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Caffmos Review 2024 — Real Gay Dating Site or Scam?

Caffmos Review 2024  — Real Gay Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 93%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 1 800 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 9.7
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Free registration on Caffmos
  • Age variation
  • Intergenerational
  • Active community
  • Considerable community size
  • Serious relationships and friendships
  • Old Interface
  • Long registration
  • Compulsory forms
  • No Facebook login
  • No verification
  • Abusive people and bullies

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Caffmos is an old and renowned platform in the world of gay relationships. The online dating platform proves it time and again that it is the best place for finding a gay partner and building a relationship. The platform came into existence in 1998. And ever since it has been successfully running and attracting thousands of users from all over the world. No doubt the website calls itself intergenerational, and why not, it has been there for the gay community when there was hardly anyone to believe in them.

It was initially a life-saving place for many people who were unable to come out and find a partner. Slowly with time, it became one of the most popular gay dating websites to exist in the current times. Caffmos community claims to be a place for serious relationships only, owing to its veteran thoughts. However, many people on the internet have tagged the gay dating website as a scam. Thus we take up the job of doing a Caffmos review to find out the reality. Also, learn whether at all it is worth joining or it’s all just a fake grandeur.

Caffmos Community- How Does It Work?

Caffmos Community- How Does It Work?

Caffmos Community is purely a niche dating website for the gay community only. Although open for people across the world, the user base concentrates in two-three specific countries only. Let us dig in, to get deep into the gay dating community and find out a little more real information for true insight. Given how Caffmos community is an ancient dating platform, it would be worth noticing the differences between today’s dating sites and Caffmos, if any.

User Base

We know how old the website is already. Having been active since 1998 refers to a very long time. It is the reason why the considerable size of members in the age group of 40+ doesn’t seem very abnormal. Caffmos community itself boasts the difference and variety of age groups that you get to see on its platform. The varied age group is unique, compared to the other gay dating websites of today.

Caffmos also caters to only one target audience, unlike modern-day dating communities. The website doesn’t even ask for your gender on the sign-up form, establishing that the platform is only open for gay men only. And thus, you don’t also get to choose your preference and sexuality. It assumes the gender as evident on Caffmos. The platform is straightforward with its image.

Let us come to the countries. Although the Caffmos community is very much accessible from all countries across the world, the majority of the members come from Canada and the US alone. However, there are other countries as well whose names you get to see popping up occasionally, but it is not close to being considered. And thus, variation is not something that Caffmos community can boast about in this department at least.

Exclusive Features to Keep an Eye on

The Caffmos Community is unique in its way. The features it offers prove the platform’s uniqueness to no small extent. Here is a list of features that you must check out on The Caffmos Community because these are not something that you would otherwise get to see on any other gay dating platforms to be particular.

  • Profile Rating

The profiles on Caffmos Community are rather simple and all about physical descriptions. There is not much to read, which makes it look precise because you are anyways on the platform to date. Caffmos allows you to rate the profile you visit on a scale of 10 based on the account you see that includes the pictures of the person.

  • Online & Chatting

Online dating websites offering unique search filters is not uncommon to see. However, the search bar on the Caffmos is a regular one, but, it does come with a specialty. You can use the search bar to filter out a list of online and chatting users to find active users you can connect to in real-time.

  • Varied type of chatting – text, audio, video

The gay dating platform is also unique with its options for connectivity. Unlike most dating platforms of today, Caffmos allows you to connect with the members on its platform using different forms of chatting. Aside from the regular text messages, one can use the audio calling or even the video chat to take online dating to the next level.

  • Photo Galleries

The photo gallery on the Caffmos community, allows the users to find a friend or an interesting person they would like to connect with online. The photos on the platform are in good quality. But you shouldn’t expect too much out of it. None of them are models, and even if they are the photos on the Caffmos photo gallery doesn’t look anything close to a portfolio.

