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CountryMatch Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

CountryMatch Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 82%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 24-28
Profiles 1 900 000
Reply Rate 82%
Ease of Use 9.6
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • A quality queer-friendly dating site.
  • Country-dating with a twist.
  • CountryMatch has a specific concept.
  • It copes with maintaining its theme on a high level.
  • Clear and understandable interface.
  • Different memberships are available.
  • Limited circle of users.
  • Mainly those who seek serious relationships.
  • Specificated for the country-junkies.
  • No mobile app is available.
  • Bad reviews about customer support.
  • Most of the cool features are available for paid users only.

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The brand theme of the CountryMatch dating site is country and everything that revolves around it. Because it was established more than ten years ago, the site continues to help the lovers of everything authentic, western-inspired, and rural to find their perfect match.

CountryMatch Is All About the Best Matches

CountryMatch  Is All About the Best Matches

This country dating service carries out a thorough audience analysis to match people based on different parameters. Apart from the general information that you will want to know about the users, the site also offers you an opportunity to narrow down the search circle. This helps you find a single soulmate. Here users can meet potential partners that will share their love for hillbilly music or farmhouses. This is performed not only through the specification of the theme of the whole site. CountryMatch uses various matching criteria into their algorithms.

The Criteria Behind the Search of Matches

Geography is one of the first criteria takes into consideration while matching. Because the site is available in every American state, the system makes the matching circle smaller without the quantity of the candidates suffering.

  1. The first thing you get asked once you open the registration form is your gender and the gender of the potential match. This shows a positive attitude of the site to queer+ dating and guarantees that representatives of all genders can safely register on it.
  2. There is no specific space for identification of the sexual orientation in the CountryMatch site’s registration form. Users have to choose from the four search options available which are: “a man looking for a woman,” “a man looking for a man,” “a woman looking for a man,” and “a woman looking for a woman.”
  3. But after entering into the profile and before starting the search, you can add this information. So, the site does not exclude the possibility of bisexual people to be matched with different genders at the same time.
  4. When registering, you also have to choose your name and ethnic affiliation. This is done to narrow down the search and make sure that you are over 18, and specificating these features is a pretty standard procedure for all dating sites.

Outstanding Features and Characteristics of the Site

Outstanding Features and Characteristics of the Site

When you enter the main information, you finally get access to the site. Here you can see what makes it interesting. CountryMatch offers you to choose:

  1. Your material status
  2. Eye and hair color
  3. Height
  4. Body type

Then you can also add whether you would like to be matched with only straight people any, and specify the age range of the potential candidates.

Apart from regular emails or liking photos, all users can attract the attention of the person they liked by sending winks. They can also add the person to favorites to save the contacts for later. Other exciting features become available as soon as you purchase a standard or a premium subscription. Before you subscribe for an additional fee, you are considered a “member,” not a “subscriber” of the community. Special features which are accessible only for the paid members are regarded in detail below in the section describing subscription options.

Is CountryMatch Open With Its Users

The service is easy-to-use. All the essential information like the search criteria you should specify or personal details are immediately shown in the pop-up windows. You can find all the most essential sections on the toolbar situated on the left part of the site.

Pleasant Interface Makes Dating Easier Than Ever

The interface of the dating site is straightforward and clear:

  • The primary colors of the theme are white, grey, and marron, so that the users do not get distracted from the main features.
  • Photos of the candidates matched according to your initial information are shown on the first page.

However, the system gives you just a few options and then offers to go premium if you want to continue searching.

Does CountryMatch Have a Mobile Application?

Does CountryMatch Have a Mobile Application?

There is no mobile app available for the CountryMatch dating service. The site itself works perfectly when opened both on a computer web browser or a phone. The interface is well suited for all Desktops and Mobile modes. Users do not face any problems with connecting to the web-version of the site, according to the reviews. But to attract a bigger audience and broaden its functionality, CountryMatch can think of launching a simple app.

How to Reach Out to the Customer Support?

