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eHarmony Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

eHarmony Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
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Active Audience 72%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 24-26
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 8.9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • eHarmony is an Experienced & Trusted platform
  • Created by a professional therapist
  • A unique system of matching based on compatibility
  • Free registration and profile set up options
  • Expert piece of advice on dating provided
  • Up-to-date website design
  • Mobile application compatible with iPads
  • Personality Quizzes
  • Suitable for any age category
  • Available in many countries
  • Access to most benefits of the site is paid
  • It is a quite costly website

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The dating service eHarmony is the creation of a relationship consultant who has been analyzing couples throughout his long career. It was an attempt to use all the gathered knowledge and understanding of romantic relationships and design a platform to narrow that gap between lovers.

By the gap, it means not only the emotional sphere but borders. eHarmony started functioning as one of not many at that time sites with international outreach. Well, it did a pretty good job since till now it is respected among the singles.

So, the core principle Dr. Warren tried to apply when building the platform is the perfect compatibility of the partners. This is a secret of his matching system. He does not disclose all the details of how people are identified as compatible, but as the practice shows, the man is right. He placed the focus on the meaningfulness of the couple’s relationships and as it appears this principle is working well in every corner of the globe. The high chances are that love is an international phenomenon and works in the same way everywhere.

How does eHarmony Operate?

eHarmony Review - Genuine Service or Scam?

Since eHarmony is working on helping people build long-lasting relationships, constant updates in that field are published on the site. One of the vital sections of the site is Dating Advice. The site designers also created a flexible system of memberships making some features available for free. With these features, a user can visit the eHarmony, give it a try and decide whether it is worth it. However, one day is not enough to turn every stone on this site. It takes a couple of days to adjust, and use all the options. The set of options is very rich, as well as the number of users on the site. Hence, one day your luck might bring you people who do not look like your soulmates, but the next day will be full of discoveries. There is also a list of matches that get updated constantly since many users join the site weekly.

Target Audience

The membership of eHarmony comprises about 60 million people with half of them being active weekly. eHarmony works in approximately 200 countries. People are mainly coming to this site intending to find serious relationships and settle down.

All age categories are represented with the largest community of users 25 – 36 y.o. The second place belongs to the age category 40 – 50 y.o.It is an internationally acknowledged age when people are more likely to seek to settle down.

As to the geographical characteristics of the users, the majority comes from the United States and the United Kingdom. The other countries that use eHarmony actively are Canada, India, Germany, Italy, and Australia.

It is a win-win with a gender distribution since males and females hold the same amounts of spots on the site. In general, most users are educated, determined, and have a stable life already. What they want is a partner who fits into their lives perfectly.

Interesting Features

eHarmony Review - Genuine Service or Scam?

eHarmony tries to impress the users with new features constantly. Here is the list of options that make eHarmony stand out.

  • VideoDate. It is an option to get in touch with the user on video chat anonymously without sharing your phone number and name. To use the option, the user needs to have an updated version of an app. The feature becomes available after the users exchange 6 free messages between each other.
  • Compatibility Quiz and Results Interpretation. eHarmony offers a test to check what type of personality you are. The test is based on 32 criteria for identifying the personality and shows the areas in which users are similar and the opposite. It, in turn, gives them a chance to foresee where they are going to have possible frictions.
  • What If service. The users can pay to receive a list of people who do not fall under any of the preferences they indicated.
  • Questions. A list of pre-written questions was prepared by the website team and is used as a conversation starter. The user can send a question to anyone they want to start a chat with.

eHarmony User-Friendliness

eHarmony design is not upscale, but modern and easy to use. It has all the characteristics needed for the dating site that serves a wide audience. Since the website is used by people aged from 18 to 80, it has to be comprehensive, and simple. Nevertheless, it does a good job serving the purpose. The matching algorithms, search options, messaging are working without bugs.

Technical Characteristics of the Website

The site does not have any irrelevant commercials and does not push the user to purchase anything. It is focused on dating solemnly. The main page is filled with tips, informative ads, and basic site functions. eHarmony has several interesting matching and communicating options that a user can read about in the Help section located at the bottom of the website.

eHarmony Mobile Application

eHarmony Review - Genuine Service or Scam?

eHarmony has a mobile version of the website as well as the application. It is compatible with Android and Apple operating systems. It works on smartphones as well as iPads. To download the app the user needs to have the newest version of the operating system on the device installed. The app is downloaded without any fees and the purchases in the app can be done via Apple/ Android or eHarmony.

Customer Service Team

The eHarmony support team works on moderating the website, maintaining its daily activity, and handling the customer’s complaints. The team works round-the-clock. It means that a complaint or questions will be received. The time to process and sort out the issue is about 36 hours. So, expect a reply within that time.

How to Sign-Up and Create a Profile?

The way signing up procedure works on the site says a lot about its user-friendliness. eHarmony optimized the procedure of signing up to decrease the time spent on registration, and speed up the process of matching. However, with the sophisticated personality quiz, the signing up became a little bit of a drag. It is worth all the time in the world since it increases the chances and accuracy of your match.

Signing Up Instructions

eHarmony Review - Genuine Service or Scam?

So, the user is given two options for signing up. One is using the email address and the other is Facebook. If you use the email, the verification is not obligatory. The most time-consuming procedure is the quiz. The users are encouraged to be as honest as possible in the quiz since it is a basis for searching for your match in the future.

Special Features of Profile

eHarmony has certain rules for accessing the profiles. The users who match can see full-sized photos and profiles of each other. The access to other profiles that do not fall under any of your preferences is not available. However, there is a special feature that lets you receive a list of profiles that are very different from you.