  • Chatrooms

The chatrooms serve as a fantastic opportunity for the members to find active users and connect with a soul mate on Caffmos. Rather than approaching people randomly through personal texts on the dating site, chatrooms act as the right rendezvous for people.

  • Find travel buddies

Another unique feature on the gay dating website is that you can use it to find a gay companion for a trip. Using the function, you will be able to find an interested person who as well is looking for a gay travel buddy.

  • Events

Apart from the regular features and messaging, Caffmos community also organizes events in the US and Canada from time to time for the Pride or the Gay community, allowing them to connect and find a suitable partner for themselves.

Caffmos Community – the User Interface & Experience

Let us now come to the look and the feel of the Caffmos website. It is an essential factor to consider as the design, and the performance of a website primarily impacts the experience of the users on any site. And considering how a dating website requires the attention of its members for long hours, a slow website can prove to be very annoying for the users and would eventually make them turn away from the site.

The Design of the Website

We already know how old the dating website is. It is not difficult to make out the fact. Even if we were unaware of the exact time of the Caffmos inception, it wouldn’t be a tough guess. The website design is proof of how old the dating site is. Sadly, the web design did not get much updated ever since we guess. However, apart from the design, we did not find any issue with its performance. The navigation will remind you of your early days with the computer if you have been there in the ’90s. For the young buddies, thanks to the Caffmos website, at least they would get a feel of the ’90s.

Caffmos Community – the Gay Dating Mobile App

Sadly there isn’t any. Yes, didn’t we tell you it is an old school? How can you even expect an app when the web design is not updated yet? We do not. So indeed, it talks about reasons why the numbers which would have easily crossed a million by now are only in thousands. No app means inconvenience to today’s gen. But saying that, we figured out that Caffmos is truly impressive when it comes to the performance segment. The website is optimized for mobile viewing as well, so browsing Caffmos community from a mobile browser doesn’t pose a problem. It was quite surprising to notice that an old website such as this, did not lag while loading. It gave us the feeling that maybe the vintage design of the site is purposeful, to keep that nostalgic feeling right.

Customer Care

Caffmos community comes with the active customer care support available through the phone and emails. You need to be a registered user to reach the customer care support. The team is mostly available on working days. Otherwise, you may easily choose to mail the Caffmos team intimating them about your issue. Their response time will not disappoint you certainly.

Profile & Registration on the Friendship & Dating Profile

Profile & Registration on the Friendship & Dating Profile

The profile and registration are one of the essential things on a dating platform that gets things going. Given how unique Caffmos Community has proven itself to be until now, it would be interesting to see how the registration and profile would make a difference. As a new member, the first thing that you need to do is visit the website of Caffmos to then start with the next steps.

The Registration Process

On the homepage of the website, as a new member, you would need to hit the Join now button. Old members or rather should say the registered members can click on the login button to go to the login page on the website. The login button is on the top right corner of the web page, the last option on the navigation bar.

Coming back to the registration, click on the Join now button takes the user to a new page in a new tab altogether. On the new page, although filled with information, you, as a new user, only need to fill in two details. One is the username that you can choose anything interesting, and the second is the country. Now here is an essential message that one needs to be aware of, also shown on the website that your country should match the IP address you are using.

In case a user tries to use a fake location, Caffmos would, in no time, suspend the account. Multiple such attempts may even get your IP address blocked. So faking is not an option you should opt for on Caffmos. If you are worried about your information, you can be sure of the website maintaining secrecy about user information. After entering the country, you will need to check the box that says that you have read the terms and conditions to click on the continue button.

Quality of the User Profiles

When you hit the continue button in orange, you open up a new page with several empty fields. This page is the profile setup page, which unlike modern-day dating websites, cannot be optional. However, the form despite being long is not very complicated. It will not take more than a few minutes for a new user to fill it up. The profiles on the Caffmos are rather short in size but are unusual. Because the only thing the account concerns about is the physical appearance of the man. As a new member, you will need to enter details like built, body-hair type, facial hair, etc. The page also has fields like email and password that the website uses for creating an account for the user. Once the user completes this page successfully, he can quickly enter the Caffmos community as a Bronze member. Free members are called the Bronze members.

