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AngelReturn Review: Is It Still Legit in 2024?

AngelReturn Review: Is It Still Legit in 2024?
About Site
Active Audience 76%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 20-35
Profiles 1 350 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 8.6
Popularity 7.7
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy to use: the features on this dating site are easy and straightforward to use.
  • Free: Basic features like liking, messaging, and creating a profile are free to use to all members.
  • Easy registration process: you can register easily by linking accounts with Facebook, or manually using the email address.
  • Diverse membership: on this site, you can find members from different ethnic groups and also from different sexual orientations.
  • Wider coverage: this is a worldwide dating website. Found in all regions in the world.
  • Full of adverts: the website homepage and other areas are full of adverts, making it a bit difficult to use.
  • Scam profiles: due to less strict verification methods, some profiles on this site are fake.
  • Low membership: AngelReturn's membership is low compared with other online dating sites.

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Welcome to our AngelReturn website review for 2020. In this review, we are going to discuss vital information concerning this dating site. We will talk briefly about its features, usage, pros, cons, and other highlights that anyone can find helpful.

AngelReturn is an online dating website designed to be used by single men looking for beautiful women around the world. It is a perfect dating site for singles looking for long term relationship partners, whom they can connect and date.

The website is available all over the world, and it boasts of taking serious relationships to the next level by offering real-life experiences to its members. This online dating site is free and provides all its essential services to its members without subscriptions. Through its website, members can enjoy sending messages, showing interests to other members, chat in different languages, and other dating services.

This dating site also boasts in offering traditional dating methods and ideas, which include: meeting through parks, going to the bar, blind dates, and many more.

It is available in almost all major languages, including English, Turkish, Italian, Russian, French, Germany, and other popular linguistics of this world. You can enjoy using AngelReturn through the website or through an Android mobile app, which can be downloaded on Google Store. AngelReturn is not available on the iOS platform.

AngelReturn Review – Is It Genuine?

How Does AngelReturn Function?

This dating site works by connecting single men to beautiful models around the world. It is a free dating site, meaning no one gets to pay a coin to use the basic features of this site. However, some other advanced features require payments.

The primary purpose of this site is to connect its members for long-term dates, which eventually lead to marriage. Users can create accounts, search for matches, send, receive, and reply to messages by other users free of charge. It enables users to find and chat with people who share the same interests all over the world.

Other than dating, the site provides other related services to its members, which include:

  • Sending online gifts – users can send flowers and other online gifts through this platform.
  • Translating messages – you can get the translation of a message you don’t understand.
  • There are webcam chats and video conferencing.
  • Creating and making use of chatting rooms
  • You get access to the recording and sending of videos via webcam.
  • Providing users location via the Google Maps
  • Editing photos and also creating traveling adventures.

Who Are Its Users?

AngelReturn has millions of users on its site due to its free basic services to its members. These users are all over the world and are classified in different categories as below:

  • Ethnicity: This site contains all the ethnic groups, including Black Americans, Arabs, Chinese, Indians, among other races.
  • Age: this site has not put a maximum age limit for its members. The minimum age is 18 years—the majority of users on this site range between 25 and 35.
  • Gender: this dating site comprises both male and female genders.
  • Sexual Orientation: this website has been designed for single men looking for beautiful models for marriage. Straight members of society mostly use it. You can also find a few gays and lesbians on this platform.
  • Geographical: being a worldwide site, AngelReturn is available in all countries of the world.

What Are AngelReturn’s Special Features?

There are several special features available on this site to guide and help members enjoy its use. These features include:

  • Forums: these are public conversations that go on via chatrooms of this website.
  • Video Conference: These are like forums, but they use videos to communicate.
  • Random Webcam: you can decide to video-call any profile on this dating platform via random webcam.
  • Webcam Video: Instead of chatting via messages, users can call each other via the webcam video. Users can also create videos to share with other members of this dating app through this feature.
  • Location Map: this feature enables users to locate areas where they would want their matches to come from.
What Are AngelReturn’s Special Features?

Is AngelReturn User-Friendly?

