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NudistFriends Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

NudistFriends Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 65%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 25-27
Profiles 2 600 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 7.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Reputable platform
  • Is devoted to the Naturism and nudity
  • A nudist community for like-minded people
  • Contains nude photos with no sign of pornography
  • A large number of active users
  • Many poorly detailed profiles

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Nudism is a cultural movement that attracts a lot of people all over the world. So, it’s not surprising that many naturalist singles worldwide are looking for the perfect partner. Fortunately, there is a great place to share all your interest and find a soulmate – NudistFriends. Whether you are a naturalist, natural living, and healthy lifestyle enthusiast or exhibitionist who is on the lookout for friendship or some kind of romance, this platform is for you.

NudistFriends is operated by Successful Match and was founded in 2001. Since then, they have managed to set a decent place in the world of dating and attracted 900,000 members all over the globe. While being a perfect environment for those who practice nudity, it offers a lot of interesting info that will be useful for those who have just started living this lifestyle.

Is this platform worth the attention? Does it really work? Is it possible to find a soulmate here? Being well-structured and informative, this review contains all the answers to these questions. Read on to find out all the peculiarities and pitfalls of the platform to understand better whether it works for you.

NudistFriendsin Details

NudistFriends Review – Is the Platform Reliable?

Familiarize yourself with a leading dating platform that is specifically designed for those who keep the nudist lifestyle. This is the first and the most prominent online service devoted to this niche. With a solid member base of about 900,000, it proves its reliability and trustworthiness every way around.

Although NudistFriends is considered to be a dating site, it is a perfect environment for those who want to boost their knowledge in this sphere or just want to communicate with like-minded individuals. Here you won’t find any shame, just friendly behavior, mutual understanding, and support.

To take a deep dive into the world of Naturalism, you will just need to create an account. Here you can find a lot of useful and entertaining features, articles, blogs, and more. Once you believe in body harmony, keep up a healthy lifestyle, and support a naturalism philosophy, NudistFriends will be a perfect environment for you. Although there are tons of nude pictures available, you won’t find here any pornographic material. Also, all the profiles are verified, so don’t worry about your safety.

Information About Members

NudistFriends is claimed to be the number one dating portal for nudists. They have over 900,000 registered users in their base, and the community is continuously growing. The majority of visitors are from the USA, Europe, Canada, and Australia. In total, the site can boast 1000 logins each day, so there is always somebody online. In general, NudistFriends occupies a prominent place among the rivals and is a leading nude dating platform with an excellent reputation.

If it comes to the male-female population, there is an almost equal amount of them registered on the platform (49% and 50%, respectively). If it comes to the age distribution, there is an interesting aspect related to this matter. You will hardly find people here around10-20 years old. There are more individuals in their early 30s. Nevertheless, the majority of registered users belong to the 45+category. That means that older people prefer such a lifestyle.

This site welcomes people of all sexual orientations and ethnicities. Whatever your sexual tastes are, you will definitely find a perfect match at NudistFriends.

Distinctive Features

NudistFriends Review – Is the Platform Reliable?

The developers do their best do deliver the first-class nudist experience to their clients. That is why they have provided numerous unique features you won’t find on any other similar platform. Moreover, it is constantly improving, so you will certainly be blown away while using its services. Among the most prominent features ofNudistFriends, one can distinguish the following:

