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Squirt Review 2024 — Legit Gay Dating Site or Scam?

Squirt Review  2024  — Legit Gay Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 93%
Quality Matches 95%
Popular Age 20-22
Profiles 2 300 000
Reply Rate 96%
Ease of Use 6.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Availability of many members who are interested in hookup
  • Webcams and video chat rooms provide different avenues of contacting users
  • The instant messaging feature for live chat with other users
  • No problems of censorship
  • Lack of a mobile app
  • Options available for a free member are minimal
  • The signup process can take around 5 to 10 minutes

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Squirt is a site that has been designed to connect gay men. It can be used for dating or casual sex, as there is no shyness amongst the members on the site. It also has several services that allow users to find like-minded individuals in just a few minutes.

How Does Squirt Really Work?

Squirt Review – Legit or Scam?

Squirt can be classified as a hookup site that happens to offer different features of finding and messaging gay members from the location preferred by the user. The different users on the platform will have profiles to showcase their interests, preferences, and more. Based on the information supplied, users will be able to find matches who are most compatible.

Audience Analysis

There is an extensive list of options for people of different races and ethnicities to join the platform. The acceptance towards all ethnicities is apparent even during the signup process when there is an option for Black, Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, South Asian, and Mixed Race to be part of the platform.

Essential Features You Ought To Know

There are some key features on this platform that make a lot of difference. Some of the features are available exclusively on the desktop, while some are limited only to the mobile app.

Message Boards

This feature is available only for desktop users, who will be able to access the message boards for discussing with other members in one common section. It helps them stay updated about the different topics in a specific area, but users can also go off-topic by reading content about other areas. Some key content guidelines have to be maintained so that the forum is kept safe and comfortable for all users.

Score Card

This feature is again available only on the desktop version. It is similar to a testimonials section, as other members on the platform will comment on a profile. These comments are publicly available for other users to see and read. The higher count and quality of a scorecard may increase the chances of a guy getting a successful date.

Is Squirt User Friendly?

Is Squirt User Friendly?

The Squirt platform has several options that make it quite a complex tool for users. It is capable of making sure that anyone who joins the site will have no shortage of options, but this also proves to be a challenge in terms of user-friendliness. Only after getting to know the platform for a while can a user make a substantial amount of changes.

Website Design & Usability: Key Points

The Squirt platform is a relatively well-designed site that carries a black and red theme. It does not come as brash under any circumstance, and it is easy to read all the text. However, older users may struggle with the large quantity of information that is available on each profile without being in bigger fonts.

Mobile App to Access Squirt

Even though the platform is very modern, Squirt does not provide a mobile app. All users have to use the mobile site, which is fairly good for access on smartphones and tablets. Thankfully, there are some key elements designed to make it easier for mobile users, who get to enjoy a separate login even when accessing the site from a desktop.

What About User Support?

A member can request support on all days from 8 AM to 2 AM in the EST. The support system will be able to provide answers regarding different aspects of the site. If the member has any issues with billing, they can directly contact the billing support team. There are different contact details available for customers from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. The resources provided in the FAQ section also very helpful.

The Sign-Up Process & User Profile

The Sign-Up Process & User Profile

The signup process on Squirt could take around a minute or around 10 minutes, depending on the amount of information that a user wants to supply. If there is a preference to provide a higher quantity of information to increase the accuracy of potential matches, the process could easily take 10 minutes. Immediately after registration, a user is taken to the page where they can enter their preferences.

Unlike in many hookup sites that only ask for a basic set of information like age, location, and gender in the preference table, Squirt is quite extensive. If you have a preference over the time of the meeting, this can be chosen. The place where the meeting has to be held can also be chosen. A user can choose to meet at their place or the user’s place apart from multiple third-party options like restaurants, theatres, truck stops, and more.

The user would now get into the options that they can choose the sexual preferences, which are once again extensive. Apart from being able to select the fetish in real life, users can also go for cybersex or phone sex as some of their preferences. It is also possible to notify other users about the elements that turn on a user like body hair, facials, sports gear, lingerie, uniforms, and more.

The profile also has an option to select preferences on age, body type, profession, relationship status, and more. Finally, an option to include the turnoffs is also included.

After entering this information, Squirt will be taking users into the second step of the registration process, which is about including the personal details. The user can enter a short biodata, which will tell more about them as a person. This section even allows the option of adding pictures, whose privacy settings can be controlled, as Squirt’s research shows that images tend to make a profile more attractive in the platform. It is essential to enter sexuality, birth year, height, body type, ethnicity, position, and weight. However, other information like body hair, penis size, and more are optional.

How to Sign-Up

How to Sign-Up

A user can sign up on Squirt only when they have 5 to 10 minutes to spare. Unlike many of the registration processes at gay hookup sites, Squirt is very comprehensive about the information. If someone wants to join on the platform, they will start with choosing a username, which is available, and the password. An email has to be entered before hitting the register button, which will initiate the verification process. A user has to activate an account by going back into the email account and completing the process.

Profile Quality and Verification

The profile quality on Squirt is excellent, as users are requested to fill up a lot of information. Even though the registration process can take a while, many users actually provide a decent amount of data on their profiles. It is even not a surprise to see photos being part of the profiles, as Squirt comes out with a strong recommendation that adding photos increases the likelihood of success by a significant margin. The percentage of fake users is also very less due to stringent verification measures. Only after verifying the email can a person open an account.

