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Apex Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

Apex Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 79%
Quality Matches 75%
Popular Age 27-35
Profiles 400 000
Reply Rate 97%
Ease of Use 8.7
Popularity 8.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It has a practical matching feature
  • It is secure and safe
  • It has affordable user options
  • It has a mobile phone application
  • It has a long sign up process
  • The mobile phone application is not efficient

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For an online dating platform or service to pick a name like Apex, you should be sure that the developers knew what they were doing. Apex Dating is part of the new wave of online dating platforms and applications that have swept the world market with a bid to servicing the growing demand for online dating and relationships apps. Let’s take a look into how it works.

Online dating websites are springing at such a great rate that there is a running meme on the internet. The meme says that it seems like we have more dating sites that we have people dating, and that is not so far from the truth. Numerous online dating platforms are springing up, and it is hard to separate real from fake. Apex is a cool online dating platform that makes use of matching and searching features. It has a mobile phone application, a worldwide clientele, and a sweet customer service team.

How does Apex Work?

How does Apex Work?

Apex is a public online dating platform with nothing to hide. It is available on the World Wide Web for public consumption. All you need to do to access the Apex dating website is to check out your search engine and type the keywords. If this doesn’t work, you could simply get the link from social media such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram using Apex’s dedicated website hashtag. On doing this, you will be redirected to the Apex website sign up homepage.

Once there, you will see two options, one saying sign in and the other saying sign up. You click the signup option, and you will be redirected to the signup page where you will see many fields which need honest and straight to the point answers where necessary as this will make up your user bio and site credibility. It usually takes about ten to fifteen minutes. But, ensure you do it properly and fill it to the best of your ability. If you are below the minimum age of eighteen, do not bother even beginning the process.

Once you have done all this and are personally satisfied with your answers and the process, it is now time to check out the terms and conditions and go through the privacy and policy agreement in all clear terms. Cross-check once again, and you can now get directed to your user interface as the newest member of Apex dating. You can log in, chat with members from all around the world, enjoy the matching features, and even search for your dreams. Ensure you are polite and proper on this platform as there is a block feature handy for rude and recalcitrant members of the site. Ensure you pay up for a subscription package and enjoy the ride.

Audience Analysis

A lot of dating websites are built on empty promises and fraudulent misrepresentation. They claim to operate worldwide and have offices in all the major cities in the world when they are struggling to rent in their basement apartment room in LA. It has been a big issue with most online dating platforms these days, but luckily Apex isn’t one of the ailing services as Apex dating has a worldwide clientele.

It has a lot of users in the United States of America and also a bunch in Europe. Sadly it has just a few in some select countries in Africa and Asia. However, the good part is that Apex continually strives to be better and does so with amazing class and accountability. Its mobile companion app is available worldwide too.

  • Gender
    This online dating platform is open to both men and women. It allows them to find love, marriage, casual hookups, and anything in between. This website is not known for discrimination as it allows men and women an equal chance of finding the love of their lives with a click of the laptop or swipe of a finger. There are more men than women on this website, which is quite reasonable on mainstream dating platforms. It also has a strict no harassment policy, and anyone found guilty of such would be summarily dismissed from the website with a compensation or goodbye note.
  • Sexual Orientation
    Men and women are welcome to join this website, and that can express themselves in any way they deem fit as long as they do not contradict the terms and conditions as well as the privacy and policy agreement they signed on joining the platform. Members of Apex are free to be of any sexual orientation or have any preference of their choice. Members of Apex could be straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender people. There is no limitation on this platform whatsoever. It has received numerous praises from the binary community due to their desire to be all-inclusive and non-homophobic. Members are encouraged to come out of their shell and enjoy the array of cool functions that this website provides its users.
  • Age
    Online dating platforms are mostly for adults as they contain NSFW and explicit content that shouldn’t be seen by children or the immature. There are string rules in many countries that make exposure of sexual acts to children and major offenses, and the owners of the Apex online dating platform know this and implement a strict rule to protect themselves and their entity from such. Members here must be at least eighteen years of age and mature enough to handle an adult dating site’s rudiments. Apex makes it very clear on its homepage, sign up page, terms, and conditions as well as the privacy and policy agreement that members must be a minimum of eighteen years of age to join the site. Despite this and due to the lack of proper email verification procedures, young chaps still find ways of contravening this strict policy. The majority of the members of Apex dating are between their mid-twenties and mid-thirties, so it’s a suitable platform if you want to start online dating in your 30s.
  • Ethnicity
    As far as ethnicity is concerned, all ethnic groups are welcome on this online dating platform. Apex is a public online dating platform that services a wide and diverse worldwide clientele with singling out a specific race or cultural background. It is open to everyone and caters to your needs, be you White, Black, Latino, or Hispanic. It is truly worldwide, and it does not allow any form of racism whatsoever. If the website or the customer service team detects any act with is moving towards racism, it would promptly suspend or expel the erring user.

