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Okcupid Review 2024 — Does It Really Work?

Okcupid Review 2024  — Does It Really Work?
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Active Audience 63%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 24-26
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 93%
Ease of Use 6.6
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • You can look through users’ profiles and interact with folks on the platform free of charge;
  • Intuitive design;
  • A wide array of gender as well as sexual orientation options;
  • Good question-based matching.
  • Too many free features scare away potential clients;
  • A poor choice of lovers in smaller towns and cities;
  • You can’t chat with groups of users;
  • Video and audio chatting is unavailable;
  • Poor verification options;
  • You can’t upload videos.

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Started in 2004, the Internet dating platform Okcupid happens to be one of the leading thematic resources worldwide. It boasts decent contacting features, enabling users to find a sweetheart easily. One of the most striking distinctive features of the project is that free messaging is available for interlocutors on the condition they really like each other.

The platform is updated on a regular basis, opening new opportunities to find lovers. Its mobile application is recognized as one of the best dating apps in the market niche. Keep viewing this Okcupid article to learn more on the subject.

Okcupid: How It Operates?

Okcupid: Should You Try It?

The online resource enables users to instantly get down to choosing matches, using quite attractive free options. You won’t be charged for sending letters to your potential sweethearts. Those who need to make the most of the platform are bound to stick with the A-list feature. As a result, they can change their usernames, store a lot of messages, cycle through profiles anonymously, and enjoy advanced search options.

On the platform, matching is built around questions you’re expected to answer. Therefore, each profile visited by you acquires a certain percentage of match compatibility. Respectively, being aware of this percentage, it’s possible to make concrete conclusions.

Okcupid Audience

With 50 million registered users around the globe, Okcupid turns out to be one of the most populated online dating resources today. The vast majority of users come from Canada, Great Britain, and the United States. Male users definitely dominate the site. Every day, you can see approximately 100,000 users online.

The 25-34 age range is a common thing on the dating project. As a rule, these are young specialists seeking suitable partners. Users look for different types of relationships. Among them, one can mention hookups, making new friends, long-term or short-term dating.

Not so long ago, Okcupid mostly had to do with hookups. Now many folks on the dating website seek serious relationships. By the way, when it comes to messaging, male members seem to be more active compared to female ones.

As on other dating platforms, apart from heterosexuals, the site also welcomes bisexual, lesbian as well as gay users. The platform’s gender diversity can amaze anybody because the website offers to choose from 22 sexual orientations as well as 13 gender identities. A great number of dating resources today don’t offer anything else except for traditional female and male users. As you see, in this regard, Okcupid is far more diverse.

Okcupid Major Features

Okcupid: Should You Try It?

Needless to say, any modern online dating resource comes with a slew of special features making matching a more pleasant and absorbing thing. In this regard, Okcupid isn’t inferior to the vast majority of its competitors. Let’s have a look at how the popular platform can positively change your dating experience.

  • See Who Likes You: Only premium users can utilize it. If you shift to the Likes tab, it will become clear who really likes you.
  • Boost: If you take advantage of this amazing feature, the profile of yours will be showcased in search outcomes more frequently.
  • Okcupid Blog: Here you can learn how to benefit from the dating project, in particular, its advanced app. Moreover, here you can grasp a bunch of worthy dating tips. As a result, you’ll enjoy greater chances of picking up a lifetime lover.
  • Double Take: That’s a perfect matching solution. Here you’re expected to swipe to both sides, thus accepting or rejecting provided candidates in a roulette-type interface.

Okcupid: Is It User-friendly Enough?

Certainly, user-friendliness appears to be one of the major nuances online dating enthusiasts consider when assessing a new platform for their love affairs. Let’s see how user-friendly Okcupid is:

Okcupid Usability and Design

Anyone coming to the platform notes that everything on the site is visually appealing. Those who developed the site user interface did a good job of making it neat, fairly simple, and stylish. It’s very easy to reach out to the necessary feature here. Everything is accessible via the tabs located at the top site menu.

Okcupid makes use of catchy shades of white and blue – it can hardly make your eyes feel tired. Notifications on the website are highlighted with the pink color. All the elements occupy the right place and nothing distracts from the dating process.

