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LDSPlanet 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

LDSPlanet 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 66%
Quality Matches 85%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 788 800
Reply Rate 83%
Ease of Use 8.9
Popularity 8.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • One of the few services that offer refunds if needed. Just make sure to read the terms and see if your case is on the list for possible refunds.
  • They take privacy seriously and make sure your information is safe.
  • They work hard so you can have a consistent experience on all your devices. That way, when you sign in from your phone, you will be right where you left on your computer and vice versa.
  • They offer a beautiful and friendly experience. Any user being abusive will be blocked.
  • Your faith is an important part of your life. This service helps you in search of like-minded people.
  • Unique and innovative tools.
  • The service is not free. It charges a little commission so it can keep everything working smoothly.
  • The demographic for this site is highly specific so, if religion is not that important to you, this is not your best option.

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LDSPlanet is a unique site. Here you can meet people who share your faith and life views. This service wants to bring LDS people together and help them find meaningful connections. Having faith is such an essential part of life, and being able to find a partner who shares your faith is priceless. That kind of connection between individuals is what makes any relationship work and makes life that much better.

LDSPlanet is the perfect place for people of the Mormon faith to meet and interact with one another. This service breaks many barriers, like distance and time differences. Here you can meet Mormons from various places, interact with unique people, and even meet your future partner. There are many Mormons out there that live a little far from you or just at a different place entirely. LDSPlanet brings everyone together and allows you to meet all those fantastic individuals you would have never encountered otherwise.

An Overview – How LDSPlanet Works

How LDSPlanet Works

LDSPlanet offers a great service for people seeking to meet their special one or just be more social. The service uses advanced algorithms to match you with other individuals that share your views and preferences. They do that based on the information you provide. When you register, they will ask a couple questions about who you are and what you like, then add that to your profile. After registering, it is a good idea to add extra information and personalize your page. The more information you provide about yourself, the better.

After all, the matching process is just half the story. Based on your information, the algorithm will suggest people to you. From that point, it is up to you. You can send messages, maybe flirts or just ignore them. A good idea before starting to interact with any user is to check their profile. After that, you will have a more in-depth understanding of who that person is. With that, you can decide to talk to them or not. You can interact with a lot of people. This is the fun part. LDSPlanet offers a great platform for engaging with other users as well as communicating with them. This way, you can get to know them better and make some amazing connections with great people.

Who Is the Audience on This Service

LDSPlanet’s Audience

This is a place for people who share the Mormon faith and want to find meaningful relationships. LDSPlanet helps those who may find it challenging to meet people in their daily lives by providing a place where hundreds of like-minded individuals interact. Here you can find Mormons from all over the states as well as from Canada. They are all united by one thing, their faith. The major age demographic on the site is nineteen to thirty-five, but there are also older gentlemen and ladies using the service. By law, you should be at least eighteen years old to register, no minors are allowed on the site.

Interesting Key Features They Offer

LDSPlanet offers a lot of unique and interesting features. You, of course, have the basic tools similar to most sites offer plus a lot of other interesting ones. Here are some worth mentioning:

  • Boost – This is an awesome feature to get more engagement. What is does is put you on top of the search results for a short period of time. This way, many more people see you and will likely come over and say hi.
  • Reply for free -This pretty much allows any user to answer your messages. Even if that user has not paid for the service, you just assume the cost of the message so you two can chat.
  • Advanced matching algorithm – This tool will show you people nearby and the selection of the potential connections based onthe age criteria. It is much more advanced and suggests people that have a lot in common with you.
  • Stable and fast messaging – This main part of any social platform is a good and secure way to communicate between users. LDSPlanet has crushed this one. They have a great messaging platform that allows for fast, secure, and stable communication between users.

These are just a couple of examples of great tools LDSPlanet offers. There are many more to try and enjoy. If you are interested, make sure to go over to their website and check them out.

How User Friendly LDSPlanet’s Service Is

LDSPlanet’s Service

LDSPlanet has the organized and easy to use the website. They have created a beautiful layout with all the interesting functionality you could use while at the same time having a simple look. Every button and link is labeled, and the menus follow a simple and logical pattern. You will find it easy to navigate through the menus and quickly find whatever tool you need. LDSPlanet has a great combination of usability and simplicity that makes the service extremely user-friendly.

An Overview of Website Design & Usability

LDSPlanet’s Mobile

Website Design is closely tied to the user-friendliness of any website, and this is where LDSPlanet shines. They have nailed the basics by creating a beautiful platform, simple to use, and pleasant to look at. You have your basic menus at the top and all your notifications at the left corner. The center of the page will vary depending on where you are on the site. If you are on the main page, the center portion of the page is occupied by suggestions of people to meet. If you are on your profile, that is where all your information will be displayed.

Does LDSPlanet Have a Mobile Application?

LDSPlanet has a renowned mobile application for iOS. The design is clean and intuitive. There, you can:

  • Check other users’ profiles with all the info and pictures available.
  • Use swipe functionality.
  • Find out who visited your profile.
  • The possibility to view your matches for the day and rate them.
  • Communicate via messages.
  • Check who is interested in you.
  • Find out if people already read your messages.

How Responsive Is the Customer Support?

LDSPlanet pays attention to the experience their users get while using the service. This includes customer support. That is why they always have people ready to answer all your questions. The customer support team is always available and happy to help. If you reach out to them, you can be sure that they will do everything they can to solve your problems promptly. Moreover, to save you time, they have gathered a great selection of the frequently asked questions on the site. You can find the list on their “Contact Us” page. They have extremely well-explained answers to all the most common questions, so before writing to the support, give that list a look. You will be likely to find an answer there.

