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ArabLounge Review 2024 – Legit or Scam?

ArabLounge Review 2024 – Legit or Scam?
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Active Audience 55%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 23-36
Profiles 6 000 000
Reply Rate 93%
Ease of Use 10
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • ArabLounge is quite versatile because it caters to all sexual preferences and any gender.
  • It also has an easy to grasp website; likewise, it has an excellent interface with ultra-cool widgets. This straight-up links you to chat up potential partners.
  • It suggests similar users that are close to your base; hence there is no need to start searching or second-guessing. It gives you the chance to chat and message fellow users as long as you purchase a subscription plan.
  • As the name implies, this is for Arabs; hence if you don't have that interest, it might not be a place for you to find suitable partners.
  • It does not have a verified mobile application, which is quite unfortunate in this age and time because a lot of people don't fancy using websites. An app could have been quite handy.

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ArabLounge has been around since 2006, catering to an array of Arab users, Christian or Muslim. Initially, we thought it was merely a Muslim-oriented site, but on signing up, we found out that this is for both main religions and otherwise. Giving a user the chance to search for all gender preferences means a man could search for men and women. Likewise, a woman could search for women and men alike as long as it tickles your fancy. It has an interactive interface that is quite attractive. The homepage is very appealing, while the chat setting is basic and easy to understand. So, we’ll be going into a detailed analysis of how the website works and whether it is indeed legit or merely a scam.

ArabLounge has been around since 2006. It has generated a massive cult following, helped thousands of people find love and life partners. It’s a website for casual dating, unlike similar dating websites around the internet that only allow users with ‘serious intentions.’ ArabLounge is quite versatile; for instance, a twenty-one-year-old would be as comfortable on the website as a fifty-year-old or even an eighteen-year-old. It does not discriminate on age.

It gives you the chance to detail your educational background, earning power, and other landmarks. This helps in scouting for a partner as it tells you what you should expect. It allows users to update their profiles as they desire.

ArabLounge Review

How does ArabLounge work?

It’s an old site with modern features. ArabLounge uses typical dating website methods with a few unique features. As a free user of the website, you can wink at users that catch your eye; however, if you want to proceed to chat them up, you have to upgrade to a paid subscription package. Following this, you can now flirt, message, and acquaint yourself with fellow users. If you and the user you are messaging are mutually interested, then both of you would be added to each other’s contact lists to build better communication. You can also block members that prove to be pests, and you could report suspicious activities to the customer support team. ArabLounge caters to all customers and provides unlimited opportunities for members that pay for a subscription plan or package.

Audience Analysis

  • Geography

ArabLounge caters to a broad geographical spectrum as it caters to Christians and Muslims all over the world, ranging from Africa to Asia and America. It links different races and people in unique ways by matching various users by their geographical locations. This attribute is a breath of fresh air in the dating website game as it does not segregate.

  • Gender

It’s a website that caters to the needs of both male and female users. ArabLounge was created to service the Arab public, and the users get hooked, linked, and swarmed with love. It does not gender discriminate, as commonly seen in Arab countries like Iraq, Iran, and the UAE. The website has an offer for every avid user and provides a myriad of chances for men to find love as well as women to fall in love too.

  • Sexual Orientation

This inclusive site does not discriminate members of any sexual orientation. ArabLounge has drawn plaudits from the Arab LGBTQ community by allowing men to seek fellow men and women to seek a woman. It was even more evident in the featuring of LGBTQ couples on their homepage not too long ago. Right from the first click, you see that there is nothing wrong with seeking a partner who is of the same gender.

  • Age

ArabLounge is flexible when it comes to users’ age. It allows users to join from the age of eighteen to infinity. However, it makes use of an advanced method to determine a user’s actual age, such as the users registered birthday on Google mail as well as running a series of educational tests that weed out minors from the dating pool. The customer support team also addresses situations whereby teenagers are identified.