Reaching Hot Babes on the Go

Accessing lovers on the fly is a very suitable thing. If you are intrigued by this opportunity, take advantage of the Okcupid mobile application. With just one hand, you can reach all the necessary features, just rush to the bottom of the screen.

Perhaps, the best advantage of the application is that the product is fairly good for utilizing the Double Take feature. In this regard, it’s more convenient compared to desktop version. If you have a very strong interest in the proposed candidacy, you require swiping right. Respectively, by swiping left, the person rejects the potential lover. Additionally, each time you view a member’s page via that feature, you see a window offering you to send him or her a letter.

You can also set notifications to be timely informed of new messages, updates as well as matches.

Customer Support: Is It Responsive Enough?

If you need help, then the first thing you need to do is to opt for the FAQ section. There you require utilizing corresponding keywords to spot the necessary issue. In case of an inability to find the solution to your issue, feel free to opt for their customer support. Contact them via a form or messenger on the site.

Let’s Create an Account

Okcupid: Should You Try It?

The first step on any dating Internet project is certainly registration. Okcupid also expects you to create an account. It will enable you to enjoy the full-fledged use of the platform. An average user doesn’t have any difficulty in registering with Okcupid. Let’s have a closer look at the process.

Signup Procedure

As a new user, you require filling out a corresponding form. It will take you about five minutes. Specify your email, date of birth, name, to say nothing of your location. If you are reluctant to utilize the standard registration form, create an account via Facebook.

That’s not all. Get ready to ask a slew of questions. It’s up to you to disclose your habits, relationship expectations, religion, preferences, your sexual orientation, etc. As a matter of fact, your response to the quiz will help the dating project to set the matching algorithm to cater to your specific needs.

Talking About Verification and Profile Quality

At the top of the home page, there’s the person’s photo gallery as well as a profile summary. As a rule, most users use short sentences to depict their personalities. Well, it’s very easy to assess any Okcupid profile since it rolls out the person’s reply to the quiz. This data determines the compatibility percentage between the chosen person and you. What’s more, to see this percentage, view the chosen profile via the Double Take feature or the search filter.

Besides this, the Internet dating platform expects you to have your account verified. That’s a sound approach. It’s positive not only for you but also for other members because it grants an absolute guarantee that you’ll deal with real lovers on the platform.

A simple way to protect your dating account is to have your telephone number verified. Moreover, if you need ultimate security, then you can’t do without two-factor authentication. So, with each attempt to log in from a new device, the site will send you a special code to your smartphone. By inputting the code, it’s possible to access your dating account. By the way, you don’t require entering your password once again if you provide your telephone number.

Not so long ago, users didn’t need to add telephone numbers. Today, Okcupid demands it. Respectively, if you face any technical glitches with your handset or are reluctant to add your phone, it only remains to close your account. Additionally, if you require assistance, feel free to reach out to their support team.

Search: a Bunch of Crucial Details

Okcupid: Should You Try It?

In fact, searching appears to be the most effective way to spot lovers. In order to start your love journey on the dating project with the desktop version, you should utilize the Browse Matches section. With the mobile application, make use of the Match Search section. You will see potential lovers. The outcomes are determined by default search filters, taking into account your gender, location, age, etc. Modify your search at any time by introducing extra options such as interests, for example. By the way, Okcupid A-List members have an opportunity to add such options as Body Type as well as Attractiveness.

Search outcomes are presented in the grid format. Keep scrolling down if you are willing to obtain more summaries. As a matter of fact, the application enables you to do the same. In this case, you require scrolling horizontally.

The summaries feature the major profile pictures, the persons’ first name, their location, age, not to mention their match percentage. Once you notice a green dot on the person’s profile, you can be assured that he or she is online now. Furthermore, a blue dot stands for recent changes such as new messages or settings that were configured after you last time visited the profile. Besides this, a blue line under the key picture points to a fresh notification. Meanwhile, a gold circle around a picture tells that somebody has had your profile appreciated.

While conducting the search, tap/click on the necessary profile to view this stuff. You can read the profile’s description and pictures. Additionally, it’s possible to assess the available match percentage. In case of your satisfaction with the person’s page, tap on the star icon to have it liked. Respectively, if you don’t need it, simply drag it to the left. Alternatively, use the X icon.

