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Biker Planet Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

Biker Planet Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 71%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 20-25
Profiles 1 600 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 9.7
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Biker planet has an easy to understand interface. It gives you an array of options at an instant rate. Long have popular dating sites been criticized for being standoffish and hard to decipher. Biker Planet breaks from the norm as all that stops you from finding your match are a few bio updates and cash considerations.
  • You can flirt, text, or interact with different bikers quite easily. The website does a fantastic job servicing the biker community; it permits you to display your favorite items, interests, and biking fantasies. This is quite essential as that seems to be the only way your future special someone would find a match.
  • It shows you online bikers that would fit your specification of what you want in a biker partner. It has a detailed set of algorithms that enable a user to sort out potential suitors with similar interests. This is quite helpful because it curbs unnecessary dilly-dallying in search of that special someone.
  • Profiles are very detailed. This makes it easy and accessible for members of the biker’s community that don’t have time for long searches and arduous scrolling.
  • Biker Planet is quite one dimensional as it only caters to bikers as the name implies. If you aren’t a biker, there is nothing you’re looking for on Biker Planet; it’s quite challenging to imagine a doctor or legal practitioner finding a life partner on this platform. It sucks because it’s such a waste to all the potential benefactors of a surreal experience.
  • There are too many ads. Gosh, it has three, four, five too many ads. It’s so annoying trying to close out a date, and then some ad about endangered unicorns suddenly pops up on your laptop screen.
  • The messaging has no special features. One wonders why Biker Planet cannot take a cue from modern dating sites such as Tinder and other messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Slack.
  • No available app. Biker Planet has refused to follow modern practices as they still have no application on Google play store or the IoS app store. This is quite unfortunate as no one really likes surfing the net for things they could conveniently do on a phone application. Maybe they should take a cue from Tinder and other contemporary dating sites.

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Short Summary

Short Summary

Biker Planet is a dating application that specializes in matching bikers with prospective spouses and partners. It uses a variety of methods such as an interactive website interface and easy to understand widgets. You can flirt, message, and send smiles to prospective matches.

Biker Planet was founded to cater to the needs of bikers in the geographical location of America and Canada. This website is not useful for bikers outside the confines of North America. It caters to an array of users and different ethnicity and sexual preferences.

Biker Planet does not have a mobile application compared to other competing biker dating sites, and it has limited options for none bike inclined users. The brand has a medium for paid subscribers as well as free users. The more you spend, the better the chances of finding love on Biker Planet.

How Does Biker Planet Work?

The brand is self-explanatory. You pick a specification

  • Man interested in women
  • Woman interested in men
  • Men interested in men
  • Women interested in men

After that, you specify your age, email address, and intended username. You then agree to the terms and conditions. Your interests in a partner will be considered, and after that, matches would be sent to your profile. It makes the option of customization possible; this is a smart innovation as it curbs unnecessary hours spent sorting out catfish accounts and spam mail.

Biker Planet is a modern dating website. It has been a mainstay in the online dating industry since 2006. Blessed with an excellent interface, which is available in over a dozen languages such as Spanish, English, French, Italian, and Portuguese.

The website is lauded for allowing love-starved bikers a shot at happily ever after. Just a few steps are all that comes between loneliness and finding that biking partner we all have craved for at some point in time. Lauded mainly for its innovation and summarily criticized for its perceived occupational segregation. The website has been around for quite some time and does not look like losing relevance any time soon.

Let’s Talk About Audience Analysis

Let’s Talk About Audience Analysis
  • Geography
  • The geography of the biker planet is centered on America and Canada. It does not offer foreign-based nationals the chance to benefit from their services. This is quite evident. The only alternative is if the foreigner is based in America, Canada, or a neighboring country.

    The geographical terrain of Biker Planet is both a gift and a curse. It is a gift because it streamlines the dating pool and curbs unfortunate disappointments and international scams. It is a curse because not all bikers are based in America and Canada. Some bikers are based in South America and Africa, but they can’t enjoy this enviable service.