Search Filters onCaffmos Community

Search Filters onCaffmos Community

The search on the Caffmos Community is elementary. If you try to compare the search with other dating websites, then you are in for a big disappointment. However, it does come with a unique filter that modern dating websites do not come with on their platforms. The search filter helps the users find active members on the site. The user with the search filter can find all the online users who are engaged in chatting somewhere. It is pretty impressive because it saves a lot of time and makes the user experience better.

The Matchmaking Process & Connection

The Matchmaking Process & Connection

The matchmaking on Caffmos is not similar to what we see today. The interface is more like a photo gallery. You can use the search bar to find out your kind of man, like hairy or depending on the build or age. You can even use the search to find out the online people. On finding interesting profiles, click on them to open up the member profiles. Firstly, you can check out the photos uploaded by them and then opt to rate the member profiles out of 10. While this is one way to garner attention, a user may choose to message a person directly as well. There are chat rooms as well that may help you to find a suitable partner for yourself.

Options for Paid Subscriptions

Options for Paid Subscriptions

Although Caffmos community claims of being a free online gay dating platform, it isn’t true. But how many platforms are there? Most dating platforms advertise themselves to be free, but eventually, maximum dating sites turn out to be not free. However, Caffmos is relatively inexpensive to purchase. And the plans can be purchased with any of your credit or debit cards.

Services & Features That Come With the Free Version

Caffmos allows its new users to experience a bit of everything on its platform. Although controlled, it does give you a clear understanding of the gay dating website. It helps you to make a decision later on whether to purchase a subscription plan or not.

  • Registration
  • Browsing
  • Rating
  • Messaging for sometime
  • See messages on chat rooms.

Services & Features That Come With the Paid Subscription

Services & Features That Come With the Paid Subscription

In short, once you buy a subscription plan on Caffmos, the website opens up its arms for you. Users get to access everything there is to experience on the website without any limit until the plan expires, of course.

  • Full messenger
  • Audio calling
  • Video calling
  • Full access to the chatrooms
  • Events notifications

Plans & Prices

The price may vary from time to time and country to country.

Caffmos Community Gold Membership
Expiry Price
2 Months $ 15
1 Year $ 50

How to Cancel A Subscription Plan?

You can cancel the subscription from the payment settings. Finding it is accessible on the navigation bar on the top of the screen. However, in case of a refund, an administration charge of £10 gets deducted. You may also choose to delete your Caffmos account from the settings menu anytime.

Legit or Not?

Legit or Not?

Caffmos is a legit platform. Considering the number of years the platform is active for, itself speaks of its legitimacy. However, many people on the internet complain about abusive behavior and bullies on the website. The users should try the site with the Bronze membership before purchasing a small plan for trial. Most dating websites invite the attention of wrong people, like drug-peddlers, but that never means that it doesn’t have real people. Also, it is best to be careful about sharing your details with anyone on Caffmos. Not everyone can be friends but saying that there are. Also, some people complain of not finding long term friendships and relationships on Caffmos.

What Alternatives Do You Have for Caffmos Community?

What Alternatives Do You Have for Caffmos Community?
  • Gay XXX Dates
  • Men Nation
  • Man Play
  • Out Personals
  • Manjam
  • Gay Romeo
  • Adam4Adam
  • Gaydar
  • Manhunt

Final Words

Final Words

Caffmos Community is a renowned gay dating platform that boasts of age variation and building mature relationships, including friendships. Although the number of users may look a little disappointing on Caffmos, the features don’t. The dating website comes with some fantastic features that make the platform unique. However, most of them are unavailable for free account holders. But thankfully, the gold membership on Caffmos weighs light on the pocket.

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