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FurFling Review – Is It the Best Choice for Furry Dating in 2024?

FurFling Review – Is It the Best Choice for Furry Dating in 2024?
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Active Audience 62%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 26-30
Profiles 200 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 8.9
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy to use: the features are limited, making it easier to find matches.
  • Design: this online platform has a basic design, which requires less expertise to navigate.
  • Community-based: this dating site is designed for the Furry community, making it easy to find a partner in the same community.
  • Affordable: This site's essential features, including messaging, are free to all users, making it cheap to use in getting a dating partner.
  • Limited membership: this site is used by the furry community, thus attracting a small number of users.
  • Mobile app not available
  • Scam profiles: the website uses nicknames and fake profiles pictures, making scammers an easy target.

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FurFling is a dating site designed to be used by members of the furry community. It is a dating website that was launched in 2012 and used only by individuals who are above 18 years of age.

The furry community is represented by the people who associate and get interested in characters related to anthropomorphic animals.

It regards itself as a social dating site, whose main objective is to connect people with like-minded individuals for friendship, dates, or just flirts. To use this website, you are required to create an account, search your preferred profiles, and secure a date.

This dating site is owned by FurFling, and can only be used via the website. It does not have a mobile app for its users. It is free to join and use. However, some features require users to upgrade their basic accounts to premium. Continue reading this review to learn more about its members, use, and other information.

FurFling Review – Legit Or Scam

How Does FurFling Work?

FurFling works by connecting Furry users to other like-minded individuals for friendship, short term dates, and long term relationships. Users are required to register and create accounts to join this website.

After creating the accounts, members can search using the search filter for their preferred matches. Once you get your preferred matches, you can message them to request for a hook-up. You can also send a wink to create attention to your potential partner.

Once you have a match, you can chat as you plan for a physical meeting.

Let’s Discuss FurFling Members

This site has garnered some members who use this site to find dating partners. These users can be classified into the below categories:

  • Geographical: most users of this website come from the United States. However, you can find traces of these members in all regions of the world.
  • Ethnicity: every ethnic group is represented on this site. You can find Black Americans, Indians, Chinese, and other races on this site.
  • Age: this dating site is for members over 18 years of age. The majority of users range from 20 to 40 years of age.
  • Sexual Orientation: this site accepts all types of sexual orientations. You can find straight, gays and lesbian users using this site to find their furry partners.
  • Gender: this online platform is used by all genders, including males, females, and the transgender.

Unique FurFling Features

FurFling does not have much when it comes to essential features.

  • Messages: this is a communication feature that allows members to create conversations among each other.
  • Media: this feature allows users to upload their photos and videos on this website.
  • Network: This includes users you have hooked up with, profile visitors, and the accounts you have blocked.
  • Search: This feature allows users to search for their preferred matches according to filters they have selected.
Unique FurFling Features

FurFling User-Friendliness?

This dating site is average when it comes to being user-friendly. The website design is perfect and easy to use, with appealing features to its members.

The only issue is the missing mobile app. nowadays, most people prefer mobile apps when it comes to dating because of privacy and compatibility needs.

FurFling Use & Design

The website design is modern, simple, and well structured to make its use easier and fast. All features are found at the header of the homepage, making it easier to see any user who has logged in.

The features are also few and limited, making it easy to use. The website is not congested as much. There is a missing mobile app on this dating site, which could have boosted its popularity.

FurFling Mobile Application

Currently, FurFling does not have an operational mobile application to its users. However, users can use this dating website on their mobile phone browsers.

The mobile browsers work well, just like the desktop browser, providing all the features of this platform. Users need to check it out and see how it functions on the mobile browser.

Does It Have Reliable Customer Support?

FurFling has a dedicated customer support system that is available all around to solve members’ issues while using this platform.

However, before contacting the customer support, users need to go through the FAQs to check if they can solve their issues through the answers provide in that section.

The customer support can be contacted by clicking on the contact us button, just below the homepage. Users need to provide their email address, subject, and message before submitting their request.

Customer support can also be contacted via social media accounts of this website, which include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, among others.

FurFling Mobile Application

Sign-Up Process And User Profile On FurFling

To use FurFling, you have to register and create an account. The registration and creation of an account on this site are free and takes a short time. Kindly see the process in our next topic.

How To Register

To register, users are required to login to furfling.com and click “join now.” Users are required to key in the information below to have a fully registered account.

  • Username: you are required to create a unique username.
  • Password: you need a unique password to secure your account.
  • Email Address: you need to key in your email address on this section. This also is used to verify the account.
  • Gender: you need to state your gender either as a man, woman, or transgender.
  • Seeking: you are required to state the type of match you are seeking. Options include man, woman, or transgender.
  • Age: you need to put in your date of birth in this section.
  • Location: you need to select from a list of options to select your country, province, and city.
  • Upload photo: In this section, you are required to upload a photo, which will act as your profile picture.

Account Creation Details: Does It Have Verification method?

After registration, you are required to create a profile. A profile on this dating platform requires the below user details:

  • Personal details: this includes the person’s height, weight, eyes color, hair color, ethnicity, Fur sane name, and the type of animal species.
  • All about me: In this section, users are required to describe themselves fully.
  • I am looking for: in this section, members are required to describe their potential matches and how they should look like.

Verification is always done via the email address, where users need to click on the link to verify their accounts. Once done with the above process, your account will be ready for use. To get matches, you are required to use the search filters to choose the kind of profiles you will like to be matched with.

Account Creation Details: Does It Have Verification method?

