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Fast Flirting Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

Fast Flirting Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 74%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 24-28
Profiles 2 200 000
Reply Rate 86%
Ease of Use 6.2
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Quick registration
  • Doesn’t require much information
  • Location-based search
  • Quick dates on Fast Flirting
  • Simple design
  • Completely free
  • Has a mobile version
  • No nudity
  • No ads
  • Free registration
  • May not be appropriate for long-term relationships
  • Is not very popular yet

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Fast Flirting is a young but ambitious dating site, created in 2018. It has been working for two years, though the company that created this dating site dates back to 2001. Fast Flirting is a part of Jumbuck Entertainment – a company that aims at providing mobile communication for singles all over the world. Two years ago, the Fast Flirting affiliate site was created, resulting in more than 40,000 registrations per day. It is intended to allow users to flirt, play around, and get to know people who are located nearby. Here, you can send pictures, animation, text, and soon the video chat option will be added as well.

How Can Fast Flirting Help Me?

How Can Fast Flirting Help Me?

Before going further into the Fast Flirting Review, let us specify the way this site works. And the way it works is more than simple: you just register on this dating platform, providing minimum information. It is always a good thing since you do not want to engage in intimacy with your provider and help scammers get your information. You need to state your nickname, add a small bio, throw in a couple of photos, and you are good to search for a partner. Whether you want a serious relationship or not, this site provides enough options to choose from. Originally, it was created for speed dating.

Speed dating is a process of finding a partner based on short questions. No-fuss. No worry. Just ask ladies a couple of hot questions, throw in a couple of facts about you, estimate their greatness by the photo gallery, and don’t forget to be charming!

As the site suggests, you can flirt with both guys and girls, without considering your gender, of course. Communications here are meant to be quick and simple. This site resembles Facebook by its usability. You can see your friends list, add new people to your preferences, like their photos, message them, and search for more interesting interlocutors! You can also see hot photos and search for the most attractive partner of the day, week, and month.

What Kind of People Can You Meet Here?

What Kind of People Can You Meet Here?

Continuing our Fast Flirting Review, let us see what kind of gorgeous members you can meet on this site. Moreover, we will analyze the location and age of an average user.

  • Location
  • Fast Flirting dating is meant to be for people from the US, the UK, and Australia. But the search is not that limited. Here you can also meet many people from Canada, Mexico, the Netherlands, and Guatemala. The best feature about this site is that is works based on your location. You can see the country flag under the photo of the user and understand whether this connection can be possible. You can register on this site from any part of the world without any restrictions or limitations.

  • Gender
  • Fast Flirting online dating respects any gender, but only men and women can communicate here. Since you can only choose an option “I am a guy” or “I am a girl,” this site may not serve the needs of transsexual and transvestite demographics.

  • Sexual orientation
  • The good thing is, this site allows you to match with people of your sex if this is your preference. The site caters to heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, and pansexual dating. How to know it? Just choose an option to search for a man or a woman, and ask them about their sexuality. While heterosexual and homosexual may reveal themselves by preference, bisexual or pansexual will remain invisible until you ask them about their sexual preference.

  • Age
  • There is no specific data on age demographics on Fast Flirting, but judging by the photos of an average user, they are 30+-40+ men and 20+-30+ women. Of course, here you can meet people of any age over 18. The age preference here is limitless. Also, this information can be obtained through the basic information graph on a person’s profile. If you are an elder user, this site provides many 60+ connections as well. Both genders are equally represented in terms of their age span, which means there is no unfair ratio (20-year-old women to 60-year-old men).

  • Ethnicity
  • Here, on Fast Flirting, you have a chance to flirt with people of different ethnicity. There is no bias in terms of color. Both white and people of color are represented equally. When it comes to ethnicity, you can find here men and women from America, Great Britain, Australia, Netherlands, Mexico, Guatemala, and Latin America. Most of all, you can find people from America, Great Britain, and Australia.

Are There Any Special Features?

Are There Any Special Features?

Although, seemingly, Fast Flirting doesn’t have a lot to offer because of its simple design, paradoxically, it’s the biggest strength of this site. One of the most exciting features in this Fast Flirting Review would be the purpose of this dating platform.

