Vs OkCupid: Find Love and Kick out Loneliness
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Bumble Vs OkCupid: Find Love and Kick out Loneliness

Bumble Vs OkCupid: Find Love and Kick out Loneliness

The First Impression

When you hear about Bumble and OkCupid, what comes to your mind is popularity. These two dating sites are known widely because of the large number of users that they have. Bumble is very popular in the United States of America. Many of its users are from the USA. This dating site has been around for several years now, and it has been growing at a very high rate. It presents to its members very many potential matches for love. It offers users opportunities to meet life partners and even make casual friendships and relationships. Bumble site has over 100 million users from all parts of the world. It is available on the website and the mobile application. The mobile app is free of charge. You can download it from the internet using your phone. The dating site is available on your Android and iOS gadgets.

Just like Bumble, OkCupid is a dating site that boasts of its considerable number of users from around the globe. It allows members of all social orientations to join and look for their matches. It has users from the age of 25-34 years. These are young individuals who are sexually active and therefore need hookups. It offers its services through the website version and the mobile application. The mobile app is free to download. When you look at the two dating sites, you find that they are generally presentable and attractive.

Functional Differences – Bumble Vs. OkCupid Features

OkCupid and Bumble are different in various ways. The following are the similarities and differences between OkCupid and Bumble.

Similarities of Bumble and OkCupid

  • They are both available in the website version and the mobile app
  • Their mobile apps are free to download
  • Messaging other users is free
  • Account registration is free
  • Profile creation is free of charge on both sites


Bumble OkCupid
  • Bumble is quite expensive
  • It has ads as you use it
  • The app does not have in-app purchases
  • Has a behavioral matchmaking feature
  • OkCupid is cheaper and thus affordable
  • The app has no ads when using
  • Has in-app purchases
  • It does not use behavior in matchmaking

Biggest Advantages

Bumble OkCupid
  • the females on the site are assured of their safety
  • the users are protected against harassment
  • virtual dating is available
  • the profiles at Bumble are gauged very well
  • good customer support
  • it is the ladies choice
  • good compatibility questions
  • searching matches does not require payment
  • legit matches available

Biggest Drawbacks

Bumble OkCupid
  • the 24-hour deadline to initiate contact
  • men cannot send messages first
  • women dominate it
  • fake profiles are there
  • data leaks
  • some users are not serious
  • more casual relationships available
  • availability of dead profiles.

Interface Differences: Which Is More User-Friendly?

A simple but attractive interface is essential for any dating site or app. A user-friendly app or site will attract a higher number of users. Let’s look at the interface of Bumble and OkCupid. The Bumble site is quite attractive. It has good color schemes. The colors make it easy to use. Apart from that, the layout is straightforward, and you can easily find all the functions that you need on the site.

On the other end, OkCupid has a simple, straightforward, and attractive design. The layout is very organized. At the top menu on the site, you can see all the available features and functions. The site has different colors that make the appearance beautiful. It has blue and white colors. The pink color is used for notifications. It has both the desktop version and the mobile application. OkCupid has a more attractive and user-friendly interface than Bumble.

Who Has Better Design / Overall Aesthetics

Looking closely at the designs and interface of Bumble and OkCupid, it is true to say that OkCupid has a better design and aesthetics.


Bumble OkCupid
iOS App Available Available
Android App Available Available
Web/Desktop Version Available Available

Bumble Vs. OkCupid User Base: Demography and Popularity

Let us now look comparatively at the demography and popularity of these two dating sites. Bumble is a dating site that generally boasts of having attracted many users over the years. It has over 100,000,000 users in its database. Most of these users are from different states in America. It hosts 30 years singles and even those who are over fifty years old. The high number of users and active members make Bumble very popular in the world.

OkCupid hosts 30 million active users, and it has billions of views every month. It means that it attracts a very large number of new members every day or every month. The growth rate at OkCupid is very high.

Men/Women Proportion

When you join any dating site, you do not expect to struggle to get attention from one sex you are interested in. Therefore, it would help if you strived to join a dating site that is balanced in terms of gender. Bumble has more men than women though the difference is ignorable. Likewise, OkCupid has more men, but the difference is not significant. We can therefore say that the two dating sites are balanced as far as gender is concerned.

Bumble Vs. OkCupid Profile Details and Settings

The number of details in any profile on the dating sites will help you learn more about the owner. Many people prefer dating sites that consider having detailed accounts. Bumble profiles are made up of the information that you have on your Facebook account. It is because you sign up on Bumble using your Facebook account or your phone number. The details on the profile are basic. That is essential information and photos only.

On the other hand, the profiles on OkCupid provide a lot of information. The information is very crucial during your search. Apart from the basic information, they also have a profile. It describes the member fully and indicates their preferences. The users go through a personality test that helps improve the quality of matches that you will get. OkCupid profiles are therefore attractive and of high quality. It is true to say that the profiles at OkCupid are better than those at Bumble.

