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Badoo Review 2024 — Legit Dating App or Waste of Time?

Badoo Review 2024  — Legit Dating App or Waste of Time?
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Active Audience 72%
Quality Matches 96%
Popular Age 18-25
Profiles 3 200 000
Reply Rate 94%
Ease of Use 9.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Badoo is famous all over the world;
  • No charge to join;
  • Special bonuses for paid-up tariff;
  • The age of users varies from late teenagers to adults;
  • Badoo provides a particular application for mobile phones;
  • There are many real and active profiles.
  • Sometimes you can come across on fake accounts;
  • The broad spectrum of applications costs money;
  • It happens that users can be blocked up.

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Nowadays, people want to extend their boundaries as much as possible. And this is the case not only of traveling but relations as well. Badoo was created for those who would like to mix nationalities in their couples; that is why it is available for the whole world. Chatting by text messages will bring much more pleasure than ever with the help of a well-developed system. The main aim of this review is to illustrate all the necessary information about Badoo and give clear information for future users.

What are the Basic Principles of Badoo Work?

Badoo Review - Safe or Malicious?

Many dating websites want the company to reach global coverage, but not everyone can afford that. The Badoo network is getting more and more developed and has about 350 million users. To understand the phenomenon of such popularity better, we need to point out how it works.

First of all, that is great when the website and a special app are available for people. Nobody has enough time to sit in front of the screen and wait for the answer. As far as this networking is all over the world, people just have different time zones. The Badoo app informs you about new messages and users daily.

Secondly, there is a simple registration process. You have to create your profile by adding a photo and filling some information about yourself and fix your location. Badoo is oriented on the last point. Since the profile has been created, the searching system will help you to look for interesting people. Of course, it is vital to admit that not all men and women are ready for marriage and start communication just to hookup. On the other hand, who knows where the conversation can lead.

Thirdly, it has services on a fee-paying basis if you want to have some extended possibilities. Some users complain about this point, but nobody can change anything, and a premium version will set you back $2.99. Both free and charged versions are popular among the people; that is why we can say that Badoo will always find its client. The premium version will help you to find a partner in a native city. Do you remember the location? You get to choose, but sometimes it is worth to pay.

The Outlooks Division

Badoo Review - Safe or Malicious?

From the very beginning, Badoo was behind the back of Facebook. Nevertheless, since 2012 it has been a self-sufficing website, which can boost its rate of clients. Badoo not always poses itself as a dating website, telling that it is a unique place for people to communicate with a focus on dating. It has a wide audience from different countries:

  • North & Central and South America (There are more than 12 million users only in the United States);
  • Spain;
  • Italy;
  • Germany;
  • Czech Republic;
  • Poland;
  • UK (If you would like to meet some international ladies);
  • Sweden;
  • Russia.

Of course, not all countries are included, but different continents are presented in this list, as many countries as many languages are spoken.

Badoo is open for both genders, aged 18 years old. If to tell about the statistics, men are more active users than women are. Maybe because a man always wants to conquer a woman first, and he needs to be productive. Men aged from 26 to 34 are on the top of the list, the same as women—the perfect age to start some serious relationships. The eldest users are in the category 55+. Badoo also respects people devoted to different ethnical groups or sexual preferences. Nobody can legitimate rights.

Key Lineaments

Badoo Review - Safe or Malicious?

No website can extend without some key features, and Badoo has some. One of them is a function of Encounters and Nearby. These are two categories that are available for laptop users, so for the smartphone version. Opening these links can help you to make the conversation more natural and more amazing.

An Encounter category shows you people’s interests and primary information, so it is possible to like or dislike a new friend. A Nearby group will never give you a chance to be bored in your city. Just find a person to spend time with. There is also an interesting pivotal point to display the time and location your paths crossed. Maybe your new partner was sitting at the next table at 3 o’clock yesterday.

Badoo also has some negative features, especially to block out accounts if you do not follow the rules. Nevertheless, people complain that their profiles were deleted erroneously with no right to call them up.

Does Badoo Really Show The User-friendliness?

Badoo Review - Safe or Malicious?

According to the age rate, Badoo is a very customer-centric organization because it allows registering even if you are 60 years old. The best thing is that even in such an age you will be able to find a partner. Besides, it has a list of rules, which you must not infringe; otherwise, your account will be blocked. If you have already met your partner and want to stop searching, it is possible to delete a personal page yourself. That is very convenient, so your new lover will not be jealous. Badoo user-friendliness also opens in the modernity of the website and app quite apart from the fact that it exists for a long time.

Main Aspects of the Website Design & Usability

Badoo has quite a simple design, and that is the beauty of it. No additional advertisement or random pictures can distract you from the process of communication. From the right side of the screen, you will find a piece of personal information with different tab pages. They include:

  • Likes;
  • Encounters;
  • Nearby;
  • Visitors;
  • Messages;
  • Likewise.

The dating site works incredibly fast, and after a few minutes of registration, you can start to interact. From the left side of the screen, other users’ profiles are shown with a big photo and personal information. It may be so that you like or dislike it with two unique signs. Furthermore, there is a selection of the most famous users.

Badoo Mobile Application – efficient or unnecessary?

Creating the app has helped Badoo to reach a new level. It is easy to use both, but the mobile version is convenient for everyday situations. Many people in their feedbacks admit that they never would find a partner without fast access to communication because of being impatient. It has the same list of functions so that you could not miss any news or unread activities. What is more, you can use all your paid bonuses. The app has a beautiful interface, and it is very eye-catching. Sound notifications will inform you about new likes and visitors. All rights are protected as well, so you must be polite and kind to everyone because otherwise, you will be able to be blocked.