  • Certified Nudist. It is possible to become a certified member, which gives you numerous advantages along with the possibility of attracting more users to your page. You just need to take a photo of yourself (both in the outfit and nude) with a specific document and upload this picture. After the approval, a special logo will appear on your profile. Also, your account will reach the top of the search list, which is another perk for advantageous singles.
  • First Date Ideas. Here you can express all your creativity and share the ideas concerning your first date. This works like a blog. If you are planning a date but have no idea what to start with and how to get your nudist partner amazed, just look through the articles and derive some additional inspiration for your perfect venue.
  • First Nudist Experience. NudistFriends claims to be a safe environment for those who tend to keep the naturalist lifestyle. Apart from including tons of informative content for the community members, you can find there some useful info about the first experience of being a nudist. Leave all your hesitations and dive into this unique world. Granted, you will find a lot of useful posts and topics to get inspired and motivated.
  • Nudist Dating Advice. Those who have just started out will find this section especially useful. Here you can discover numerous dating tips created by the members in the cooperation with the moderators. Since NudistFriends is mainly a dating platform, it makes sense to learn these recommendations. Safety tips, useful advice on how to amaze your partner on the date—you will find something really interesting here for sure.
  • Let’s Meet. It is probably the most engaging feature NudistFriends offers. The system will show you profiles which you can like or skip. In this case, the platform uses a Tinder-like algorithm, which is so sought-after among the perfect match hunters. In case both users liked each other, you will receive a match that brings your dating experience to the next level.
  • Private Photo Album. It lets you share the pictures privately with others. To allow users to view your private album, just visit the personal page of the member and click on the “Share private photos” link located in the navigation bar on the left.
  • Winks. Demonstrate your interest in people you like while sending them winks. You will receive 50 winks every day for free. Use them at your disposal to attract more admirers to your profile.

What Proves That NudistFriends Is User-Oriented?

NudistFriends Review – Is the Platform Reliable?

Although the design of NudistFriends appears to be minimalist, it may seem to be a bit cluttered and distracting. Nevertheless, with a slew of features included, this is a minor shortcoming. You will be astonished by the site’s usability and fast performance. You will need some time to get used to it, but as soon as you grasp all the functions and tools NudistFriends offers, you won’t give up.

Design and Usability Peculiarities of This Platform

The main shortcoming of NudistFriends is its layout and interface. The site features an ordinary, white background without any appealing elements to complement its look. Despite the plain layout, the platform is not so easy to navigate:the buttons are poorly organized and placed without any consistency. If you are a newcomer, it will be somewhat challenging for you to figure out how to navigate.

Nonetheless, NudistFriends contains a lot of content, both media and articles. While the interface is a bit cluttered and inconvenient to use, the platform still includes tons of useful info that will help you to improve your naturalism lifestyle.

NudistFriends Mobile App Features

NudistFriends Review – Is the Platform Reliable?

Although NudistFriends doesn’t have a mobile app, it is still mobile-friendly, and you can always access it via the mobile browser (Opera, Google Chrome—up to you). This is a great opportunity to boost your dating experience on the move or change the device if you tired using your laptop. The platform is fully optimized for any screen size, regardless of which gadget you opt for.

The pages appear well-organized when using the mobile browser. It is even better that NudistFriends doesn’t contain any distracting elements since it looks neat. Moreover, there is no need to download and install anything. The majority of users think this is a strong point.

Customer Support Team

Like any reputable platform, NudistFriends offers decent support for its users. Apart from sending feedback, you can always contact the customer support team if you have any issues. Whether there are questions related to billing or features of the site, you can get in touch with a manager by filling a dedicated form or sending an email.

Registration Procedure and User Profile

NudistFriends Review – Is the Platform Reliable?

NudistFriends offers a simple and straightforward process of registration. Moreover, all the pictures are thoroughly reviewed by the administration, so you can’t upload too explicit materials there. Some users’ profiles may lack details, which may seem rather confusing for other members. However, once browsing through the pages, you will get enough info to understand whether you like the person or not.

How to Create an Account From Scratch?

NudistFriends is a place of nudity, but it doesn’t popularize porno. Also, you will hardly find here any scammers or fakes. There are two ways of registration:you can sign up using your Facebook account or specifying your email. Both methods require entering the valid telephone number for the user to get a verification code. To continue the registration process, you will need to enter this code.

Only three steps set you apart from joining the ultimate NudistFriends community. First off, it is necessary to specify your personal info such as gender, orientation, age, occupation, and sexual preferences. Then, you will need to upload a picture. However, the image should be checked by the moderator before other people can see it. Since the Nudism is a rather sensitive philosophy, the moderators carefully review whether the photos have a pornographic character.

The final step is completing the ‘About Me’ section. Here you can be as creative as you want. Tell briefly about you, and don’t forget to describe the partner you are looking for. You can change this info later if you wish. Congratulations! You are there, and now you can go on your journey.

