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Tinder Vs Hinge: Find a Suitable Dating Site for Your Needs

Tinder Vs Hinge: Find a Suitable Dating Site for Your Needs

In today’s modern world, people are used to doing everything online. They buy their groceries online, shop for clothes online, and also pay bills on the same platform. If one can do so many things in the digital space, why not find a partner online? Yes, it is possible! You no more need to spend hundreds of bucks on offline dates and return empty-handed. One can quickly join online dating sites and find their mate within a few days effortlessly. Two such popular dating platforms are Tinder and Hinge. Even though both serve more or less the same purpose, they are different when observed closely. Our experts have created this informative comparison guide of Hinge vs. Tinder to help you choose the best among them. Are you excited to learn more? If yes, then continue reading the article until the end!

First Impression

Have you heard the famous saying ‘the first impression is the last impression’? We are sure you had! Well, guess what? It is not just applicable to people but also to dating sites. So, are you wondering what the first impression you will get while using Tinder and Hinge? We have got you covered! Read below to find out.

When you use Tinder for the first time, you will experience great usability. It is due to their excellent swiping feature and easy-to-navigate design pattern. The outstanding usability of Tinder is what helps it impress a customer in a short period. You don’t have to be a dating expert when using this site. Also, here you can meet thousands of people from different genders, sexualities, and ages. Tinder is widely used throughout the world, and its user base is increasing every day. It helps us believe that this platform has an excellent first impression on the customers!

Most dating sites these days are made for casual flings, but everyone wants to settle down for a long-term relationship at a point in time. If you, too, feel the same, then Hinge is the right site for you. This platform has detailed profiles to help you know in-depth about a person. Furthermore, both its app and website have an elegant and modern layout, ensuring that every user gets a worthwhile experience on their platform. Here, too, you can find people of all ages, genders, and sexualities. Hence, overall this site also has a great first impression on the customers!

So as you can see, both Hinge and Tinder have a heart-whelming first impression. Therefore, both platforms win in this category. Now, explore the other features of the apps to find out which one wins!

Functional Differences: Tinder Features Vs. Hinge Features

If you want to know which site works better, Hinge or Tinder, you must find out more about the features of the individual sites. Keep reading to find out the special features of each dating platform!

Special features of Tinder are listed as follows:

  • Boost and Super Boost: Do you want to pop up on the search results of your potential matches? These features will help you do that. They increase the visibility of a profile instantly!
  • Super like: It is easier to express feelings online with features as Super like. Use this to help someone know how much you like them!
  • Swipe Night: If you love playing exciting games, this can be one! Play this game by swiping, and you get matched with those who have the same choice as of yours.
  • Rewind: Did you swipe left someone beautiful by mistake? Rewind to get their profile back on your screen!
  • Traveler Alert: Those belonging to the LGBTQ community can use this feature to get notified when they enter a town where their sexuality is banned.
  • The features that Hinge offers are given below:
  • We Met: In this feature, you need to tell the Hinge team how a date went. It helps understand your taste for better dates in the future.
  • Who Liked Me: If someone likes your profile, you can see their faces using this feature. You can, too, like someone’s profile to show interest!
  • Video Prompts: They have a superb video calling feature. If you fall short of ice breakers for the video date, use this feature!
  • Search Filters: You can use the search filters to find out those profiles that match your preferences.
  • Detailed Profiles: As Hinge is made explicitly for finding true love, the profiles are pretty clear.

Let’s have a look at the similarities between the two apps:

Tinder Hinge
  • Members from all sexualities and genders join the site.
  • The ratio of men is higher.
  • You can install the app for free.
  • The site has excellent usability.
  • Hinge is an open space for all sexualities and genders.
  • There are more male members than female.
  • The mobile app is free to download.
  • The layout of the platform is pretty user-friendly.

The similarities between the two apps are pretty common in the online dating world. So let’s peep into the differences between them!

Tinder Hinge
  • It is better for finding casual hookups.
  • Tinder is full of unique features.
  • The profiles are not so detailed here.
  • The sign-up process is quicker.
  • This site promises lifetime commitments.
  • The special features of Hinge are comparatively fewer.
  • The profiles on this site are very detailed.
  • Signing up on Hinge takes a bit of time.

Biggest Advantages

Are you wondering what the advantages of joining these sites are? We have got you covered! Our experts have used both Tinder and Hinge. The benefits of the two platforms are given below read on!

Tinder Hinge
  • Tinder is a popular platform where you can find all sorts of relationships.
  • It has a bucket full of features to make you feel special on the platform.
  • The aesthetics of the site is far better than any other dating platform online.
  • People from the LGBTQ community can feel safe on this website as they have special features for them.
  • Tinder allows one to connect their profiles to various apps like Spotify and Snapchat.
  • Hinge is the sweet spot for those who want to get hitched in a serious relationship.
  • You can send unlimited messages for free.
  • Hinge is known for having a low number of fake accounts, unlike other dating sites.
  • You can get to know a lot about a person just by checking their profile.
  • It personally makes sure that the date went well.

Biggest Drawbacks

A dating app can be top-rated yet have a few drawbacks because there are hardly any sites found without cons. We have discussed the advantages of Tinder and Hinge above, but what about its flaws? Well, we have covered that as well! Have a look below:

Tinder Hinge
  • The member profiles lack details about their motives and personality.
  • The matchmaking process is done on external factors.
  • The number of bot accounts is increasing on this site.
  • The sign-up process takes a long time due to the filling of ample details.
  • There is no desktop version of the platform.
  • Hinge has fewer special features for the customers.

