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Match Review 2024 – Really Top-Notch Platform or Mediocre?

Match Review 2024 – Really Top-Notch Platform or Mediocre?
About Site
Active Audience 83%
Quality Matches 96%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 1 256 200
Reply Rate 95%
Ease of Use 6.9
Popularity 9.8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Dating service Match is an accomplished website with more than two decades of experience
  • Match App comes for free
  • Cutting-edge search options
  • Unique matching algorithm
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Up-to-date app as well as the mobile version of the site
  • Easy to navigate website
  • Trial version available for a week
  • Match operates in 15 languages
  • Paid account needed to message other users

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Launching of Match happened in 1995. It makes it one of the oldest dating websites. Its original members are people who were pioneers in exploring the online dating world.

The site received appraisals from the users and critics since it gave birth to many marriages, including the international ones. Match creators were pioneers in online dating but also in ensuring the confidentiality and security of the users. Since the launch of the dating sites world, all the policies and agreements were very raw. Match team did a great job creating policies on protecting personal data, developing the options that users can utilize without violating anyone’s rights and privacy.

How does Match Function?

How does Match Function?

Although it was a pioneer project, Match grew into a reputable and professional service. It served as a role model for many websites that were created later. A lot was borrowed when it comes to the registration procedures of Match and overall functionality. Despite the competition, Match is still a leading site that constantly improves the services and introduces updates. The proof of its trustworthiness is popularity in approximately 50 countries.

Members of Website

Match is proud to have the title of a genuinely international dating site. Its users are coming from Asia, Europe, America, and Africa. Most members of the audience reside in the United States and the UK, but the nationalities vary greatly.

The overall number of users is about 20 million, with 10 million Premium subscribers.

The gender distribution is 1:3 with males dominating. All age categories are represented on the website almost equally. However, the largest category is 30 – 45 y.o. As to sexual orientation, Match offers services to same-sex couples as well as straight ones. No limitations are detected as to sexual orientation. According to the statistics, most people come to Match intending to settle down and find a partner for life.

Special Feature Set

Special Feature Set

Since Match is a leading dating site, with the most experience on the market, its special feature set is rich and impressive.

  • Mutual Matches option works according to a special algorithm. It goes into the database of the site and finds people who match your preferences but also are very similar to the user. The algorithm is based on the profile information of the users.
  • Reverse Matches is an option that uses the profile description to find matches. It does not focus on the preferences but looks for users whose profiles are very similar.
  • Private Mode is an option that hides the user’s profile. It will not be visible to anyone but a selected circle of people. People you talked to previously and have chats with will be able to see you. In case you want to open your profile to someone, you will need to text them, email, or like them.
  • Boost will make your profile stand out. With toggling that feature, your profile will be on top of the searches via “Discover” and matching.
  • MatchMe. With this feature, you can put yourself on top of the searches of a person you fancy.
  • Notifications. For a small price, you can receive notifications every time a message from you is opened by the other user.

Match Usability

Match Usability

Throughout the whole time that Match has been operating, the main aim of the owner was always to optimize the time the user spends to perform actions on the website. They were striving to make online dating as less time-consuming as possible. The site has gone through several maintenance and upgrades to achieve the desired standard.

Website Interface & Style

The Match comes in desktop, mobile version, and app for smartphones. The functionality of all the items is pretty efficient. The desktop version has a rich set of functions that are equally represented in the app. The design of the site has nothing extraordinary to it. The Match is focused on providing a good quality of services, so the functions it can perform are developed better than the looks.

A lot of efforts have been invested in the matching process. Hence, the site has advanced options that stand out from ordinary websites. It also has several filters the user can apply to narrow or widen the search for a match. In case of any incidents, the user is encouraged to contact the support team. They will handle all the requests instantly.

One of the characteristics that probably describes the Match website best is that all buttons are self- explanatory, and the site is fun to navigate. The density of options provided makes it exciting to look at and use, especially when it comes to matching.

Match Mobile App

Match Mobile App

The mobile app for Match is compatible with Apple and Android. It can be downloaded for free from the store. Despite having the same features as the desktop version, it has one benefit. For example, the users can turn on notifications and stay informed every time a message or like comes their way. The app’s design is not a cutting – edge one, but very plain and simple. It works well and does not have any bugs.

Help Center Team

The inevitable pillar that supports the site’s daily existence is a support team. Match arranges the training for the support agents on the policies, updates, and technical issues connected to the website. As a result, the agents are competent to handle any kind of client’s request. The support is available in chat from Monday to Friday ( 8 AM – 5 PM), and via email.

Characteristics of Sign-Up Process and Profile Building

Characteristics of Sign-Up Process and Profile Building

Match invested enough time and effort in making registration less painful for the users. As a result, it is a very pleasing and not daunting process at all. The user needs to have an email to verify the account, and that is all the personal information needed. It is a secure and transparent process. Another feature of the site is 15 languages available, so users from all over the world are encouraged to use it.

Peculiarities of Signing Up

When it comes to the signing up process with Match, the profile builder becomes very useful. The registration itself does not take long, about 5 minutes, but the profile is usually the painful part for every user, especially males. So, what you need to fill in is the information about your gender, sexuality, preference, and country. The next step is indicating your email and selecting the password. There is a password reset option in case you lose it. After that, the user is taken to the profile set up step.

Profile activation

To start with, the profile is the main thing that brings a user more matches. Hence, approach that question responsibly. For Match the profile quality is especially important because a lot of features are connected to it. How well you fill in the profile defines the results of the reverse/mutual matches, discover, and other search options.

