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Afroromance Review 2024 — Real African Dating Site or Scam?

Afroromance Review 2024  — Real African Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 57%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 24-28
Profiles 2 600 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 8.2
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • gratis and fast registry on Afroromance;
  • the customer service center is available online during the whole day;
  • dating tips, dating sphere news, and success stories can be read on the site;
  • user-friendly and neat design;
  • professional support team on Afroromance;
  • you can send and answer the messages cost-free.
  • No Smartphone app
  • Most of the services require payment

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Afroromance is a fast-growing dating site, and this growth is remarkable, as there are over 12,000 subscribers a week. Such growth may take place because of the wide-spread and courageous statement of the management. It states that if you are in search of love, your race does not make a difference.

What Is the Principle of Afroromance Operation?

Afroromance Review – Legitimate or Swindle

Afroromance targets at encouraging becoming a member on the right platform. The factors that influence its users’ preferences are its cost, reliability, operation, and so on. The easy-to-use aspect is maintained through six principle pages: filtering system, profile, featured stories, inbox, views, and favorites. The principle of your actions here is easy. Firstly, you should go to the search page on Afroromance. The users that you like can be added to your favorites list afterward. The users that you added will then be notified about your visit as the minimum. And eventually, enjoy chatting with each other.

You must have tolerance if you are aimed to find your true love.

Member Structure Study

Here is the list of Afroromance’s audience analysis that you can find especially fascinating:

  • you can complete a profile about yourself;
  • eighty thousand users all around the world;
  • most members want to date a person from a specific ethnic background;
  • majority of subscribers are in search of a long-term relationship;
  • six hundred thousand page visits per month and proactivity from twenty-five thousand American users;
  • sex distribution is fifty-fifty;
  • age range varies from 35 to 44.

The United Kingdom and America are the leader users of Afroromance. The absolute numbers of people want to have a serious relationship. Their profiles cover all the necessary information about themselves and, it yet again shows that they want to having-term relationship. The strict security of the site prevents any fake accounts on the website. No scam members are present on the site except for the once, that control and analyze the existence of any fake profiles. The management of Afroromance targets at eliminating any users that are spotted in any suspicious actions.

Besides, the division between the genders is equal. This site provides any type of relationship: a friend, a serious relationship, or even a penpal.

Afroromance, just like any other dating platform, encourages joining a site to any sexual orientation. Many females want to meet females, just like men who wish to date men. It is only advised to abide by the law of the site. It is not a problem if you want to meet people from the same gender on Afroromance, because the member structure is mixed on the website. Also, site management bans the users that try to send any aggressive messages to any members of the LGBTI community.

Afroromance users can meet their partners from various ethnical backgrounds, such as Caucasian, Hispanic, African American, and Asian.

Main Peculiarities

Afroromance Review – Legitimate or Swindle

If you do not manage to find your love in three consecutive months of a paid membership on Afroromance offers an unprecedented guarantee to give your money back. The dating site says that it has much more effective in finding love comparing with other African online dating sites. To ensure that any person who joins the platform will succeed in finding their love.

As a result, if a user will not be able to find love on Afroromance, you must reach them and state about this problem. Yet, they will not give your money back if:

  • you used either Western Money or Money ordered to pay for the site;
  • your ninety-day period of membership has not finished;
  • it is not your first membership.

So, after ninety-day membership ends, you must contact Afroromance in two weeks straight away. However, you should call them instead of emailing. Once you call them, they will ask questions to understand why you had not been successful in finding a partner.

One more interesting peculiarity of the site is that you can view success stories. This service is not available at every dating platform, as not so many users are happy to tell about their online dating experience. However, Afroromance users want to share their stories since they think that the customer service team of the site is just like their family members and honest assistants. You can be inspired when you see these stories located right on the main page of the website.

