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Livelinks Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

Livelinks Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 59%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 26-27
Profiles 1 900 000
Reply Rate 86%
Ease of Use 8.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It boasts an exceptional algorithm for connecting single people via an interactive calling channel.
  • It offers an affordable subscription for members.
  • It is free for women to register and continue to use the dating service provider.
  • It has a huge following of callers, which raises your chances of finding a soul mate.
  • All races are well represented in the dating line, and you are always assured of a good match.
  • This platform does not take responsibility for whatever happens after you have met someone.
  • The channel promises to provide countless beauties, but you need to do the most to be successful.
  • Prone to scam
  • Prone to scam

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Our review of the pros and cons of this platform shows it is an enjoyable and productive medium for men and women who are single and looking for straight dating. If you have not tried it before, it is high time you registered. It offers more features compared to other online chat lines.

Since its launch in the 1990s, LiveLinks has become a popular and one of the most sought out mobile chat lines in N. America. This platform has an online site that is full of essential tips, but in reality, it is a mobile-based dating service provider. From the information used to create member’s profiles and interacting via mobile means, it cannot be a website.

This demanding hookup channel has established itself as the best dateline that provides an old school yet exceptional dating experience. It is a safe conversational tool that entertains countless singles with casual hookups irrespective of race, religion, and age.

For years this platform has allowed single people to have flirty and steamy conversations with potential mates. There is no hassle and cumbersome processes while using this dating platform. For years, countless people have embraced the friendly nature and immense fulfillment of wild desires and fantasies.

Most people have a hard time deciding whether the dating tool is a legit or a scam. Unless you dig more in-depth about the platform, less is known openly about it. Do not worry. We are here to help. Continue reading this review article to get a clear picture of the LiveLinks dating platform.

How Does LivelinksWork?

Livelinks Review – How Legit Is This Site?

By operating in about 1300 regions across Canada and the US, LiveLinks helps to connect countless singles to chat via mobile means. Does this sound like a makeover from your past dating experiences? You are not wrong.

Although most of us are accustomed to web-based dating experience, past casual dating typically used telephone numbers got from magazine adverts. LiveLinks functions by having you call their service toll-free number to make a valid registration of your profile.

You can get started by calling 844-699-2904. Afterward, you will be obliged to leaving a greeting description about your personality and what you are seeking.

This is before you can search for greetings left by other members registered and online. The moment you have noticed an interesting person, you can leave a flirting message or request a live chat.

Just simply make a call, create a live link profile, and you will get connected to immense singles located near you.

A Look At Audience Details

This chat line is for people who are single and straight with intentions of seeking romance and casual sex experience. The website is mainly centered in the US and Canada, with women having over a 60% representation. You will meet countless singles from all walks of life and religion, seeking a hookup date like you.

Are you looking to have new friendships and romantic desires? If you are, LiveLinks is the ideal platform for you. It has over 20 years’ experience of connecting countless hot single men and women. It is suited for people who like to talk rather than the usual chatting process.

Most of the members under the platform are evenly shared between people of 18-24 years and 30+ persons. As such, only single, straight, and serious people are allowed to use the dating site. LiveLinks has helped to match countless hot men and women with potential mates with a very high success being reported by users.

What Are TheEssential Features?

Livelinks Review – How Legit Is This Site?

LiveLinks has various exceptional features that can help you to get right with casual phone dating. Here are some exquisite features about this phone dating service:

  • Mobile chat is available so that you can interact with interesting people in your region. Just use your mobile phone and make a call.
  • The high number of callers on LiveLinks makes it ideal for you to reach and choose different options altogether. If you communicated with someone, but you were not satisfied, just dial another number to meet a promising person.
  • The service always stresses that there are no paid operators. All people are real, and this gives you robust opportunities for having amazing conversations and getting to know other people.
  • You can store and save recorded greetings for future use.
  • You can access the service anywhere via mobile means.
Livelinks Review – How Legit Is This Site?

This phone dating platform offers a comfortable and direct method of matching countless singles with hookup dates. We have noticed how it is easy for you to search for beautiful hotties and maintain a nice conversation.

This online tool has all features you will ever need to get working and solving issues that may arise while seeking for romantic dates.

The phone chat mode is easy to use, and there are fewer complications, if any. From our in-depth analysis of different mobile dating avenues, LiveLinks has the best user-friendly design.

Access the website for this hookup platform is quite easy to navigate. The website has all features that help members learn more about the functionality of phone dating. Importantly, you can read the blog section, which is vividly visible on the official page to get tips about dating.

Using the website is super easy if you know how to carry basic online research. Different icons are placed strategically to help you get better acquainted with LiveLinks.

In terms of design and usability, we can attest that LiveLinks provides an easy and convenient experience for countless single people seeking romance hookups.

Livelinks Review – How Legit Is This Site?

We have not come across any mobile app made available by this dating giant. They have not yet released one, but if you come across one, remember to include it in this review. All in all, you can enjoy the website experience by getting the necessary information about the dating player. With your mobile, you can contact and send flirtatious messages to your potential soul mate.

Customer Support

LiveLinks is a caring and considerate dating platform that handles all its members’ queries and needs. We have discovered there are helpful safety guidelines that guide new members while they start seeking for their first hookup dates. We advise you to avoid providing personal and sensitive information.

From our experience, there are countless fake and weird people in the dating scene, and taking precautions is paramount. LiveLinks has a robust working customer support system that is toll-free and can be contacted by dialing 1-800-984-6889. If you have any concerns, always contact them promptly.