On the very bottom of the side, next to the “About Us,” “Help,” “Terms of Use,” and “Your Privacy” buttons, you will find the one captioned “Contact.” When clicking it, you open a customer support section with a feedback form. To send a request you will need to:

  1. Insert your email.
  2. Сhoose from various reasons for writing.
  3. Specify your complaint or suggestion.

Among the subjects for requests are possible problems with accessing the site, a need for more detailed information concerning subscription plans, reporting harassment, membership related issues, offering cooperation, sharing personal stories, and many other situations needing clearance.

The customer support promises to be working five days a week from 8 till 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

How Do I Create a Profile?

The process of signing up will take you no more than 5 minutes. But to raise your profile visits and popularity, you will have to answer many more questions and specify your search preferences. Signing in is also easy once you have registered. The next time the user will want to enter his profile, the only information he or she will have to enter is an email address or user name and a password. Signing in becomes even more accessible in case you save the password in the browser, and it gets filled automatically.

What You Need to Sign-Up into the Site

What You Need to Sign-Up into the Site

As soon as you enter your username (it is better to come up with a fictional nick-name and save your real personal information for the later) and fill the standard questionnaire, the site immediately lets you in. CountryMatch initially matches you to people of all ages and orientations based on the information you stated when registering. You can change the setting and chose the age and orientation range on the first page that opens before you after you are let into the system.

Are Verification and Personalisation of Profiles Present?

The users decide what information they want to add to the profile description after they register. Apart from uploading a main profile photo and answering an initial question when signing up, you can choose other necessary details about yourself in the “About Me” section like religion and level of education.

To win more views and inspire confidence in other users, you can introduce yourself in the profile editing section.

  • What will make your profile more personalized, this is filling a few forms given there. They include describing your perfect first date, the things you like, the music you prefer listening to, and your favorite places (from 10 to 600 characters each).
  • CountryMatch also provides you with an introduction area where you have up to 4000 characters to tell about yourself.
  • And the icing on the cake is a catchy headline (from 2 to 120 characters available), which is the first thing other users will see.

Filling these forms is not obligatory, but this step raises the status of a profile, and users themselves are interested in making their profiles informative and friendly.

Unfortunately, there is no profile verification on CountryMatch. Upon registration, you receive an email to your e-address greeting you on joining the site’s community. But the site doesn’t ask you to click a direct link or activate your profile in any way. This makes it possible for the fraudsters and scammers to access the site. In case CountryMatch wants to guarantee the security of its users, it should take the protection of profiles more seriously.

Searching Process on the CountryMatch Dating Site

Searching Process on the CountryMatch Dating Site

Upon registration and filling out the questionnaire, users can evaluate the matching process. It is worth noted that the search system for a potential partner on CountryMatch is very functional. There are a lot of search criteria, among which are not just standard features but specific attributes of real people. Almost all dating sites have the simplest search criteria. These are such parameters as:

  • age;
  • height;
  • weight;
  • language, which makes the registration easy but less personalized.

But sometimes to find, for example, just a tall, not very thin man under 40 years old is not enough. On high-quality resources, like CountryMatch, more detailed search parameters are used. Here you can sort the users by the level of education and profession, orientation, ethnicity, faith, location, and marital status.

It is always easier to find a common language with a person who is similar to you, and here even machine algorithms cannot cope better than a regular “About Me” description. That is why the short essay on simple romantic topics like describing your perfect date comes in handy on dating sites. The human factor here helps users see the person behind the description, not just a set of preferences and personal attributes. This is why CountryMatch is unique.

Consider what is crucial for you to make the result of matching the most accurate. Answer honestly, and do not pretend someone you are not. Then, CountryMatch will do the rest for you.

What Is Different About Matching & Chatting?

To see the user you have been matched to, you need a paid subscription. Practically no options for communication are available for the free members. Only those who purchase a premium or a standard membership can send, receive, and read emails. The person who is using the free version of the CountyMatch site can send or receive winks, photo likes and add users to favorites. They can also vote for the users requesting meets and search people based on their criteria. But to continue the conversation, they will need to pay.

