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LatinoMeetup Review 2024 — Real Latin Dating Site or Scam?

LatinoMeetup Review 2024  — Real Latin Dating Site or Scam?
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Active Audience 64%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 20-24
Profiles 2 200 000
Reply Rate 78%
Ease of Use 7.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Best website for Latin dating. It uses a series of awesome widgets, and well-placed algorithms to sort out and match Latinos all around the United States of America and Canada in ways previously unheard.
  • Thousands of daily users. LatinoMeetup has thousands upon thousands of daily users, as seen in a survey conducted by Daily Scout. It is quite popular in the dating community and has acquired cult level status coupled with national adulation.
  • An even distribution of male to female uses. LatinoMeetup has a unique ‘problem.’ The website has a slightly higher percentage of female users when compared to its male populace. This aids the scenery and makes the site shake off that dismissive tag of being a ‘frat party.
  • Almost exclusively for American Users. LatinoMeetup is a website that caters to the needs of only Americans (and in some cases, Canadian) Latinos. This geographical exclusiveness is quite unfortunate as everyone knows how beautiful and versatile the Latin race is.
  • Only useful to Latinos. That means if you are White, Indian, Asian, or African, you have no business whatsoever on that website. As the name implies, it is for ‘Latinos to meet up’ and nothing else.

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A dating site for the Latinos of the USA and Canada, LatinoMeetup has been around for a while. It has a proven track record of matching and hooking up Latinos that previously could not find their specifications in the world of casual dating. Using a set of well-organized widgets, an excellent app, and operating on a mantra of ‘everyone can find that special someone’ LatinoMeetup has proven time and time again to be one of the best sites for casual dating. Made for the North American region specifically, especially the ethnic group of Latinos all around the country, the website offers plenty.

LatinoMeetup is the next best thing when it comes to finding a partner in the closed-circuit group that is Latin America. It caters to its specific clientele and offers reasonable service at cool user-friendly rates. It has a simple to use dashboard and a super lovely customer service team. It ensures that members are well taken care of whether they are using the website or even if they choose to use the mobile application available on both the iPhone app store or the Android application store.

LatinoMeetup has quite a track record; however, it’s quite unfortunate that they have chosen not to branch out of North America or even open up their services to other ethnic groups. This, coupled with the erratic nature of the website, makes new users skeptical of what is to follow. Its strict pay first policy does not help matters in any way, too, as it is a complete buzz kill for clients and intended users.

The Way LatinoMeetup Works Is Simple

LatinoMeetup Review – Figuring Out Whether It Is Legit or Scam

You sign up on the website homepage by providing necessary information like your age, email address, age, and proposed password. This is in conformance with typical dating website protocols. On doing this, you shall be directed to a dashboard that will encourage you to upload your profile picture, without which your profile will remain invisible to other users. Once you upload your profile photo, you now have the luxury of searching for users by your specifications and going through lots and lots of easy to grasp filters.

However, as soon as a fellow user catches your fancy and you attempt to message such a user, a message pops up that requires you to upgrade your membership to premium for you to message such a fellow user. You can now text, flirting is for free likewise is liking pictures. But for you to enjoy the myriad of options available on the site, you have to choose a standard subscription package as soon as possible.

Analyzing The Audience

  • Geography
  • The geographical spectrum of LatinoMeetup is America and Canada. The website only caters to users that are based in those two countries. This is also notably uneven as 97% of the users are based in the US while the rest are based in neighboring Canada. This is a stringent policy as members that are found to be in breach of such geographical instructions are speedily thrown out without refunds of any sort.

  • Gender
  • LatinoMeetup is all gender-inclusive as it caters to the needs of both men and women. It allows gay men to engage fellow men as well as lesbians also to tickle their fancy. It does not segregate either does it go back on their promises to help members find love. From the standard website questions to the website homepage LatinoMeetup celebrates all genders equally and promotes the mantra of ‘happily ever after.’

  • Sexual Orientation
  • LatinoMeetup is all people inclusive, including the LGBTQ community. It caters to the needs of straight, gay, lesbian, transgender, queer, pansexual, and other sexually oriented individuals. It does this by opening its gates to as many Latinos as America and Canada can offer and shutting the doors of segregation that many states in the world still practice to this very day. As long as you are looking for love, LatinoMeetup got you covered.