Afroromance Usability

The Afroromance platform provides a neat and easy-to-use styling. Any legal age member will be able to use it without any problems, as the interface design is straightforward. You can easily navigate the website’s characteristics as the menu on Afroromance is located on the top right corner of the profile. On the user search preview, you can find such interaction buttons as adding someone on the favorite list, sending a message, and flirt with someone. All user profiles have these features, and you could find them easily on your profile setting section. If you click on the paid feature on Afroromance, you can find the page buttons on the membership page and pop-up pages to upgrade information effortlessly.

Styling of the Site and Convenience of Use

The failure rate is significantly low, that signifies that only some people withdraw from subscription after they have created it, because Afroromance, presents an appealing and intuitive design. The first thing that you will see is the slogan which states that love is much more than skin color. In fact, not all dating sites have one, which is completely incorrect, because its presence determines the site’s main target. The information about the site goes next, where the mission of the site is clearly stated, and people can determine if it something that they are looking for. Afroromance has many notifications to make them interested on the site:

  • the effective demand to action big button;
  • photos previewing with success stories that establish reliability and believable;
  • you can read an article about the site’s main features; besides, you can follow the suggested links to view the news that you may like.

Is There an Afroromance Mobile App?

The site does not think about the development of the mobile phone application of Afroromance, therefore, waste money on it. The desktop of the site looks excellent, compared with the rest of the online dating sites, so it may be strange that the developers refuse to have its phone version. Advanced users might find a method in the future to install an app version on their phones. Afroromance site looks perfect on a mobile phone’s screen with its large buttons to type conveniently on as well as other types of gadgets.

Is Customer Support Available?

Besides, the support service that is available at any time on Afroromance. It is the most valuable feature of the website. If you felt bad about it, do not be concerned as the site has already taken care of it. Its managers can tell you everything about the specificities of the site, so you can ask them anything about the services and technical features. That is why make sure to contact Afroromance and solve all your troubles.

Joining Process and Member Account

Afroromance Review – Legitimate or Swindle

The design of profiles on Afroromance is similar to other dating sites. But, their personal data is a little different.

Its users are able and advised to express as much information about themselves as possible. On Afroromance, you do not have to use a select list or choose the answers from the questionnaire. The members of the site should fill out about themselves:

  • first name, age, address;
  • physique and stature;
  • present status of relationship (separated, bachelor, so on);
  • whether you have any children;
  • if a user has any bad habits;
  • describe yourself thoroughly on Afroromance;
  • you must describe in detail a perspective match;
  • further complete information, for example, sense of humor, horoscope, etc. should be provided.

Steps to Subscribe

You should take into consideration the steps below if you choose to join the website:

  • registration takes up to fifteen minutes;
  • you can sign up with Facebook;
  • after successful registration, you can see safety and security tips.

Depending on how fast you can write a text about yourself, you will have to complete the signup process on Afroromance for up to fifteen minutes. Three main steps should be finished if you want to sign up for the website.

Firstly, you must select your sex, nationality, and sexual orientation. Then, you have to input your email and choose your password. Finally, you must give your name, surname (it will not be shown on your profile), address, birth date, and log name. Besides, you will write as a minimum of twenty words to describe you.

Tip: on Afroromance, the section about you must be easy to read, concise, and nice. This way, your profile will be noticeable and evocative.

Proficient Account and Confirmation

Afroromance Review – Legitimate or Swindle

Here are some points about profiles quality and verification process on the site:

  • Website’s users can view everyone’s profiles without any payment
  • Free users also can see anyone’s pictures on the site
  • Free users need to upload five pictures
  • All the photos are seen to everybody on Afroromance
  • Thoroughly completed profiles
  • You can change any part of your profile later
  • Your information and pictures on the profile also can be altered any time you wish

You must complete extra details about your physical appearance on Afroromance once you provide basic information. Then, you need to write a title and provide more information so that other users understand who you are. If you manage to complete them, a green tick button will appear on your profile. A meter gauge will let you know about the stage you are in percentage.