The website is a bit of user-friendly. The reason for this it’s because the features and the outline are great.

The issue comes with the pop-up ads. These ads make it difficult to navigate through this website.

Users might be tempted to click on these ads, thinking they are part of the website features.

AngelReturn Design & Website Usability

The design is easy to use, with all features aligned to the top of the website.

This alignment enables them to be easily seen by members using this dating platform.

Most features on this website are free of charge and easy to use to all members.

Does AngelReturn Have a Mobile App?

AngelReturn has a functioning Android mobile application for its members.

This application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store free of charge. Installation is also free.

The mobile application has all the features of this site, and it focuses more on location to enable users to connect with matches on different locations as per their preferences. This mobile application is not available to iPhone users.

Does It Have Customer Support?

There is an active customer care system, which deals with issues arising from the use of this dating media. To contact customer care, users need to click on help, which pops out an Online Help and Support system page.

Members are required to jot the message and click send to the admin. The feature also allows the sending of photos and emojis. Feedback is always guaranteed.

Does It Have Customer Support?

Registration Process & Account Creation

There are two types of registration processes available to members on this online dating site. These two processes are:

  • Signing up through Facebook
  • Manual registration via an email

Signing up via Facebook is very easy and takes a shorter time since the website picks the members’ details from their Facebook account.

In this review, we’ll discuss more on the manual registration process.

Here’s How to Register

Manually creating an account on this site requires the use of an email address.

To register, members are required to provide the below information on the sign-up page:

  • Email Address: In this section, users are required to key in their email addresses.
  • Password: Users are required to provide a unique, easy to remember the password to secure their accounts. The password needs to be reconfirmed.
  • Name: Members are required to provide names in this section.
  • Birth Date: users are required to provide their date of birth in date/month/year format.
  • Gender: Users are required to key in their sexual identity. Options include males or females.

After completing the above registration details, members can now register, update their profiles, and start using the website.

Here's How to Register

Profile Details and Verification Process

To create a profile, you are required to click on the settings and choose update profile.

Creating a profile on this dating platform requires the below additional details:

  • Country and Region: users are required to update their location, which includes the country and their region. It also includes the nearest town where someone is situated.
  • About me: users are required to provide short descriptions of themselves and any other information others may need to know.
  • Looking for: users must briefly describe their preferred matches they would like to be matched with.
  • Appearance: In this section, members are required to give details on how they appear. This includes hair color, eye color, eyewear, body type, body art, ethnicity, best feature, appearance, height, and weight.
  • Lifestyle: this section requires members to state their lifestyle. It includes details like sexual orientation, drinking and smoking habits, relationship status, occupation, profession, annual income, living situation, relocation, seeking for, interests, activities, books, movies, music, TV shows, etc.
  • Background and cultural values: this section requires users to state their backgrounds and other cultural values, which include education, religion, languages, and star signs.

In this section, users can also add their profile photos and also a webcam video for other profiles to watch. After completing the above details, the account will now be ready to use.

Account confirmation and verifications are normally done through a link. The link is sent to the account holder’s email address once they complete the registration process. Users need to click on this link to confirm and verify their accounts.

Profile Details and Verification Process

AngelReturn Search Options

AngelReturn has got a detailed search option that enables its members to find their matches easily. Users can search for their matches using the below filters:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Relationship status
  • With photo
  • Travel offers
  • Those who have just joined
  • Country, region, and city
  • Height and weight
  • Religion
  • Sexual orientation.

These search options are available to all members who use this dating platform free of charge.

How to Match & Chat on AngelReturn

Creating a match and chatting via this online platform is easy and free to all members.

To create a match, you need to score a mutual like with other potential profile. However, you can still message this profile without matching while on this dating platform. There are several ways one can communicate with other users of this dating website. These include:

  • Messaging: one can send a message to other profiles on this site without matching.
  • Chat: this acts like messaging. The only difference is that it’s faster and has fewer details compared with messaging.
  • Slide show: this feature allows profile visitors to check photos of the visited profiles.
  • Audio and Video call: you can call profiles on this dating site using audio and video. Video calling requires the use of a webcam. This type of call is available to members on premium accounts.
How to Match & Chat on AngelReturn

Types of AngelReturn Memberships

There are two types of memberships on this dating platform:

  • Basic accounts: these are the free accounts users get once they register their profiles on this website.
  • Premium Accounts: these are the paid accounts available on this website.

