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Raya Review: Is It Possible to Join Stars Dating Platform?

Raya Review: Is It Possible to Join Stars Dating Platform?
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Active Audience 78%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 19-27
Profiles 1 500 000
Reply Rate 86%
Ease of Use 6.5
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Verification. All accounts are verified before confirming the registration that makes sure that the person is real.
  • Moderation. Dating moderators always keep their eye open for abusive behavior and security threats.
  • Celebrity, A dating platform that celebs use which is also known as the celebrity dating app.
  • Not Very Expensive. Despite being a platform for the Elites, it costs you less than $10 per month.
  • More Than Dating. Along with dating the app is also used for networking with industry influencers.
  • App. Raya mobile app makes using the platform convenient allowing you to be always connected with your connections.
  • Secured. The platform takes security very seriously and even alerts users with a warning if someone takes a screenshot.
  • Quality. Because of the verification and moderation process, the member quality on the online dating app is very high.
  • No Scam. The members on the app are all identified as real people.
  • No website. No desktop version is available.
  • Small User Base. Because of their strict eligibility requirements, the user base remains limited.
  • Wrong Judgement. Many people feel that the judgment scale used by the platform which is the size of Instagram followers is illegal.
  • Location. Because of the creative requirements, the user base remains restricted to a few places.
  • Time Taking Registration. The registration process may take up to a few days to complete with no guarantee of access.

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About Raya

About Raya

Raya Review talks about a dating app that has been in the news for some time now and pulled in quite some attention. The world of online dating is getting overloaded with apps and desktop websites as platforms for making connections with each passing day. It is not easy to compete with so many platforms already existing with a huge user base from all over the world. But it isn’t impossible either, because we have already seen examples like Tinder making it big amongst the tough competition. The same is the case with this, which despite being comparatively new in the business, has made a prominent name. Raya Review sheds light on all the reasons behind the craze.

But before going to the pros and cons of the dating app, the one factor that particularly needs a mention is its exclusivity. The online dating platform has separated itself from the other dating platforms from day one of its existence. The fashion around the app is built the same way the craze around a luxury brand like Gucci is built. It is exclusive and not available to all. One has to prove his or her worth to join the mobile app. The platform was built to connect the top class creative people from around the world for networking and dating. It attracts celebrities and experts from various industries on the dating app.

The craze is due to the already existing users. Who would want to miss a chance to connect with celebs like Joe Jonas and Emma Watson? The app is filled with such big names from all industries. But while it is a dream-like opportunity to many, it is not available to all. This app is a place for the elites to connect and thus to join the elites one has to be one. Although it may be a platform that fulfills the wildest dreams of many, to be a part of Raya hookup app in itself is an accomplishment.

Is Raya A Legit Dating Website?

Is Raya A Legit Dating Website?

Raya dating app verifies each user that comes to register an account with it, mainly to see whether he or she meets the requirements. But the process is such that it automatically verifies the identity of the person. The dating platform is so strict with maintaining the quality that it does not leave a user after accepting his/her request for registration. The moderators of the app always keep an eye on the activity of the users making sure that no one does anything that can ruin their image.

Any activity that goes against the app’s regulations can get the user permanently banned and removed from the platform almost immediately. Scamming is one of the most essential factors the app regularly screens its platform. Considering the high profile user base, a scam on the platform can quickly turn the celebs away. A dating app like this feeds off the image of being a celebrity dating app that can ruin everything if the moderation is not done strictly.

What Kinds Of Members You Get To Connect With On The Site?

What Kinds Of Members You Get To Connect With On The Site?

One has to remember that the platform is created to connect the creative minds of different industries who are at the top of their game. They are judged based on the influence they create. This is the very reason why the Instagram profile of each user becomes an important part of the verification process. And while it officially mentions the eligibility criteria is to have a minimum of 5000+ followers, it doesn’t allow anyone with that number of followers alone.

The moderators make sure that the person whom they allow on their app is truly a celeb in their field. This is not something that many people can meet up to. The reason why the number of people or members of the dating app is not much. It is rather disappointing. However not the quality. Also, most of the celebs are found to be staying in a few main cities, the location list of members too isn’t varied.

But unlike other dating websites, while doing the Raya Review we figured out that it allows users to connect with others irrespective of their location. Of course, only if they choose to do so. The app does have a feature to connect users with local members for hookups. But while that may not be an imposing feature to explore at all locations, connecting people from across the world could mean fun.