Overview of the User Profile

LDSPlanet’s Profile

The user profile has a great way to display information and lay everything out, so it is easy to read and find. When you enter the user profile, you will first notice the photograph of the user. Right next to that, a little information about their location and two bright buttons for sending that user a message or sending a flirt. The profile’s layout encourages users to interact with one another by using big bright buttons for sending messages. Below that, there are more facts about the person. Everything from appearance, hobbies, occupation, what they expect in a relationship, and more. In that same section, you can see if the user has more pictures or extra information about themselves.

Ways of Signing up

LDSPlanet’s Signing up

On the desktop or mobile application, you can create a profile for free and later upgrade it. You will see a bright “Search Now” button. Click on it to register.

Write your:

  • name
  • email
  • password
  • add more personal info but this is an optional step.

Now your profile is ready. Be sure to add more about yourself for other users to see when they visit your page.

How Good the Profile Quality and Verification Process Is

LDSPlanet tries to give the best possible experience to their users. For this reason, they focus a lot of their efforts on the verification of new profiles. They use several layers of verification to stop people from creating fake profiles. This includes asking for zip codes and checking email addresses. If any of the information provided by a person is suspicious, the site will not let them create a profile. This keeps unscrupulous people at bay. This is one of the reasons why the profile quality of LDSPlanet is high. You are extremely unlikely to come across fake profiles.

LDSPlanet Search Options

LDSPlanet’s Search Options

The search options are rich and intuitive. You have a lot of options at your disposal. In the search menu, you can get extremely specific about the parameters. Everything from appearance to hobbies, likes, and more are available options for the search. Nonetheless, if you do not want to spend much time setting that up, you can go for the simplified search options. Those are found on the main page above the profiles suggested to you. There, you can filter by age, sex, and location.

How Good Is Matching & Chatting on This Site?

LDSPlanet uses an advanced algorithm that utilizes the information provided by users. They will only suggest people who have a lot in common with you. This makes for better matches and easier communication between users. The matching process on LDSPlanet is extremely effective and more advanced than what you will find in other places. They also offer a great messaging platform. You can easily and quickly chat with people using the service. Messaging is stable and smooth, which means you will not have problems with latency. The functionality is basic, but more than enough to engage with others, you can send instant texts and emojis to any user, and they will receive a notification right away.

What Subscription Options Do They Offer?

They offer two basic memberships. You have the Standard one that you can use free of charge. It includes basic functionality and is mostly there to help new users familiarize themselves with the service. Then you have a premium membership that unlocks all the functionality of the website so you can take full advantage of the service.

What Does the Free Version Offer?

The free or standard membership includes:

  • Possibility to like and comment on pictures.
  • Use the basic search options to find matches.
  • You can upload one picture and add all your information to your profile.

What a Paid Subscription Include?

LDSPlanet’s App

A paid subscription unlocks all the functionality. So, besides what you get with the standard package, here you also have:

  • Full access to all the advanced settings for search.
  • Communicate without restrictions and unlimited messages.
  • Send “Flirts” to other users to help break the ice.
  • Live chat.

What Is the Pricing Like?

LDSPlanet offers one premium package that gives you all the functionality they offer. You can buy one month at a time or get 3 or 6 at once. This will save you money.

  • 1 Month – 16.99 USD per month
  • 3 Months – 12.32 USD per month
  • 6 Months – 8.99 USD per month

What Is the Process for Cancelling a Subscription?

To make your experience as pleasant and seamless as possible, LDSPlanet has a system of auto renewal payments. This means that every month you will be automatically charged for the service. This protects you from future price raises since the sum is fixed. Also, this system makes sure your communication with others will not be interrupted unexpectedly.

If at any point you decide to cancel the subscription, here are the steps to take:

  • Go to “My Account” in your settings menu.
  • Click “View account status” and then go to “More Account Status.”
  • There, you will see the option to “Remove Automatic Renewal.”

Once you click on that option, the autorenewal is deactivated. You can use the service until the current subscription expires and you will not be charged for the consecutive months.

After that, your profile will be downgraded to a free one. You can still use the basic functionality that offers or delete your profile completely. For deleting your account, you will need to follow the next steps:

  • Got to “My Account” from your settings menu.
  • Again, go to “View Account Status” and then to “More Account Status Changes.”
  • There you will see the “Remove My Profile” option.
  • Respond to a short question for authentification.

Once you have done that, your profile and all your information and logs will be deleted from the site. This cannot be recovered, so if you want to use the service again, you will have to create a profile from scratch.

Safety & Security of the Site – How Good It Is

LDSPlanet’s Security

The site has rigorous measures to ensure that users are safe. To sign up, anyone should provide a valid email address and a name. LDSPlanet will then check this information, any address that looks suspicious or fake will not be allowed to register. This continues through the experience, any information provided will most likely be checked, and any suspicious activity will be stopped. The service puts a lot of effort into finding and blocking fake profiles or unscrupulous users that are using the platform to dupe others.

Good Alternatives Other Than LDSPlanet

Not many dating sites are focused on the Mormon faith, but there is a couple worth mentioning:

  • Mutual
  • LDS Dimension
  • Momo Match
  • eHarmony


LDSPlanet offers an outstanding platform for Mormons seeking meaningful connections. This service helps anyone from the Mormon Church to find a partner, be more social, and even encounter new friends. The site is a wonderful mix of great design, usability, and performance. It has one of the best matching algorithms you can find as well as excellent messaging functionality. This matched with the number of registered users they have makes for a great experience. LDSPlanet is one of the best options for those interested in online dating.

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