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Mini Chat Review 2024 – Should You Use This Website?

Mini Chat Review 2024 – Should You Use This Website?
About Site
Active Audience 91%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 21-36
Profiles 8 200 000
Reply Rate 96%
Ease of Use 9.4
Popularity 9.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Mini Chat users sign up here as well:

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to use
  • There are a lot of users using it
  • It’s possible to see people’s profiles
  • Fast
  • High level of security
  • There is no real age restriction
  • You have to sign in through Facebook. There is no other way

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Photos of older adults in a yard, smiling at the camera. Father and son’s car scenes, smiling girls, a group of friends eating spaghetti around a table, and raising thumbs. This is the first impression you will have from the MiniChat web page.

Some decades ago, the geek people among us discovered the incoming technology of the chat roulette. All that you needed was a camera or a webcam. A microphone. A fast Internet Connection. That’s it.

Using these very few requirements, you could have access to the world. Here, subscribing to a chat, you could meet people of every kind, from the young group of college friends who wanted to turn the tide of a boring afternoon to the old married couple who used to travel and now is sitting in the bedroom and chatting with you. MiniChat is just this. A random video chat app, which can unveil you the brightest sides of the world.

We noticed that a lot of people post photos of themselves with kids or post photos of themselves AS kids. It’s a common rule not to sign-in to Mini Chat if you are less than the legal age.

Another feature you might not like: you sign in with Facebook. This happens to assure users that the information collected about a profile is real—while they are not! A person can still change, for example, his/her date of birth on Facebook of his/her profile picture.

And more, you can’t actually tell Mini Chat that you would like to keep your identity protected. Once you are signed up with Facebook, they will receive all your contact information, and there’s nothing more you can do about it.

MiniChat Review

How Mini Chat Works

With the “find friend” option, you can find people’s profiles around. You can’t actually chat with them, as the live chat option is random. This happens to a specific idea of how the random chats should be like: there are already many dating apps, where you kind of go to a mall and select the groceries.

You look at people’s profiles, read their descriptions… Then, in these average web dating apps, you give away the idea of genuine relations, selecting a person following the profile pics.

We are not morally judging anyone, but let’s understand this: in chat roulette, this idea of dating websites is rejected. Here in Mini Chat, the only remaining feature of a dating app is that you are still able to see profiles and to follow people.

It’s important that you love Mini Chat according to its purpose: no more, no less. You won’t be able to look for users’ profiles like it happens in web dating apps. You won’t have a service of money transfer, nor a gift plan, nor a date booking service. Now that you have understood what we are going to discuss, it’s time for a fair review of Mini Chat. Stay on board and follow us!

A Quick Mini Chat Audience Analysis

First of all, you may be wondering about your profile details. If you are taking them directly from Facebook, can they be changed later on?

Good news for you—the app Mini Chat will allow you to change your public profile’s details, but in one section, the name.

So, you can change your date of birth, and here’s what many under-aged users are dealing with in the first place, saying that they are 18 or more. Then you can change your profile picture and select a better one.

Remember, there’s not type-chatting here so that the other users will see you in video chat first. Then they can visit your profile and decide to follow you. So there’s no point in giving a false profile image, is it? Here’s why the average audience here in Mini Chat is genuine.

There are slightly more males than females and more teenagers than adults. There also are some family photos.

What Are Some Essential Mini Chat Features?

Here on Mini Chat, you can see other users’ profiles, selecting as search parameters: age, location, sex. You can then boost your circle of friends by starting a random video chat experience: you choose “all the world,” for example, and you start video chatting.

If you don’t feel comfortable in speaking other languages, just select your state. Be aware that you will need a Google Chrome browser, and you will also need to enable your camera and microphone first. They are not negligible tools if you would like to have a video call.

Then it’s straightforward: start button, to start chat rouletting. Stop button, to stop. If you want to switch users, click on the go next button. No hard feelings from other users: everyone here is used to switch quite fast as soon as they can tell from your looks if they are interested in a conversation or not. You need to bear this.

You can receive chat messages, as well. They look more like emails, and you will find them in the upper main toolbar.

How Mini Chat Works

Mini Chat is Highly User-Friendly

It’s indeed very common that fame and user-friendliness come together in web apps. We can’t tell which comes first, the egg or the chicken. The user-friendliness and the good job the developers were those who boosted the website at a point that the audience could not be unaware of its existence?

Or, on the contrary, if it was a good but tricky app that, later, became user-friendly, the more users were signing-up to it? We can answer about Mini Chat: more or less, the app has always been that user-friendly.

Let’s say something more about this aspect.

A Design for All

You can’t say your age forbids you to use Mini Chat. There could be three main issues about an app such as Mini Chat, let’s list them.

1) You can’t understand how to sign-up;

2) You can’t enable the microphone and camera;

3) You can’t understand how to switch users.

Well, Mini Chat is going to answer to all your doubts with a monkey-proof design. Go to minichat.com ad select in the upper right corner “sign in with Facebook.”

About the camera and microphone: if you got minichat.com, a pop-up would immediately appear: please use Google Chrome as a browser. So, if your settings are disabling the app’s access to a microphone and camera on Google Chrome, you will see a specific icon with a camera and a red x on it.

You will find it at the top of the page, well, more like outside the page, next to the address bar. Click on it and enable your microphone and camera. If there’s a clip-on your camera, remove it so to appear in all your might.

By the way, a cloud will tell you that if you are trying to chat and you don’t have your camera settings set in the right way.

The third point—the users switch. You will know as soon as you have the Mini Chat main page in front of your eyes. As soon as you start the chat by clicking on the “start” button, you will have two options: “next” and “stop.” The buttons are quite big, and you can’t get it wrong.

