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EquestrianSingles Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

EquestrianSingles Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
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Active Audience 76%
Quality Matches 96%
Popular Age 24-26
Profiles 1 600 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 6.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Good reputation;
  • Enough experience to provide high-quality services;
  • Excellent service for farmers and vets;
  • Diverse target audience;
  • Easy and free registration;
  • Exclusive chat area;
  • Viewing online users;
  • Advanced search option.
  • The database is not that big;
  • Niche-based dating site.

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The EquestrianSingles is a well-known dating website among horse lovers. It welcomes single people who want to meet people with shared interests and love to ride horses. If you belong to this particular group of people, then the EquestrianSingles site is the right choice for you to join. The website was created in 2001. It received a lot of high praise from numerous web critics. We think that it is the most enjoyable and secure dating website for all horse enthusiasts from all around the world. The website hosts a hundred thousand single people who love horses.

What Is EquestrianSingles All About: General Facts

EquestrianSingles Review: Connect With People Who Love Horses as Much as You Do

EquestrianSingles was created by a couple of horse owners. They saw that there was a demand for creating an exclusive network of like-minded single people who enjoy horse riding activities. Later the website was acquired by FarmersOnly. It has more than eight million active members from all around the world. Jerry Miller is the founder of FarmersOnly. He devoted more than fifteen years of his life to studying and developing the best and the most innovative online dating services. Jerry was communicating with the countless number of people from different spheres of life. It helped him to see that single people are much more open to joining a dating platform where the majority of members have similar lifestyles and interests. EquestrianSingles is a Equestrian dating site for like-minded people. By the way, EquestrianSingles was even featured on the super famous Oprah Winfrey TV show. It is definitely the leader in worldwide equestrian social networking.

This EquestrianSingles review is based on our deep analysis of the target audience. These horse riding experts or enthusiasts come from more than 200 countries. You have high chances to meet your riding buddies, competitors, and even love partners within this dating community. People from the countryside or other kinds of rural areas are welcome to join the EquestrianSingles community. The only condition is to love animals. The target audience of the website is diverse. There are farmers, vets, and horse riding beginners who want to share their experiences. You will meet a lot of people with the same interests and hobbies.

Key Features to Have Pleasant Dating Experience

The EquestrianSingles website has a unique feature called Discover, which is a simple way to view members’ profiles and photos. You have to press the Star icon if you like the image, or the X icon if you dislike the profile. Alternatively, you can use advanced search filters.

There are a lot of additional services:

  • High-quality horse products
  • Horse vet services
  • Ranch Real Estate Services
  • Program to rescue horses
  • Trailers

What Kinds of Members Can Join EquestrianSingles?

The website welcomes the following kinds of members to try the dating service:

  • Horse breeders
  • Equestrians
  • Farmers
  • Countryside people
  • Professional vets
  • And other animal lovers

Our Opinion About the Website Design and Usability

EquestrianSingles Review: Connect With People Who Love Horses as Much as You Do

We like the web design of this website. You can enjoy graphical content with horses, which is very heartwarming if you really love this animal. All functions work smoothly. The first moment you see it, you feel like joining the community of like-minded people.

Lack of the EquestrianSingles Mobile Application

Unfortunately, we have not found an official application of EquestrianSingles. However, you can access the website on your mobile device by using any web browser. This version is highly-adaptive, so you will not even notice the difference between using the desktop or mobile version.

Customer Support Team Will Help You

A lot of newcomers wonder how they can submit the customer support request.

If you face problems while logging in, you have to make sure you follow the correct procedures. If you can’t solve the issue by yourself, you can contact the Customer Support at [email protected].

Members who can log in, but face other technical, privacy, or security issues, can open the support ticket. You can be 100% sure that one of our customer support consultants will review the submission, analyze it, and send you the response as soon as possible for you to continue using the dating platform.

Here is how to open the support ticket:

  1. You have to log in to your EquestrianSingles account
  2. Press the Navigation Menu icon
  3. Press Support from the dropping down menu
  4. Finally, create a detailed message and press Submit

How Can New Users Create Their Profiles?

