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Glint Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

Glint Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 67%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 24-30
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 6
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Signing up is done via Facebook: this makes the registration process to be straightforward and fast. Registering through Facebook makes it a bit genuine because of its security features.
  • It is an Application: Unlike other dating sites, Glint is just an application found on Android and iPhone smartphones. Through this application, members can be online anytime and anywhere using their smartphones.
  • Icebreaker: this dating app uses games as an icebreaker. This gives its users an easy way to approach a match and create a relationship.
  • Excellent interface: the interface of this dating app is unique. There are several themes like the fruit theme which members can activate and enjoy while using this platform.
  • Excellent performance: users of iPhones have reported this application to be working very well and fast in their iPhones. However, the case is different from android users. There are a lot of complaints about crashes occurring to android smartphones.
  • Suitable for teens who have just graduated into adulthood and are seeking venues to connect them to the outside world of dating and relationships.
  • Verified profiles: there are fewer scam profiles available on this dating app since logging is done through Facebook accounts. Users are assured of meeting verified members.
  • This mobile app crashes while being used: according to reviews by android users, this app crashes a lot while being used on android phones. However, it performs great on iPhones.
  • Logging in issues: sometimes, the application does not connect via Facebook for login in. This creates an inconvenience for the users.
  • Not suitable for mature and older adults: since it uses games to create a match, Glint may not be the right choice for mature adults. These people have no time to play games to secure a match with someone. It is only suited for teens and youth.
  • Not available in all countries: this website functionality is not possible to all countries of the world, making it to have very few users.
  • Fewer members: this site has recorded slightly over 1000 downloads in Google Play Store. These few members make it unpopular and unsuitable for people seeking sites with a large number of users.
  • Less contact features: this game dating app has only the messaging app for communication. Unlike other sites, it does not use audio or video communication features. No webcams are available too.

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In this Glint review, we’ll guide you to know more about this mobile dating app and all its features. You can follow this review to understand how theonline platform works, and get to see if it can still be used as a dating media. Let’s start, shall we?

Glint is an application where its users can play mobile games with other users, make online friends, send messages to each other, and most definitely hook-up for a date.

This application is only available to smartphone users. It can be downloaded both by iOS and Android users for free on Google and Play Store, respectively. It is not available via the website. Glint uses games as icebreakers to make people meet, interact, and hook up for sexual relationships and long term dates.

You can meet thousands of users on this mobile app who are ready to play games, hook-up, and date with available members.It is a mobile app that can be used by members who have attained 18 years and above.

Getting Started with Glint

Getting Started with Glint

Glint works by connecting its members through games. On this app, you can meet thousands of people who are ready for the contest, matching, and finally dating. It uses Games as icebreakers to connect its members.

In summary: Glint is an application where you can play games, make online friends, meet them, and date.

Glint has committed itself in providing the below services to its members:

  • Scam-free profiles – by connecting them through Facebook.
  • Search options to make filtering of profiles easier.
  • Top-rated games to ensure members do not get bored. This also makes members be actively trying to find their matches.
  • Feeds and leaderboards: to check other people’s scores and also follow on what they are up to on this app.

Quick Audience Analysis

Quick Audience Analysis
  • Geographical: this online dating platform has members all over the world. Though not many, but almost every country has a share of these members who use this platform.
  • Gender: this dating platform is used by both male and female genders.
  • Sexual Orientation: on this application, you can find straight members, gays, lesbians, and other undefined sexual orientations using this site.
  • Age: Teens and young adults mostly dominate this dating application. This means the majority of members range from 18 to 24 years of age. However, you may find traces of mature adults using this site. Less than 18 years are never welcomed to play this game.
  • Ethnicity: This game-cum-dating application does not discriminate on ethnicity. Every ethnic group is represented on the member’s list. These ethnic groups include the black, Americans, Indians, Chinese, and Arabs, among other ethnic groups of the world.

What Are the Essential Features?