Squirt Search

The search feature on Squirt is reasonably well equipped with enough options for finding users. A user will be typically coming into this section only when they are not pleased with the matching algorithm that is automatically provided by the platform. The target search can be a simple or complex option depending on user preference.

A user can search based on city or someone who is located in the nearby regions. While it is even possible to search through a username, physical traits, race, language, preferred time, and many other options, it is to be understood that the complex search has to be done by someone who is very picky about their dates. It can also take a long time to filter users based on complex options. For this reason, Squirt provides the option of saving a search if a user intends to filter with the options.

The Chatting & Matching Process

The Chatting & Matching Process

Gay Cruising

Gay cruising is an activity that has been carried out for a long time, and it involves men seeking other men in public for some anonymous sex. Before the advent of the Internet, this activity was quite tricky since users had to frequent gay bars to find like-minded people. Yet, this feature is available on Squirt so that users can get anonymous sex if they are in a washroom, gay bar, park, truck stop, gym, and sauna.

The site will be providing information like the location to visit for the best anonymous sex. Still, there is also more crucial information in the form of the best time to visit, comments from other cruisers, reviews from other members, and images of the site. All these can be very crucial in increasing the success rate. All it takes for activating this feature would be a mobile device with GPS functionality so that Squirt Mobile can go through the enormous directory of more than 15,000 locations around the world. All these locations would have a comment board, star ratings, or maps for added assistance.

Squirt Membership and Subscription Options

Squirt Membership and Subscription Options

Just like on any other hookup site, there are free and paid options on Squirt. A member can go with a fan club membership that will provide a lot of benefits that are simply not available for the free user. To understand the different packages, it is important to look at them from close up.

Free Membership

The free membership on the Squirt is relatively useful when a user just wants to explore the different aspects of the site without being too serious. Even if a member does not opt for the paid membership at the time of signup, they are provided a free trial for a small period. During this time, they can look at the different features of the platform without having to pay. After receiving unlimited access for a certain number of days, Squirt will need payment from the user.

The fan club membership can be purchased for getting added benefits like unlimited access to the webcam chats, which can be done on audio and video. The membership also provides unlimited access to emails – in the sending and receiving sections. Since cruise listings are a very popular feature, Squirt fan club members can benefit from the unlimited access to these listings apart from the unlimited access to photo viewing. A fan club member will also not be seeing any ads that can distract the user from the content.

Pricing Options

Pricing Options

There are multiple prices available for the fan club membership, depending on the length of the package. One can go for a seven-day package that is priced at just $ 9.97. A 30-day package is also available at $ 14.97. For someone who wants to forget about renewals for three months, there is a package at $ 39.97. A six-month package, which is valid for 180 days, will set users back by $ 69.97. At the top end of the spectrum, the one-year package will cost $ 109.97.

How to Remove Squirt Subscription

If a user decides to do away with the fan club membership, they will not be receiving any refunds. All plans that have been picked up will come with an auto-renew function, which can be disabled depending on the platform (desktop or mobile), and the user chooses the payment option. If the fan club membership has opted from the desktop site, one needs to log into the account settings and toggle with the auto-renew option. If a user wants to cancel the membership, they can request the same from the customer care, but there will not be any refunds.

Is the Website Safe & Secure?

A lot of effort has gone into making the site a very secure platform considering the nature and theme. Users will have to comply with different content guidelines and policies if they are to continue using the site. The platform runs on a secure connection so that users can make payments or browse through the profiles without any fear of being caught out by hackers. The users who are registered on the site are only above 18 years of age. If users do face a threat from anyone, it is easy to get in touch with customer care, who are also available for solving many other problems.

Squirt Competitors and Alternatives

There are some alternatives for Squirt if a user to try different options. This is due to the active scene of Gay hookup sites. The best options are:



GCruise manages to concentrate heavily on the cruising universe, and it is an integral part of the gay hookup community. There are several advantages to signing on this platform, like the option of private conversations. The number of users may not be humongous, but there is a lot of quality.


This platform manages to offer a great way of finding hookups irrespective of major sexual preferences. It is a great choice for bisexual gay men, as there are many members on the site. The probability of finding a compatible person is quite high. Since users are also not investing any money into opening accounts, MenNation can be tried out without a significant blow to the capital.


Squirt can be an excellent platform for finding hookups, as the quality and quality of individuals on the site can make anyone excited. It is also a platform that can be life-changing since it can certainly ease the process of finding hookups. The best feature of the site is easily the cruising function, which allows easy access to the best cruising spots with first-hand knowledge. Once a lot of confidence is imparted by other individuals about a particular spot, it increases the comfort levels when it comes to finding gay sex in this part of the community.

The likelihood of finding casual sex on the platform is very easy. It is possible to go with the suggested members or dig into the platform to find their own selection of members. Most of the guys that would be encountered on the platform are very similar in terms of mindset. Crucially, one need not travel considerable distances to get what they are seeking the most. It is easy to achieve maximum pleasure and satisfaction when using Squirt, as gay men in your community often enjoy using this gay hookup site.

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