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CatholicSingles Review 2024 —Real Christian Dating Site or Scam?

CatholicSingles Review 2024  —Real Christian Dating Site or Scam?
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Active Audience 57%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 25-27
Profiles 2 400 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 6.4
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Large membership: it is one of the largest online dating platforms with a strong Catholic community.
  • Basic Features: most of the basic features on this site are free. This includes the search options, registration, and creating a profile.
  • Ease of use: This dating platform features and design make it a very easy-to-use dating site.
  • Religion Based: this website is church-based. It gives its users all the dating hints and advice regarding this religion and what is required while dating.
  • Mobile application: this is the only Catholic-based dating site with a mobile app both for android and iPhone smartphones.
  • Expensive to use: most of its basic features have limited use. Users have to upgrade their accounts to premium to get full access to these features.
  • Diversity: does not offer diverse sexual relationships as all users have straight sexual orientations. This is a blow to the LGBTQ community.
  • Quality of Members: most of these members are not active on the platform.
  • Scam Profiles: Due to fewer restrictions while approving accounts, most profiles on this dating media are fake. Members are always cautioned to be alert while dealing with these profiles.

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In this CatholicSingles review, we’ll describe the features found on this platform, their use, and other necessary information that any user can put into consideration while seeking to find their match. Read this review to find out more.

CatholicSingles is an online dating platform designed to connect thousands of Catholics in finding their marriage partners. This site is for devout Catholics looking for long term relationships. These relationships follow religious rules and eventually lead to marriage.

This dating platform is owned by the CatholicSingles and offers a faith-based type of dating to its members. It provides opportunities for singles who join this platform to seek serious partners for long term relationships or marriage.

It is one of the largest dating websites, whose members follow the catholic rule and are ready to get into sacramental, Holytypes of marriages. This site has been endorsed by the Church leaders, some of whom got matches through this site.

How Does CatholicSingles Function?

CatholicSingles Review 2020 – Is This a Legit or Scam Dating Site?

This online dating site’s primary function is to connect Catholics faithful to their matches for long term relationships, which lead to sacramental holy marriage. It is a faith-based type of dating, exclusively for the Catholic religion.

On its homepage, this platform has put inspirational testimonials of members who met, dated, and got married through this site.

Members can get their perfect matches by browsing on this site using various dating categories which include:

  • Seniors: these are categories for old and mature members.
  • Widows: these are category groups for the widows.
  • Young adults: this group is meant for youth and teens.
  • Divorced: this group is for those members who have been divorced.
  • Traditional dating: this group involves a conventional way of dating.

Brief Audience Analysis

  • Geographical: This site has members across the world. However, the majority of the users on this platform come from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and other English speaking countries in the world.
  • Age: This site offers a relationship to users who have attained the age of 18 years. The majority of users on this platform are between 25 and 55. These age groups are made up of people who are ready to settle down for marriage.
  • Ethnicity: this platform offers dating opportunities to all types of ethnicities. Races found here include the black American, Indians, Chinese, Arabs and other ethnicities which follow the Catholic Church.
  • Sexual Orientation: This online dating site offers only the straight type of sexual orientation, based on its religious values. It connects either man to woman, woman to man type of relationship. It does not support the LGBTQ community on its website.
  • Gender: CatholicSingles is designed to be used by male and female singles.

What Are The Essential Features?

CatholicSingles Review 2020 – Is This a Legit or Scam Dating Site?

CatholicSingles website offers several unique features to its members. Most of these essential features are available only to Premium accounts.

These essential features include:

  • Faith Questions: these are faith-related questions used to determine if the member is a catholic. You only need to answer yes or no, to these questions.
  • Favorites list: members can keep track of their favorite profiles by adding them to their favorites list.
  • Little Black Book: this allows members to choose who should see their private photos on this site.
  • Rapid Match: In this section, members can choose to like or not to like other profiles by playing the swiping game.
  • Flirts: these are icebreakers of this site. Members can send 20 positive and eight negative icebreakers to profiles they like or dislike, respectively.
  • Search filters: this allows members to choose their preferred matches by searching on different profiles using different kinds of filters available on this website.
  • Take a Gamble: this feature enables users to chat with random profiles, just to try their luck.
  • Messages and chatrooms: these are communication features available only to premium account holders.
  • Profile Builder: Profile builder is a feature that helps members to build their profiles in minutes. It is available to premium account holders.
  • Prayer Board: Members can participate in prayer boards, to ask others to pray for them. They can also send other users a message to let them know you are praying for them.

