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Fuck Marry Kill Review 2024 — Fun Dating App or Scam?

Fuck Marry Kill Review 2024  — Fun Dating App or Scam?
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Ease of Use 9.6
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Pros and Cons

  • Signing up process and profile creating is quick and simple.
  • The design is pleasant and stylish.
  • The app is easy to use.
  • The game process is a real fun.
  • Many options are provided free of charge.
  • Paid options are relatively cheap.
  • Desktop version is not available.
  • You can sign up only if you have a Facebook or Instagram account.
  • Search option is not available.
  • The payment options are limited.

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A new Dating app — FMK (stands for Fuck Marry Kill) is becoming popular among participants. The creator of the FMK wanted to make a “social game,” where each user must assign other players to one of three categories.

In this app, each participant has a rating that depends on how many participants put the user in a particular category. If you and another user put each other in the same category, the app creates a chat for you where you can start communicating. So, this app is not only a way to have a good time by playing Fuck Marry Kill game, it’s also a great opportunity to find your love.

Despite the fact that many people compare FMK with popular Dating programs (for example, Tinder, Bumble, Grindr) the app’s website says that Fuck Marry Kill is not a way to meet new people, but a fun social game. Though, playing this funny game, you can get acquainted with someone.

Like any dating platform, FMK has its cons and pros. Still, there are more advantages than disadvantages. The main advantage is that many options are provided for free. The premium options are cheap.

The Principles of Fuck Marry Kill Work

Fuck Marry Kill Review – Is This App Worth Using?

Fuck Marry Kill is an app that combines both principles of the game and site of acquaintances. The app was launched relatively recently in 2017 but it’s becoming more and more popular every day. The app is available only on PlayStore. You just need to download the app, install it and start playing. The principle is simple: you see three pictures of the participants and choose whom from them you’d like to fuck, marry, kill. If someone you liked, liked you too, you can initiate conversation.

Member Structure

Just a few weeks after the Fuck Marry Kill was launched, it has already been installed by more than 6,5 thousand people. Up today, more than 100,000 people have installed this app on their mobile gadgets. The daters on Fuck Marry Kill are mostly young people (20+) who want to get acquainted with new people and have fun. The male/female proportion is quite equitably distributed.

The people from the LGBT community are also welcomed to install the app. They are people who are searching for partners with the same gender.

People of all nationalities, sexual preferences, and ages are welcomed to install the app. It must be mentioned, that only people of 18 and above have a legal right to use the services of dating platforms. Mind this, please, before starting to use dating platforms.

Main Features

Fuck Marry Kill Review – Is This App Worth Using?

Though, there are free and paid abonnements, the holders of fee-based subscription have more privileges. The members of paid subscription can savor some additional features, proffered by the app producers.

  • Winks. You can send winks to people you like. This function is similar to those offered by many dating resources. Still, there is a difference. Winking to someone, you automatically appear in the match list of people you send a wink to. Winks give you an opportunity to start communicating with people without waiting they like you back.
  • See your voters. You can see voters whom you didn’t match with. Using this feature, you can augment the number of people you can converse with.
  • Boost your profile. This feature helps your profile appear the first, thus making it more popular among other participants. This function helps to connect you with more people, increasing your odds for finding someone special.
  • Power vote. This Fuck Marry Kill function gives you a right to vote identically for all the three users (For example, you give the Marry estimate to all the three participants).

Is Fuck Marry Kill User-Friendly?

The app is user-friendly. It’s easy to navigate the app. Most of the users of the app are people of 20+. People of this age range can quite easy understand how different apps function. Everything in Fuck Marry Kill is well sectioned and is done in self-explanatory manner. There won’t be any confusion when using the main features of the app. If you have any questions, you can always contact customer support.

What You Should Know About Website Design & Usability

Fuck Marry Kill Review – Is This App Worth Using?

The design of the app is pleasant. It’s made in bright colors making every user feel good and cheerful.

The app is comfy for usage. It seems that the whole idea of the app is to make the dater to act intuitively. Everything is quite understandable. Most of the app’s users are young people who are the Facebook and Instagram active members. So, it’s easy for them to navigate the app and understand how it functions.

Why Fuck Marry Kill Mobile Application Is Convenient to Use?

Our modern world requires us to be active. Young people who are studying, building their careers, and working hard have no time to stay at home in front of the monitor of the computer to find their love. They prefer doing everything on the go. Dating is no exception. More and more people choose online dating as a way to find a perfect partner. They want to get an opportunity to communicate with people without being dependent on their location. That’s why it’s more convenient for them to download and install a mobile app and start making acquaintances, and communicating with other people using their mobile devices.

The FMK app is comfy for usage and it has a stylish design. It may seem overburdened first, but when you get accustomed, it will be easy for you to steer it. Performing simple taps, the user can get a lot of possibilities for communicating and dating new people. