Vs. Plenty of Fish: Join the One That Suits Your Needs the Most
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Tinder Vs. Plenty of Fish: Join the One That Suits Your Needs the Most

Tinder Vs. Plenty of Fish: Join the One That Suits Your Needs the Most

Finding love offline has become outdated in recent years. People these days are more into online dating when looking for new interests. Have you ever tried online dating apps? If not, then we have two great sites to suggest to you – Tinder and POF. If you are already into romance forums, you must have heard the name of these sites before. Hands down, almost everybody knows how popular these platforms are.

In today’s guide, we will compare Tinder vs. POF to conclude which site bags the winning position. Our experts have tried their best to draw a perfect comparison related to all the site factors. So, are you excited to find out the winner? If you said yes, then do not wait any longer and delve into the article now!

The First Impression: Tinder Vs. POF

Both Tinder and POF are great places to find love. POF is much older than most other dating sites available online, and probably this is why people have immense trust in this platform. However, when it comes to popularity, Tinder is rated higher by our experts. Tinder is a dating app used in almost all countries. Hence, it is globally famous. But Plenty of Fish is more prevalent in the UK, Canada, and the US. Other than these significant countries, POF’s charm is not felt by all. But still, people who prefer serious relationships go for POF as Tinder can’t serve that best. Stick with us until the end to know more!

Functional Differences: Tinder Features Vs. POF Features

Both the sites come with some awesome features. Before we delve into the similarities and differences of the platforms, let us give you a glimpse of the features of both Tinder and POF.

Some of the Tinder features are:

  • Boost and Super Boost: These features allow you to increase your visibility on the site.
  • Rewind: If you want to bring back a profile you just swiped left, use this feature.
  • Traveler Alert: LGBTQ members can use this feature to hide their profiles in places where their community is banned.
  • Super Like: If you like someone a lot, let them know that by hitting on Super Like.
  • Noonlight: While going on a date, use this feature to alert your close ones about any potential danger.

Now, read the features of POF below:

  • Chemistry Predictor: It is a series of multiple questions. The answers will help the site decide your type.
  • Nearby: Using this feature, you can locate potential matches in your locality.
  • Super Yes: Here, too, if you like someone sincerely, send them a Super Yes.
  • Today’s Catch and Tokens: You can use these features to boost profile visibility.
  • Meet Me: If two members select this feature, they can start text chatting immediately.
  • Self-care Resources: It’s a unique pandemic feature to keep you healthy and happy.

Now that you know the features, it’s time that you know the differences and similarities between the two dating apps. The differences are given in the table below:

Tinder Plenty of Fish
  • It is more suited for hookups.
  • The mobile app looks better on screen.
  • It comes with special benefits for LGBTQ members.
  • It comes with a feature to enable safety during a date.
  • The success rate is comparatively lower when it comes to long-term commitments.
  • The profiles are not much detailed.
  • It is a better place to look for serious commitments.
  • The mobile app design can be improved further.
  • All members get to use the same features irrespective of their gender or sexuality.
  • It comes with a feature to keep the members safe during the pandemic.
  • The success rate of happily married couples is much higher.
  • Requires a lot of profile details for matchmaking.

The similarities between two Tinder and POF are fewer, but still, our experts have listed them in the table below:

Tinder Plenty of Fish
  • You can increase your profile visibility by using Boost and Super Boost.
  • If you are highly interested in a member, you can send them a Super Like.
  • Tinder is open to people of all genders and sexualities.
  • It is available in both desktop and mobile versions.
  • You can boost your visibility by using Today’s Catch and Tokens.
  • In case you like a member too much, send them a Super Yes.
  • POF embraces members irrespective of their gender or sexuality.
  • You can use the site on any device as per your comfort.

These are the differences and similarities between Tinder and POF. Below, we have discussed more of its differences in detail. Keep reading to learn more!

Biggest Advantages of Tinder and POF

Both Tinder and POF come with some incredible advantages that make the customers love them so much. The benefits provided by them are the primary reasons why the apps are rated highly in the market. In case you are wondering which advantages we are talking about, it would be best if you read below:

Tinder POF
  • It is trendy and has received a lot of positive responses in the past.
  • You can choose your match easily by swiping left and right.
  • The customer support team is super helpful.
  • People who are looking for fun casual sex can meet the best matches here.
  • You can join the site for free.
  • It has a high success rate and is known for establishing genuine relationships.
  • The matchmaking process is quite detailed, which ensures you will meet a compatible partner.
  • Whenever stuck, you will get quick help from the support team.
  • If you are someone finding a lifetime partner, POF will serve you right.
  • Most of the features can be used for free.

Biggest Drawbacks

There are hardly any dating platforms made that do not contain drawbacks. Everything in this world has both pros and cons. We have already shared the benefits with you. Now, it’s time that you know the drawbacks of the site. Read below to find out:

Tinder POF
  • The number of fake profiles is increasing daily.
  • The profiles are not so detailed.
  • Matchmaking is based on external factors like the picture of a person.
  • The login process takes a bit longer.
  • Due to the strict matchmaking system, there are fewer daily matches.
  • The paid membership is a bit costly.

Even though these drawbacks exist, one can easily enjoy the sites if they focus on the benefits. After viewing the pros and cons of the platforms, experts concluded that POF wins in this segment. It is overall a better option for those who want to enjoy a proper long-term relationship. Stay hooked to learn about the interface, pricing, and so on!

Interface Differences: Which Is More User-Friendly?

The usability of a site matters a lot. A dating platform can contain thousands of features yet not work for people because of its complex interface. So, let us find out which website between Tinder vs. POF has a better user interface!