  • Ethnicity

It’s a comprehensive and inclusive dating platform. ArabLounge caters for all ethnicities from Black to Caucasian and Arabs alike. It might look strictly Arab, but don’t be deceived; ArabLounge is an excellent site with inspirational love stories. It utilizes location and finds you the best match. Featured on its homepage are people of different races and skin tones. This sets the mood for the diversity that follows.

Key Features

ArabLounge has a neat platform where you can select chats, check your messages, and upgrade your subscription plan.

It also allows you to link up with other users, send smiles, and impress potential partners. It also has an easy to grasp interface as compared with other contemporary dating websites. It keeps improving year in year out.

How does ArabLounge work

ArabLounge User-freindliness

ArabLounge is quite user friendly. It has a customer support team you can complain about harassments, dissatisfaction points, and any other thing bothering you as a paying user. It also shows you the stories of people that have found love through the ArabLounge, and it caters to users with diverse races, backgrounds, and religions. It also possesses a location-sharing platform, which makes it easy to locate nearby suitors or potential catches.

Website Design & Usability

The website is designed to optimize your time and make it quite easy to get what you are looking for. Self-explanatory and keyed at self-help, ArabLounge is a website that does not require a user to be a social media expert to operate. It could be viewed on mobile phones but advisably on desktop computers as all the features are expressed wider. The website is quite classy as unnecessary and stupid ads don’t just pop up on the screen at awkward moments, which cannot be said about similar dating websites around the internet.

Everything on the home screen is based on matching you with a suitable partner in the most natural way possible—it’s built for leisure scrolling and with an interface reminiscent of Myspace or Tinder. ArabLounge brings a classy viewing experience for all single subscribers out there looking for that special someone. The website is useable and adequate for the new age dating enthusiasts.

ArabLounge Mobile Application

ArabLounge has an app for Android users only. It is fresh, and there is not a significant number of downloads and reviews as it only appeared at the store in august 2020. You may become one of the pioneers, download it and check it up yourself.

Customer Support

ArabLounge has applicable customer support that gives you quick responses. It has contact Info, a working hotline, and an email address, which you can see at the bottom of the ArabLounge’s website’s homepage. It is similar to the customer support services on competitors’ sites, such as Tinder and Biker Planet, but superior to that of eDarling. ArabLounge most certainly cares for its customers.

ArabLounge User-freindliness

Sign-Up Process and User Profile

The registration procedure is straightforward. You enter the website and go to the “Join free now!” field. You then proceed to answer a few questions, input some data and don’t forget to upload a sweet profile picture. You will be asked to fill in a couple of questions that will enable you to build up your profile, after which it will direct you to your user page and settings.

How to Sign-Up

You input the necessary information such as your username, email address, and a secure password. You also need to fill in your location, date of birth, gender, and the gender of a person you want to meet. You can also register using your Facebook page. In this case, the needed information will be taken from your social net profile, and you can skip the verification process. After everything is done, and your profile is fully made up, the site will send the greeting email to your address.

Profile quality and verification

The amount of information you input on the site shows your intentions to be open and friendly with your future match. The profile has three tabs, About Me, My match, and Photos.

A percentage meter indicates how complete your profile is, and a checklist is in the incomplete section. This is an indicator of the quality of your profile. The verification process of this website is speedy and accurate. It has a team of competent individuals who check for fraudulent users and block catfish accounts in the bud following a thorough background check and the updating of a user’s profile to a hundred percent. A message will be sent to the new user’s email to inform him of the active status of the account. Now it’s time to have some fun.

ArabLounge Sign-Up Process and User Profile

Potential users would be suggested to you, but you can only communicate when you purchase a given subscription plan. After this, you can send them texts, smiles, and take it to the next level. You cannot just chat up anybody on the site if you are not a paid subscriber. As a free user, you’ll only have teasers about what it feels like to be a verified user of ArabLounge. You have to pay a low membership fee to begin the process of messaging and flirting with fellow users.