After comparing the advantages and drawbacks of both platforms, we feel that Tinder wins in this section. Hinge is also no less, but Tinder is comparatively better! Now, let’s see which dating platform offers a better user interface. Keep reading!

Interface Differences: Which Is More User-Friendly?

A smooth interface can be game-changing for any dating platform. Let’s find out Tinder or Hinge, which site has a better user interface!

Who has Better Design or Overall Aesthetics?

Both Tinder and Hinge have a great overall layout. The hinge app looks very clean and appeals to the eye due to its soothing choice of colors. Overall, the design looks vibrant and provides an energetic boost to the customer to help them meet their partners quickly. In addition, the app is full of illustrations that make the place more exciting for the users. You will love the overall aesthetics of the platform and find it super easy to use!

Tinder also has a perfect layout that makes online dating quite effortless. Here, you can just swipe left or right to match your dream mate. The icons might be confusing initially, but it will all be easy to understand once you get the grip. Tinder looks elegant on both mobile and laptop screens. Considering the design of both Tinder and Hinge, our experts believe Hinge wins here because of its cleaner aesthetics!


The availability of the sites are:

iOS App Yes Yes
Android Yes Yes
Desktop Yes Yes

Tinder wins here as it is available on all platforms!

Hinge vs Tinder User Base: Demography and Popularity

Tinder is popular among the age group of 18 to 34 years old. Here, most users are young and are looking for casual flings. This site is widely used all over the world. The member base of Tinder is pretty active as they engage with each other continuously. Older people also hang out on this website; therefore, you can find a partner from any age bracket here.

On the other hand, Hinge has a more active member base of people from age 24 to 32. The users on this app are primarily up for serious commitments. Again, older people are found here too but in fewer numbers. So, more or less, it is a tie between Tinder and Hinge in this section!

Men or Women Proportion

Hinge has almost an equal ratio of male and female users. The percentage distribution of the member base is 45% women and 55% men. However, on Tinder, the number of male users is a bit higher, around 65%. Hence, Tinder wins in this category!

Profile Details and Settings

As we have said earlier, the profile details on Tinder are much less because people here are not interested in knowing much about a person. Most members on Tinder seek a casual relationship. Hence, the matchmaking process of this site can do without a lot of details.

On the other hand, Hinge is an app where every profile is highly detailed. It is a platform that promotes lifetime promises; it makes sure that the people here invest more time and effort. Therefore, Hinge is the clear winner here!

Our experts noticed that both Hinge and Tinder have proper setting functions. Hence, it’s a tie between them when it comes to settings.

Hinge vs Tinder: Searching & Matching System Differences

Do you want to know the chances of getting hooked or engaged on Tinder and Hinge? Read below to get answers to your queries!

Chances to Find Serious Relationships

Are you someone who believes in the concept of a soulmate? If you said yes, then we would suggest you join Hinge. It is a platform that is dedicated to lovers who are looking for a spouse. Even though there are users on Tinder who look for serious relationships, the chances are fewer. Hence, please join Hinge straight away. It wins in this category!

Chances to Find Casual Hookups

If you are interested in casual flings, stay away from Hinge because it isn’t the right place to find such relationships. Instead, join Tinder as it widely serves users who are into hookups. In addition, the member base of Tinder is very friendly, and they mostly look for no-strings-attached alliances!

User Safety and Fake Profiles

Both the platforms provide a secure environment to the members. Their apps are protected against money scams and fraud. However, both Tinder and Hinge have some bot accounts. The number of fake profiles is a bit less on Hinge. Hence, Hinge gets a winning nod for this category!

User Verification Process

The user verification process of both Tinder and Hinge is quite simple. All you need to do is log in using your phone number or email id. Once done, the brands will send you a verification message. Either you will get a link or an OTP. You will have to verify your profile before using it further. The verification process keeps a check on the fake users. We believe it’s a tie between the two apps here!

Moderation Process: Reporting Fake Accounts and Scam

Both the apps allow you to block creepy users who bother you unnecessarily. Tinder and Hinge take block or report action seriously and make sure to cross-check the profile for further use. Hence, both win here!

Pricing and Upgrades

The Tinder Gold price chart for under 28 years old users is:

Time Cost per month
1 month $14.99
6 months $8.83
12 months $6.92

The Hinge price chart is as follows:

Time Cost per month
1 month $9.99
6 months $6.99
12 months $4.99

As you can see, Hinge is comparatively a bit more affordable than Tinder. So naturally, therefore, it wins the pricing category!

Free Version: Features Available

The free features available in Hinge and Tinder are given below:

Tinder Hinge
Free login Free app download
Free texting See member profiles
Daily matches Send messages
One Superlike per day See who likes you
Connecting with nearby users Get matched
Uploading pictures Upload images

Moreover, both the apps provide decent free services; hence, it’s a tie here!

Final Verdict: The Prize Goes to….

Our experts have made a detailed comparison of Hinge and Tinder. Even though Tinder has a better number of special features, Hinge wins the competition’s crown. It is ahead of Tinder in terms of aesthetics, user ratio, serious relationships, etc. Hence, if you are looking for an opportunity to find true love online, put your efforts on Hinge. It has a decent success rate and can guarantee reliable matches for long-term alliances. Read the complete Hinge review to learn more about the app.

Which of these two dating sites do you prefer? We are super excited to know!

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