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Tantan Review 2024 — Real Asian Dating Site or Scam?

Tantan Review  2024  — Real Asian Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 81%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 24-27
Profiles 2 200 000
Reply Rate 84%
Ease of Use 8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It has more interactive features that allow you to engage with other users more. It operates more like social media. You can upload moments that show what you are doing on a daily.
  • You are provided with a questionnaire like a form. You use it to break the ice as you get to know your match more.
  • Most of the features are accessible to users who have free accounts.
  • There are fewer pop-up adverts in comparison to other dating sites.
  • Users receive too many unnecessary notifications despite them raising this concern
  • Users complain over the issue if not being able to register for VIP memberships.
  • Overcharging members with extra fees and not being able to cancel your membership.
  • A lot of bugs are experienced in countries where the app is still under development

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Tantan is a China-based dating app—the standard swipe left or the right kind. Stick around to learn more about this dating app from our review. Enjoy!

Despite the raised issues of the website, users still choose Tantan as it’s easy to navigate and has millions of active users. If you are single and ready to mingle on a site that is easy to access, know that you get instant messages and matches. If you are looking for that friend, lover, or soul mate, read our review to get more insights.

Tantan—How Does It Work, Essentially?

Tantan—How Does It Work, Essentially?

As a new member, you will need to download the application from either Android or iTunes. Registration is free of charge, and users from all corners of the world can access it.

Then you register for an account from Facebook or your mobile phone. You have the option of using the free account or upgrading to premium to access more features.

Once you create an account, you need to activate your profile by uploading your pics and stating your interests; music, sports, food, TV shows, and the likes; hobbies, personality.

You set the age limit of the person you would like to match with, the preferred distance.

Members start swiping left or right to get their matches. Right swipe shows you are interested, and a left swipe shows you are not interested. You can initiate a conversation with your match, and you have the option of blocking contacts from your phone from viewing your profile.

Let’s Discuss Audience Analysis

Let’s Discuss Audience Analysis

Members range from people with different personalities, sexual orientation, marital status, and races. So you will have a lot to feast on. Users range from the age of 18 to around 30-year-olds.

Tantan registered members are over 100 million. The website key-in at least 20 million users daily, with over 3.9 million active users.

Men are the most dominant users of the application in comparison to the women. Both genders have diverse sexual orientations and are of all races.

Traffic is mostly from China, with 35%, followed by India, the US, Indonesia, the Philippines, and other countries.

Most users are looking for an asian hookup, dating or long term relationships.

Main Features That Must Be Mentioned

The swipe left or right feature that allows you to decide the person you wish to match with. If you swipe right, and your match swipes right you automatically become a match.

As a user, you are able to know if you crossed paths in real life with a match. The website shows you where you crossed paths and the time as well. This is a unique feature that makes it possible to meet in real life.

The secret admirer option allows you to follow your crush without their knowledge of the application. So if you are a bit shy, this feature sorts you out.

The super like button allows you to show your match that you really like them and makes your intentions more visible. The questionnaire makes it easier to initiate a conversation between two strangers and share interests.

The translation of language so that communication is smooth and you are able to understand what the other person is saying. Language is not a barrier on this app.

You have the option of playing games with each other on the application to pass the time as they chat with their matches. This adds more fun.

Facial recognition helps to detect fake account users, and it bans them from joining the application in the future. This has improved the security and trust of the members. Scammers are therefore minimal.

You are able to block your contact list on your phone from matching you or them being suggested to you. This way, your dating life is private, and no one will know if you are on Tantan.

The chat bar has the quiz test that users can both play to get to know each other more. It could be a general or intimate one. This helps break the ice.

The moments’ bar allows you to upload real lifetime photos and videos, just like Instagram stories. You can view more of your matches’ real life on the application.

Is Tantan User Friendly?

Is Tantan User Friendly?

The platform offers user-friendly functionality and allows users to have a fantastic time while navigating the website. It is effortless to communicate and also view other member’s profiles. The site is specially designed to avail of all features necessary for making contacts and matching users with each other.

Tantan Website Usability & Design: Key Points

The design of the dating application is straightforward to use and friendly. The functions are accessible to free account users as well and are very interactive.

It is structured like a traditional app but one with additional features that allow users to boost profiles and interact deeply with other members.

You can only see the person who likes you of they like you back and you match. No one can know if you unlike them. It’s anonymous.

You can also send photos, share videos of yourself engaging in activities that your potential match could be interested in as well.

The Tantan Mobile App

You can download the application on your smartphone from either I Tunes or Android. It’s free to download the app.

The mobile app is convenient, as you can swipe at any given time from your own comfort. Once you sign up, you create your profile, edit it, and find your matches.

All features can be accessed from your smartphone. Payment to membership can also be made through your mobile phone.

The mobile application has social media features. The majority of the young users prefer the Moments tab as you can capture and upload their daily life activities on the app.

What About Customer Support At Tantan?

What About Customer Support At Tantan?

You can send an email to; [email protected] (for feedback) and [email protected] (for business queries). As soon as the team gets your email, they will respond to you immediately.

You can use their Facebook page to send them a message on messenger. The link to the Facebook page is facebook.com/TantanIND

If you wish to write a letter or to visit the offices in person, the address is 409, 4th Floor, Building 9, Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100020, China.

The official website is tantanapp.com/en/, and you can get more information on their dating site.

Tantan Registration Process & User Profile

For you to become a member, you need to register. This you can do through your mobile phone number or active Facebook account. A verification code is sent to you, and you have to enter it if you signed up with your mobile number. This way, the website gets to know your identity.

Once you sign up, you can upload up to six photographs that have to be clear to pass the facial recognition test. Users need to be of legal age.

