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OkCupid vs. Tinder: The Two Most Well-Known Dating Sites Compared

OkCupid vs. Tinder: The Two Most Well-Known Dating Sites Compared



Tinder is among one of the most popular dating sites globally, where people could find potential matches based on their interests and preferences. While trying out Tinder, the first thing that’s quite evident is your preference for distance, gender, and age range. Tinder seamlessly finds appropriate matches, and users can swipe to like or dislike other posted profiles on their feed.

Tinder is also popularly known to introduce the swipe culture in dating apps. It also has an extremely user-friendly interface to update their bio and show interest in potential matching profiles. Tinder also has a unique feature of super like, which instantly gets you connected with a possible match and starts up a conversation. However, users can reject or like a profile based on their commitment to a relationship.

The concept of Tinder revolves around the traditional dating culture but aims to reduce the physical space between strangers and encourage interactions and connect individuals. Using Tinder is easier than most dating websites. Users have to create a profile including relevant information like their current location, gender, age, distance, and potential gender preferences for a date. Tinder claims that its algorithm is designed to be open for all kinds of people and prioritizes each user on their platform.


OkCupid is one of the most best dating sites to find potential matches based on compatibility factors and personal interests. The platform is known to get people connected with high levels of matchmaking and filtering while throwing light on various social issues and encouraging multiple relationships. The popular dating app started in 2004 and has since created a robust user base that focuses on diversity and inclusivity.

OkCupid is known to adapt to modern cultural trends and encourage lasting connections with various methods of matchmaking. Users can select their preferred partner based on their compatibility and common interests, and the OkCupid algorithm seamlessly connects individuals.

Making a profile on OkCupid is relatively more accessible with a price point that does not disappoint. OkCupid is known to offer 22 gender identities, 13 sexual orientations and has incorporated a dedicated space on each user’s profile for preferred pronouns. Users need to answer a few questions before setting up a profile on OkCupid and provide inputs on various personal traits like needs, hobbies, wishes, and much more.


Tinder Features

Some of the most attractive and interesting features of Tinder includes:

  • Facebook/Phone Number Login: Users on Tinder have the option to log in and set up an account with their original Facebook IDs or their phone numbers. It helps make the registration process easier and increasingly convenient for most users.
  • Geolocation: The Geolocation feature of Tinder helps provide accurate results of nearby partners based on a user’s interest and profile details. It allows users of the platform to find potential partners sharing similar interests nearby easily without much hassle.
  • Search Filtering: Users on Tinder can filter their searches and find partners over a range of criteria and profile detail of options. Users can hence search for specific profiles and get connected instantly.
  • Swipe: Among all the features on Tinder, the swipe feature is on the top. It allows users to select and match with profiles based on one swipe. Users can either reject or show interest in a profile by swiping left or right. Users have access to 100 swipes per day, while paid users do not have a daily limit.
  • Match: The Match is a crucial feature in selecting your desired partner. Two profiles get “Matched” only when they mutually swipe right and like each other’s profile. Once Matched, these users can further interact and text each other to start a conversation.
  • Chat: The Chat feature in Tinder helps users interact with one another and set up a date. This Chat feature is enabled only once both the profiles get connected and like each other’s profiles.
  • Super-Like: The Super Like feature can be enabled by swiping up on a user’s profile. Super-Like helps make your interest in someone’s profile evident, and the profile is tagged with a blue star in your account. The Super-Liked profile gets an update instantly about your interest in them, and your profile is displayed with a blue banner. It increases the chances of getting a match three times than the traditional swipe and like method.
  • Boost: Boost is a popular paid feature on Tinder where people could pay a certain amount and get their profile ranked highest in the Geolocation for higher each and increased likes on their profile. Users who purchase Tinder Plus, Gold, or Platinum get one free boost per month. The boost lasts for 30 minutes and increases the chances of your profile being explored.
  • Unlimited Rewind: The Unlimited Rewind Feature helps rewind your past swipes and correct any wrong left or right swipes. It is popular among users who accidentally left swiped on a profile they were interested in. This feature is made available only to Plus, Gold, and Platinum users.
  • Passport to Swipe: It is a paid feature where people could set up their next vacation destination and find potential matches based on their interest before their arrival. Once users are at their vacation destination, Tinder instantly provides them with nearby profiles they may be interested in. It is done only through a valid Passport identification process.
  • Hide Distance and Age: One of the latest features on Tinder gives users the liberty to hide their age and distance. It helps users to remain distant whenever switching or shifting from places and avoiding matches.