Sign-Up and User Profile

To register as a member of LiveLinks is quite easy and straightforward. The whole process takes a few minutes to accomplish, and there are no hard questions you cannot comfortably fill while signing up.

LiveLinks user profile is the essential element for achieving success with hookups. It is your ticket for meeting a cute hottie, and importantly you need to stand out among the rest.

Livelinks Review – How Legit Is This Site?

It takes a few minutes to finalize the whole sign up process. Search online for LiveLinks to access the official site page. What separates this hotline dating channel from rivals is the presence of a test run, which is provided as a free trial.

If you are thrilled by the free trial, you will be availed of a membership form that you will need to complete. For men, they can sign up via online means or by mobile phone. Women have the benefit of being given free LiveLinks dating experience.

Profile Quality? What About Verification?

From our research, we have found out that the quality of the profile gives you a 60% head start when in the dating scene. Importantly, we advise un-registered members to make quality and eye-catching profile descriptions.

If you have a profile with boring stuff, no one will even take a look at your profile. Flirty and exciting fun profile descriptions will be a killer for you in this dating avenue. Verification of User profiles is done through mobile means and takes less than three days. That is all needed to have you online and in full search of an exciting and romantic hookup date.

Livelinks Review – How Legit Is This Site?

The LiveLinks Search for potential dates is straightforward and computerized to help you get the best love experience there is. When we compare this dating avenue with similar ones, we can rank it the best in terms of innovativeness and efficiency.

You can, with ease, search for potential cutes based on keywords or their location. Searching for a cute lady in Canada should not be a problem. With this search feature, you will never miss an exciting and gorgeous goddess.

Chatting& Matching—How It Works

The matching process for LiveLinks is similar to that of dating websites. Members are matched according to preference criteria they have set in their accounts. If, for example, you like tall and blonde girls, you will be matched to these kinds of hotties. Now it is time for you to get chatting, and we can reveal it is pretty easy to get interactive.

When you get someone whose greetings excite you, you can ask them to message back and join live conversation. Features like the ability to send and receive “ice breakers” keep the conversation lively and easy to follow.

You can as well add callers to your favorite hotlist so that you can get notified when they are online. If you are not comfortable with a conversation, you can block the said callers promptly and conveniently.

What About MembershipOptions?

If you are a hot lady seeking for a hookup, then this platform is made for a person like you. Women have free access to the services availed, and men have to pay after the free trial has expired. There are different subscription options based on the number of minutes you will be interacting.

Free Versions

Livelinks Review – How Legit Is This Site?

The free version of this dating connector is made free for hot women, and men are given a 60 minute trial in the first call made by a new number. We have understood from our research that men have unlimited access to all membership features.

Once the free version has elapsed, men can choose a membership plan from the different subscription options available.

Members can upgrade for membership subscriptions that come under different plan options. These membership subscriptions are for men, while women have free access to the services. Just like other dating lines, you can pay with different methods either by credit or debit card. Any other option we are not aware of, we hope it will work out perfectly for you.


LiveLinks is free for all people to use, and you can immensely benefit from a free trial version that lasts a week. However, after the week has surpassed, people need to purchase time packages to continue using this romantic service.

Prices for time packages:

  • $29.99 for 90 minutes
  • $9.99 for 60 minutes
  • $4.99 for 10 minutes

Packages that are purchased are not subject to any refunds, even if you make a complaint. There are no trials and errors with making payments. We advise you to make a double assurance check before subscribing to a membership plan.

Livelinks Review – How Legit Is This Site?

It is possible to cancel your current membership subscription and opt for a higher one or go a level down. The process of our canceling a subscription is quite easy. Just contact the dating chat line customer service at 1.800.984.6889. From our point of view, it is better to cancel a subscription after you have exhausted the money paid since there are no refunds.

Whatever the reason, we see no need for you to cancel any subscription as there countless cutes for you. To cancel your subscription is a personal decision for you to make, but we had to inform you about this.

What About Website Safety &Security?

LiveLinks dating site speculates to all users that they are not liable for any sought of infringement as a result of the information provided. As such, we see it necessary for you to provide only basic information and avoid sharing of secretive details about yourself.

You should, at no time, send money, or provide your payment details to any person. Since there are weird and untrustworthy people all over, it becomes necessary to protect yourself from scams.

We have no faith in having your info secured from other people when using this dating platform. We recommend you to think twice before you proceed to avail of your information in the registration process. Away from the safety concern, you will always find a potential dating partner, especially if you are a man.

Livelinks Review – How Legit Is This Site?

Almost all dating platforms that we have reviewed have rivals who compete to be the best hookup service providers. LiveLinks is no exception and has faced endless competition from these rival dating connectors. They differ in some aspects like subscription charges, but all work to provide hookup dates for people seeking to date.

  • LDS Planet
  • Military Cupid
  • Match.com
  • SilverSingles.com

LiveLinks is a robust alternative to the usual online sites and casual hookup applications. One thing certain about this dating tool, you will never miss an opportunity to search for different kinds of women who are keen to connect in person with you. There are no major handles when making connections, unlike when using online matching websites.

In this regard, LiveLinks is the perfect remedy for men who are seeking a casual sex experience or having it challenging to get noticed on regular sex apps and websites. Additionally, the price range for different membership subscriptions is pretty affordable for everyone.

To sum up everything, LiveLinks is a great hookup service provider that gives users everything they could possibly be seeking for. It is always nice and romantic to connect and hear the voice of countless local single dates. We know how hard it for men to use a chat line like this. Being able to meet a date in a couple of days after launching a conversation is hard for some of us to take. We are confident you are not like these people, and you got an ego for trying out this. All in all, we recommend the website!

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