium subscription gives more dating possibilities and increases your chances of finding your perfect match.
  • Make your profile as detailed as possible. This will help you to save time, choosing only the most suitable potential partners. People who visit your profile page will read the information on it and decide whether you are compatible or not.
  • Add clear and nice photos to your profile page. Group photos are not recommended to download. Nice photos will attract more users to visit your profile page. In this way, you will be able to find your suitable partner as soon as possible.
  • When starting communicating with a person on the site, be open and friendly. People like open and sincere individuals. In this way, you can interest a person you like.
  • If someone on the site seems suspicious, don’t be shy to apply a Block option. Block option is a great way to get rid of an annoying user.
  • Be curious. Ask questions, share your feelings and emotions, and carefully listen to what a person tells you. Show your interest and respect.
  • Arrange your first date in a public place. Remember that you don’t know this person well. That is why it’s better to meet in a public place for the first time. This will help you to know each other better. You will feel safe and more comfortable if you meet somewhere in a public place.
  • Don’t feel shy to leave if you feel uncomfortable. If you feel unsafe or you don’t like the person you met, just leave. There are a lot of other users on dating sites for gamers you can start relationships with.

These are the main tips you need to follow to be successful on a gamer dating site. Apply them and find your perfect match.

To sum up

One of the best ways for gamers to find their love is to register on dating sites for gamers. There are a lot of them on the Internet. The most important is to find a reliable platform. Follow some rules to do this. To start using the services of gamer dating platforms, you need to register first. The registration is simple and requires a minimum of the user’s time. A user only needs to provide his/her personal information and create a profile. You also need to add some clear photos to your profile page to attract more users to visit it. Remember that gamers who are less than 18 can’t register on gamer dating platforms.

Gamers can start searching for other gamers on the site with the help of different search options. Usually, basic, advanced, and local search options are available for users. To start contacting other users, gamers can apply different communication methods.

Most dating sites offer their users free and premium features. The package of free features is rather limited. Usually, free users don’t have a lot of options for contacting other people on the site. To use all the services provided by the dating platform, a user must update his/her membership to a premium.

More and more people prefer dating on the go nowadays. That is why a lot of dating platforms designed mobile apps for their users. Mobile apps help to date from any place a user is. If a dating site doesn’t have a mobile app, a user can still date on the go if he/she applies a mobile version of the site. The mobile version of the site is easy to use. You only need to apply your mobile browser to open the site and continue using it via your mobile device.

So, if you are a gamer in search of love and adherents, gamer dating websites are what you definitely need to try.

Gamer Dating – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a gamer?

A person who plays a video game for fun or professionally is a gamer. Most of the games the gamers play are interactive, for instance, table-top games and card games.

How old is a typical gamer?

For most video games, the minimum acceptable age is 18 years. However, with an increasing trend of playing video games, the users under 18 are also quite expert in playing. They set new records and achieve milestones.

How to spot a gamer in real life?

A gamer can be easily spotted in real life due to his/her spontaneous moves, almost mechanical, and agility in completing tasks.

Where to meet gamer girls?

Gamers girls may be met on various gamer dating platforms, such as Gaming Passion or Gamer Dating. They register there to find a gamer match for themselves to share their passion.

What are the top gamer dating sites?

They are of two types: first, the niche gamer dating websites and apps specifically designed for those who want to find a match who is equally passionate about the game. Second, mainstream dating websites with a large member base. The latter, sometimes, prove to be the better option.

What is the best gamer dating app?

Much of the best depends on your requirements. However, to name a few, Zoosk, LFGdating, and Gaming Passion are great options due to their secure environment, extended member base, intuitive interface, and reasonable price ranges.

What is it like dating a gamer?

Dating a gamer has excitement and passion involved in it. Unlike mainstream dating, dating a gamer eliminates the awkward silence when the daters do not have anything to talk about.

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