What Is The Most Preferred Sexuality On The Platform?

While studying the app for the Raya Review, we came across that there were no requirements specified in the sexual orientation category. The platform welcomes people with any sexual orientation until they meet their criteria. And sexual orientation is not one of them. It is open and accepting in that area which is unlike many dating websites. Most online dating websites allow straight people only. Even if it is mentioned in the rules, it can well be experienced.

There are hardly any websites in the dating genre that match men with men and women with women. Some platforms do not even allow to choose any option apart from the opposite sex. And of course, there is the problem of not accepting the third gender. It is tough to find a platform that allows everyone including transgenders without creating a niche website for them. But thankfully, such is not the case with Raya dating app. The networking concept allows everyone to get connected with anyone in their field irrespective of their gender.

The Most Popular Age Group

Although there isn’t any particular age that dominates the dating app, it is generally the youth to follow the craze. The age groups of 18 to 25 and 25-35 are seen making the most appearances on the Raya online dating app. This is also the age group who dream about connecting with the celebs the most so it makes sense this way as well. But, as the app is branded as more than just a dating platform, age is not considered an important factor. One may use the platform to connect with the influencers of their industry just for the sake of better networking, in which case the age doesn’t matter.

The important thing is the celebrity word here, the quality is everything on the app, not the age. Think about it, if you find Bradley Cooper or Angelina Jolie on a platform open for making connections, would their age matter to you? It won’t. This is exactly why this artist dating platform is nothing like other dating apps. It is connecting the Elites with their kind and helping them connect on a deeper level if they wish to.

Signing-Up: The First Step

Raya Review made us realize that the sign-up process isn’t very simple. The process is rather very unwelcoming. But that is what works for the platform the most. While other dating platforms attract users with their easy and quick registration process, it intrigues people with the difficulty level to enter the dating app. It works because the mere acceptance of the registration request feels like a victory. And why not! You open the door to celebrity dating.

To Sign-Up one is required to enter the common details every dating website asks for. But along with the regular name, age, gender, it also asks for your Instagram profile access, your user name, and password. The next stage requires you to enter the name of the person who has referred you to the app and then enters the referral code. Although the step is not compulsory and anyone can skip it, having a referral code helps a lot. Because just having a good number of following may not be enough.

The profile then goes for the verification process which may take up to a few days to complete. It is not easy to get accepted out of nowhere if you are not a well-known name. This is why having a referral code from a Raya dating app user helps. The user’s credibility is added to your credibility and allows the moderators to judge your influence in a much better way.

The Process Of Making A Profile

The Process Of Making A Profile

The profile creation process on the dating platform isn’t rocket science. Because of being synced with their Instagram profiles, the profiles get very easily created almost automatically. For example, the profile selects photos from the user’s Instagram account and shows them in a slideshow with a song selected by the user. Other information is also taken from the Instagram account but some fields may or may not be edited by the user.

If you have used Tinder then you are going to find Raya hookup app very similar to it. The functions are very similar and so is the profile creation process which comparatively is easier than the registration process considering the verification process.

Chat To Connect

Messaging on the app is only allowed if both the users like each other and it is a match. Just like Tinder, users on Raya are shown photographs and profiles of different people from the fields they belong to or are interested in. On liking a profile, the user is required to tap on the check sign and when not interested in someone, the user is required to hit the cross logo instead. When the profiles you hit the check sign for hit the same sign for you, you get notified and the chatbox connecting both the users open up. There is no other way to message a person, which is why setting up the profile impressively becomes very important on the app.

Devices You Can Access The Platform From

The Big Screen Computer Version

The Big Screen Computer Version

Unfortunately, the dating platform is a mobile application and not available as a desktop website. It may look like a limitation to many but given its exclusivity and quality, it truly isn’t. Also, as said before the platform follows the functionalities of Tinder which too is an app only. Not having a desktop version of this dating platform hasn’t affected the image or the popularity of this dating app on the Raya Review even a bit. Rather, the app makes sure of convenience.

The Small Screen Mobile App Version

The Raya mobile application is the only way to the exclusive celeb dating platform. But sadly, the app is only available to the iOS users, which means people using Android phones cannot even request for the registration. This means that other than meeting the influential requirements of the dating platform, one needs to have an Apple mobile phone as well, like another requirement. The app is available on the App Store to download and can be downloaded and installed on any iOS device at no cost.

