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Alua Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

Alua Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 77%
Quality Matches 84%
Popular Age 25-30
Profiles 1 600 000
Reply Rate 81%
Ease of Use 7.5
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Alua’s website has an excellent interactive interface. Its website is easy to operate as it has widgets and toggles in easy to locate places.
  • It has a working phone application.
  • It has notable safety protocols.
  • The phone app is too basic compared to other apps.
  • You must subscribe to enjoy even the most basic of features.

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Alua is one of the major dating apps out there in the online dating industry. It was founded on the promise of providing a diverse clientele the chance to foster life partnerships, casual hookups, and anything in between. Alua has stood on this mantra for quite some time while working fervently to improve its website and user interface.

Alua is an online dating website that aims at providing members with a safe and secure service that will ensure members have value for money paid on such a platform. It utilizes several vital features as well as a fantastic and responsive customer service team. Alua also has social media handles and a dedicated hashtag for members to relate with each other about their experiences.

How Does Alua Work?

Alua Review - Is This Dating Website Genuine or Fraud?

After you click on the website homepage probably as recommended by a friend or through a random Google search, you then sign in and wait for a verification message which will make your user account live and visible to the rest of Alua’s network. You then proceed to chat up users, but you cannot reply to messages till you subscribe to a subscription plan. Once you have subscribed to the said subscription plan, you can now converse freely and arrange a hook up effortlessly. If you are enjoying the benefits of the Alua website, you will then be advised by the customer service team to download the app.

Brief Audience Description

Let’s have a look at who uses this platform.

  • Geography
  • It has worldwide coverage as people from different countries and continents can benefit from Alua without any class segregation or cultural disintegration. From Nairobi to South-Africa and from Maryland to Sao Paolo, Alua serves the wide vicinity of the online population. It strives to give every user no matter his country or race the chance to find love and have a great chilled time while doing it. However, it is worthy of note that it has a strong North American base.

  • Gender
  • It is available to all genders as men; women and anyone that comes in between can quickly sort out filters to find love on Alua. The number of men and women on this dating site is balanced, providing users with a plethora of options when it comes to finding someone attractive. It further helped by the easy-to-understand interface as well as the sophisticated nature of its algorithms, which sorts out filters with relative ease.

  • Sexual Orientation
  • Alua is available to all sexual orientations as all sexually driven people can link up with any sexually-oriented individual of their choice. As such, the LGBTQ community is included in finding love and subsequent lovemaking medium as the website allows for Gay, Lesbian, Trans, Bisexual, Pansexual, and even Queer users as the case may be. It has been praised for its all-inclusive nature as a site that does not tolerate homophobia in any way, shape, or form.

  • Age
  • Alua caters to members from the age of 18 and upwards. It has a strict no minor policy as it tries very hard for underage viewers to stay protected from the adult themes which are prevalent on the mobile application and the online website too. On finding out a user is indeed underage and posing to be an adult. Alua proceeds to remove such a lying member, therefore not exposing him to content that would potentially harm such an individual.

  • Ethnicity
  • Alua is open to all ethnic groups, demographics, and races as you like. It is not like some of the notable players in the online dating industry like Latinomeetup that segregates itself from all ethnic groups that donot fit their tag. This website makes it a duty to help members find love or hookups with different users from different ethnic backgrounds and foreign descriptions. It has a filter option, clear profile viewing option, and other ways that you can catch a glimpse of the person you’ve been fawning over.

Notable Features

Alua Review - Is This Dating Website Genuine or Fraud?

Alua allows you to search for users and hit them up with relative ease. This can be done by checking them out via the search option, or maybe if you are lucky, the user would be brought to your user timeline for easy access.

It also has a chat room where you can chill, engage in intelligent conversation, or idle chatter and also chat up members from such a chat room with relative ease. You can view member’s pictures, check out their bios, likes, and dislikes as well as other little details to ensure that both users are compatible.

How User Friendly Is Alua?

It is quite a user-friendly platform as it aims to serve and does do with such gusto. It has the sole aim of giving customers value for money in its most real sense, and doing so entails that it meets each user’s unique needs in a fast and diligent manner. Sadly, however, Alua makes empty promises as it has a pitch of helping members meet up with celebrities, which seems like clickbait.

Alua also has a mobile phone companion app that helps users on the go and makes it inessential for them to log in on the website directly to enjoy the wealth of opportunities the brand gives. It also has an active and proper customer service team.

Alua’s Website: Ease of Use and Design

Alua Review - Is This Dating Website Genuine or Fraud?

The website has a basic background and design, which is orange and white. It was designed clearly with the mental note to draw in new users and hold down their plethora of interests while giving them proper service. It has well laid out widgets that you can use to get what you want and get such in the shortest possible time. It also has a contact us section, which contains an email address and hotline too, which helps the user to complain or commend the team on his Alua experience. It also has visible search and chats icons that take users to their love interest’s DMs with relative ease.

Is There a Working Mobile App?

Yes, there is. Alua has a working and easy to download a mobile application that can be gotten on the App Store for iOS users and the Google Play Store for Android users. It conforms to the recent worldwide trends that encourage big companies to have online applications that give users the ability to navigate what they chose to have and see easily. It is sad, however, that the Alua App is distinctively inferior to its website as it is rather over basic, hard to decipher, and also riddled with nonsensical ads.

How Good Is Alua Customer Support?

Alua Review - Is This Dating Website Genuine or Fraud?

The Alua customer support team is quite proper, easy to contact, and tantalizingly friendly. The customer support team is cordial with users and replies to their messages with relative ease and beneficial suggestions. They reply in real-time as long as the complaints are submitted during working days when they are on their desks, giving the best answers known to them.