OkCupid Features

OkCupid has some of the most exciting and user-friendly features on their platform like:

  • Double Take: Double Take is a roulette-type matching feature where profiles can get connected based on swiping left or right depending on their interest.
  • Likes Tab: The Likes Tab helps you track who liked your profile in the past and is interested in getting connected with you. It allows users to find interesting matches and partners sharing similar interests easily.
  • Boost: Much like Tinder, the Boost feature in OkCupid is created to boost your profile on the search category for a certain amount of time. It helps increase the viewability of your profile and get nearby matches instantly.
  • Stacks: Stacks on OkCupid helps categorize profiles based on your interest with category sections like Nearby, Recommended, Online, and much more. It makes the profile filtering and matching process more accessible and more convenient.
  • I’m Vaccinated Badge: A recent update on the platform introduced the Vaccinated Badge option to update their vaccination status. It helps in increasing safety during pandemic times and connects people who feel secure with meeting vaccinated people.
  • Read Receipt: For Paid users, the Read Receipt is a popular feature where people can view the message status and whether other profiles have considered their message in real-time. It helps users track their message status and send messages accordingly to avoid spamming or ghosting people on text.
  • Incognito mode: The Incognito mode is a popular feature of OkCupid, where paid users can hide their profile on the platform unless they match or message a specific profile. It helps increase security levels on the platform and gives people assurance of their identity.

Biggest Advantages

Tinder OkCupid
  • Setting up a profile on Tinder is easy as users need to update their name, age, gender, preferences, interests, and a short Bio.
  • The Swipe feature is easy and convenient to use and helps select profiles effortlessly.
  • Unlimited Swipes allow people to match with other profiles without any restrictions.
  • Messaging helps in getting connected with people and initiates conversations easily.
  • The Super-Like feature helps users connect with preferred profiles easily and instantly.
  • Users can easily set up an account and search for profiles without any extra charges.
  • Platform Interface is easy to use and navigate, which helps make profile set up easier.
  • Search features help you discover genuine profiles based on your interests and locations easily without any hassle.
  • Messaging profiles are free of cost, and users can send unlimited messages without restrictions.
  • Incognito Mode helps you keep your identity safe and share information with profiles you find trustworthy and interesting.

Biggest Drawbacks

Tinder OkCupid
  • Getting matches and connecting with people can take time and constant effort.
  • One hundred swipes daily limit for free users.
  • People can message other profiles only if they get “matched.”
  • vMost of the exclusive features like boost and Super-Like require additional payments or premium memberships.
  • Tinder is known to have bots on its platform, which becomes a major problem for free users to get connected with profiles easily.
  • No-Cost Registration becomes a problem and invites bots on the platform, hampering the matchmaking process.
  • Most Boost, Stacks, and Read Receipt features are available for premium users, not free subscription users.
  • Only Paid members can get access to profiles who liked their profile.
  • OkCupid has a relatively small user base, and finding a match in remote or low-populated locations can be challenging.
  • Subscriptions are automatically renewed without seeking permission for renewal.


While selecting a dating platform, it is essential to choose a highly user-friendly platform and provides real-time feedback for all features.


Tinder Interface is easy to use and incorporates features that make usage and pairing convenient and hassle-free. Setting up an account on Tinder requires the user to enter basic information with their gender preference and instantly get into the dating game.

Tinder is also available as an app on Android and iOS phones, making usage even more convenient and efficient. Most of the features on the web browser and mobile apps are largely similar and provide adequate results. The Geolocation feature on Tinder helps you locate nearby profiles quickly.


The interface of OkCupid is relatively easier and convenient to use. The platform has a simple and free registration process where users need to update their preferences and answer a few interesting questions. These questions help the platform’s algorithm to get you connected with potentially interesting profiles based on your preferences and hobbies.

The OkCupid platform is available on Android and iOS, and the features on both these platforms are mainly similar to those available on the web browser. The entire interface of OkCupid is easy to handle and makes dating convenient and exciting.

Who Has Better Design/Overall Aesthetics

Based on multiple reviews, Tinder is proven to have a better design and improved overall aesthetics. The features available on Tinder are easy to use and provide exposure to a robust set of profiles based on your preferences. While most features on OkCupid are free, it does not include extra features like Super-Like, as seen on Tinder.


iOS App Yes Yes
Android App Yes Yes
Web/Desktop Version Yes, it requires users to register with either a mobile number or a valid Facebook or Gmail ID. Yes, it requires users to register with either a mobile number or a valid Facebook or Gmail ID.


Tinder has over 66 million users currently, and the user base consistently keeps improving with more people interested in finding dating partners. While the platform remains open for all genders and their preferences, it has around 52% of US citizens between 18-29, 19% between ages 30-44 years, and the remaining 44+. The platform includes people across different ethnicities and cultures and allows people to connect across various demographic categories.