So, what can you see on the profile:

  • About 26 photos
  • Online/Offline user status
  • Profile on Match can be transferred to any related dating service
  • The profile is made of sections that encourage user and give a push to share information important for the potential partners
  • Match is focused on the user profile analysis to provide matches accurately. Hence, when you fill in the information, try to be as honest as possible.

Match Searching Options

Match Searching Options

The regular search works according to the user’s filter indications. The search button is located on top of the page. When you point your mouse at it, you will see a pop-out list with search, mutual search, and the reverse one.

Match offers various features that influence searches. For example, if the user switches on Private Mode, the profile will not come up in searches. On the opposite, if the boosts are applied, their profiles will be on top of the searches.

Matching & Messaging

Match Messaging

A wide range of Searching and messaging options makes the site so attractive for users from all over the globe. Match offers you ways of communication when you feel lazy and want to do less, but still enjoy. The same applies to when you feel like writing a long love letter.

So, what are the messaging options on Match:

  • Instant messaging
  • Emails
  • Like
  • Video chat

As to the search options, Match is also offering a good variety of options. Among them are mutual and reverse matching, discover options, and regular search.

What subscriptions are there?

What subscriptions are there?

Navigating the site without the subscription in a long -term is a bad idea. The access to all the premium users and options is only available with the subscription. As a rule of thumb, the users with the subscription are perceived as more trustworthy by other users.

Free trial

With the free account, the users are entitled to using most of the basic features. First of all, the registration and account setup is free. The free trial period lasts for seven days, and then the account needs to be upgraded. If the upgrade has not been conducted, the user is still able to access:

  • Searching options
  • Send likes to other members
  • Receive match recommendations

Use the mobile version of the site

Premium Subscription

Premium Subscription

All the fun comes with the premium subscription. Mind that the payment for subscription is auto-renewable. Hence, if you bought it once and forgot to cancel before it expires, it will be prolonged with the payment withdrawn. So, the perks of the paid membership are the following:

  • Use of the full range of search options (discover, advanced search, mutual/reverse matches)
  • Messaging and emailing
  • Seeing who liked your profile and added you to favorites
  • Highlighting your profile for others
  • Access the events organized by Match
  • Hide certain accounts from your searches


Match Prices

Match has a very rich and flexible pricing policy. Every user will find a suitable plan since the membership packages are divided into two categories.

  • Standard package. The cost depends on the duration, with three months being a minimum term for the price of $12.99 per month ($38.97 in total). The six month period costs $9.99 per month ($59.94 in total). The 12 months membership costs $7.99 per month ($95.88 in total).
  • Premium package. The 3-month membership costs $14.99 per month ($44.97 in total), 6months $11.49 per month ($68.94 in total), 12 months with $8.99 per month ($107.88 in total).

Besides, Match offers to boost membership with temporary features. With purchasing the credits, the user can buy various upgrades for the account. For example, the account will be at the top of all searches for an hour. The boost is purchased for credits that cost 1 for 0.99, 5 per 0.80 ($4 in total), 10 for 0.60 ($6 in total).

Terminating subscriptions

The user who wishes to cancel the subscription can do so via the Settings section in the account. Proceed to the option Manage subscriptions and submit the cancellation request. As soon as the request is submitted, the profile gets hidden from the view of other users. The membership can be reinstated, though. In case any confusion appears, contact the support agent for guidance.

Confidentiality and Safety Guarantees

The Match is working towards creating a positive and safe atmosphere for users to find love. The site developers know that they are working with a sensitive topic because people can get fooled when they feel vulnerable. With that in mind, privacy policies were developed and implemented. First of all, the virtual services that Match provides are designed with user privacy in mind. They do not compromise privacy in any way unless the user violates the agreement. The users are not allowed to sell their accounts or let anyone else use them. All accounts are being verified before they get access to the site. There is also a team of moderators working on eliminating the fake profiles if they manage to get in. With the number of users the site has, for sure, some fake accounts manage to function, but it does not last long. The users can help the site by complaining and reporting abusive and inappropriate behaviors to the site team.

Last but not least, the feature that utterly conscious users will appreciate is Private Mode. By switching on this mode, the user becomes invisible to other profiles and can keep browsing on the website. The account will become visible by switching off the mode or texting someone.

Match vs Other Dating Services

Match Dating

Dating with Match is awesome, but some alternatives are stepping on its toes. This collection provides some of the options to use instead of or along with Match dating services.

  • Tinder. A well- known free app initially created for quick hookups. Nowadays, it is used to date and even find long- term relationships. Its primary purpose stays the same, and most people use it to just find a fling or flirt. To learn more, check out Match vs Tinder comparison.
  • Badoo. It was launched as an app that works similarly to social networks. It gained popularity around the world and is now used as an app to find friends, relationships, or travel partners.
  • Zoosk works in a way similar to social networks as well. It has rankings, matching functions, as well as quizzes. It is a fun way to date and looks for serious relationships. The playful atmosphere that the app sets you in takes the stress off and puts down the barriers and concerns people have about dating.
  • OkCupid is not a typical dating site. Besides having standard messaging and emailing options, it has a lot of quizzes. The funny thing about quizzes is that the site team and the users create them. It helps people connect since they have a chance to ask questions that bother them and hear honest answers.
  • See also: OkCupid vs Match comparison


No doubt, the online dating world started with Match. The founders accepted the challenge of the times and decided to find solutions for millions of lonely souls around the world. This online platform came as bliss for people who travel a lot, live abroad, but want to move out, work a lot, and have no time to socialize personally. Match founders went further and introduced the app, which became not less popular than a desktop version. It takes time to find a person you feel comfortable with, no doubt, but with Match looking for one is not that exhausting. The site offers many solutions for lazy, impatient, and shy people. Online dating with Match is pure pleasure.

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