  • Age
  • So far as you are above 18, then you are good to go. LatinoMeetup protects minors from sensitive adult content and operates a strict PG policy. If you are not at least eighteen years old, then there is nothing you are looking for on this site. They make use of unique security protocols as well as quick background checks to send away such curious youths to think that they can circumvent the terms and conditions of its well-equipped application or website.

  • Ethnicity
  • As the name implies, LatinoMeetup is very biased towards Latinos. It does not admit any other ethnic group, and it has remained that way for the past handful of years. It caters to its specific clientele and does not go against this policy no matter who the proposed user is. It has drawn some criticism and flack for this policy over the years. However, it does not budge from the mode of operation.

Interesting Key Features of LatinoMeetup

LatinoMeetup Review – Figuring Out Whether It Is Legit or Scam

LatinoMeetup does not have major critical features as compared to other Latin dating sites; however, some things are easy to notice at first glance. Messaging is not free on this platform as a member is required to pay a specific subscription to ensure that he or she can proceed to text and actively communicate with his or her intended partner. This is the norm and has been that year for quite some time. You can flirt and like pictures for free. There is a helpful chartroom sort of like 2go of tester years; this is available on the mobile application available on both the iPhone app store and Android application store. There is an unlimited search feature that you can access even if you are a free member.

Is LatinoMeetup User Friendly?

The website is quite user friendly as it incorporates modern features into a classic background. It uses search options and also possesses an above par dashboard. LatinoMeetup surely ‘meets up’ the occasion. Its customer service is quite speedy in responding to complaints and cordial enough to make you feel like hanging around a little bit more. It’s quite chilled and operational.

Let’s Discuss LatinoMeetup Website Usability and Design

LatinoMeetup Review – Figuring Out Whether It Is Legit or Scam

The website is quite easy to use. It has straight to understand widgets possesses a search feature with unlimited filters, which can help a curious user identify his physical desires as well as other traits like age, skin tone, and eye color specification. Coupled with a romantic background that sets the scene up quite nicely, this site has the aim of drawing you in and finding a love interest that can keep you ‘interested.’

Is There A Mobile App For LatinoMeetup?

Yes, there is. The mobile application is available on the iPhone app store and the Android application store. It is better than the website. Fast, reliable, and easy to use for customer interaction. This is a welcome addition and notable inclusion. It is quite insightful as many fantastic dating websites still do not have phone companion apps. That is a big problem in this internet age.

What About LatinoMeetup Customer Support?

It a useful customer support team that can be reached 24/7 and is almost assured of giving you a helpful response. Its team is proper and polite; hence you can make complaints to them. Operating on a no refund policy, it is wise to read through the terms and conditions thoroughly before you path with your money procuring a subscription package—the fact being that no refunds mean no refunds.

LatinoMeetup Registration Process and User Profile Details

LatinoMeetup Review – Figuring Out Whether It Is Legit or Scam

You can do all you need to do in five minutes, setting up your account by answering straightforward questions which would help similar users locate your page as soon as you are verified. You fill in the necessary details and wait for a verification message which will be sent to your registered email address.

You will then be redirected to a user profile.

Your user profile has the following:

  • About me
  • A written paragraph
  • Interests
  • Profile Picture
  • Location

How To Create An Account On LatinoMeetup

You fill in the necessary details which would aid similar users in locating you if they fancy your attributes and paragraph about yourself. Once you have filled all the requirements, you can then make your account visible. You follow this up by paying your subscription fee. Following this, you can now access all the fantastic (or otherwise) features that LatinoMeetup stands to offer.

Profile Quality (and Verification Process) On LatinoMeetup

LatinoMeetup Review – Figuring Out Whether It Is Legit or Scam

The profile quality is largely dependent on you, the user. Your necessary information stays on your page while you can choose what you want other users to see and not see as well. As well as pictures that viewers can access? You would be given hints and tips on how to optimize your profile by the care team, and a verification mail will be sent to your registered email address.

