Between eHarmony Vs. Match
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Comparison Between eHarmony Vs. Match

Comparison Between eHarmony Vs. Match

The First Impression

Both Match and eHarmony have already got loads in common, like their approach to dating and their in-depth temperament quizzes. However, eHarmony takes many serious dating approaches, whereas Match is turning widespread amongst younger users and casual daters.

Tinder, Bumble, and different apps created online dating a lot of palatable for a whole generation by reinventing the service as off-the-cuff mobile expertise. Although these apps are also lovely for quick flirting, they aren’t engineered for making long-term prospering relationships like older, a lot of ancient dating apps. Match and eHarmony are around for many years, and they’ve stayed relevant by adopting new concepts while not properly going off their core strengths. However, that one ends up in lasting love.

Functional Differences: eHarmony Features Vs. Match Features


eHarmony is the first service among the web dating industry using the scientific approach for matching compatible singles. The matching of this platform is predicated using its thirty-two dimensional model for matching the couples supported options for compatibility to be found in several relationships. The site has been committed to serving singles realize love a day and thus, try it. eHarmony matches compatible single ladies and men for fulfilling and lasting relationships.

Traditional Internet is complex for singles who are trying to find love that lasts longer. eHarmony, however, isn’t a standard dating platform. All the women or men you will meet online, only a few will be compatible with you specifically. Also, it is tough to see the compatibility of a possible partner through ways of different dating services – swiping profile photos, browsing classified ads, or online personal. Besides, its in-depth test has helped produce a staggering 14 million matches per day.

eHarmony is appropriate for many age demographics; but, singles aged 25+ have had the foremost luck finding their excellent match. eHarmony helps its users realize a match using their advanced rule that uses 29 dimensions of compatibility. The compatibility rule works by first making a temperament profile and personality analysis. It is an extended list of traits, likes and dislikes, and temperament varieties that may help you connect with similar folks. It makes it; therefore, those that you’re matched with will have identical interests. Typically, the matches you meet on eHarmony are those you finish up on quite one date.


Established in 1995, Match has helped thousands of singles find love and friendly relationships. This dating website is a good selection for all ages. They have regularly updated their app and website to suit the younger members and add fun options like providing daily matches to stay partaking.

Upon signing up, you’ll fill out a form that will enable you to see your potential matches to save you from browsing through numberless profiles yourself. Match additionally offers a unique filtering tool that permits you to know the characteristics of an individual, like appearance, personality, interests, and so on. The Match doesn’t advertise its compatibility rule too often. On the other hand, it does have an enormous range of how you will explore for matches and realize the proper partner.

The search performance offered by Match is way a lot more enjoyable compared to eHarmony. With this, the user can easily filter the matches right down to one thing as straightforward: eye color, height, or other qualities that we believe are pretty cool. You can even choose to “swipe” on potential matches like other dating applications. Other features are available like “boosting” your profile and browsing in-camera (or ninja browsing) so people cannot see that you checked out their profile.

Biggest Advantages

eHarmony Match
  • Members are seeking genuine relationships
  • Video chatting offered
  • Free seven-day trial
  • Very secure
  • Easy to navigate
  • Well-designed interface
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Quick sign-up method
  • Advanced search feature
  • Video chatting offered

Biggest Drawbacks

eHarmony Match
  • Expensive
  • No advanced search perform
  • Different web site for LGBTQ users
  • In-Depth register
  • Basic options barred behind a paywall.
  • Profile approval takes twenty-four hours
  • The free version is minimal
  • Singles vary by town
  • Reports of the many inactive profiles
  • Short “About Me” section

Interface Differences: Which Is More User-Friendly?

eHarmony design isn’t upmarket, however trendy and straightforward to use. It’s all the characteristics required for the dating website that serves a good audience. Since the website is operated by people aged 18 to 80, it’s to be comprehensive and straightforward. Notwithstanding, it will do a decent job serving the aim. The matching algorithms, search choices, electronic messaging are operating without bugs.

Match’s homepage is well-designed and easy — and that is rare. The Match interface is set to make things simpler: at one time, users can see only one match, solely have 5 tabs till the highest, and there is no scrolling; there is barely any scrolling.

Who Has Better Design/Overall Aesthetics

eHarmony has one of the foremost distinctive website interfaces out there, whereas the matches are a lot acquainted and exciting. eHarmony very much causes you to desire you’re on your online dating journey, limiting the majority of distractions and honing in on; however, your online dating goes day by day. The eHarmony layout is minimalistic and stylish, with profiles that look like graphic designers have crafted them.

The Match is quite normal, providing varied choices to seek out others and daily match results, various searching choices, a swiping platform just like Tinder, live chatting, and much more. Match tracks all interactions that permit you to ascertain United Nations agency has viewed your profile and has shown different interest types. While eHarmony provides an ingenious layout, it isn’t as straightforward to navigate as Match’s; that is many acquaintances. Whereas we tend to love the power of eHarmony’s distinctive interface, Match proves that a classic, once done well, can forever prevail.


eHarmony Match
iOS App Yes Yes
Android App Yes Yes
Web/Desktop Version Yes Yes

User Base: Demography and Popularity

A simple-to-navigate website or app is an essential side for any dating application. Both platforms, Match and eHarmony, provide a readily usable desktop website and an application for once. Both apps are simple, with several visible options on the menu header. Their aesthetic and minimalist approach allows users to navigate them easily. Also, the color selection of white and blue may be a nice bit, too.