On your profile, you can fill in your interests, hobbies to attract people with similar interests. You get to choose the gender of the person you are interested in as well.

If you start browsing, you will view the profiles of other members. If you violate any time, your account can be put under pending status.

You can find your match by viewing the Moments tab where photos and videos can be uploaded. The chat bar has the quiz that both you and your match can play.

Here’s How to Sign Up Quickly

Here's How to Sign Up Quickly

New members’ registration process is fast and free. You can opt to either sign up using your Facebook page or mobile number. If you decide to use your Facebook logins, Tantan picks up your information, such as date of birth and current location. This is faster.

The mobile sign up is equally easy. Tantan sends you a verification code through the app. You have to input code then fill in your year of birth. You also need to know your zodiac sign and be of legal age.

Once you sign in, you set up your profile to start swiping. You can upload up to 6 photos, and the matching process begins after you register.

Profile Quality and Verification Details

Profile Quality and Verification Details

Profile quality on the website is high. Users must fill in as much information as possible. Therefore, there is a lot of transparency.

Once you register with your mobile phone number, a verification code is sent to you. When you sign up will have to input it. This allows the site to identify you as real.

Registration through Facebook notifies the website of active and dormant members. You need to have an active account to register and be of legal age. You can boost your profile by adding your interests, likes, hobbies. Having more eye-catching photos helps one stand out. You can upload live events in terms of pictures and videos on your memories to increase your matches.

Once you wish to sign out, you can do so in the settings. Your matches will see when you were last online.

Tantan Search Options

If you wish to search for your match, you need to go to the settings tab. Input the distance you want to have in between you and your match. Select the age gap you wish for them to fit in.

You can search for someone by their name if they are on the dating app. Once you request a report, you will be sent an email. It will contain possible matches of names, age, gender, and persons within the locality set.

Charges for the search apply.

The Chatting & Matching Algorithm

The Chatting & Matching Algorithm

Once your profile is set up, you can begin to swipe. Right is for yes, left means no interest. If you swipe right to person and they had also swiped right, you automatically become a match.

This way, you can both initiate conversations by sending messages, videos, or pictures. You can record videos or voice messages and send them to your matches.

If you are timid, a ten-question form can be used by both parties to get to know each other more. Also known as the get to know each different quiz. They can be general or intimate. Both parties have to agree to play.

You can also share your exact location if you wish to meet your match in person.

Membership Options

What subscription options are available on this app?


Registration is free and comes with access to limited features.

You can like other people’s profiles and send messages to your matches. Users have access to the search filter.

You can create your profile and edit it as well while enjoying 120 swipes in a day.

Access to the “moments” profiles and users can play the in application games.

You are not limited to 120 swipes a day, as well as five super likes a day. The super like increases your chances of matching by five times.

Users can change their location and navigate through the country on the app. You get to highlight your username in other members’ accounts, making you more visible.

You get a badge that identifies you as a VIP member. Users get access to the unlimited rewinds to the profiles you may have swiped right or left on by mistake.

What About Pricing?

The prices differ in different counties due to the value of the dollar. You can make payments through your credit card or your phone. The subscriptions are different.

One month VIP subscription costs $ 8.99 per month totaling to around .99

Three month VIP subscription costs $ 5.66 per month totaling to around .99

12 month VIP subscription costs $ 4.58 per month totaling to around .99

Canceling Your Tantan Subscription

Canceling Your Tantan Subscription

You need to go to Google Play. Find the subscription option. Search for Tantan and cancel the subscription.

You can cancel once your subscription expires. If you wish to cancel before your subscription ends, Tantan is not liable to refund any monies paid prior.

Your subscription could be canceled if you are suspected of spreading false information, using fake accounts, not disclosing information to deceive other members.

Tantan Website Safety & Security Details

Once you register, you are required to upload a photo or more. The picture is screened through a facial recognition system. If it’s not eligible, the system rejects it. This makes your account to get suspended temporarily. This reduces the number of fake accounts and prostitution.

You have the option of reporting suspected fake accounts to the website. Such accounts are banned immediately if the site deems them as fake.

You have the option of keeping the application to yourself. Your contacts list on your phone will not be suggested to you on your searches.

If you find a person who is being offensive or rude towards you, you can block their profiles and report them.

Tantan Competitors and Alternatives

Tantan is the most popular mobile dating application in China. Some of the high competitors are Tinder, WeChat, Momo, Truly Madly, Azar, Ok Cupid, eHarmony, Bumble, and Happn. The variations come in terms of usage, features, membership fees, and accessibility.

Tinder is more of a competitor, as it’s very similar to Tantan. However, it stands out the most due to its verification process. The facial recognition setup helps the website reduce scammers online and boosts security.



This is one of the Chinese dating sites with the most active users online. So, it almost guarantees you a match. The features of the site are similar to that of Tinder; hence, the ease while using it. Members can access in-app games to entertain themselves as they interact on the site.

The quiz taken by users allows for more in-depth knowledge of each other. You get to know if you are compatible with the other partner. Other features enjoyed by VIP users, such as the super like button, the ability to reverse a swipe makes it worth every penny spent.

Security-wise, the user is almost guaranteed a safe experience. The facial recognition helps point out fake accounts. Users can also tell fake accounts from genuine accounts by the information on one’s profile. The incorporation of social media features such as moments makes it stand out from other apps. It gives it a communal feeling and vibe.

Complains about the charges are a challenge to most users. Most users opt for the free account as they cannot afford to upgrade to premium accounts. The search engine allows you to find almost anyone on the application. If your spouse is cheating on you, chances are very high to find their profiles at a fee. Most users opt-out because of this feature. Tantan is a dating site that most women admit openly to be a member of, and you too can be part of it. All in all, we recommend it!

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