  • Sexual Orientation
  • It caters to all sexual orientations, gaining plaudits from the LGBTQ community for its all-inclusiveness as it was one of the first real sites to include all preferences some ten years ago. It does not discriminate as this is quite evident from the first click as it gives options of men seeking men and women seeking women. Men are allowed to pursue other men and women, while women can do the same.

  • Age
  • It is quite particular about protecting minors against exposure to adult content. This is evidenced in the fact that on the user interface, there are no naked people or adult content. Also, to register on a biker planet, you have to fill in your user data and submit your email address. The biker planet team will then verify if truly indeed you are not a minor before mingling can happen on the platform.

  • Ethnicity
  • It caters to a wide array of ethnic groups. All that’s needed is a neat beard for the guys and beautiful colorful tattoos for the ladies. Just kidding, Biker Planet does not discriminate or segregate as seen on their webpage, you will see different bikers with different skin colors and mannerisms. This shows that all you need to do if you find that special someone and biker planet is here to help you do that. Slick back your hair and put on those jeans. It’s time to mingle and get lucky.

Interesting Key Features Of Biker Planet

What makes biker planet interesting? It’s an exclusive biker site, it has a fantastic interface, and it is easy to get what you need at one click or phone tap. It gives you a chance to meet your future life partner just like Mike and Barbie, who met on biker planet and got married in 2016. They’re still going strong up till now. You can meet any biker love interest in America, from the state of Alabama up to the cold land of Wyoming. Biker Planet is also open to Canadian bikers and neighboring counties too.

  • Rapid Match
  • The Take A Gamble
  • A Completeness Scale

Rapid Match

Rapid Match

This is a key feature of Biker Planet. It’s like a truth or dare game whereby users of the site can quickly smash or grab and pick a member that they’ll love to communicate with or otherwise.

The Take A Gamble

This is another essential feature of Biker Planet. Here the user optimizes a widget, which enables him to contact effortlessly, message, flirt, or chat up members. You could also text featured members just in case they’re interested too.

A Completeness Scale

We all know how competitive bikers could be from unique tattoos to flashy rims and even ponytails. Bikers do love the good old sport. Here the bikers can check how complete their profile is so they can scan competition and see how they measure up against prospective candidates in the hot and heavy game.

Is Biker Planet User Friendly?

It is self-explanatory and has a website that preaches user-friendliness. It has a contact us link, a link to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest too. It has a working customer service platform whereby you can air your discontentment or offer praise for a job well done.

Biker Planet is user friendly, interactive, and well detailed. It rivals the best sites out there and has well laid down instructions, which are quite easy to understand. It is aimed at optimizing the experience and providing value for money because not all features are available for free members.$

Website Usability And Design: Key Points?

The website design is impressive and lovely. It has a red background and enough widgets which can be clicked. It also contains options such as share and chat, which are not hidden. It’s easy to understand and self-explanatory. You got links that you can click when you want, how you want, and where you want.

Widgets are well detailed and filled with a quality illustration. This is aimed at capturing the attention of even the users with low attention spans. However, it is quite unfortunate that there are so many ads that mess up the good work done on the websites.

Is There A Mobile App For Biker Planet?

Is There A Mobile App For Biker Planet?

As of the year 2020, Biker Planet does not have a working mobile application. Biker Planet doesn’t quite measure up in that department as compared to other competitors like OkCupid and Tinder.

Since the improvement of the internet and mobile play stores, almost all websites now have mobile companions. However, it’s quite strange and disappointing that Biker Planet has not followed suit.

What About Biker Planet Customer Support?

Bikers Planet has a customer support option which is at the bottom of the website screen. This is right beside the icons for other social media platforms too. We’ve tested the customer service, and it replies to inquiries in around 5 minutes.

Biker Planet Registration Process And User Profile

Registration is the first thing a new user will see on Biker Planet as you will be told to state your preferences, age, email address, and username. If you have an account, you can simply login instead. How to sign up? You simply follow all the steps already stated, or you can just connect to Facebook to save all the stress and imputing.

Here’s How To Create An Account On Biker Planet

After the original primary sign up process on the interface, the user will be redirected to the homepage after which the user will be mandated to fill in the rest of the necessary information such as:

  • Basic Information
  • Status
  • Looking For
  • Situation
  • Taste
  • Appearance
  • More About You
  • Views
  • Personality

Once all of the above is completed, the user can finally start the journey to finding that special someone on the Biker Planet website.