Key Features

  • Voting System
    This is an excellent feature that lets a member pick from two awesome users who he’d love to date with. It is generated by a unique website algorithm that generates results based on your preferences and location setting. It is done in such a way that users will get the chance to explore blind date capabilities and the mystery of being the one chosen out of the multitude.
  • Ratings Based On The Voting
    The website also has a cool rating feature, which could be compared to mainstream dating platforms such as Tinder, Bikers Planet, and Mamba. Here users will be put on a poll, and they can be subject to a public rating or voting process. The users with the most votes will be given awesome offers and better opportunities to find the one they most fancy on the website, a cool feature, and a breath of fresh air.
  • Location-Based Dating App
    This website also has a super cool mobile phone companion application that services a worldwide clientele. It is available worldwide on various application stores, most notably the iOS app and the Google Play Store. It is quite orderly and cost-effective, and it helps users get the fun of Apex on the go. It is a location-based date app as it uses your phone GPS to give you the best and nearest results possible.
  • Messaging Feature
    Just like most of the better online dating platforms, this site has a cool and easy to use the messaging feature. All you need to do is link up with the user you got the hoots for either by matching or searching and making a good impression by having an attractive user profile. Members on the Apex website are also known to be very cordial and responsive, so this wouldn’t be a problem getting the best of. Just relax, text your crush and see where it goes from there.
  • Search Feature To Find Matches
    There is an easy-to-use search feature on the Apex dating website; this is similar to an array of alternatives and competitors but also has unique sensibilities. Members can search by clicking the search toggle, after which they will set the filters to their tastes and specifications to find the user of their dreams. After doing this, the member can simply send a message and get acquainted with the other user of Apex. It’s that easy.
  • Nearby Feature To Find Hot Dates Near Your Location
    The Apex online dating platform uses a mobile phone GPS tracker to get a user’s exact location. It helps users avoid beating around the bush and finding users based in their neighborhood or city. It helps users find quick matches and snap dates and avoid the stress that comes with a trial-and-error user search that is sadly present in many other online dating platforms and websites.

Apex User-friendliness

Apex User-friendliness

Apex is very user friendly. It uses a lot of cliché dating website functions as well as optimizes its unique features. The signup process is cordial and easy to understand. Do not be dissuaded by the lengthy nature as this is the only proper way for the website to generate a quality user database. The customer service team is awesome, and it has fresh reviews on the internet for intending members to see. The app is easy to use, and members of the site chat freely with users from all over the world.

Website Design & Usability

Apex Website Design & Usability

The website has a basic design that seems like a flashback to the blog days of old. It is cool for the older users as it brings a nostalgic feeling to the whole experience; however, it is quite a drab to the younger clientele. They are note used to fresher websites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Widgets are easy to spot on the website, and toggles aren’t hard to find one bit. It could be worked on due to changing times.

Apex Mobile Application

It has a mobile phone application that is available on iOS and Google Play Stores for iPhone users and Android users, respectively. Members can download on Androids and iPhones for free. The application looks a bit like the website, but it is quite limited in features and interfaces present. It could be worked on, but it is still a nice idea to cater to users operating the service on the go and without laptops.

Customer Support

It is a huge success story. Apex’s customer support team is one of the best out there as they are calm, collected, cordial, and friendly. They are very accessible, and they are quite helpful to both new and old users of the service. You can ask them just about anything, and you could expect a timely answer.

Sign-Up Process and User Profile

Apex Sign-Up Process and User Profile

Signing up is a piece of cake on the Apex dating website. You simply access the website homepage and fill in the numerous fields. It would take almost 20 minutes and ensure that you go through your answers at least one more time. No email verification is required on this service, so you can go straight to signing up. You will be taken to your user profile, which is very basic. It is visible to the rest of the website users, so ensure that you update it frequently.