Nowadays, there is a lot of dating sites that offer you marriages and long-term relationships. Sites have lengthy charts and tables to make their users as familiar as possible. But what is wrong with a mindless flirt? Sometimes a smooth connection is all you need for a rebound, a broken heart, or a fun night. People here do not cover up their traces and do not invent fake nobility. Deriving from the name of the site, all you can get here is fast flirting and an attempt to make this connection into something more significant. Usually, users have no strings attached. It is one of the sites that practice frolicking and embraces everything fun you can do online.

Simplicity is one of the most remarkable features of this site. You text people, get a response, look at strangers’ photos, share information if you need to, and communicate without any obligations.

Is Fast Flirting Easy-To-Use?

In this Fast Flirting Review, we want to tell you all ups and downs of the site. The good thing is, it is nothing to hide here. Fast Flirting is indeed an easy and accessible dating site that can be understandable for people of all ages. The structure of the site is very intuitive. Everything is divided into lists. There are no pop-up screens, hidden buttons, or blatant icons. Here is no confusion and playing games. Everything you need to find in terms of dating can be found on this site within a couple of seconds. Want to find a person? This option is well-seen in the menu of the site. Want to message someone? Well, these options are also listed on the menu. Because the age demographic of this site is so different, its creators wanted to make the interface as easy and simple as possible.

A Pleasing to the Eye Design and Usability of the Site

You cannot exactly call this design “beautiful” or “outstanding.” It is just good and simple, and that is everything that can be said about this site. It looks clean, slick, doesn’t have many images or bright text. The design is something that can be described as “functional.” It has a light theme with blue accents, which is very pleasant for the eye. But what about its usability?

First, the site looks like Facebook in terms of its usability. It is rather easy to click with this site (no pun intended) and start your work here immediately. If you are not a very secure computer user, no worries! The site uses SSL encryption and does not steal your photos or personal information. Again, it will not ask you for any paid subscriptions, use of VPN, or other third-party programs to register and work on this site. The usability is crystal clear.

Does Fast Flirting Have a Mobile App?

The site does not yet have a mobile application. But it is too soon to be sad because it has a mobile-optimized version. How does it work? To date on Fast Flirting, you do not have to upload anything to your computer or mobile phone. The only thing you need to do is open a web version on your phone. A Fast Flirting mobile version is compatible with Mac, Windows, Windows Phone, iPhone, or Android. It works perfectly with all types of gadgets because the optimization is equally good.

Does This Site Provide Customer Support?

Does This Site Provide Customer Support?

In Fast Flirting Review, we are not going to lie. Customer Support is not very upfront on this site. There is no live chat, but if you click on the Help tab, you will be able to see a quick FAQ list. It includes information on Safety, Moderation, Profile, Terms of Usage, and Privacy Policy. Since this site is more than simple and has no payment system involved, it does not need an intricate 24/7 support team. Developers hope that users of this site will find answers on the FAQ page. But in case you are still left with questions or need some clarification, this site has a Send Feedback option, where you can essentially ask or complain about anything and send it to the moderator.

Is It Complicated to Sign-Up On The Fast Flirting Website ?

Fast Flirting will be the easiest sign-up process in your life. You will not need any additional app or downloads for this process. No questionnaires, no long lists, no personal information. Everything is easy and fun.

What Will My User Profile Look Like?

We will teach you how to sign up for the site and go through its basics. The best thing is, it takes you seconds to sign up for Fast Flirting. When you first click on the site, you will find an option to sign in using your email and password. To log in, you can also use Facebook or Google+. It is worth mentioning that none of your friends outside the site will know that you are registered on it. But if you are a first-time user, find an option called Register on the left. After this, proceed with a nickname and a secure password you need to type in twice. After that, you are pretty much done with registration. There is no need for a double authentication. The site prohibits nudity, obscenity, and other swear words. If you violate the rules, you will be banned by a moderator. This site maintains sexual topics, but not in a very explicit way.

In this Fast Flirting Review, we need to provide you with information on the profile information. Like we said before, the design is straightforward.

On the left, you can see a comprehensible list of options. Depending on your choice, you will see a “Flirt With Guys” or a “Flirt With Girls” option on top of your menu. Under it, you can see your short information (the name, your age, and sex). Under it, you can visit a Home page which brings even more information. The Home page has a built-in gallery with all users who are online at the time you are searching. However, this is not all you will get here. Under the Home tab, you can see an option called “Flirt With Guys” and “Flirt With Girls” once again. If you are a bisexual or just chose to see both genders in your gallery (you can change your preference in the Settings tab), you will be revealed for those options at the same time.