How to Chat and Spot Matches

The dating website encourages active member participation, thus generating a unique dating space. Apparently, your reply to the proposed quiz helps to determine worthy candidates for you. Each match question consists of five parts:

  • Your reply
  • Your quiz
  • The same question from your interlocutor
  • The anticipated response
  • The indication that this particular question appears to be crucial to you

Try to reply to as many questions as you can because, in this case, the service will provide you with lovers meeting your expectations.

When looking through the member’s page, click/tap on the Match Percentage in order to have your match responds compared with his or her ones.

User interaction on Okcupid is also available in the form of quirky essays such as “That’s the gloomiest song ever sung.” Such essays normally consisting of several paragraphs and assist other folks in getting to know you much better. Furthermore, these essays do not have an impact on the match percentages of yours. Aside from that, they can greatly facilitate your search and can assist other folks in spotting you.

You require coming to the Who You Like web page to evaluate the persons’ profiles that deserved your likes. Such profiles are marked with a message button. Accordingly, click on it to get down to communication.

Unlike its numerous competitors, Okcupid allows to write and send letters to other users absolutely for free. Make use of the Double Take feature to see who sent you a letter. The member’s letters will be sent to the conversation web page if you exchanged likes with him or her.

Major Subscription Types

Okcupid: Should You Try It?

As the vast majority of Internet dating projects, Okcupid provides two major types of subscription. Of course, these are a paid membership and a free one. Let’s see what to expect from them.

Free Subscription: You’ll Be Pleasantly Surprised

The dating project is generous, and the number of services accessible for free is impressive. So, free users are allowed to:

  • Obtain and send letters
  • Create a profile
  • Get familiar with a list of Mutual Likes
  • Search for lovers
  • Look through other user profiles
  • Take advantage of the Double Take feature
  • Be aware of all the potential lovers

Okcupid provides two types of premium subscription: A-List Basic as well as A-List Premium. Both types are automatically renewed.

  • A-List Basic members are ranked higher in search outcomes. They can obtain the entire list of users interested in them. Besides this, A-List Basic users can take advantage of advanced search filters, such as body type as well as attractiveness. Moreover, they have the possibility to send likes without any limits. Aside from that, A-List Basic members aren’t bothered by advertisements.
  • A-List Premium users can enjoy everything accessible to both free as well as A-List Basic users. Moreover, they can use the Daily Auto Boost feature to ensure more views of their profiles by other users. Their letters have the highest priority – they always occupy the top of the conservation page. Additionally, A-List Premium users can access better matches. Finally, they can learn everybody’s public response to the quiz before they’re replied.

Okcupid: Should You Try It?

How Much Do You Need to Pay?

A-List Premium

  • One-month subscription – $34.90
  • Three-month subscription – $89.70
  • Six-month subscription – $149.40

A-List Basic

  • One-month subscription – $19.95
  • Three-month subscription – $44.85
  • Six-month subscription – $59.70

How to Cancel Your Subscription

To do this, you require going to the section Account Settings.

Security and Safety

The dating site makes a huge effort to ensure sufficient security. For this purpose, the dating platform implements the latest encryption technology. It’s also up to members to be on guard of their security. They require making sure that their personal settings exclude many unwanted things. Users should take reasonable precautions when communicating with other members.

If your privacy is violated or you are facing another issue, take advantage of report or block buttons in your profile.

The Most Notable Rivals

Okcupid: Should You Try It?

Of course, Okcupid isn’t the only worthy dating project. There are other no less impressive dating websites.

  • Match: It comes with plenty of unique features. Experts note its effective matchmaking process.

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  • EHarmony: It also boasts a complex matching system. Additionally, the platform focuses on serious relationships.

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  • Zoosk: This user-friendly resource is known for its behavioral matchmaking.
  • Plenty of Fish: It’s fairly affordable for paid members. Its matchmaking is based on intense questionnaires.

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If you need to find a sweetheart, Okcupid will undoubtedly help to meet this objective. Whether you are interested in serious relationships or hookups, the reputable online dating platform can help you to get to the right person. You just need to register on the platform, look for matches, and start communicating with people you’re interested in. The Internet dating project is especially popular with users aged 20-30. If you want to count on the best matches, it makes sense to purchase a premium membership. You will not regret staying with Okcupid.

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