Basic Accounts

Basic accounts contain most of the features of this dating site. That’s why it’s known as a free dating platform.

Members on free accounts enjoy the below benefits.

  • Free account registration and creating a profile interface
  • Free photo uploads
  • Free viewing of other members profiles and photos
  • Free use of the search filters available on this dating platform
  • free chatting and sending of messages

Members are required to update their accounts to premium to enjoy other advanced features like sending gifts.

Premium Accounts

Premium accounts are the paid accounts of this online dating website.

Besides being a free-to-use website, some advanced features require members to subscribe. Users on premium accounts enjoy the below-advanced features:

  • Unlimited messaging: users on premium accounts can send and receive an unlimited number of messages from and to other users of this website.
  • Location search options: premium account holders can search other members of this site from other countries.
  • Unlimited gifts: users on premium accounts can send unlimited gifts to other members.
  • Meeting requests: members on premium accounts can send meeting requests to other travelers of this dating platform.

AngelReturn Pricing and subscriptions

To enjoy the above premium features, users need to subscribe to different pricing packages available on this platform. These packages include:

  • One-month VIP package, which translates to $6.00 per month.
  • Three-months VIP package at $12.00, this translates to $4.00 per month.
  • Six-month VIP package at $19.98, this translates to $3.33 per month.

From these packages, the more months you pay for, the more you save on costs.

How to Cancel Your AngelReturn Subscriptions

All packages are auto-renewed precisely 24 hours before their due date.

Users are required to turn it off from their account settings to cancel the auto-renewal feature.

This can be done via the website or through Google, while on the mobile app.

Subscriptions already paid are never refunded. Users are required to cancel these subscriptions 48 hours before their due date.

How to Cancel Your AngelReturn Subscriptions

Safety & Security Features

This dating site has put several safety measures to secure its members and also their data from external threats.

The dating site blocks certain kinds of people from registering. These include:

  • Users who use Proxy and VPN
  • Those who distribute email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Those who send the same messages to different people (scammers)
  • Annoying and those who send X-rated photos
  • Those who request money from others and also fake profiles.

AngelReturn has also set a Privacy policy, which is meant to give details on how members’ data is handled. The Privacy policy has given directions on:

  • How the website collects members’ data.
  • How this data is stored and used
  • How data is secured and shared with other third parties.

AngelReturn Competitors and Other Alternatives

There are other alternatives that one can use instead of the AngelReturn dating platform. These alternatives provide almost the same services and can be much better. These competitors include the following.

  • Badoo
  • Badoo is an online dating application that is used by people to find short term dates and long term relationships. The advantage of using Badoo is that it contains a high number of users worldwide and has a very high matching rate. Badoo features are a bit expensive compared with AngelReturn.

  • AdultFriendFinder
  • This is also one of the best dating applications around the world. This website provides a casual type of hook-up to all members of its website. The good thing about AdultFriendFinder, its mobile application works on android and also on iPhone devices. It has over 80 million profiles across the world.

  • Tinder
  • Tinder is the world’s most famous dating site currently. It uses the swiping feature to match its like-minded members via its application. The advantage of using tinder is that it contains large membership, it’s easy to use, and most of its features are free.


Final Conclusion

We have come to our conclusion about this review. We have highlighted almost every detail one should know and understand before login in to use this website. It’s now upon the user to check and estimate whether it can suit their dating needs.

From this review, we can confirm that AngelReturn’s basic features are free. This means one can use this site to get a match without getting deep into their pockets. The site is filled with beautiful models, waiting to be matched. Anyone looking for beauty models in any part of the world, can register and use this dating platform. However, membership is limited. The site’s population is still low compared to other rising dating sites like Tinder and Badoo, but you should give it a try.

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