Bumble Vs. OkCupid: Searching and Matching System Differences

Searching and Matching are fundamental processes in any dating site. Bumble uses GPS to help select the best match for you. It enables you to get a game that is close to you in terms of location. That way, it becomes accessible in case you plan a date. The system matches you depending on your behavioral features. It also displays the user’s age on their profile to help you select a match according to the period you are interested in. Lastly, the site has an option that allows you to go through profiles and swipe right if interested and left if not interested in a user. All these help match and search, although the Bumble site has no critical search filters. You are only given suggested matches based on your preferences.

OkCupid, on the other end, has a search tool that you can filter in several ways depending on your preferences. Your searches are also saved for future use. The site’s matching system uses an algorithm based on the answers you give to the match questions and personality tests. The details you provide during the personality test help you get the exact match you are looking for. OkCupid’s matching system has been a success for a long time due to the personality test and search filters’ availability. When it comes to Bumble and OkCupid searching and matching system, OkCupid wins.

Chances to Find Serious Relationship

If you are looking for a serious or long-term relationship, then you should go for Bumble. It has a history of helping people get life partners.

Chances to Find Casual Hookup

Some people join dating sites to look for just casual relationships. If that is you, then you should consider joining OkCupid. At OkCupid, the chances of getting a casual hookup are higher than at Bumble.

User Safety and Fake Profiles

Bumble and OkCupid dating sites are safe to use. Bumble is safer than OkCupid because it has no history of fake profiles. OkCupid has a history of the existence of fake profiles on the site. As a user, you need to be careful and report any accounts that you suspect.

User Verification Process

It is not easy to find fake profiles and scams at Bumble. It is because of the verification process at the dating site. The site asks you to take a selfie while in a particular pose. It helps prove that you are honest and not just a fake or a bot. With that image, you cannot continue using the site.

OkCupid also has a photo verification process to prove your identity. In this process, you are required to upload a photo with your face visible. The image should not have any other information on them, should not be a group photo, and nudes and sexual portraits are not allowed. In conclusion, we can agree that Bumble has the best verification process as compared to OkCupid.

Moderation Process: Reporting Fakes and Scams

Verification of profiles is usually done in many dating sites before a member continues using the site. It is usually done to avoid fakes and scams. However, you can still find instances of fake profiles on the sites. It is the case with Bumble and OkCupid dating sites. They, therefore, ask users to look out for fake profiles and report them.

Bumble Vs. OkCupid Pricing and Upgrades

Pricing is a significant factor when you are selecting a dating site. The following is a summary of Bumble and OkCupid dating sites.

Bumble Pricing and Upgrades

Bumble Boost Subscription

Duration / credits / coins Costs Total
1 week 10.99 USD/ Week 10.99 USD
1 month 24.99 USD/ Month 24.99 USD

Bumble Credits

Duration / credits / coins Costs Total
1 coin 1.99 USD/coin 1.99 USD
5 coins 1.80 USD/coin 8.99 USD
10 coins 1.50 USD/coin 14.99 USD
20 coins 1.25 USD/coin 24.99 USD
30 coins 1.27 USD/coin 37.99 USD

OkCupid Pricing and Upgrades

A-List Basic Subscription

Duration / credits / coins Costs Total
1 month 7.95 USD/month 7.95 USD
3 months 6.35 USD/month 19.05 USD
6 months 3.95 USD/month 23.70 USD

A-List Premium Subscription

Duration / credits / coins Costs Total
1 month 24.90 USD/ month 24.90 USD
3 months 22.90 USD/month 68.70 USD
6 months 19.90 USD/month 119.40 USD


Duration / credits / coins Costs Total
1 credit 1.99 USD/credit 1.99 USD
5 credit 1.89 USD/credit 9.45 USD
10 credit 1.69 USD/credit 16.90 USD

From the above summary on Bumble and OkCupid pricing, we can conclude that OkCupid is more affordable than Bumble.

Free Version: Features Available

Bumble free services

  • Creating profiles
  • Getting match suggestions from the system
  • Messaging other users
  • Downloading the mobile app

OkCupid Free services

  • Account registration
  • Messaging other users
  • Match searching
  • Keeping track of who you like
  • Use of basic search filters
  • Browse member profiles
  • Use Double Take feature

Final Verdict: The Prize Goes to OkCupid

We have looked at the comparison of Bumble vs. OkCupid. These dating sites are good and can work for you. From the analysis, we can agree that OkCupid is a better dating site than Bumble. However, you can choose to join one of them or both of them depending on your budget and your expectations. Join OkCupid today and meet your perfect match.

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