The users are matched based on certain criteria. So, when you look at a profile, you will see the similarity. It can be, for example, religious belief, view of romance, relationships, etc. Besides, the users answer a set of questions that open up their personality. So, when you match with someone you can read their replies to paint an image in your head about the user. All these things are for sure preparation stages, the best comes when the users start communicating.

eHarmony Search Options

eHarmony is not working on the principle of the user searching for a match. The site assesses all the users who sign up and proposes matches. After the user signs up and passes the test for compatibility, the first list of matches will become available. Then, the site will be sending the updated list since new users are registering daily.

Matching Algorithm & Messaging

eHarmony Review - Genuine Service or Scam?

eHarmony has a limited list of communication options for users with free based accounts. These users can wink, add to favorite, and send pre-written questions. To start a conversation a premium membership is needed.

The users with a free membership are left with the choice to wait for the fresh list of matches in case they have not found anyone. They also cannot reply to the messages.

The premium members are allowed to break the borders and go out of the compatibility zone by receiving a list of random people, no matches.

The profiles are matched on the principle of compatibility. The criteria taken into account are personality traits, education, income, occupation, etc. It is up to a user to specify whether he has any preferences as to the partner’s social and financial background. eHarmony aims at creating relationships based on the harmony of two personalities and lives.

Subscription Packages

eHarmony Review - Genuine Service or Scam?

eHarmony designed a couple of options to pick from when it comes to subscription. Some users prefer to take it slow and get one at a time, so they may start with the shorter subscriptions. The longer subscription, though, saves money. The details of your membership are located in the section Settings. Using that section you can manage subscriptions or just see how long you have been using it. In case the questions appear that you cannot find the answer on the site, contact the support for further clarification.

The payment options eHarmony deals with are PayPal and credit cards. When you receive the receipt it will be signed eHarmony without specifying the type of services it provides, for the sake of confidentiality.

Free membership

eHarmony Review - Genuine Service or Scam?

Every user visiting eHarmony is entitled to a set of free features to get acquainted with the site. Here is the list of things you can do without paying a dime:

  • Sign Up
  • Test on personality (compatibility test)
  • Look at other profiles
  • Open a limited number of photos on other profiles
  • Receive a list of matches
  • Use smiles, icebreakers, favorites, winks
  • Receive a notification when a match is looking at your profile
eHarmony Review - Genuine Service or Scam?

With the paid membership of any type, more doors are opening for you on the website. eHarmony turns into your real wing buddy. Here is the list of features you are entitled to with the paid account:

  • Open all photo galleries
  • Get a list of everyone who visited your profile/interested in you
  • Search and look at the profiles anonymously
  • Message all users without limits
  • Receive match suggestions that do not fall for your preferences

With the paid subscription come all the powers. The users are allowed to not only text all the matches from the list they received, and also, request a list of more people. Meanwhile, the free account user does not have a choice but to wait for the list from the website team.


eHarmony membership packages vary in price and duration. The main types of subscription are all Premium of different kinds.

  • Premium Light plan costs $32.95 per month (in total $197.70). The duration is 6 months.
  • Premium Plus lasts 1 year. It costs $22.97 per month (in total $275.64)
  • Premium Extra lasts 24 months. It costs $17.79 per month (in total $431.28)

The subscription payment can be withdrawn in 1,2, or three payments from your PayPal account or credit card.

Canceling policy

As a rule, every eHarmony subscription is set to renew automatically. So, if the user wants to cancel the subscription the renewal should be halted. To do so, go to the Settings section and use the link to amend the membership. Note that as soon as the membership expires, the user is not able to see old messages, chat, and all the data from the profile.

Safety & Security Protocols

eHarmony Review - Genuine Service or Scam?

eHarmony is working towards creating a safe and secure environment for all users. It cares about privacy and confidentiality. With that in mind, the terms of use have been designed and every user has to sign them. In general, access to user profiles is controlled by the site’s team. There are not many chances of someone random to look through your profile since only the matches can see it. Every profile has to pass the compatibility test, and it helps with the elimination of the fake accounts. Still, if the users feel offended, notice abusive or inappropriate behavior, they can report the account.

eHarmony Competitors and Similar Websites

eHarmony is one of a kind, but there are websites that can be used along, or soon will reach its level.

  • Match.com is a dating site that unites people looking for relationships of any kind. Dating, marriage, hookup, friendships, can be found on this site. It is one of the pioneers in the field of dating and has an impressive pool of members. See our full eHarmony vs Match review.
  • EliteSingles is a pricy website for professional people looking for a partner. People who use the website are determined, educated, and ready to tie the knot in most cases. See our EliteSingles vs eHarmony review for more detailed comparison.
  • AdultFriendFinder is an American site, launched by Andrew Conru. Its main purpose is to help people find special types of friends, to be precise friends with benefits. The site is managed by the adult entertainment company and creates safe conditions for the users to have fun dating.


eHarmony Review - Genuine Service or Scam?

Comparing eHarmony to other dating agencies, unique features become more obvious. The site has an individual approach to every user. Its strategy is based on a reputable psychological theory which proved to be effective not only with online dating but the real-life one.

A professional team of therapists, IT specialists, and support agents united to create a platform that became an international cupid. It aims at aiding people with establishing long- term relationships built on trust, respect, and of course understanding. The website is giving a push to all people who feel shy or unsure about how to find a soulmate. Finding your love might not be that hard with the eHarmony dating aid.

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