The platform has 72% of Male users and 28% of female users.


OkCupid has people from all walks of life and across varied demographics. The platform has over 50 million users and witnesses 1 million users each month on average. According to statistics OkCupid has around 14% of users between the ages of 18-29, followed by 10% of users between the ages of 30-44.

Out of these statistics, 8% of members are looking for same-sex relations. OkCupid is slowly but rapidly becoming a popular dating platform, with new users joining each day. OkCupid has over 22 Genders and 13 gender orientations that make it available for each user.


OkCupid has 11% of Male users and 6% of female users.


On both these platforms, users need to chart out their interests and personal hobbies, along with general information and biography. On Tinder, people can register with their mobile number or official Facebook or Gmail ID. Further, they need to provide relevant information and describe their interests for the platform algorithm to find the best suitable partner.

On OkCupid, users can register for free and answer a set of personalized questions that helps the platform find the desired profiles based on their interests. Further, users can also connect with people by searching or using a nearby profile locator.


Searching and matching on Tinder and OkCupid is mostly similar, but both these platforms use different approaches. On Tinder, people can select their partners based on their interests by swiping and liking profiles. It helps create a customized base for users with similar interests. On OkCupid, people can select their choice of profile with a roulette system that filters matches according to their interests. People can then approve the profile by swiping left or right.

Chances to Find Serious Relationship

The chances of finding serious relationships are common only if the potentially matched user shares similar interests and seeks similar kinds of relationship expectations. Users can beforehand mention in their profiles if they are looking out for serious relationships.

Chances to Find Casual Hookup

Users can easily find Casual Hookups on these platforms as most are looking out for a casual fling. Users can mention whether they are looking for simple relations in their profile, and profiles sharing similar relationship interests can get connected and set up a date.


Since setting up a profile on Tinder and OkCupid is free, people can frequently find bots and spam accounts on these platforms. Bots are relatively less on Tinder as most of the extended features on Tinder can be accessed only by premium users. OkCupid has the majority of features that can be accessed free of cost and requires no additional payments. It increases the chances of finding bots and spam profiles on the platform.

Both these platforms have removed bots and spam profiles in the past but have not introduced any feature that completely removes these profiles. Hence, users can still find bots on these platforms despite filtering their interests extensively.

User Verification Process


Tinder requires users to log in with a mobile number or official Facebook ID. Once the basic registration process of providing name and biodata is finished, users will be asked to verify their profile with a photo identification process. It helps the platform incorporate maximum genuine users on the site.


OkCupid requires the user to register with the personal mobile number and send an SMS verification to authenticate the profile. Once users have added their basic information on the platform, users need to fill in questions related to their interests that help the platform filter genuine users.

Moderation Process: Reporting Fakes and Scam

Both these platforms regulate fake profiles and bots consistently. The sites also are responsible for removing any explicit content uploaded by a user to avoid untoward incidents. People can report and ban other profiles on the platform if they are found violating any guidelines.


Tinder and OkCupid are free to register but require users to upgrade to paid memberships to extend features.

Tinder Pricing

Tinder Plus:

  • 1-month membership: $4.99
  • 6-month membership: $14.99
  • 12-month membership: $19.99

Tinder Gold:

  • 1-month membership: $14.99
  • 6-month membership: $44.99
  • 12-month membership: $59.99

Tinder Platinum:

  • 1-month membership: $19.99
  • 6-month membership: $59.99
  • 12-month membership: $79.99

OkCupid Pricing


  • 1-month membership: $11.99
  • 3-month membership: $7.99 monthly
  • 6-month membership: $5.99 monthly


  • 1-month membership: $39.99
  • 3-month membership: $26.66 monthly
  • 6-month membership: $19.99 monthly



Tinder’s free features include 100 daily swipes, messaging “matched” profiles, exploring multiple profiles, Geolocation features, Filtering profile options.


OkCupid free features include viewing potential matches, send and receive Likes, send and receive matched profile messages.


Tinder has been among the most popular dating platforms that experience multiple users daily. It has revolutionized the dating platform game and has remained strong by providing new and improved features consistently. The pricing category of Tinder is also essentially affordable and gives users access to multiple features that help them find interesting profiles. OkCupid is evolving slowly and progressively but lacks a strong user base as compared to Tinder.

The features and membership packs of OkCupid lack innovation and need more improvement. With more upgrades and improvements in the user interface, OkCupid can rapidly become a popular dating platform among people from different demographics and walks of life. Currently, the Tinder dating platform stands as a clear winner.

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