What Are the Essential Features?

Glint application allows its members to play games, make friends, and create dates via its app. Several crucial features make all these possible. The unique features available on this platform include:

  • Games: this is an icebreaker. This dating application connects its members through this game.
  • Messages: this is an application on this dating application that allows users to contact each other through chats. You can message your potential match and keep the conversation going.
  • Favorites: users can easily add their favorite playmates to favorites section where they can always be contacting them anytime they wish.
  • Search: this is a unique feature that enables users to find their perfect matches by narrowing down their preferences using these search options.
  • Leaderboards: you can discover leaders of this game application easily by use of this feature available to all members using this dating application.

What About the Website’s User-Friendliness?

Is the website easy to use, and does it give an enjoyable user experience? This is an important aspect to review because how the site is designed plays an essential role in user experience. Let’s discuss its user-friendliness, shall we?

Glint Website Usability & Design Explained

Glint Website Usability & Design Explained

The design of this mobile application is easy to use, with features strategically placed for members to use.

The app is created in an easy way to enable members to play games and find their matches easily through these game encounters.

The features available here allow members to:

  • Have fun and get relationship partners while playing games.
  • Create accounts easily through the use of Facebook.
  • Search thousands of members easily through the search options.
  • Featured list to enable users to be seen more by other members.
  • Play and win games to make them have top ratings on the chats available on this dating platform.

Does Glint Have a Mobile App?

Glint is a mobile app. It has a well-functioning mobile application available to both iPhone and somehow on Android users.

This mobile app can be downloaded and installed either on Google Play Store or on the Apple App Store.There are no charges incurred while downloading and installing this mobile app.

Customer Service Details

There is an available customer support system that guides and solves member’s issues whenever they arise.

Users can contact the customer support via Google and iOS application store, or they can contact them directly via the Glint app.On Google and Appstore, there is always a developer on-site trying to solve issues about downloading and installation of this application.

The Registering Process& User Profile

The Registering Process& User Profile

What about the sign-up process? Is it complex or smooth, and does it take a lot of time to complete, or is it fast? We looked into that.

Signing Up on Glint

Creating an account on Glint requires users to first download the application from the store and fully install it before signing up for these games, dating apps.

Android users can download the application from the Google play, while iPhone users can download the same from the play store.

Downloading and installation of this application are free of charge, and any member can do the download as long as they have data to facilitate this download and installation.

The registration process is conducted via Facebook. Users are required to use their Facebook accounts to update their profiles to ensure there are no scam profiles.

Once you are done linking the account to your Facebook account, the next step is to create your profile.

Profile Quality? What About Verification?

Creating your profile at Glint is comfortable and takes less than 10minutes to complete.

The below information is required to complete your profile:

  1. Your gender: in this section, you are required to state your gender. It might be male or female.
  2. The gender you would like to meet: you are required to state the kind of gender you would like to meet.
  3. Your email address: you are required to provide your email address, which will also be used to verify your account. This email address can later be used to recover a lost account.
  4. Password: you are required to provide an easy to remember, unique password to secure your account.
  5. Username: you have to provide a username that you will be using on this dating application. The username must be unique and easy to identify a person.
  6. Age: users are required to give in their age. Those who have not attained the minimum age of 18 years are not allowed to create profiles on this game app.
  7. Location: Your location is required to help others know where you are. This will also help you in getting matches which are near you.

Glint Search, Explained

Glint Search, Explained

There are several search filters available on this site for use by the members using this dating application. These search options include the below:

  • Your gender: you can search matches by the use of their genders, this includes: male or female.
  • Age: By use of age, you can easily find potential matches by using your preferred age bracket.
  • Location: you can search users of this group by using the location search option. This option allows you to choose members who are within your town, country, or in other areas. It will depend on the user’s choice.

What’s The Chatting & Matching Algorithm On Glint?

This online dating application uses games to connect its users. Members can use games as an icebreaker to make a connection to the other member through the playing of the game.