Once you have been matched with someone, which means they have accepted your meet request, you can see each other in real life. The site is focused more on connecting people who have clear goals and are determined to build serious relationships. This is a drawback for those who are not US-residents. The majority of people registered on CountryMatch are from the USA. So, if you are from another country, chances are you will be matched with someone you cannot possibly meet.

Subscription & Membership Options to Choose From

Subscription & Membership Options to Choose From

CountryMatch does not provide free members with a broad set of features. Most of them are available for paid users. In case you are dedicated to building serious relationships and want to invest in your profile, you can buy a membership.

Can I Use the Site for Free?

To the moment you decide to purchase a paid subscription, your interaction with the site is limited and consists of features like liking, filling out “about me” sections, and waiting till someone accepts your meet request.

After purchasing a paid membership you will not only receive the standard set of features like sending and receiving winks, meets, photo likes, searching for matches, adding or removing favorites, posting photos, searching others and appearing in search results, and access to the mobile version of the site.

But you will be provided with possibilities for starting new conversations, personalized search algorithms, optimizing your profile, highlighting it, and watching who has visited your profile.

Prices & Discounts for the Regular Customers

  • Two types of memberships are available for purchase. The first is a standard one where the price for one month varies from $ 14 to $ 25, depending on the period of subscription you pay for. Half-a-year-long subscription for CountryMatch will cost you approximately 84 US dollars (which $ 14/ per month).
  • To pay for three months in advance, you will have to transfer $ 54 (which is near $ 18/per month).
  • Or you can give one month of a Standard membership a try for $ 25.
  • Upgrading to a Premium Membership, you will receive even more unique features. Purchasing six months will cost you $ 17/per month and provide you with features like highlighting your profile and extra exposing it for seven days.
  • Or you can buy three months of premium subscription with just the first bonus feature for $ 21/per month.

Prices for the CountryMatch subscription vary and will satisfy any user regardless of the budget.

What You Need to Cancel a Subscription

You can safely cancel your subscription at any time without getting a refund. CountryMatch states they do not allow refunds, and this is entirely up to the user’s responsibility to protect their card details, provide in-time payments, inform the site about changing payment methods, and refunds are possible only under extraordinary circumstances. However, you can upgrade your standard membership to a premium one or purchase additional paid features at any moment.

You can exit from and delete your profile at any time as well. For this, you have to press the “delete my account” button on the “My Membership” section.

Learn About the Safety Measures Taken by the Site

Learn About the Safety Measures Taken by the Site

As it has already been mentioned, the site does not request profile verification, which creates a base for fraudulent activity. Although CountryMatch is listing a whole range of prohibited content to be shared via its chats and provides users with a possibility to quickly report inappropriate content, spam or fake users, this does not guarantee the full security of the members. Users can block the suspicious members or unblock them later, report a scam or send an email directly to the company. But, according to the reviews, not all people get answered. This means you should not rely on the CountryMatch to ensure your safety and security. The users shouldn’t give out their real names or credit card details in conversations with strangers.

What Are the CountryMatch Alternatives?

The idea of uniting people who are keen on western aesthetics is not new. There are other options for country-junkies dating services, similar to CountryMatch. But being similar does not always mean providing a quality alternative.

  1. Western Match is another country-related site similar to CountryMatch. However, the set of features and the interface here are not so well-developed. In case you are looking for a site that has it all and does not narrows the circle of matches down, you should give your preference to CountryMatch.
  2. The name of the FarmersOnly site speaks for itself. This dating service helps farmers all over the USA and in other countries meet for serious and not so connections.
  3. SinglesCorral is a site designed specifically for cowboys and cowgirls. Its specification is Equestrian Dating.

Is This Dating Site Worth Your Attention?

If you were looking for serious connections and committed long-term relationships that will probably end in marriage — CountryMatch is a perfect option for you. It is simple-to-use, user-friendly, and provides you with different with pretty accurate matches based on your criteria. However, in case you are looking for one-night stands or a person to have fun with not for long, this site will not satisfy your needs. The site has been designed for people dedicated to find their soulmates and live happily ever after.

However, there are security measures and a pretty strict refund policy on the site, which leaves the users of CountryMatch slim to none possibilities to receive their money back.

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