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Tinder Plus Vs. Tinder Gold – The Main Differences Between Two Plans

Tinder Plus Vs. Tinder Gold –  The Main Differences Between Two Plans

The First Impression

Tinder Plus is a freemium mobile dating app with a web version, where members can start chatting after both the user’s match. It ensures user consensus and provides a certain degree of likability between them before the conversation happens. Tinder Plus is a highly addictive app. The app has been incorporated as part of the modern culture, with songs and slang derived from the dating site/app. It helps quell boredom and loneliness. You will be asked to attach your Facebook profile to your Tinder Plus account. It gives the assurance that the person is not a bot and provides the profile with credibility. The pictures are taken from social media, and the user is allowed to write a description of about 150 words. It initially takes some time to match with another member. Once matched, the conversations flow smoothly.

Tinder Gold is another version of the same mobile dating app/site. It works on the heart button for liking a profile and the ‘X’ button for disliking the profile. The messaging format is uncomplicated, and it allows you to re-access the chat history. People have found the app to have a lot of bots and fake profiles. It is dubious, and the chats seem automated, robotic. However, people have also found this app rewarding after much patience.

Functional Differences: Tinder Plus Features Vs. Tinder Gold Features

The most famous Tinder Plus feature is the Swipe Right and the Swipe Left option, which allows you to match with a person who Swipes Right on you in turn. It has other characteristics, such as the search button with filters, Rewind your last like Super Like, Unlimited right swipes, etc. The search button allows you to filter what you are looking for, like someone with tastes and preferences that match, age range, location, etc. The Rewind your like option allows you to review the last profile you may accidentally swipe left on. The Super Like button shows your interest in the person, and in the paid version of Tinder Plus, you can swipe right an unlimited number of times. Tinder Plus also introduced a Panic Button in the US for emergency assistance and the users’ safety.

Tinder Gold, like Tinder Plus, has a location-enabled chat feature, swiping feature People Nearby, that shows you people residing near your location. It has an Encounter feature that recommends people with your tastes and preference. You can chat with the Featured Users, who have good credit based on other’s experience on the app. This app/site also uses your photos from your social media handles, especially Facebook, to link them with your Tinder Gold profile.

Biggest Advantages

Tinder Plus
Tinder Gold
  • Tinder Plus is a globally recognized dating app; its popularity lies in its comprehensive marketing strategy and easy accessibility.
  • Operates on the flick of a finger, as users swipe right on profiles that appeal to them and swipe left on profiles that don’t appeal as much.
  • It has an excellent customer support system.
  • Users are more in control. They can decide who to chat with and quickly choose to end or hide a conversation.
  • Focuses on the privacy and the safety of its users. There are numerous features focused on this, such as the secret chat option, hiding your age and location option, panic button, etc.
  • It still has an extensive user base, with more than 60 million active users.
  • It has a more varied user base, with lots of people from across the world signing up here. Diversity in age, race, language, and sexuality can be found. You can also undo if you have swiped by mistake.
  • It charges absolutely nothing for signing up. Users find it more cost-efficient and hassle-free.
  • People are in control of what they are looking for. They can filter their search based on age, sex, and location.
  • Due to its diverse user base, Tinder Gold has a multilingual network. Users can connect with people from various countries.

Biggest Drawbacks

Tinder Plus Tinder Gold
  • Users face a lot of issues regarding fake profiles, men and women alike. It might escalate into a more significant problem, such as a scam or fraud.
  • The presence of bots has been reported on numerous occasions. Issues such as automated and robotic messages, the stealth of information have been encountered.
  • It ultimately lowers the users’ standards who do not get a match after using the app for a long time. Also, it raises the standards of the users who come across attention quickly.
  • Tinder Plus also has many upgraded features in the paid version that sometimes don’t work for some users, maybe due to technical issues.
  • The profiles of the other people display very little information. A user gets to know the other better after a match is made (in case it is made).
  • Users have also faced the same issue of fake profiles. It often discourages people who are looking for love and relationships.
  • It has also received bots reports, asking for the users’ private information or engaging in other such fraudulent activities.
  • Tinder Gold does not have the option of blocking profiles that you have liked. You might want to block out the people who have messaged you out of turn. The only option you have here is to unmatch.
  • A lot of the better features of Tinder Gold are available in the paid version.
  • Tinder Gold faces a nasty reputation in regards to safety and privacy concerns. Users are often wary of this dating app/site.