How’s Profile Quality and The Verification Process On Biker Planet?

How’s Profile Quality and The Verification Process On Biker Planet?

The better, suitable, edited and more updated your profile is, the better a chance of landing your dream partner. Hence, it’s advisable to stay truthful and open. You’ll be required to fill in your details and also provide a clear picture of yours, which would serve as a display picture.

Take your time to fill in the required information. The longer time you take to set up your profile, the faster you’ll see results. That seems to be the mantra of Biker Planet. Safe to say, it’s not an empty promise.

It’s actually proven that well-detailed profiles that itemize a person’s best attributes are the sure-fire way for happily ever after.

How To Search For A Catch On Biker Planet

It is quite easy to search for a match on this website. As a free user, you simply click the search icon and check for members that are close to you and fit your description of an ideal partner. While as a paid subscriber, you have many more options, such as suggestions that would work for a more interactive experience.

The Matching and Chatting Process

The Matching and Chatting Process

After you have been paired with a suitable partner through the search option. You then proceed to send the member a message which will be replied if the user intends to answer.

The website does not automatically match subscribers like some of its competitors, such as Tinder and eDarling.

Membership Options

The subscription rates for Bikers Planet are as follows:

It offers three different subscription plans: a One month plan for .99. a Four months plan for .98. a Twelve months plan for .88. The most expensive plan is the Twelve-month plan at .88. However, if you look at the Twelve-month plan on a cost per month basis, you save 70% by paying .49 per month versus paying .99 for the One-month plan.

Also, present on the site is the option of a three-day trial. This is a rdaddphp.00 trial membership for three days. It is quite useful as a lot of people are skeptical about parting with their money and not getting their money’s worth.

Biker Planet, however, offers great value for money because the more expensive the subscription is, the faster the chances you finding a suitable plan. Biker Planet uses a set of well-organized algorithms which make it easier to optimize your money’s worth.

Free Membership (Awesome!)

The website does not have a free version; however, there is a three-day free trial that costs a meager rdaddphp.00.

Paid Membership

There is an array of options for users who wish to pay for added benefits and broader features. Plans range from .00 a month plans to 89.88 a year plan. There is notable flexibility involved as well as the option of canceling subscriptions after a given period of dissatisfaction.


The subscription pricing package is as follows:

  • Three-day trial plan for rdaddphp.00.
  • One-month plan for .99.
  • Four months plan for .98.
  • Twelve months plan for .88.

How To Cancel Subscriptions On Bikers Planet?

To cancel a subscription on Biker Planet, you have to send a message to their contact address via email or hotline. The user’s email address, as well as the username and proof of payment, are quite essential to cancel an existing subscription.

How Safe And Secure Is Biker Planet?

How Safe And Secure Is Biker Planet?

Biker Planet is one of the safest dating sites out there. However, you should steer clear of revealing financial details on the site, and you keep your login credentials close to your chest. The creators of biker planet have the best interests of users at heart; hence they regularly update security firewalls conforming to new-age database protective services.

Biker Planet Alternatives and Competitors In The Industry

Biker Planet is one of the most affordable paid dating sites around; however, it faces the significant disadvantage of having a specific target audience – bikers. However, if you are not adept with the things Biker Planet has to offer, you can check out sites like Tinder, eDarling, Love Again, Alua, Wamba, or Sugar Book. But, if you are specifically looking for a biker dating platform, the website does not have strong competition in the dating industry.



Biker Planet is a fantastic dating site whereby you can find love with that tattooed, badass stud of your wildest dreams. However, it is not a smart option if your romantic interests are not centered on bikers. A major disadvantage, however, is the short geographical radius as the service is only in tune with America and Canada. Biker Planet also has a language change option whereby you can communicate in French, German, or Spanish. Also, present there is a link sharing options such as Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Facebook.

If you are a biker, then Biker Planet is exactly what you need. It is a good fit for the old, young, busty, and muscular alike. We highly recommend it!

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