Judging By The Look

Judging By The Look

The design and usability of the Raya online dating app are kept simple and yet cool. The interface is pretty modern and optimized for better speed and responses making sure that the app is apt for the elites who use it. The matchmaking process is very clean. While the app keeps one separate tab for matchmaking, there are other tabs for messages and notifications. The matchmaking tab shows you one profile at a time giving the photograph larger space and the information minimal so that your interest remains on the photograph. The next profile is only shown after the user makes a decision to whether or not they like or dislike the person by tapping on the button accordingly. The design and the layout of the app are very clean that steers away from all forms of confusion.

Finding Out

The navigation on the Raya online app is made to look very obvious based on human psychology. It is designed in sync with the app’s layout strategy which is to keep things simple and clear. This saves time for the users improving the user experience, without disturbing the cool look.

Raya- Pocket Pinch

Despite the exclusiveness and the target audience, the Raya dating app comes out as a cheap hookup site with an amazing profile quality. You get to connect with the rulers of the entertainment industry at a pocket-friendly price. The idea itself looks very dreamy and yet it is the reality that can only be experienced if accepted on the app. The monthly price of owning a membership at the Elite dating club is $7.99, which by the way is less than many dating websites available online. The membership cost for three months is $23.99 and for six months it gets unnaturally cheaper breaking all expectations with a mere $29.99 only.

This is the other catch on the app. If at all you do make it to the point where you are allowed to enter and use Raya online dating, you will not be allowed to take any further steps. Of course, you can but not without buying a membership. So the only thing that comes for free on the dating app is the registration after that even browsing through the profiles comes at a cost although not very expensive.

Process Of Payment

Process Of Payment

The process of buying a subscription plan is very simple on Raya mobile and rather is automatic. You don’t need to navigate to a particular page but are automatically redirected to it. Because nothing on the app comes for free. So after login, every new user is taken to the subscription page where the user is required to choose one of the three plans. Hitting next under the chosen plan takes the user to the next screen for making the payment. On the expiry of the plan, the user is again taken to the same page automatically.

Payment Modes For Subscription Plans

Raya hookup platform allows users to pay using credit cards and wallets only just like other existing dating platforms available online. The payment system is secure and protected as it is done through iTunes so the users don’t need to worry about online theft through the app. The app instructs the user in simple language to help him/her in making the payment easily and quickly.

Is The Dating Platform Secured?

The safety and security of Raya hookups are its most important features. Although most other dating websites offer that as well, the safety level on this dating platform is particularly kept very high. And for the obvious reasons. The members on the platform are extremely high profile which is the very reason, a user is thoroughly checked before giving him or her access. Also, the user behavior of each member is studied. This is the reason why members are warned instantly for taking a screenshot of a profile if they do. The app has a set of rules and regulations to abide by the users, anyone failing to do so can get themselves banned almost immediately.

Scam Protection

The strict verification system and continual moderation on the dating app are done to protect the exclusive members from scams. Thus, the one thing the app can be tagged with full points on Raya Review is 100% real users and no scam assurance.

Exclusive Features

Exclusive Features

The dating app in itself is very special. While the features on the platform are very similar to the very popular Tinder, its basic practice sets the app apart from all of its competitors. It is not the messaging, matchmaking or subscription that causes the app to be the talk of the town. But it is rather the exclusivity and the anonymous moderators on the app that builds and protects the image of the app which it’s credited with today. But there is more as well.

The app has a feature called Social that allows its users to find nearby local users of Raya mobile to meet up and chill. Along with the super cheap price considering the clientele of the application, it is this feature that makes things fun on the app. However, given the limited number of users and most of them coming from big cities like New York, the feature becomes useless for people overseas.

Conclusionary Words

It is like a dream platform for all the teens going crazy for the stars of the entertainment industry. Although not an easy deal to get in, once in there is no better feeling. The registration process is very strict and only allows the elite class which is the entry itself feels like an accomplishment. But it also indicates that one has to be a celeb herself/himself to enter the world of Raya. Extremely safe, the dating app has more to offer. Even with no local users, you may end up being friends with some of the biggies of the creative world and that too at a very affordable rate. If one has to sum up Raya Review in a few words, then the words should be ‘an experience.

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