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DatingReviewer is a free online resource created to help users compare and choose the right dating platform. The site does not contain useful data on each dating site or offer you can find on the Internet.

The website operators obtain various advertising compensations offered by companies, which you can see on the site. It makes an impact on the location, order of products or services presentation, as well as our rating of their site.Consider that the compensation we receive does not influence our evaluation of the content, topics, and posts of a dating site. We base our ratings, opinions, and additional information on various criteria, including the website`s reputation, brand market share, conversion rates, and consumer interest in general.

In terms of use, we determined the main norms necessary for using We assume that you fully agree with these regulations if you access this website. Please, terminate the website use if you disagree or do not accept the terms listed here.

Here are the basic terminology widely used in the website’s terms of use, privacy statements, and disclaimer notice and agreements: “client,” “you,” and “your” make reference exactly to the person who visits the site and accepts DatingReviewer`s terms of use. “The Company,” “We,” “Our,” “Us,” and “Ourselves” are used when our website is mentioned. “Party,” “parties,” or “us” make reference to the user and our site. We refer to these terms to offer, accept, and consider payment that is obligatory in order to be helpful to the user in the best possible way. We apply to different means such as fixed-duration formal meetings to make sure the Client is satisfied with the services/products offered by the Company that comply with and correspond to the US law. The above-mentioned terminology may be used in singular and plural forms, capitalized and/or interchanged with the pronouns: he, she, they, but note that they are referring to the same.


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Nowadays, many interactive websites, including DatingReviewer, are using cookies for retrieving the details of each user`s visit. We ensure the website functions and facilitates users` experience with the help of cookies. You can find them in some website parts, and they simplify your access to our service. Please take into account that our affiliates have the possibility to use cookie files as well.


Except indicated otherwise, all intellectual property and material on DatingReviewer belong to the Site and its licensors. All rights for the information are reserved. You can read as well as make hard copies of only for your personal use in accordance with the limitations presented in our terms of use.

Users are forbidden to: Repost content from Retail, lease, and license content from Replicate, duplicate or make copies of content from Share out content from (except the case when it was particularly made for distribution).

1. We do not require written approval to make a link to the DatingReviewer website from the following organizations: Governmental institutions; Search devices; News services; The online distributors can link to the website if they put DatingReviewer in the directory list, similarly to the manner they link to other listed businesses’ Websites; as well as Systemwide Accredited Businesses (but not soliciting non-profit, charity organizations or groups dealing with raising funds that link to the website at will).

2. The homepage, publications, or other website data is open to hyperlinking if the link: 1. isn’t misleading in any way; 2. doesn’t presuppose a hidden authorization, sponsorship, or endorsement of the party that makes a link, including services it offers; and 3. is appropriate within the site of the party that makes a link.

3. The following organization types may require hyperlink placement on our website that we can take into account and make approval following our opinions and views: Popular data resources for consumers and organizations; charity groups and associations, including charity websites, distributors of online directories; web portals; organizations dealing with businesses: law, accounting, consulting companies, establishments of education, and trade organizations.

DatingReviewer is to consider and allow these organizations to hyperlink after the following approvals: 1. the hyperlink they place won’t make a disadvantageous impact on our website or licensed organizations (for instance, we do not allow to link commercial associations or similar organizations that represent suspicious business types, such as offers of remote work); 2. the company didn’t experience unsuccessful cases while working with the DatingReviewer website; 3. we have the obvious benefit from the presence of the link on DatingReviewer that outweighs its absence and 4. the link fits the website environment and corresponds to editorial newsletter material or similar products/services that follow the organization’s mission.

These organizations can hyperlink to the website’s homepage, articles, or other data available on the website as long as the link: 1. doesn’t mislead in any way; 2. doesn’t imply hidden authorization, sponsorship, or endorsement of the party that links, including its offers; and 3. is appropriate within the party website.

If the user is from one of those organizations named in the second paragraph and wants to link to DatingReviewer, they should send us an email notification. They need to add their own name, the name of their organization, contact information, including email address or phone number. They have to indicate their website URL, the URLs list they set out to hyperlink to our website, as well as our site’s URLs list they are going to hyperlink to. The response may take us from two to three weeks.

The organizations that got the approval can make a link to the DatingReviewer website with the help of: the name of our organization; linked URL that is a web address; the other sensible DatingReviewer descriptions or linked material that fits the party website. It’s forbidden to use the logotype or other works of art to link without having an agreement of trademark license.


You cannot employ frames on the website pages or other altering techniques for the website’s visual representation if you do not owe prior approval and written permission.

Content Liability

We are neither liable nor bear responsibility for the information you see on the website of yours. You agree to reimburse and protect us from the applications that are connected to your Website. Your Website shall not contain any libelous, obscene, or illegal data. The content that infringes, violates anyone’s rights, or supports illegal actions shall not be found on any page of your Website.

Rights Reservation

You agree to take away a certain link or all links from our Website following our request that is based upon our rights. We can change the linking policy and these terms at any moment. If a user wants to start and/or continue the cooperation, they need to consider and accept these terms of use concerning the linking procedure.

Unacceptable links, which you may encounter on the DatingReviewer website, will be reviewed after your application. The DatingReviewer website will take into account your requests but does not have any obligation to remove the links or write to the user directly. We ensure the information available on the site is accurate and, at the same time, our site does not justify its comprehensiveness and validity; the website’s availability or the fact that the data on DatingReviewer up-to-date is not ensured.


We eliminate all warranties, depictions, and conditions associated with the website and its use (including any legal warranties in respect of good quality, purpose fitness, and the usage of appropriate concern as well as skills) to the maximum extent allowed by current legislation.

This disclaimer does not contain anything that will: restrict or/and cease your or our accountability for negative outcomes as a result of negligence; restrict or eliminate your and our website’s accountability for dishonest falsification; restrict in any manner your or our site’s accountabilities that is not allowed according to the current legislation; or eliminate any of your or our site’s accountabilities that may not be eliminated according to the given legislation.

The restrictions and exclusions of accountability available in this part and elsewhere in this renunciation: 1.correspond to the foregoing part; 2. administer all liabilities corresponding to the disclaimer or in relation to the subject matter of this renunciation, including liabilities originating from this contract for duty infringement.

The DatingReviewer site and its information are available to your disposal for free; thus, our website doesn’t bear responsibility for any negative outcomes of your communication experience.