Is This Site User Friendly?

Catholics singles dating site is very easy to use. Most of its features are available just on its homepage. Thus, there is no need to click on many tabs to get them.

This dating site gives a smooth navigation experience while using it since there are no advertisements and pop-up ads on this website.

CatholicSingles Usability & Its Design

With its modern interface, it feels great while navigating through this online dating site. All features are visible and within reach—no need to waste time finding these features.

All features are user-friendly. You don’t need an expert to guide you on how to use them. Everything is straightforward and easy.

It boasts red and black colors blended with a white background that makes its appearance fresh and beautiful. The website is not congested and has only a few useful features to its members.

Does CatholicSingles Have A Mobile App?

This dating platform has a mobile application dedicated to its android and iPhone users.

The mobile application can be downloaded via the Google app and Apple store for android and iPhone users, respectively.

Downloading and installing this mobile application is free of charge to all users of this dating platform.

The mobile application has interactive design, which is location-based, to enable users to meet matches within and out of their location.

How Reliable Are The Customer Representatives?

CatholicSingles has a dedicated customer care support system accessible via the email address or through the “contact us” page found at the bottom of the homepage.

The customer support ensures issues and problems faced while using this platform are dealt with immediate effect. Through email, their customer service can be reached through [email protected].

On the “contact us section,” members are required to provide their names, email address, subject, and the intended message to the customer care.

Registration Process & Profile Creation

CatholicSingles Review 2020 – Is This a Legit or Scam Dating Site?

To use this online dating site, CatholicSingles requires you to have an account. There are three ways to create an account on this platform:

  • Through Manual registration.
  • Through Facebook account: You can create an account by signing up through Facebook.
  • Through Google account: you can create an account using your Google account.

Registering through Google and Facebook takes the shortest time possible since the site takes much of your information from these accounts.

What’s The Sign-Up Process?

The manual registration process on this site is very easy and takes a few minutes to complete. To register, members are required to provide the below information:

  • The gender you would like to meet: options include male and female.
  • Age brackets of the person you would like to meet: you are required to choose the age of the match you would like to connect with.
  • Zipcode: you are required to give your zip code, to enable getting matches near your location.
  • Name: you are required to give your first and the last name.
  • Email Address: In this section, you are required to provide a legit email address.
  • Display Name: you are required to key in a name that will be displayed on your profile.
  • Password: you are required to choose a unique, easy-to-remember password to secure your account. This needs to be confirmed.
  • Gender: you are required to provide your gender. Options include male or female.
  • Date of birth: You are required to choose your date of birth in the month, day, and year format.
  • Country of residence: The country where you come from, city, and also the postal code.

After filling the above information, you are required to accept website terms of use before completing the registration process.

Any Profile Details That You Need to Know? Does It Have A Verification Process?

This site has very few details required while creating a profile. This is because many of the details are keyed in during the registration process.

Profile details on this online dating arena are grouped into multiple questions that a user must provide answers to. Some of these questions include:

  • Family: are you the first, middle, or lastborn member in your family?
  • Social Habits: Do you drink or smoke?
  • How often do you attend church services?
  • What role does religion play in your life?
  • What does being a Catholic mean to you?
  • What do you prefer on your first date

Answering these questions creates your profile. It is as easy as it looks. There is no thorough verification process.

CatholicSingles Search Options

CatholicSingles Review 2020 – Is This a Legit or Scam Dating Site?

This online dating platform has several search options that members can use to get their preferred matches or to check out the available profiles on their account. These search options include the following.

  • Gender: you can search profiles by their gender. You can choose either male or female to get your preferred matches.
  • Location: you can search members on this dating website by their location. You can choose users who are closer or far away by selecting the distance provided in miles.
  • Age: you can choose users of this website by selecting different age brackets according to your preferences.
  • Appearance: You can search for user’s profiles according to their body appearances. Options in this search include Slim, Average, Muscular, Athletic and other bodyfeatures.
  • Interests: You can search for matches according to their hobbies and interests.