This is it. In the main bar, you will find a “find friends” and a “new photos” tab. To log out, you can go to the small gear at the top right of the page. All are very easy.

Mini Chat Mobile App

Good news if you are a mobile user: there are mobile apps for Mini Chat, both on Apple Store and on Google Play Store. So, if you want to check it on the go, now you can! The design and features are the same ones as the Web browser app. You won’t detect any big difference.

Mini Chat Customer Support

At the bottom of the page, there are two buttons: Privacy Policy and Customer Support. You can report suspicious activity on the website or complain about a feature that is not working on your PC.

Or you may have some questions or suggestions about the website’s features—just click on that button and find the correct place in the form. Customer Support usually answers within 48 hours of your request.

Mini Chat is Highly User-Friendly

How to Sign-Up & Create a User Profile

The sign-up process is no big deal. If you are using your mobile phone, just go to the app store (Google Play or Apple Store) and select the app. Then you will need to sign-up via Facebook, as we said at the beginning.

In no time, you will have a running account. There’s one step more for the PC sign-up.

Registering from a Computer

Now open your browser and type “mini chat.” Make sure that you are using a Google Chrome browser because if you are not, the app will tell you to open the same page in a Google Chrome browser. Every operating System supports Google Chrome, so you can go and download it for free.

Now, you will see at the top right of the screen a “sign-in with Facebook” button. Go for it and type down your Facebook credentials. If you did not allow the use of cam and microphone on your browser, Mini Chat would tell you that your chat is blocked. A big arrow will tell you exactly where the setting is.

Profile and Verification

What about profiles… Our take is: fill it in only with essential information. There’s no need to be too specific. This is not a social media nor a dating app—the primary purpose is to socialize via video chat. So, reading a profile is just an extra step.

The verification is made through the Facebook account when you sign-in.

MiniChat How to Sign-Up & Create a User Profile

How to Search for Users in Mini Chat

There’s a browser at the top of the page. You can search for people around you who live in the same city or country, for example. This allows you to chat with them, but still, the main feature is the video chat.

If you are getting along well with a person or a group of people, you can add them as friends and start a written conversation with them. Although it usually works the opposite way, Mini Chat offers this option, too.

Is there a “Match” Option?

That’s what we were wondering about when we first landed on Mini Chat. Actually, no, there’s not any match option. You can select friends, or you can chat with a user longer. But you can’t match like in dating apps.

How to Search for Users in Mini Chat

MiniChat Membership Options

The website is completely free. The only membership available is the free one, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Deleting Your Mini Chat Profile

By going into your profile section, on the main taskbar, you will need to click on the edit pencil in the upper right corner. Then just scroll the page down and click on “delete profile.” Your profile will not be seen anymore from other users, and that’s a good thing.

Sometimes, be aware that dating websites and free chat website keep your profile like froze so that you can be a user more in their overall count of users. You will read all of these things in the Terms and Agreement sheet, which you are signing at the beginning of your dating website journey, but, frankly, who’s reading all the lines of the Terms and Agreement sheet?

Actually, we all should do that, as in the second place, we might be disappointed by what you will find…

MiniChat Membership Options

Mini Chat Website Security & Safety

The Facebook log-in might be helpful for security on Mini Chat. Other chats and messaging systems let you sign-up only through bigger and trusted social media.

That’s a common way to engage more than one source in verifying user identity. Facebook’s high-security measures and sources of user verification are translated here into one single click.

This also makes the Mini Chat community more genuine and fair: who you are on Facebook is almost precisely who you are here. There’s no point in having a Facebook socket puppet account and then using Mini Chat because there’s no money transfer on Mini Chat!

Website security and safety are enhanced by the fact that there is no way to use your credit card. They are not asking you about your credit card number, nor are they requesting membership or buying any kind of tokens or crypto-coins.

Nothing to pay does necessarily mean nothing to hide, though: be sure that you do not share too many personal details about yourself. We understand that a video chat can tell a person’s energy more than from a written one.

Still, we can never tell if the person in front of us is serious enough to understand that the non-recordability of personal details also gives the high value of this Mini Chat community. We hope we made our point: Mini Chat’s safe, as long as you follow some commons sense rules.

Mini Chat Website Security & Safety

Competitors and Alternatives

The main competitor is always Chat Roulette. Stranger Chat is another one, or Anonymous Chat, Monkey, Random Talk, Omege, Chat Now, Hello Chat… There’s plenty of them in the wild Web.

Chat Mini is a more friendly chat than a dating-oriented one. Plus, it’s lumped by under-age people and families. So if you are looking for a date or for something more long-lasting, maybe Mini Chat is not precisely for you.

MiniChat Competitors and Alternatives

Review Conclusion

Someone said that the Internet was born for looking for things, and then it became looking for people, and later trying to stay as hidden as possible from people. We believe in middle ways, and we suppose that Mini Chat stands in the middle: the video option makes the users feel more comfortable in revealing details, chatting freely, and so on.

Also, because there cannot be a fake user on the other side, maybe you’ll find an empty chair because the person on the other side went to the restroom. Also, a lot of people are on these websites just to make scary or innocent pranks.

Facebook verifies people here as real users, and you can perceive them as real. At the same time, they are entirely anonymous to you. This is, on a small scale, how society works.

We hope you found this Mini Chat review useful. This was meant to give you a playbook and to assure you a safe experience.

MS, RD & Writer
Josie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, and she is a certified relationship coach. The young lady offers clients a warm and caring environment. She has dedicated her life to other people’s well-being since she understands what they go through. Throughout her career, she has acquired enough skills to build healthy relationships.
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