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IamNaughty Review 2024 — Real Hookup Site or Scam?

IamNaughty Review 2024  — Real Hookup Site or Scam?
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Active Audience 54%
Quality Matches 97%
Popular Age 20-25
Profiles 2 800 000
Reply Rate 96%
Ease of Use 8.7
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It has a straightforward, casual nature.
  • The registration process is swift and easy.
  • IAmNaughty has simple to use chat features.
  • Everyone on this site wants the same thing — to have a lustful sexual encounter.
  • The verification process helps to weed out possible trolls and scammers.
  • As soon as you upgrade your account to a paid membership, it will be ad-free.
  • You have almost no chance of finding love on IAmNaughty.
  • The profiles aren’t very insightful.
  • There are many fake profiles.

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IamNaughty is not just a regular adult dating site. Unlike other services like Tinder, which targets people looking for love-filled relationships, IAmNaughty was made for those who are in search of thrilling, flirty encounters. It is notorious for its long line up of cougars and married women seeking an extramarital affair. And yes, this is a legit dating website so that you can set your mind at ease.

IAmNaughty is a very kinky adult dating platform. It targets single men or women looking to have sexual encounters with married women and horny cougars. This is an app for people with particular tastes, and as long as you are satisfied with that, you will have no problems. Unfortunately, there are many fakes, so you will have to filter through a lot to get to the real goodies.

How Does IamNaughty Work?

IamNaughty Review – Is This Dating Website Genuine or Fraud?

IAmNaughty is quite simple to use. Once you set up your page, you have options for using various functions to discover prospective partners; you are free to go straight to the point and get in touch with anyone you choose. However, having conversations with other users is not free. You can send a message for free, but as soon as you get a reply, you have to pay before you can view and respond to it. IAmNaughty makes use of basic search criteria, which include gender, age, online now, and with photo only, although advanced filters are available.

For instance, local searches are meant to help you discover people interested in dating around where you live. You can send videos to the people you’re talking to, as well as images. This makes it easier for you to flirt with a variety of hot women on IAmNaughty. You can also receive pictures and videos, which is cool. Considering the atmosphere, things can get heated quickly. You can also block specific individuals for them not to interact with you; this is a very resourceful tool when you consider the environment; you’re in where unwanted advances can occur.

You can view several profiles and galleries filled with pictures, making it easy for you to choose a match. However, most of these features will only be made available if you go premium. A free membership will not benefit you in the slightest.

Audience Analysis

IAmNaughty claims to be a global website, but it is limited to the USA. So, if you’re not from there, you can forget about this platform. Even then, it is limited to big cities only.

  • Gender
  • There are far more female users on IAmNaughty than male members. This is because the sight is aimed at married women who are tired of their boring marital sex lives and want to spice things up. It also targets older single women interested in casual sex. Unfortunately, a lot of the female accounts are fake.

  • Sexual Orientation
  • IAmNaughty has a mostly straight community. Diverse sexual orientation is not exactly restricted, but the website doesn’t target gay men. They are more interested in straight individuals and bisexual women. They do not provide a system that supports and appeals to people of diverse sexualities. This is one area where IAmNaughty fails majorly.

  • Age
  • Most of the users of IAmNaughty are within the mid-20s to mid-30s age range. No surprise, since it is a very niche dating platform that targets and appeals to a mainly younger audience. The women, however, are mostly in their 30s to mid-40s.

  • Ethnicity
  • IAmNaughty excels in this aspect: they have a very racially diverse community. Their service attracts and serves all ethnic groups: Black, White, Hispanic, among others, are pretty much balanced out, and there is no form of racial discrimination here.

Unique Features

IAmNaughty approach to adult dating has resulted in several vital features that force it to stand and attract a large customer base. The latter is filled with people who want to have wild sexual experiences. Because of this, they’ve made communication very simple and straightforward, implementing features that make communication easy and flirtatious. Their chat function is not just limited to sending texts but video calls and images as well. This is great for naughty chats and frisky communication.

IAmNaughty User-Friendliness

IAmNaughty is user-friendly, given that you’re loaded with money. This dating site requires you to pay for the most basic communication every step of the way. If you hope to have a conversation with another member, you have to have lots of money. Whether or not this makes it user-unfriendly will be left for you to decide. To be honest, this site does not give very much for what you’ll have to pay.

IAmNaughty, forcing you to cough up your way through every dialogue without the assurance of a hookup, doesn’t sound like a great deal. But there is always a possibility that it would get you the chance to meet hot women and spice up your sex life. As long as you meet their requirements, IamNaughty promises the opportunity of getting laid.

Website Design and Usability

The design of IAmNaughty is cringed. It is decidedly not inviting in the slightest and has a primitive interface, making it look like it was more of an experiment than a business venture. The site, however, is straightforward to use and doesn’t have glitches or nonsense common for dating apps.

All the features you need to succeed are there; however, you’ll have to pay to get access to them. If you refuse and decide to browse for free, you’ll have a very poor experience and won’t even get to talk to anyone, not to mention getting laid. So, don’t waste your time with the free membership if you want to have unlimited access.

IAmNaughty Mobile App

IAmNaughty does not have a mobile app right now. However, all its features can be accessed through the mobile site. You don’t need a program as long as you have any browser on your phone.