Interface Differences: Which Is More User-Friendly?

While Tinder Plus allows users to thoroughly vet the other person through social media, Tinder Gold seems more user-friendly due to its hassle-free sign-up process and thorough verification processes. The best part might be the availability of these simplifications without the need to subscribe.

Who Has Better Design/Overall Aesthetics

Tinder Plus has a simple user idea: swiping right to match and swiping left to avoid. The photos are automatically transferred from Facebook. The profile is easily editable. The images cannot be removed. You can view the other person’s likes and pages and also view their Facebook profiles. The chat feature is easy to use. The secret chat sometimes makes conversation challenging to remember.

Tinder Gold has a simple chat feature. This app/site has the advantage of being diverse and multilingual. The moderation team focuses on eliminating catfishing as much as possible. The process through Tinder Gold is straightforward and easy. It takes hardly any time at all to navigate through the app/site. The support team is also available to the users in case of any complications. It is easier to connect with and chat with a person. You can even undo the ones whom you have swiped by mistake.


Tinder Plus
Tinder Gold
iOS App Yes Yes
Android App Yes Yes
Web/Desktop Version Yes Yes

User Base: Demography and Popularity

Tinder Plus is available in 40 languages, over 190 countries. More than 57 million people use Tinder Plus worldwide, and more than 8 billion matches have been made so far. As of 2020, almost 6 million users have upgraded to the paid versions of Tinder Plus. 38% of the users are in the 18-24 age range and 45% in the 25-34 age range. 76% of users are from the cities, and 24% are from the countryside or reside in the rural areas.

Tinder Gold has a good number of active users worldwide. It has been seen in the case of Tinder that 21% of the US males and 13% of the US females who have been using the app have found it to be favorable. It has also been seen that 16% of heterosexuals use both Tinder forms, whereas almost 26% of the other sexual preferences also find Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold to be good.

Men/Women Proportion

  • For Tinder Plus, men are outnumbered by women in a 2:1 ratio.
  • For Tinder Gold, the men-to-women ratio differs vastly based on the country.

Profile Details and Settings

You can sign up on Tinder Plus via your Facebook Profile or via your phone. You’ll have to fill in your name, age, gender, email and also verify a captcha. And then, Tinder Plus allows you to start your swiping process. You can, of course, add more to your profile through the Settings function. After navigating through the prompts to upgrade to Tinder Plus Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus, you can add in any more details you want. You can add in the distance range and specify whether you are looking for men or women and your preference’s age range (starting from 18 onwards). You can also opt to keep your profile hidden from others if you are currently interested in a match.

Tinder Gold’s sign-up process is very straightforward and hardly takes any time. It again asks for the essential details such as first name, birthday, city, gender, and whether you’re looking for friendship, date, or casual chat. It offers a feature called ‘Encounters,’ allowing you to view other people’s profiles and like or skip them. Tinder Gold provides a range of features for the basic free plan. However, the free plan is not easily available, and it has a lot fewer features compared to the paid or premium version.

Tinder Plus Vs. Tinder Gold: Searching & Matching System Differences

Tinder Plus often gives suggestions based on your current location. In case you wish to seek people from other countries, you’ll have to upgrade your account. The search feature on Tinder Plus allows you to filter the profiles shown on your card stack based on your preference. You can unmatch a member. The swipe feature acts as the first step towards matchmaking. You can see whether the other person has liked you only after you swipe right for the member using the free plan. The number of swipes is also limited. For the subscribers who upgrade, this is not the case. They can view the other person’s likes and pages.