This may include singing, writing, swimming, dancing and other hobbies.

Some of these advanced search filters are found on premium accounts.

The Chatting & Matching Process

This dating site matching process works in four ways. The website lets its members to:

  • Discover other users and their interests.
  • Know who are the current online members.
  • Help members identify other peoples’ personalities.
  • Create a match. This involves members liking each other.
  • Make it easier for users to start a conversation.

This dating site has also created Icebreakers, which members can use to ignite a conversation. Icebreakers include emojis, flowers, winks, and others.

CatholicSingles Membership Options

This online dating website has two types of membership options for its users—the free account and the Premium account options.

Free options are the basic accounts available just after registration and are always free to use. Premium accounts are the paid accounts, upgraded through subscriptions.

Free Accounts

CatholicSingles Review 2020 – Is This a Legit or Scam Dating Site?

Free account holders have the benefits mentioned below.

  • Free account registration: Registration is always free to all members.
  • Profile creation: users can create free profiles on these basic accounts.
  • Profile viewing: users on free accounts can browse other profiles for free.
  • Compatibility Test: all users on this platform enjoy the compatibility test. This is a test done to profiles to see how compatible they are with other profiles.

Premium Accounts

These are the paid accounts whereby members subscribe to packages to enable them to access all the features of this online dating site. Members on premium accounts enjoy the below-added advantages:

  • More matches: users on premium accounts enjoy more matches since their profiles are highlighted.
  • Advanced search filters: users on paid accounts can use the advanced search filters to get their preferred matches.
  • Conversation: users on these premium accounts enjoy unlimited sending and receiving messages.


Members are required to subscribe to upgrade a free account to premium. These subscriptions come on different packages as listed below:

  • One month package at $24.95
  • Three-Month package at $49.95
  • Six-Month package at $74.95

A three-month package and six-month package enable members to save over 33% and 50%, respectively, compared to the monthly package.

Terminating Your CatholicSingles Subscription

Premium subscriptions on this site are auto-renewed every month. Canceling the CatholicSingles subscription is very easy and has to be done 24 hours before the current subscription ends.

Subscriptions can be canceled by turning off the auto-renewal feature found on the account settings. Any unused subscription goes to waste and does not get refunded.

CatholicSingles Website Safety & Security

This site has a blockage feature for scam and fake accounts. Users can block accounts that they feel are not genuine.

This dating site has a privacy policy, which gives details on the access of users’ data, how this data is stored, and how it is used. It also gives information on what kind of info is shared among the other third parties.

However, users are always cautioned to be very careful since there are no screening features to identify threatening and abusive habits from individuals joining this platform.

Alternatives for CatholicSingles

CatholicSingles Review 2020 – Is This a Legit or Scam Dating Site?

Apart from CatholicSingles, there are other Catholic dating sites that other users can look at. These alternatives include:

  • CatholicMatch

This is also a catholic dating platform offering the same services as CatholicSingles. Most users confuse this site with CatholicSingles. The good thing about CatholicMatch is that it has a more extensive membership base as compared to CatholicSingles.

  • CatholicMates

This is another Catholic-based dating site, which can act as an alternative to CatholicSingles. Besides being online for long, its membership is lower as compared to CatholicMatch and CatholicSingles. For users who do not want overcrowded platforms, this one can act as an alternative.

Final Reflections

CatholicSingles is only for Catholics. For singles who would want to have a faith-based kind of dating, this is an ideal dating site. However, it needs persistence because members of this site are looking for long-term partners, not just sexual or short-term partners. So if you need a quick sexual adventure, then this is not your site. Seek for other alternatives.

All in all, the website design is very good. It does not have congested features, making it easier to use and navigate. The mobile app is also a great initiative. This site is recommended for the faithful Catholic who is seeking a marriage partner. However, much is needed to boost its safety and security features. We’d like to end this review by saying that the website is useful to its intended audience, and we recommend it!

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