Customer Support

IAmNaughty customer support is reliable, and they are available 24/7. Unfortunately, their support is pretty bad, meaning that they only help you when you’re interested in making a purchase. They do reply very quickly, but won’t necessarily do the things they promise to, especially if you’re making a complaint.

Sign-Up Process and User Profile

IAmNaughty has a pretty simple registration process that is easy and uncomplicated. You can register within 10 minutes. It can be done even in a single step, by making use of your Google account. However, to get the best results, IAmNaughty requires you to drop your name, age, gender, password, and location.

They value conversations and interactions between users since that is where they make most of the money from. Because they value conversations, they make registration as easy as possible to allow you to get to the payable options with immediate effect. The disadvantage of this, however, is that many members are fake and may or may not be scammers.

How to Create an Account

To register with IAmNaughty, you will have to fill an application form that will require you to give out information such as your name, email address, age, password, and present location. If you’re not interested or patient enough to go through the long haul of questioning, you can sign up with your Google account. However, this means that afterward, you will have to update your profile information properly. If you don’t, everyone will assume you’re a scammer, which will lower your chances of success.

As soon as you get accepted, you should refresh the information to a standard of your choice, hurry up, so you can get matched quickly. As long as you don’t breach any terms and conditions, you’re good to go.

Profile Quality and Verification

IamNaughty Review – Is This Dating Website Genuine or Fraud?

There is no strict verification process on IAmNaughty; this site isn’t elitist in the slightest and accepts anyone with a Google account that can be verified. This means you don’t have to worry about getting approved and can focus on the next step — profile quality. However, this has the disadvantage of making the site free real estate for scammers, so you have to be very careful.

You must understand that on IAmNaughty, your profile determines your success rate. You should have a good profile picture that makes you look attractive; this way, more women will respond to your messages. Viewing other people’s profiles and albums is free, always remember that people want to be looked at. They will also scrutinize you, which is why you have to post beautiful pictures.

Search on IAmNaughty is a straightforward process. This option is available to both paid and free users. There is a toggle right on the website screen. You can now proceed to click on it. It will then take you to a filter section to fill in your preferences regarding the match that tickles your fancy. However, it must be noted that a member of IAmNaughty has to be on a paid subscription plan to message users and get replies in due time.

Matching and Chatting

If you want to get into a conversation with another person, you’re going to spend some cash because IAmNaughty charges money for one-to-one messaging, whether or not you’re the one who initiated it. This is done to make sure that you are serious about the whole affair. Once you’ve decided that this is what you want, the next thing would be to look through various profiles and albums to select the interlocutors.

You have to be sure about who you want to message because you’re going to be charged all through your conversation. To increase your chances of getting a reply, fill your profile thoroughly. The last thing you want is for people to think you’re a scammer.

Membership Options

IAmNaughty has two main membership options: paid and free. There is a big difference between both of them as it will affect your experience with this service. The free membership restricts your access to a lot of features. Paid membership, on the other hand, gives you the full functionality.

Free Membership

This option gives you free access to IAmNaughty for a month. Then you have to witch to the paid plan. While you’re browsing for free, you won’t be able to send or receive any messages. You might be able to look around and view profiles, but interactions are completely blocked for you.

Under the paid option, several plans give you access to the full capacities of IAmNaughty for varying periods. With a paid membership, you will have access to all the luxuries the site has to offer. You will be able to exchange messages and have unrestricted access to all the available features. You will also have an ad-free experience.


The options are:

Free membership – $0.00

Paid membership:

  • One month — $28.80
  • Three months — $49.99
  • Six months — $79.99

Cancelling Your Subscription

To cancel the IAmNaughty subscription, you have to send an email to their customer support or request a call. Once you have contacted them, they will get back to you almost immediately because this is a matter of money. Make sure to attach your proof of payment to the email you will be sending along with the reasons you’re canceling your subscription. Your money will not be refunded, so cancel it before you address the support representatives.

However, it doesn’t mean you have to delete your profile, as it will still be active.

Safety and Security

IAmNaughty is not exactly a safe place to be on the internet, especially if you’re not experienced with social interactions online. You shouldn’t give out any of your personal information. This is a straightforward place to be scammed; anyone with an email can gain access to this dating platform. It also leaves the problem of age. You can’t be sure that anyone here is 18 years old, IAmNaughty doesn’t have a very rigorous verification process for each person that joins their community. So, if you’re going to join IAmNaughty, you have to be very alert and suspicious.

IAmNaughty Competitors and Alternatives

IamNaughty Review – Is This Dating Website Genuine or Fraud?

IAmNaughty has some heavy competition in the industry. Among the major rivals are:

  • Tingle
  • This is a dating site for single men and women. It is very casual, and most people who visit it want sexual experiences with no strings attached stands or one-time sexual encounters. It uses a radar system that prevents you from viewing other profiles unless you ‘wink’ at them. It is an excellent place if you’re always DTF.

  • Disckreet
  • This is a hookup site where all the wild stuff happens. It is for people who would prefer to have sexual relations and do freaky stuff like have video sex and trade frisky pictures. This is less dating and more fun and sex.

  • Pure
  • Pure is a dating platform designed for people who want no strings attached sex and one-night stands. If you’re not looking for a committed relationship, this is for you. It is a very safe and private website where you’re fully protected.


If you don’t mind spending money and are interested in wild sexual encounters, then IAmNaughty is your destination. The site is not very secure, but if you’re alert, you will get what you came for. All in all, you should give it a try and decide for yourself.

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