For many users, the eHarmony platform can easily find daily matches in more than 150 countries worldwide, whereas the Match is 25. Relating to the United states’ market, eHarmony claims concerning 14 July of the web qualitative analysis platforms while Match platform claims pure gold. Match has the very best proportion of second dates compared to any dating sites available online.

Men/Women Proportion

  • eHarmony incorporates a male to female ratio of 38% to 62%.
  • Match incorporates a male to female ratio of 86% to 14%.

Profile Details and Settings

Match asks for your name, gender, zip code, and age before entering into the actual queries. It also asks you other questions like, What kind of relationship you want? What’s your current status? Kids? Religion? What’s your ethnicity? However, previous ought to be your partner? Do you drink or smoke? The app pushes you to explain yourself and layout needs as best you’ll. You would also have to submit an actual photograph of yourself to get approved. eHarmony’s initial survey is equally thoroughgoing.

In conjunction with personal details, the big portion forces you to answer prompts like “What are you passionate about?” “What things do you fancy in your leisure time?” and “What are the three things you are grateful for?” Its trademark Compatibility Quiz has one hundred inquiries to answer starting from Myers-Briggs tests, too. There are some lingering parts of conservatism to eHarmony, notably its queries of religion and politics and wedlock, that will be a touch of a shutdown. However, at least the app finally permits same-sex dating.

When you’re mentioning you and how you live, take care to point out to others what this appears like. You’re attempting to draw in the correct match for you. While trying to do that, you have to be straightforward. Tell about your favorite traveling places, about your interest, or the most effective trip you’ve ever had.

eHarmony Vs. Match: Searching & Matching System Differences

The Match is better than eHarmony once it involves overall functionality. The power to use all those advanced search filters and dive into the complete Match information is valued for its weight in gold.

While all of eHarmony’s compatibility info is attention-grabbing, dating algorithms are tried unreliable once it involves predicting compatibility in long-run relationships.

Chances to Find Serious Relationship

eHarmony has always been associated with serious relationships or marriages. It is further amplified by the fact that their questionnaire lets you make a note of your preferred social situation – stay-at-home spouse, life with children, and so on.

However, with Match having a larger number of users, it has a higher chance of connecting you with serious partners.

Chances to Find Casual Hookup

On eHarmony, the opposites attract approach is strongly adhered to. As a result, serious relationships with such individuals are less possible.

On the other hand, Match learns from your swiping habits rather than push you towards a partner. Therefore, despite the two sites being popular for long-term relationships, eHarmony is perhaps more suitable for casual partnerships.

User Safety and Fake Profiles

eHarmony platform has better safety due to its obligatory form that prevents the user from making any fake account. The platform also involves screening a user for any criminal registries to ensure no one will be exploiting it who should not be. Still, do not meet anyone from the platform eHarmony until and unless you are sure about it.

Match might have connected non-paying daters to phony accounts to induce them to subscribe, consistent with federal regulators. In a lawsuit filed these days against Match cluster, the Federal Trade Commission alleges that the corporate connected daters with fake accounts in an attempt to induce them to subscribe.

User Verification Process

To encourage safety on eHarmony, they undergo an SMS verification process; thus, you’ll be assured that your matches are genuine and you are trying to find love that lasts. The temperament Profile and Profile Check help you go online to offline while not breaking a sweat; therefore, pretend profiles’ probabilities are unitless.

With the standard business model, Match doesn’t decide on verifying the user’s knowledge. Thus, users might lie or distort their profiles—in ways that start from hiding actual age to creating themselves thinner, richer, and taller. So, there are probabilities of pretend profiles created on Match.

Moderation Process: Reporting Fakes and Scam

Amongst these two sites, Match has a lower number of fake accounts reported. However, eHarmony is far more sophisticated in its safety features within the dating site. They are active in regulating the accounts that may be a threat to other users.

Pricing and Upgrades

eHarmony falls into the costlier one, with its annual setup cost accounting for $35.90 per month and $59.90 for six months. Their costs are usually modified. However, they typically end up being quite $20 per month.

Free Version: Features Available

Whereas eHarmony incorporates a free version to undertake, it’s restricted, and you won’t be ready to do an excessive amount of, excluding some lightweight browsing. A user visiting eHarmony is entitled to a group of free options to induce familiarity with the positioning. Here is that the list of belongings you will do while paying a dime:

  • Sign Up
  • Test on temperament (compatibility test)
  • Look at different profiles
  • Open a restricted range of photos on different profiles
  • Receive a listing of matches
  • Use smiles, icebreakers, favorites, winks
  • Receive a notification once a match is viewing your profile.

With the free account of Match, the users are entitled to the exploitation of most of the essential options. The registration and the account setup are entirely free. 7 days of free trial is available; after that, the account needs an upgrade. If the platform is not upgraded, the user remains ready to access:

  • Searching choices
  • Send likes to different members
  • Receive match recommendations

Final Verdict: The Price Goes To…

If you are looking for a fully functional online platform for dating with numerous choices to communicate, Match can be the best choice. The Match is highly tailored for busy, with its snug layout and freedom to contact and speak. Match is better than eHarmony because:

  • It is compatible with Android
  • It is compatible with iOS
  • Has “message seen” notification
  • 0.9 higher ratings on Google Play
  • Ad-free
  • Has search filters
  • Available on computer
  • Suitable for everyone
  • Operates in 15 languages
  • Unique match algorithm

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