ArabLounge Search

Matching & Chatting

After subscribing to a particular package, you can now text potential partners, and they would reply due to the strength of your profile. ArabLounge regularly reminds users to update their profiles to a hundred percent, as that gives them an edge on the site. Your profile picture is essential. Different packages offer different perks and options for members. The more you spend, the luckier you might be, and sometimes it just might be your day. ArabLounge does not have a search option, and you would simply be matched with users near your vicinity and of similar interests or specifications.

ArabLounge Matching & Chatting

Subscription Options

ArabLounge is only free when you are signing up. On signing up, you are required to pay for a platinum subscription package to proceed to enjoy other features of the site, such as matchmaking and chatting. If a member does not pay, all he would be able to do is merely see what he’s missing and read stories of couples that have found love on the platform. The prices are quite reasonable in comparison with other dating sites of similar standing.

Free version

As a free member of the ArabLounge, the user would be able to upload twenty pictures of himself, including a profile picture. He can also wink at fellow users and see those that are online and available close to where he is located at the given time. However, that is as good as it gets as such a user cannot text or hook up with another user, except they proceed to pay for a platinum subscription plan.

A paying member of the ArabLounge has an array of options and endless possibilities. They can communicate and link up with any user of his choice as long as the interest is mutual. However, such a paying member must ensure he reads and adheres to all the terms and conditions of membership as the site operates on a stringent no refund policy which has been in place since inception.


The pricing and costs of membership are as follows:

Platinum Membership:

  • 1 Month—39.99 USD per Month, 39.99 USD total;
  • 3 Months—29.99 USD per Month, 89.97 USD total;
  • 6 Months—24.99 USD per Month, 149.94 USD total.

Cancelling subscription

If, as a customer, you are not satisfied with the service you have been getting, you can send an email or place a call to the customer support hotline. You will be required to provide a few details such as username, complaint, and proof of payment. According to the website, if a user of the ArabLounge has his subscription terminated as a result of a breach of the terms and conditions, they would not be entitled to indemnities or refund. Refunds are not allowed, and a dissatisfied user would have to pay up till the end of the existing subscription package, after which the contract ceases to be in effect.

ArabLounge Subscription Options


ArabLounge has been around for several years. It has complied with a lot of international and national security requirements. It is quite secure being the first result you get when you run a Google search on the name. It has such a squeaky-clean reputation and possesses a fantastic customer support service. It is safe, provides value for money, and it has provided decades of excellent dating service. The website is quite safe and secure. However, members are advised to keep their login credentials close to their chests at all times and desist from sharing personal account information with anyone.

ArabLounge Safety&Security

ArabLounge Alternatives and Competitors

In the dating industry for Arabs, ArabLounge has near to no major competition as it is the gold standard, but for other dating platforms, we have sites like Biker Planet and eDarling, which are good rivals. But in the Arab dating competition, ArabLounge is the undisputed leader, giving excellent dating services for eighteen years.

Alternatives include the following:

  • Arab Matchmaking

This is a dating website that also has a companion application available on both the iPhone app store and Android app store. This is a hub for young Arab lovers seeking for love. It, however, has a few issues like a disorganized website as well as poor customer service. This dating site works better as an app. It’s a poor man’s alternative for the proven service ArabLounge provides.

  • Zohra Dating

This is a free dating website that is quite Arab centric. The site caters to a variety of races with a common aim – to serve the curiosity of potential couples and partners. This website is free and quite unsophisticated. It provides chilled scenery to flirt, message, and hook up with new people. Sadly, it doesn’t have a phone application that could serve as a companion for avid users of the dating website.

ArabLounge Alternatives and Competitors


ArabLounge is not a scam. It is entirely legit, possesses a track record of hooking up Arabs, be it Christians or Muslims. Providing a quality experience for clients since the year 2006 and operating on a mantra of all-inclusiveness, ArabLounge has stood the test of time and seems to be showing signs of only getting better. All you need to do is give it a try and see for yourself what it means to find love online. We highly recommend it!

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