EquestrianSingles Review: Connect With People Who Love Horses as Much as You Do

Everybody has to fill the registration form, where you have to state whether you are looking for romance, friendship, or a horse-riding partner. If you look at the gender proportion, you will see a high percentage of female members. However, all members are active and friendly so that you will find interesting people without problems.

Joining the community is free of charge, but free members have limited access to some features. You have the right to search for matches, make your favorite lists, view profiles, but you are restricted from sending private messages.

Every EquestrianSingles account has to be approved before they get displayed on the site. It takes a couple of hours.

Your profile creation is a significant step. It is the place where a new member of EquestrianSingles can set or edit his or her personal information. You have to mention your name, gender, age, place of living, religion, educational background, and match preferences. You can add any kind of additional details if you want your future dates or friends to know about your lifestyle.

When you register on the website, the way you present yourself is fundamental to have a successful dating experience on the EquestrianSingles platform. It is the same as your first date with a person you like very much. It is also the way to decide whether you will have the second date with this person or not! This website is very loyal. You should be yourself and provide only real information.

In order to create a new EquestrianSingles profile, you have to do the following:

  1. You have to log into your personal account
  2. You must hover over the profile thumbnail
  3. Press the My Profile option
  4. Press Edit on the text placeholders that you want to add or modify
  5. After completing, you have to press Save

How to Sign-Up on This Dating Platform?

EquestrianSingles Review: Connect With People Who Love Horses as Much as You Do

The key secret to meaningful relationships inside this community is to stay honest and open. Building your profile that is a depiction of yourself is the only way to launch a successful relationship on this online dating platform. Your job is to provide an overview of your lifestyle, the main life goals, hobbies, and what kind of relationships you are dreaming about.

The Importance of Creating a Detailed and Beautiful Profile

When you fulfill your profile, it is essential to include a beautiful profile image. When uploading a pleasant and high-quality image, you increase your chances of meeting a new friend or life partner by ten times. We do not exaggerate! If you want to stand out and attract maximum attention, you should upload enough details and a few creative and professionally made photos.

As soon as you have registered, you should not wait too long to fulfill your profile. You should remember that empty profiles make other members feel suspicious about your personality. The sooner you provide your details and photos, the sooner you will start interacting with potential matches.

EquestrianSingles Search Mechanism to Find Matches

EquestrianSingles Review: Connect With People Who Love Horses as Much as You Do

Now let’s see how you can search for new members and potential matches. The website offers an essential search tool with filters. Also, you can use its unique Discover feature. It is the fastest way to view users’ profiles and photos. Note that all these displayed profiles are in your preferred target age group. You just have to decide whether you like this person or not. You can continue viewing until you find your perfect date. If you are interested, do not forget to press the View Profile button above their profile image.

All EquestrianSingles members can set or modify their search settings. Here is the guidance:

  1. Press the Advanced Search Filter icon
  2. Set the preferred search setting or choose other criteria
  3. Press the Search option

We have to warn you to check whether these setting adjustments have not modified the settings in your EquestrianSingles profile.

How Does Interaction Between Members Happen?

EquestrianSingles Review: Connect With People Who Love Horses as Much as You Do

After specifying your match preferences, the system will present your potential matches. You have to view these people to choose the best one for you. When you like someone, this person receives the notification. He or she can view your profile and like/dislike in return. If this person likes your photo, then it is time to connect with each other and start chatting. In case the person dislikes you, nothing will happen. You should continue your search without losing hope.

How to Upgrade Your Online Dating Account?

You can upgrade your EquestrianSingles account to premium membership. Follow the steps below:

  1. You must log into the EquestrianSingles account
  2. Press Upgrade
  3. Now, all premium subscription plans are displayed. You have to choose the best option for yourself
  4. You must submit the payment
  5. If you check your credit card statement, you will see EquestrianSingles.com
  6. Now your account is activated, and the subscription period starts from today

What payment types does the EquestrianSingles website accept?

You can pay with your credit/debit card or money orders. Make sure that your card is issued by Discover, Visa, or MasterCard. The website does not accept cards that are issued by American Express.

Does It Make Sense to Use a Free Version of the Site?