Who Has Better Design or Overall Aesthetics?

The design of both the apps looks more or less good on the mobile screen. But when compared in-depth, it is seen that Tinder has a more elegant aesthetic than POF. The layout of Tinder looks pleasing to the eyes and is nowhere close to complications. However, even if you are using Tinder, you must know the basic icons’ proper meaning. It will help you use the freebies in a better manner. Plenty of Fish also has a decent design, but the team could work a bit harder to make the design look more stylish. When on-screen, it seems like POF hasn’t updated its layout for a long time. Hence, here we choose Tinder as the winner!

Now coming to the interface, here, too, Tinder steals the show. It is so because people find the swiping feature of Tinder much more accessible than the detailed POF questionnaire. Swiping left and right saves a lot of time and increases the chances of matching with interest, whereas POF’s complex matchmaking process takes a longer time. Even though Tinder stands out here, POF provides better results for the time spent.


The availability of the sites are:

Tinder POF
iOS Yes Yes
Android Yes Yes
Desktop Yes Yes

As you can see, both Tinder and POF win here!

Tinder and POF User Base: Demography and Popularity

Tinder is more popular than POF because it is widely used in several countries. On the other hand, POF has been remarkably popular in places like the UK, US, and Canada. That is why the member activity is higher on Tinder. The site consists of members from age bracket 18 to 55. The younger people dominate the platform as most of the members are around 18 to 35 years old. But even if you are older, there are chances to find a mate on Tinder.

Plenty of Fish is a better place for young adults and older people. The age bracket dominating here is around 25 to 35 years old. You can also find teenagers here, but the number is much less. It is so because most people join POF for lifetime commitments. However, teenagers do not look for such love; they are more into hookups. Hence, Tinder serves them better.

In terms of popularity and demography, Tinder is announced as the winner by the experts!

Men and Women Proportion

Tinder has a higher percentage of male users, which is around 65% of the total. The females are comparatively lesser on this platform. Plenty of Fish, too, has a higher percentage of men, about 60%. But the females here are much active and hence, balance the minor disproportion. In this field, POF wins because you can equally connect with both men and women for dating purposes.

Profile Details and Settings

While creating a Tinder profile, you could either choose to put in a lot of info about yourself or skip the part by providing fewer details. You can offer less information but uploading a few genuine pictures is a must. Potential matches won’t bother to connect if your profile lacks photos of you. On Plenty of Fish, you have to provide a lot of details. When you open a profile of interest, you can find almost every minute detail in front of your eyes. Here, too, uploading pictures is a must.

Therefore, POF wins when judged based on profile details.

The settings provided by both platforms are pretty decent. Hence, in terms of settings, it is a tie between Tinder vs. POF.

Tinder Vs. POF: Searching & Matching System Differences

Let’s give you a glimpse on what are the chances of matching on Tinder or POF!

Chances to Find Serious Relationship

If you are not into casual sex but are more interested in sharing a serious relationship, Plenty of Fish is your zone. Tinder can help you find lifetime commitment but with many difficulties because it is a pro in hookups. POF has a detailed matchmaking system that focuses on the compatibility between two people. Hence, POF wins in offering long-time commitments.

Chances to Find Casual Hookups

If you are in no mood for severe attachments and looking for casual sex fun, then Tinder will be your best place. POF does not promote casual hookups as it believes in providing genuine relationships only. So, Tinder wins when you are looking for steamy hookups!

User Safety and Fake Profiles

Both Tinder and POF are safe for the users. They have invested enough time and effort to create a website that keeps the data of the members safe and secure. Hence, any info you provide here won’t get leaked. Also, both Tinder and POF have fake profiles. The number is increasing these days. The brands are trying their best to ban both accounts. So, in this criteria, it is a tie between Tinder vs. POF.

User Verification Process

Both Tinder and POF have their user verification processes when you sign-up to their portal. Tinder will send you a verification message on your email or phone number. Once you confirm it, you can fill in the rest of the profile details. POF, on the other hand, has an anti-robot verification process. This method works the best to protect a site from bot accounts. So, POF gets the upper hand here!

Moderation Process: Reporting Fake Accounts and Scam

Tinder and POF both allow their users to report or block members. If you register an account as fake or bot, the sites check the profiles and take action. So, in this case, both win!

Pricing and Upgrades

Tinder Gold under 28 pricing chart is:

Time Cost per month
1 month $14.99
6 months $8.83
12 months $6.92

Plenty of Fish pricing chart is:

Time Cost per month
2 months $19.35
4 months $12.75
8 months $10.18

Tinder is also available in various other plans. You can check that out in the Tinder full review link given further in the guide. Till then, read on!

Free Version: Features Available

The free features available in Tinder and POF are given below:

Tinder POF
  • Free registration
  • Messaging feature
  • Matches
  • One super life for each day
  • Locate nearby members
  • Uploading photos
  • Free sign-up
  • Text and voice messaging feature
  • Matches
  • Entry to forums
  • See members who stay nearby
  • Taking the Compatibility Predictor test

The free features provided by POF are better than the ones offered by Tinder. So, here, POF wins between Tinder vs. Plenty of Fish.

Final Verdict: The Prize Goes to…..

Our experts have gone through the details and concluded that Tinder is the Tinder vs. POF battle winner. Even though POF is better for serious relationships and superb matches, Tinder has an overall better interface, features, and popularity. Are you intrigued to find out more about the winning site? Read the full Tinder review now!

Or check out our full POF review if you feel like it will suit you better.

Also, before leaving, do tell us which of the two dating apps will you join? We are eager to know!

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