Besides, you will be given an option to describe a potential partner on Afroromance. You can write at least twenty words to describe your personality trait. Before it goes live, the staff of the site will review your profile details. They commonly check it for about thirty minutes.

How Does Afroromance Search Work?

You can find a perfect match immediately, so Afroromance provides an in-depth developed searching system. To start with, if your preferences do not change, it is possible to save the information that you tick. It is an excellent way to simplify your further actions. Also, you can adjust your own searching options. You might specify the ethnicity, for example, Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, etc. You may find additional information on Afroromance. Last but not least, you may list many appearance descriptions. It may cover any physical description, such as eyes and hair. Afroromance also asks to give other details as relationship status, language, and habits.

Members` Conformity Algorithm and Interaction

Matching and communication on the site happen according to the following system:

  • You may use filtering systems without any payment
  • You can also use a favorite list
  • You could additionally flirt chargeless with the site`s users
  • Only paid members can message to other users

Afroromance retrieval system (that also pays less) allows you to find the profiles of the members that have been proactive and updated recently. Besides that, adjust the filter so that you view the users that have just joined the platform, upcoming birthdays, and popular users. The filters conveniently display only local users. Advanced filtering on Afroromance is also a completely free user-friendly feature. The users’ ethnicity, keyword, and login are available on the search filter. The search terms are saved automatically every time you use them.

Types of Membership

Afroromance Review – Legitimate or Swindle

Afroromance offers two main types of subscription – Free-of-charge and Paid. With free membership, you can find either date someone or even get married, because it is a serious dating site. Alternatively, you can choose a premium subscription of Afroromance. The prices are average compared with the similar platforms

Chargeless Membership

With free-of-charge membership on Afroromance you can have access to the actions below:

  • Registry procedure
  • Making a profile
  • Flirts sending
  • Searching users
  • Adding users to favorite list

Premium Membership

Alternatively, paid membership on Afroromance allows you to perform the services listed below:

  • Messaging
  • Viewing users that add you to their list of favorites
  • Viewing users who looked at your profile
  • You can view other users` profiles being invisible

You may choose to pay with any type of payment options, such as cash, a credit card, or PayPal.

Premium Service Cost

So, if you have decided to join the site, you must consider 3 types of cost. Premium subscription on Afroromance starts with one month – $19.95 per month. Then, three months – $39.50. Finally, six months – $69.95.

Removing from Membership

It might be the case that you want to cancel your subscription on Afroromance. You will have to go to the settings section of your profile. Click the button that indicates to close your profile, and it would be deleted permanently.

Customer Protection

The administration of the site makes it a priority to ensure safety to its customers. To implement this target, Afroromance has introduced encrypted systems as well as confidentiality policy. As a result, they block any suspicious profiles and control its subscribers all the time. Moreover, Afroromance provides many tips with warnings when going on dates. You should follow the rules to be safe.

Afroromance Opponents and Other Dating Sites

Afroromance Review – Legitimate or Swindle

The interracial dating platform has some competitors which target at a similar audience as Afroromance:

  1. International Cupid is a dating platform that helps thousands of international singles. They are committed to finding a perfect partner from all over the world, starting from Russia end ending with Africa.
  2. InterracialCupid is a website for people who are looking for a serious relationship from other races than their own. With this platform, you will be able to encounter people outside your own race.
  3. eHarmony is yet one more site for finding a long-term partner from all over the world. It is based on the psychologist, who claims to research the matching models and relevant and updated scientifically-based formula for a successful marriage.


In general, Afroromance is a platform that presents a secured service for many singles of ethnic backgrounds so they could get acquainted with partners of their preferred race. The website does its best to keep their database free from any fake profiles, whereas creating a genuine user profiles. They are rather confident about their platform, so they offer a three months guarantee policy. As a matter of fact, Afroromance is full of success stories of dating on this site. Its previous members met on the site, and have a great marriage nowadays. So, it is safe to say that Afroromance is an effective interracial platform.

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