The only communication feature used in this online application is sending and receiving of messages. Once you match up with a member, you can send them messages as you plan how to hook-up, meet, and maybe enjoy each other’s company.

Members can send messages to other users who they would want to match or to know each other better, and probably plan for a date.

Analyzing Glint Membership Options

There are two types of memberships available on this site. Basic membership is available upon registration when you create a profile. It provides almost all the basic features of this website.

A paid membership allows members to have access to all the features of this online dating application.You have to make a subscription to be allowed to use the premium membership option.

Free Accounts

Free accounts offer almost all the basic features of this online dating application.

Members on free accounts can enjoy the services mentioned below.

  • Free account registration: members on a free account can sign up for free on this dating platform.
  • Free profiles: Free account holders can create their profiles for free while using this online dating site.
  • Games: Free account holders can play games with other users on this online adult application.
  • Icebreaker: By the use of these games, users can communicate freely with their game partners while using this online mobile platform.
  • Free app download and installation: free accounts allow their users to download this application and install it for free on their smartphones either on Android or on the iOS play store.
  • Free matches: by the use of games, basic account holders can match with others, creating a match. These matches are free and available to all members using this online application.
  • Users on free accounts can search through a list of a thousand of members available on this site to create a match.
  • Members can see the general activities of other members on their newsfeed. This makes them stay updated on what is happening to other members using this dating platform.
  • Leaderboards: users of this online platform can discover weekly and monthly leaderboards for free by just using this application.

Paid features

Apart from the above features, users who have upgraded their membership to premium on this platform enjoy the below-added advantages.

  • Free ad use: users on premium accounts do not experience many disruptions caused by pop up ads that occur on free accounts. This makes them enjoy the maximum use of this application.
  • Highlighted profiles: A user on the premium account gets highlighted or featured, thus enjoys more profile views as compared to those on free accounts.
  • Turn-based matching game: this is a new feature that is available only to premium account holders. It allows profiles to undo a match they had forgone.

Glint Pricing

There is no defined pricing for Glint Premium subscriptions.

However, users can contact the support system to verify the prices and get to know how much it costs to upgrade an account to premium.

The good thing about this game-date application is, most of the essential features are free of charge. There is no much hype in upgrading an account to premium unless one wants to avoid the pop-up ads.

The Process for Canceling Your Glint Subscription

Glint account holders can cancel these subscriptions anytime by contacting the customer care or by just canceling auto-renewal feature available on the settings of their accounts, just like other online dating sites.

About Website Safety & Security

To ensure no fake accounts are using this dating app, Glint has created a sign-up process that uses Facebook accounts. Through this, it ensures that the accounts are genuine and have been approved through Facebook login.

The Glint app is also secured by Google and iOS store security systems, making it a bit safer and free from external hackers who might want to interfere with its design and use.

Just like other dating sites, this Glint app has put in place measures to safeguard its users and their data. There is a privacy policy in place to ensure data and personal information is kept safe from online hackers.

Members are always advised to be extra careful while using any kind of dating site. There is no exemption with Glint. Members must be cautious when engaging with others on this online platform.

Does Glint Have Competitors and Alternatives?

Yes, Glint has quite several competitors. There other similar applications that one can use to find their perfect matches. These applications include:

  • WannaMeet Power
  • Righter Dating
  • First Meet
  • eHarmony

Glint Review Conclusion

Glint Review Conclusion

Glint is a nice dating app since it can be used anywhere, anytime by users who love playing mobile games. The application has made it easier for people to connect with others through the use of games. However, we can recommend this games-dating site only to teenagers.

Yet, this application has so many disadvantages which may include: the use of games to get a match. You do not expect someone mature or old to use this site in getting a perfect match. This makes it not a compatible place for the older generation.

The overall interface is excellent. Using games as an icebreaker is also better. However, more is needed to develop the app to rate better in the current app market, which has been invaded by various dating sites.

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