It is, however, worthy of note that Alua has a social media handle, which adds to the website’s accountability mantra. The customer support has a strict nonrefundable policy which makes members hesitant when it comes to purchasing a subscription plan.

How to Become a Member of Alua and Have a User Profile?

You simply search for Alua on Google, after which you will be directed to the Alua website. There you will fill in the necessary details as requested by the Alua service team. You will then be directed to a place that you are required to fill in some questions about you as a person and what you look for in a date, you should do this with great care. On doing this, you will be directed to a user profile that you can alter how you please and when you want. The user profile is your gateway to the rest of the network; as such, it should be properly taken care of.

How to Open an Account on Alua

Alua Review - Is This Dating Website Genuine or Fraud?

Creating an Alua user account is quite simple. All you have to do is to fill in all necessary details, which will be accessible to you after clicking the sign-up toggle on the initial website interface following that a verification link will be sent as a message to your registered email account. You then click the verification link, after which you will now be a registered and official member if Alua. Following this, it is advisable you upgrade to a subscription plan to enjoy the full user experience and not merely teasers.

What Is the Profile Quality and Verification Process Like?

The Alua profile quality is quite average as it is limited as compared to other big shots in the online dating industry like Biker Planet, eDarling, Harmony, and Tinder. It does the barest minimum in that respect. You should pimp up your profile to ensure that you get all the possible messages from fellow users and attract the best catches. A verification message will be sent to your email which you must click to be an official member of the Alua family.

How to Search on Alua

Alua Review - Is This Dating Website Genuine or Fraud?

You simply click on the search option, after which a plethora of users in different shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and genders would pop up. You will thus take out time to sort out the filters you need and donot need. You then proceed to message the intended contact and wait for such a contact to catch the vibe and respond to the initial message. You must pay for a subscription before you can reply to chats sent to you by other users.

How to Get Matched and Interact on Alua

Matching in Alua is done manually, as it does not use complex algorithms that competing dating websites use to convey your matches to you. That is what you get as Alua does not ask anywhere near the total number of questions that those particular sites ask to get to know the preferences and character traits of members.

It, however, gives you the chance to filter searches and find a suitable result that catches your attention. The chatting process is quite straightforward and easy to decipher. Anyone can chat on Alua.

How to Subscribe

Alua Review - Is This Dating Website Genuine or Fraud?

On Alua, you can either chose to be a free user in the sense that you do not pay for a subscription plan, and all you do is access the verification link and proceed to scan through the site, or you can be a paid user. You can now proceed to check out and use all available features of the app from the comforts of your couch and being open to a plethora of users with similar intentions.

Free Subscription Option

A free member of Alua is quite clearly a second-class citizen; as such, a user can merely log in and log out of the site without being able to chat up, flirt with or converse with a fellow user that tickles their fancy. This is done to ensure that such a user swallows up his uncertainty and proceeds to subscribe to a said subscription package. It is only after doing this that such a user can be a bona fide member of Alua.

As a paying member of Alua, the user’s status gets a huge facelift as such a user goes from being a curious onlooker to being a bona fide mover and shaker on this platform. Such a member can now message, flirt, and converse with fellow users. The member is also open to advanced chat and search options as well as having the ability to control what can be viewed on his status page as well as making himself invisible to the rest of the Alua community when he or she pleases.

Pricing Variations

Alua Review - Is This Dating Website Genuine or Fraud?

Alua has a plethora of options and different plans that users can subscribe to, such as:

  • One month for .95
  • Three months at a rate of .95 per month
  • A full year at a rate of .99 per month

How to Cancel a Paid Subscription

You simply contact the customer service team, which is possible by clicking on the Contact Us toggle at the bottom of the website screen or under the profile section on the phone application. After that, you list out your complaints and issues with the service. You then provide details such as your username, email address, and subscription plan currently being used. Kindly note that Alua operates on a strict nonrefundable policy, and canceling an Alua subscription should be the last resort whatsoever.

How Safe and Secure Is Alua?

Alua is quite safe and secure as it complies with notable national, regional, and international security standards as well as having a good history of passing numerous safety checks and firewall attempted breaches. However, members are advised to avoid giving out your login credentials to other users and non-users to prevent hacking and other nasty processes. It has a strict no catfish policy, and as such, if a member notices suspicious activity, he or she is encouraged to report such to the customer support team.

What Are the Competitors and Alternatives to Aluai n The Online Dating Industry?

Alua Review - Is This Dating Website Genuine or Fraud?

Just like every big shot in every notable industry in the world, Alua has a set of alternatives and competitors that are struggling to wrestle away customers and critical acclaim. Such competition includes the following names.

  • Zoosk
  • This is a popular and efficient online dating platform that has its origins from Facebook but has now spread its branches to a lot of countries and numerous ethnicities. Zoosk is a paying site that also gives free users a bit more flexibility as compared to other pay oriented online dating websites.

  • Our Time
  • This online dating application aims at appealing to an older audience and giving members over the age of fifty a chance of finding love. Registration is free, but to use this website, you have to pay a specific user fee. Following such, you can now find elderly and true love.

Brief Conclusion

In a nutshell, Alua has a faulty and suspicious sales pitch, which involves the company claiming that they can link normal users to celebrities and people of grand stature. However, asides from that, Alua is quite useful to users’ search for love or a fling. Its app is better than its website, and it has active social media handles that give users a cordial atmosphere, one of the better dating apps out there if you take your time and optimize features after paying for a subscription plan. All in all, it is worth trying it.

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