There are several search filters that one can use to get their potential matches. Members on this dating platform can use the below search filters:

  • Gender: you can choose profiles according to their gender—male, female, or transgender.
  • Age: you can choose a range in which you would like to get your matches.
  • Location: you can search users by their country, province or city.
  • Username: you can search profiles by their usernames.
  • Online status: you can choose online or offline members.
  • Picture status: you can choose those with photos or without.
  • Display type: you can choose those with detailed profiles or with photos.

Once you have found your preferred profiles, you can go ahead to match and chat with them. The more details you have in your profile, the more users will match you.

FurFling Search

Matching And Chatting At FurFling

To create a match, you are required to give full details on your profile, to enable easy matching. After finding your matches, you are required to message them requesting for a hook-up or date. You can also send a wink to create attention.

Once your message gets replied, it will create a match. You can continue messaging to create a conversation with your matches. The conversations will determine whether you will meet your potential match in real life. FurFling also enables its members to block suspicious profiles, which might be fake or annoying.

Types Of FurFling Accounts

FurFling has two types of accounts for its members, as explained below.

  • Free accounts: these are the basic accounts users get just after registration. Free accounts have limited use to its users.
  • Paid Accounts: these are premium accounts that offer all services of this dating platform. To be upgraded to premium, you are required to upgrade your account via subscriptions.
Types Of FurFling Accounts

Free Accounts

Members on these free accounts get to enjoy the benefits mentioned below.

  • Free account registration and creating of profile.
  • Uploading photos on this site
  • Search option: users on this dating platform can use the search options to find their compatible matches.
  • Messaging: Free account holders can send free messages to other members of this website.
  • Send a wink: free account users can send a hello to their potential matches on this website.
  • Request for a hook-up: members on a free account can request other users for a hook-up while on this platform.

Members are required to upgrade their accounts to premium to enjoy other advanced features of this site.

There are two types of paid accounts on this dating platform.

  • Silver membership: provides all the advanced features. Free members won’t reply to your messages.
  • Gold Membership: provides all advanced features and enables free members to reply to your messages.

Members on Paid accounts enjoy all the services on free accounts, including the advanced features mentioned below.

  • Unlimited hook-ups: users on paid accounts can send as many hook-ups as possible to their preferred matches.
  • View Profile visitors: users on paid accounts can view members who visited their profiles.
  • Private messages: members on premium accounts enjoy sending of unlimited private messages to their crushes.
  • Advanced search options: users on premium accounts can use advanced search methods to get their potential partners.
  • Instant messaging: premium account members can send instant messages to individuals who are yet to accept their hook-ups.
  • Photo hosting: members on paid accounts can have as many photos as possible on their profiles. The maximum limit is 100 photos.
Paid Accounts

Paid Account Prices

Members are required to upgrade their free accounts to paid accounts to enjoy the above-advanced features. Payments to these accounts come on different subscription packages as below:

  • Silver Membership:
  • Three-day trial account at $3.00, billed monthly at $19.00, if not canceled.
  • Three-month package at $39.00, paid quarterly. ($13.00 per month)
  • Six-month package at $66.00, paid half-yearly. ($11.00 per month)
  • Gold Membership:
  • Three-day trial account at $5.00, billed monthly at $29.00, if not canceled.
  • Three-month package at $72.00, billed quarterly. ($24.00 per month)
  • Six0month package at $99.00, billed half-yearly. (16.50 per month)

These packages are auto-renewed 24 hours before their due date.

How To Cancel Your FurFling Subscription

Since these subscriptions auto-renew 24 hours before their due date, members need to think about cancellations 48 hours before.

To cancel, you are required to contact the customer care with the email address you used to register.

Feedback is always given within 30 hours after sending an email.

Already submitted subscriptions, and the website never refunds other payments.

Safety & Security At FurFling

This dating site has provided some measures to take into consideration to remain safe while this dating site. The main feature is the block feature. Users can block suspicious accounts on their profiles and also report them to the website admins.

The website also tries to verify accounts upon registration by sending a link via the email address for members to confirm. It also tries as much to remove scam and fake profiles on its site.

FurFling has a privacy policy, which is used to give a clue on how user’s data is treated on this site. It provides guidelines on the kind of data it collects, how it collects it, its use and storage, and how it shares this data with other third parties. Readers need to go through this privacy policy.

Safety & Security At FurFling

FurFling Alternatives And Competitors

Being a dating site designed for a specific community, FurFling may not be able to accommodate all members on its website, especially those who do not belong to this furry community. Users can check the below alternatives, to see if they can fit their needs:

  • AdultFriendFinder

This is an online adult dating platform, designed mainly for members looking for casual sex and short-term hook-ups. AdultFriendFinder has a large number of members, and it boasts of having different ways of connecting its members and also various communication methods. It can be used on the website and also on mobile apps, both android and iPhone.

  • Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is an online dating site, mainly used by members who are married or engaged but are looking for extramarital affairs to quench their sexual needs. It is used mostly by travelers, who seek the warmth of the night while away from their spouses. This dating platform provides premium accounts free of charge to their women members.

  • Flingster

Flingster is one of the largest dating platforms used by adults of all walks of life since it works like a forum. It keeps users anonymous by using AR masks to conceal their identity. This dating site has an easy to use interface, which can be used by all people interested in finding matches. The worst issue about Flingster is that it cannot be used as an app.



We have come to the end of this review. Now it’s upon the user to decide whether to use this site to get a match or seek other alternatives. This dating site looks a bit complicated since it belongs to a unique type of niche, the Furry community. If you are part of this community, you can see what you may get out of this site. But if you are not part of the furry community, it’s advisable to seek alternatives, as stated above.

However, the website is good, and with an excellent interface and appealing features. Registration is also smooth and fast, though you need to provide a lot of information to have a complete profile. Members can check it out and see if it does as per its claim of giving legit matches. Ours is to wish you all the best in this journey of online dating.

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