Profile Quality and How to Achieve the Best One

NudistFriends Review – Is the Platform Reliable?

NudistFriends has a simple rule. If your profile is well-detailed, you can achieve success in dating. In case there is a little info, the chances you will build long-term relationships are quite low.

It is possible to upload up to 26 pictures and sort them either in public or private albums. If you feel like you don’t want to show your content to all the users, you can choose a specific group of members to view them. Any content that violates the terms and conditions of NudistFriends will be deleted by the administration right away.

If you are still on the verge of Nudism and just testing the waters, you can hide your profile so that it does not pop out in the search results.

NudistFriends Searching Options

Unfortunately, NudistFriends doesn’t offer advanced search. You can sort users by country, state, gender, and age. However, matchmaking algorithms and the ability to view all the members’ photos will help you simplify the process of looking for your perfect partner.

Means of Communication

Apart from offering an extensive number of features, NudistFriends greatly impresses its users with its means of communication. The most interactive tool that lets you initiate an acquaintance is “Let’s Match.” It allows you to like or skip the profiles of the members. Also, the platform gives you 50 winks every day, which you can send to other users to generate some heat. Moreover, you can contact people with the help of an instant messenger. It is worth mentioning that the non-paid members can’t initiate conversation, but just reply to the messages.

When you upgrade your membership plan, you can explore the full potential of contacting means on NudistFriends as you will be able to send an unlimited number of messages. Another extra feature is recalling the ones you don’t want to read.

All the nudity enthusiasts will appreciate the forums and blogs. They are interactive, well-structured, and informative. Here you can read and discuss a lot of topics that might be interesting for you if you are all about nudist philosophy.

What Are Subscription Options to Choose From?

NudistFriends Review – Is the Platform Reliable?

NudistFriends offers two types of membership: Standard and Gold. While being a free user, you will make the best use of numerous features, but the Gold subscription will open up new horizons in the nudist dating. If you compare this platform to similar sites, you will find out that the prices are upper than average. However, considering all the perks included in the paid version, the services are worth the investment.

Features for Non-Paid Users

  • “Let’s Meet”
  • Develop the blog and forum
  • “Fun Questions”
  • Create private albums
  • “Certified Nudist”

Features for Paid Users

  • Send and receive an unlimited number of messages
  • View how often a member responds to messages
  • Check the “Certified Nudist” list
  • Appear on top of the search
  • Highlight the profile

Pricing Policy for Those Who Are Interested

There are 3 types of subscriptions on NudistFriends. If you’re going to use paid features for one month, be ready to pay .95. The things are more beneficial with the 3-month plan. It costs .95, which is only .98 per month. The most advantageous option is the 6-month subscription. Be ready to pay .96, which is only .99 per month.

How to Cancel a SubscriptionProperly?

NudistFriends Review – Is the Platform Reliable?

If you feel like the paid features of NudistFriends don’t work for you, you can always cancel your plan. To do this, proceed to the Subscription Status page or contact the customer support. Keep in mind that the 3 and 6-month packages will not be renewed, which makes you free from additional hassles.

Is This PlaceSafe?

NudistFriends is a rather safe community. First off, it has a phone verification. The moderators carefully check all the photos in order to delete the offensive and too provocative content. The platform doesn’t disclose your personal and billing info to third parties. Moreover, you can read the safety tips on the website to keep yourself protected.

NudistFriends Alternatives

If you want to try the options behind NudistFriends, you can try these platforms:

  • BangExperts
  • Date Perfect
  • NudistDating
  • Badoo
  • Hinge


NudistFriends Review – Is the Platform Reliable?

Like any other service, NudistFriends has its weak and strong points. It is considered to be a perfect environment for those who are engaged in Naturalism and a healthy lifestyle. It contains unique features, and the majority of them are included in the Standard package. If you are an uninhibited single who has an intention to meet and interact online, feel free to sign up for NudistFriends. Apart from the chance to find a soulmate, you will get a lot of useful info related to the nudist lifestyle you are trying to master.

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