Of course, a good review should also include a description of communication. On this site, you will see an Inbox tab. If you have messages, they will be displayed in your Inbox. Easy as that. Under your Inbox, you will see a “Who Liked Me?” tab. It will reveal some information after you’ve uploaded your first photo and received feedback. People can leave likes under user’s photos, just like you would normally do on Facebook or Instagram.

Another interesting thing to mention is the Hot Photos tab. It opens up a page with best mentions of the hottest people of the day, the week, the month, and now. You will see it as a gallery with a different number of likes. Next is a Search Profile option. We will touch on that tab in detail further in our review. Under the search option, you will find a Settings tab where you can tweak your account and make some small changes if you want to. The last two tabs are Help and Log Out, which are pretty self-explanatory.

When you register on Fast Flirting, you will come out with a blank page. Since this site concentrates on fun dating, you don’t have to fill in passages of information about yourself. All you need to do is apply any photo of good quality, and write a bio about yourself. It should be short and telling about your intentions on this dating platform.

Is There Any Verification Process?

Is There Any Verification Process?

This Fast Flirting Review is intended to tell you how it works. The quality of your profile will depend on the quality of your photo, and that is it. Since there are no separate plans and no payments, all users acquire the same amount of graphs with given information. You cannot know much about your interlocutor unless you chose to talk to them. All profiles look more or less attractive, but of course, everything depends on a person.

When it comes to verification, you will not get any messages in your Inbox asking you to verify your account. You can pretty much use it with no delay. Whether it is a good or a bad thing is everyone’s personal opinion. The good thing is, the site doesn’t use your mobile number or any additional information like ID, credit card, etc., which decreases chances to get scammed here.

How Do I Search for Someone on Fast Flirting?

Let us see how to find someone on this site. On the Search Profile tab, you will be directed to the search page. Here, you can search for people by various criteria: gender, age, country, and language. You can also choose to talk to people with photos only, as well as choose to talk only to online users. If you remember someone from the site whom you didn’t text right away, you can search them for the nickname. Just write two first characters to reveal the list of people with the desired name. Let us continue with a Fast Flirting Review by talking about chatting.

How Do I Match With People and Chat on This Site?

How Do I Match With People and Chat on This Site?

On this site, you will be your matchmaker. Just like the majority of new dating sites, you can give people likes and text them, or expect to be texted and liked. The success will depend on your diligence and time spent on searching for people. You can be matched with someone if they liked your photo and texted you. Consequently, you will see this in the “Who Liked Me?” tab or as a message in your Inbox.

Chatting on this site is very straightforward. Just send someone a message by choosing a Send a Message option below their photo. If you just want to flirt with this person, choose a Flirt option, and wait for a person to respond. You can also block a person if you don’t want them to text you anymore.

Do I Have to Subscribe To This Site?

The following information is about to lift your spirits! This site is completely free and doesn’t require any payments, any plans, or subscriptions. You don’t need to choose a plan or cancel a subscription in case you chose to stop using this site.

All members can use this site without any limitations or payments. There is only a free membership on Fast Flirting. No credit cards, no ranks, no levels. Equality for everyone!

Is It Safe And Secure To Date Here ?

This site uses an SSL encryption, which ensures safety for its users. Moreover, it doesn’t require any further information than your email. You can be anonymous on this site. People who do not use it will not stumble across your photos on the Internet. Using photos or personal information is optional. The site notifies you that it collects some of your data (such as location to find a partner) and uses cookies. You can read about it in detail on the Help Page.

Does Fast Flirting Have Any Alternatives or Competitors?

Since Fast Flirting concentrates on quick dates and easy flirting, there are some similar sites you may want to visit as well. Sites that have a similar purpose are

  • adultfriendfinder.com
  • quickflirt.com
  • okcupid.com
  • speeddate.com

There are no competitors with Fast Flirting since this site is unique in its purpose and flirting system.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Fast Flirting is a young site with not big, but loyal following. Here you will be able to talk to men and women from America, UK, Australia, Netherlands, and more. This site respects both genders, every nation, and sexual orientation. Here you can date fast, flirt with many users without stress to build a relationship. You can see a gallery full of attractive people, text them, and move on. Easy as that. Hopefully, this Fast Flirting Review was helpful to you.

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