The Question of Customer Support

If Badoo had not been such client-oriented, it would not have been so successful. For this reason, people who have created the website take care of contacting and customer support.

First of all, it has a help center where operators are available 24/7. They can tell some details about payment, solve the problem with inappropriate behavior of other users, or rectify the error.

Secondly, there is a press inquiry for those who are very interested in social networking and follow the latest trends. The updated information is always straightforwardly accommodated by the first request. There is a short form to fill in for contacting.

Thirdly, as a new user, you always get email notifications about some new bonuses or special offers. Do not forget to check your email to be in the center of the events. Badoo claims that every demand should be decided.

The Process of Signing Up

Badoo Review - Safe or Malicious?

As was mentioned above, the registration process is maximally simple. If you have a profile on other social networks, for example, Facebook or Twitter, it allows you to connect and synchronize it with Badoo new related profile. There is also another way – to answer common questions about yourself like sexual orientation, the reason for contacting, primary information about hobbies and interests, personal data, and so on.

Consequently, to finish the registration process, it is necessary to approve it by opening a unique link that will be sent to your email address. After that, spend some time and upload the best photos. Bright and fascinating pictures attract the opposite sex, and you have more chances to bring the account to the top.

What is more, if registration is done with the help of a mobile device, you can bring the function of location and notification aboard at once. If you are lucky to have an updated version, it is also vital to upload several amazing pictures taken by your mobile phone camera or the Badoo app’s camera.

Remember that only you can make your profile interesting and attractive. Use jokes, give funny stories, take emotional photos, and smile. Be active, open for communication, and take it easy.

Important Steps in Signing-Up

Despite the signing operations are very simple, there are several points that it is crucial to think over before becoming a member. If to look at the table of contents, the middle mark of the Badoo signing up is 3 points of 5. Strict rules explain it according to the photos verification. Not everyone likes to approve that pictures are real, but the site can block you in case of breaking the rule.

Also, do not forget to finish the verification operations on your email because, in the other case, you have a limit of using the website. In reality, it can be taken as a great advantage if you are still hesitating how good it is.

The Profile Characteristics

In general, people take communication at social networking sites as a game first. This little secret was taken into consideration when Badoo was being created. Thank such approach, there are not only trivial issues about yourself but also some personality tests connected with politics, fashion, religion, sport, and so on. The profile quality also can be estimated by presenting a unique scoring system. Do you remember when you passed a new game’s level the last time? That instigates because the more points you get, the higher your profile will reach. Under those circumstances, not all Badoo users value this scoring system, and as an illustration of this fact, it gets only 2 points of 5 in the table of contents.

The Badoo Seeking Procedure

Badoo Review - Safe or Malicious?

The Badoo search is as simple as the registration process, indeed. Of course, it is oriented to your demands. If you are willing to meet someone right now, you can use a link that will show you who is near and eager to meet. That is how the location function works. If your aim is only messaging, you can search a person by criteria and given photos or critical facts. Go with your guts.

Couple Compounding & Interaction

As far as the primary Badoo function is communication, messaging is free for everybody. If the person matches your demands, you can write a message or just send emoticons. The first two messages are open for everyone and without a «matching procedure». Be patient and wait until the other person replies to you. After that, the matching operation is done, and no limits can hold back on you.

The Details of the Subscription Feature

A subscription always brings some benefits. Badoo is not the exception of this rule. People who have subscribed, still get the news first and take the maximum of pros. That is to say, that sometimes this favor costs money.

Free for the Taking

There are some services for free. For example, search filters are open as well as member accounts and texting. You can flirt and take part in a matching game. Also, viewing visitors to your account is available, and you can comment on different photos or pictures.

Fee Bonuses

Badoo Review - Safe or Malicious?

For premium membership, the list of functions is more comprehensive. Apart from those, which were mentioned above in the free version, you can highlight the messages. As a result, you will see some new users earlier than those who do not want to pay or even visit a site anonymously. You have a chance to raise the position on the top by giving gifts and unique stickers. Thus, it worth it.

A Buyer’s Price

The amount to change depends on the period. So, at Badoo, you should pay about 12 dollars for one month. If you like a premium version, the six months fee will be about 48 dollars. By the way, the lifetime access will be yours only for 80 dollars. For convenience, different payment options as susceptible, for instance, a credit card, with the help of mobile phones or PayPal.

What Should You Know About Cancelling subscription?

Contact service is always ready to solve all sorts of problems, so it is possible to cancel the subscription if you wish. Remember that nobody will return your money. And if you have applied for a loan to become a premium member, you should pay all the money first. Badoo is protected from double dealers by law.

Question of Safety & Rights Protection

Badoo Review - Safe or Malicious?

Having so many users, Badoo does not have a chance not to be safe. People share their data, and reliable measures are taken to safeguard it. If you had any problems with the secure, please do not be silent and contact the privacy policy immediately. In different feedbacks, people complain about fake accounts or rude behavior that must be stopped. That is why the number of blocked pages is so high.

Badoo Business Rivals

If there are some reasons why you are not keen on Badoo floating around the internet, you can find different alternative websites. For example, MeetMe, Mingle 2, or JustSayHi are the main of them.

Bottom Line

Badoo is very popular because of the different features. It is modern, it develops fast, and it knows what the target audience wants. It is ready to change and always looks for new ways and opportunities to allure new users. However, there are also some disadvantages, and subscribers describe them in different feedbacks. Anyway, to have a soft spot for Badoo or not, it is up to you.

MS, RD & Writer
Josie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, and she is a certified relationship coach. The young lady offers clients a warm and caring environment. She has dedicated her life to other people’s well-being since she understands what they go through. Throughout her career, she has acquired enough skills to build healthy relationships.
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