EquestrianSingles Review: Connect With People Who Love Horses as Much as You Do

As a free website user, you can create a new profile, view through a lot of profiles, have access to essential search tools with filters, send friend requests, and flirt with matching people. Also, when other people send you flirts or likes, you will receive notifications. The Standard Membership is the best option to test the dating website and its essential features. It is the way to see whether you are interested in members and whether they feel the same about you. However, if you want to communicate with people and exchange contact details, it is possible to do so after purchasing the premium subscription plan.

Why Should You Consider Purchasing a Paid Subscription?

As a premium user, you get the right to receive and to send an unlimited number of personalized messages. You can share photos to get to know each other better. You can check whether your match is online right now and ready to have a pleasant conversation. Also, premium users can check who has visited their profile recently. If you find someone annoying or rude, you can always block him or her or report to the customer support service.

Pricing for Using Premium Subscription Plans

  • The one-month subscription plan will cost you 24.95 USD.
  • The three-months subscription plan will cost you 29.95 USD or 9.98 USD per month.
  • The six-months subscription plan will cost you 34.95 USD or 5.82 USD per month

Cancelling Subscription Plan: Easy Step-By-Step Guidance

EquestrianSingles Review: Connect With People Who Love Horses as Much as You Do

A lot of EquestrianSingles members wonder how they can cancel their premium subscription plan. You can cancel it by doing the following steps below:

  • You must log into your EquestrianSingles account
  • Press the Navigation menu icon (see the top left side of your screen)
  • Press Settings
  • Finally, you have to click Manage Subscription and Cancel Subscription

If you face problems canceling your subscription by yourself, you have the right to open a customer support ticket. You just have to request a subscription plan cancellation. Your request will be considered within a day. The EquestrianSingles website takes subscription cancellations seriously. We can assure you that the method of canceling your premium membership online is the most reliable way. It is also the fastest way because it is activated immediately. If you contact the customer support team, you have to do it a bit before the auto-renewal billing time.

How to Protect Yourself on the Dating Platform?

EquestrianSingles Review: Connect With People Who Love Horses as Much as You Do

It is strictly prohibited to harass other members on this dating website. If this happens to you, you have to write a complaint to the admin, who will conduct the investigation. As a rule, serious actions are taken against such individuals. They can forget about the further usage of the EquestrianSingles community. You have to treat other members with respect and kindness.

Whenever you get an email from such a suspicious or rude member, you have to block him or her, and report using the reporting flag. EquestrianSingles takes the safety and security of all the clients immensely. If a member has a concern about safety or illegal activities, we recommend you to report the website and to notify the police. The admins work hard on removing all fake or suspicious accounts.

Online dating can be risky, anyways. We want to warn you that EquestrianSingles does not check its members for their criminal background. If you have the critical information about a particular user, you should submit the ticket and send it to the customer support team.

It is essential to determine inappropriate behavior as soon as possible. You have to trust your instincts and intuition. Remember that the website is not your private relationship counselor. The website welcomes a plurality of lifestyles, point of views, preferences, and tastes. So, respect others as you value your own rights.

EquestrianSingles uses modern and efficient technologies and tools to identify potential scammers. The website cares about the quality of your dating experience and takes serious measures to keep potential scammers as far as possible. We recommend you not to rush into relationships with people you barely know. You should never give money as well as your financial information to anybody. You should read Safe Online Dating Practices, which you can find on the EquestrianSingles official website.

Find Out Additional Alternatives to EquestrianSingles

EquestrianSingles Review: Connect With People Who Love Horses as Much as You Do
  • Match
  • EquestrianCupid
  • HorseAndCountryLovers
  • EquestrianDating
  • EquestrianDatingSite

Our Positive Final Verdict About This Dating Community

After writing a complete and detailed EquestrianSingles review, we came to the conclusion that it is one of the most unordinary dating websites we could ever see. It is nice that people who love horses and the countryside lifestyle have a unique online community to share their experience, tips, and recommendations. This dating site is more than a traditional human interaction. It is an online space to find new friends and share your life, love, and passion. You have high chances to meet your love here and build a family. Communication is delightful here because people have so much in common. It is important to have such a space where you can just relax and enjoy your online dating or friendship experience. When you meet people who know what they like, and they choose their countryside life consciously, you feel such a level of support and motivation to follow their example. It is time to share your story with the EquestrianSingles community. Join the website today! Good luck!

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