How To Search On LatinoMeetup

Anyone can search for a catch; you don’t even have to be a paid subscriber. However, you have to be a paid subscriber to message fellow users. If they feel the vibe, they will message back, and communication would progress naturally at a pace decided by both users and not the site. Then they will be added to your ‘contact list,’ which makes it easy to find out when they are online and available for a hookup.

Super Easy: The Matching and Chatting Process

LatinoMeetup Review – Figuring Out Whether It Is Legit or Scam

There is no matching process whatsoever. It is not like Biker Planet or Arablounge that go out of their way to use a set of well-optimized algorithms to link up partners with similar traits and characteristics. LatinoMeetup leaves you to scout for your opportunities, and you can chat with a new friend and let it progress from there. Chatting is pretty chilled as you can send smiles, flirt, and casually message just about anyone.

Membership Types

Membership options are divided into two easy to distinguish forms. You can either be a paid or free member of LatinoMeetup. Paid members have the benefit of using all the options, most notably the messaging option; however, free users can do just about anything except the messaging option. This creates a ‘ginger’ to go on and ensure you pay your subscription rate and enjoy the ride.

LatinoMeetup Free Membership

As a free member of LatinoMeetup, you can do just about anything, including flirting, searching, and scrolling. However, this only whets your appetite as you cannot chat up with fellow users on the application or website page. Quite sad as the website keeps up reminding you as well as showing you stories of now happily married Latino couples that met each other on the site. Just like you.

LatinoMeetup Paid Membership

Payment of a subscription plan is quite compulsory, especially if you want to message a fellow user that catches your fancy. If you don’t pay up, then you cannot find love. It’s as simple as that. There are not a lot of added options available to paid subscribers; however, one must note that subscriptions get renewed automatically at the end of the initial subscription duration.

Pricing Options

LatinoMeetup Review – Figuring Out Whether It Is Legit or Scam

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total

Premium Membership

1 Month 13.99 USD / Month (total: 13.99 USD)

3 Months 8.99 USD / Month (total: 26.97 USD)

6 Months 6.49 USD / Month (total: 38.94 USD)

How To Cancel Subscriptions On LatinoMeetup

You can cancel, but there is a strict no refund policy. This can be done by directly emailing or calling the customer support team using the contact us option on the website or the phone application as it suits you. The strict no refund policy is quite usual in the world of dating websites, and as such, a member should know what he is getting into before joining the application.

How Safe and Secure Is LatinoMeetup?

It is quite safe, secure, and sound. LatinoMeetup conforms with international safety standards. It has acquired an almost perfect rating over the years combined with the fact that it has passed just about any scam test that is possible. You can also block or pesky mute viewers that are making your experience arduous and annoying.

LatinoMeetup Alternatives and Competitors In The Online Dating Industry

LatinoMeetup Review – Figuring Out Whether It Is Legit or Scam

Like every quality dating website out there, LatinoMeetup has a set of competitors and a few alternatives. However, in the realm of Latin dating, it does not have a strong rival.

Options include the following.

eHarmony Hispanic Dating

A website that caters to the needs of millions of Latinos looking for that special someone, this site is an extension of the famous eHarmony family that has branches all over the world. It is, however, primarily focused on serious relationships, which would lead to marriage and an inevitable conclusion. Unlike LatinoMeetup, which performs all couple goals, be it casual or serious.


Amigos is an old warhorse in the online dating game for Latinos. Around for quite some time as well as catering to all Spanish speaking people, Amigos is a staple in Spanish dating folklore as they have a super cool blog whereby members can meet up, chat and exchange pleasantries. This is quite similar to 2go of old and LatinoMeetup too.


LatinoMeetup is undoubtedly one of the most popular Hispanic dating sites. It has been around since 2013 and aims at giving Latinos a shot at love. So far, it has definitely not missed that target. The website could be better, and hopefully, the LatinoMeetup team can work on making it as optimized as its mobile application. It is an excellent place for love-smitten Latinos but dour for other ethnic groups. Overall, it offers a refreshing experience that conforms to the world standard and aims at bringing something original to the Spanish speaking audience. We recommend it!

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