Tinder Gold also has a search feature that allows you to filter users based on your preferences. The Encounter feature shows you profiles based on your preferences, location, and interests. The Nearby feature will enable you to access the accounts of the people near you. The match is made after the other person also likes your profile. After that, you can start chatting via text messages and video calls. However, the amount of security is relatively less in the case of Tinder Gold. The lack of a block feature makes it not feasible.

Chances to Find Serious Relationship

On both Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold, the chances of finding a serious relationship are low. However, one can try their luck and get a serious relationship.

Chances to Find Casual Hookup

On Tinder Plus, the chances to find a casual hookup are more than a serious relationship. Tinder Gold, like Tinder Plus, is for casual hookups rather than serious relationships.

User Safety and Fake Profiles

Tinder Plus users have faced a lot of issues regarding safety, fake profiles, and bots. The dating service has come up with various ingenious solutions to avoid further such problems.

Tinder Gold initially has faced an unpopular reputation regarding safety and privacy. Now, it seems to be making commendable efforts in protecting its members from fake profiles, scams, and bots.

User Verification Process

Tinder Plus offers profile picture verification to ensure user safety. It requires the member who has signed up to take a quick selfie. A moderator then compares this with a profile picture. Once the photo is verified, you will achieve the blue checkmark next to your username, making you verified.

On Tinder Gold, people who sign up must connect their social media account or a phone number (that is confirmed via a call) to protect the users from fake profiles and catfishing. Pictures taken directly from a web camera or a phone camera are only allowed; photo uploads from storage are not allowed.

Moderation Process: Reporting Fakes and Scam

Tinder Plus has also partnered with Noonlight, a security app that will connect users to emergency services. They have brought out the Panic Button feature, allowing users to share their location in any unpleasant situation.

Tinder Gold also has a Selfie Request feature that allows its female members to request a selfie at any time during chatting. If the selfie is not taken immediately during the chat process, the chat will automatically disconnect. It also has the features of blocking and reporting members for inappropriate behaviors.

Pricing and Upgrades

Tinder Plus provides unlimited messaging options, one Super Like for a day, and looking for members in your locality for free. Once you pay for Tinder Plus, you will benefit from five Super Likes per day, unlimited likes, rewind like one boost every month, and passport options. Once you upgrade to Tinder Gold (the next level of Tinder Plus), you’ll gain new top picks per day, unlimited likes, rewind like five Super Likes per like, one boost every month, passport option. You also get rid of unnecessary ads once you pay. The Tinder Plus upgrades’ price range from $19 to $29 per month and reduces with the duration of your subscription.

The free features of Tinder Gold are extensive compared to other dating services. Some of those features include: messaging, searching, uploading photos, watching live streams, or broadcasting your streams. The paid features can be accessed either with a monthly subscription or with credits that you can bundle, purchase and use to unlock any paid options of your choice. The paid features include:

  • Spotlight: allows your photo and profile to be displayed on the Tinder Gold page of your city/region.
  • Rise: boosts your popularity and puts your profile at the top of the search result.
  • Super Powers: allows you more control and access to more information about other users.

Although there are some free features in Tinder Gold which you can get only if you receive a lucky subscription, it is usually more costly than Tinder Plus. Tinder Plus will probably be announced at $4.99 per month for most users, whereas Tinder Gold will have $5 per month. Presently, Tinder Plus’s value is $9.99 for users under 30, and $19.99 for the user’s over 30.

Final Verdict: The Prize Goes to Tinder Gold

Tinder Plus is a sophisticated app/site that has managed to market itself smoothly into the modern-day culture of fast-paced living. However, while being flawless in its features, it ends up offering most of its excellent services mostly to people from the US. People from other countries do not undergo a smooth experience.

Tinder Gold has the upper hand as it is cost-efficient and supplies numerous features in its basic, free plan. It also offers a wide range of diversity in terms of members, languages, and relationships. Tinder Plus is like the extroverted, bustling older child of the family, while Tinder Gold is like the shy, rebellious younger child. So, while Tinder Gold meets Tinder Plus’s standards in terms of appeal, charm, and sophistication, it has a pocket-friendly and closer-to-home feel. It makes Tinder Gold the prize winner of which is the better dating app.

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