How to Sign-Up

To sign up for this cool dating platform, you simply visit the website homepage, fill in the fields, and read up the terms and conditions together with the privacy and policy agreement. Go through your answers carefully as this would be unchangeable for your stay as an Apex dating website member. Once you are done with that, you can now sign up and enjoy the ride.

Profile Quality and Verification

The profile quality is basic and easy to grasp. It doesn’t have flashy stuff or features, but it makes use of its website to a startling length. If you are a free subscriber, you might not enjoy your tenure, so you should subscribe to a paid membership package to enjoy the full site pros and the minimum of the cons. It is easy to access, as there is no verification procedure.

Apex Search

Searching is straightforward on Apex as it isn’t rocket science or a difficult task. All you need to do is scroll up the website or app screen and click the search toggle denoted by a small microscope in plain sight. Sort out the filters and get what you prefer in age, location, height, and the likes. Find your choice and go for it.

Matching & Chatting

Yes, you can match on Apex. It is a breeze as the site uses a complex set of algorithms. It uses a combination of your answers and your location to give paid and free users the best matches that can be generated. You get matches on your timeline every other day, and you can message them with ease so far as you are a paying subscriber.

Subscription Options

Apex Subscription Options

Online dating platforms are cool and flexible. Members are not obligated to pay, but they should take that route. As a free user, you would be disturbed with many annoying ads and slow coverage, but as a paying subscriber, you do not have to worry about such frivolities. On Apex, you could either be a paid or free subscriber, and each has various perks. Let’s take a look.

Free Version

Yes, there is a free version available on the Apex dating website. As a free user here, you can sign up and update your profile with such easy access. You can access your page and enjoy a few options. You can get matched in a basic way, and you can search like any other member on the platform. However, you won’t be able to chat until you purchase a subscription plan.

Yes, there is a paid version available on the Apex dating website. It is super awesome as you do not have to worry about numerous annoying ads popping up the screen, so as not to talk on the inflexible nature of affordable to free users. You get better matches, advanced searches, and you can pump up your profile. Plus, the best part is that you can now chat with just about anyone on this platform.


Apex is open to both free as well as paid subscribers. The prices for paid subscribers are:

  • 6 Months 10.98 USD / Month 65.90 USD/Total
  • 12 Months 1.91 USD / Month 22.95 USD/Total
  • 24 Months 0.75 USD / Month 17.95 USD/Total

Cancelling Subscription

Yes, you can cancel a subscription on this platform. Sometimes people get tired of online dating, and sometimes they simply want a break from the internet. That doesn’t mean that they want to delete their page. To partake in this, all you have to do is simply go to user profile, go to settings, click on it and go to subscription options. You proceed to click on that and access the cancel subscription option. That’s all it takes.


Apex Safety&Security

Online dating websites are usually a tough proposition; this is quite a chore. You have to worry about accessing users that you find attractive and staying safe from potential frauds and scammers. Apex does a great job of keeping its users safe and proper. It has modern security protocols, and hopefully, they can work on the email verification link. It removes catfish accounts and potential hackers with speed and is one of the best out there.

Apex Alternatives and Competitors

Apex Alternatives and Competitors

A relative newcomer to the online dating scene, Apex has some strong competition in the game. Such competitors include:

  • Tinder
    This website is one of the best, if not the best in the history of online dating platforms. It is unique and has the best mobile application out there. It caters to a worldwide clientele and is the standard that mainstream dating platforms strive to reach.
  • Latinomeetup
    A cool and intimate online dating platform, this site caters to Latinos and their lovers around the world. It has super cool functions and a fresh mobile phone companion application that is available on the iOS app store and the Google Play store.


Apex Conclusion

It’s a super cool dating site with a bit of everything and an array of impressive features that keep users glued to their screens and devices. This online dating platform was created to service a worldwide clientele, and it is doing a great job. These days it seems like Apex is working more on its mobile application than the website, and that is a plus for loyal subscribers as most users prefer a service on the go which an app provides. Apex is growing, and it adds a couple of thousands of users every single month. It is a great place to find friends, partners, and simple hookups. We recommend that you give it a trial as there are lots of things to gain from testing it as a dating service. Give it a go!

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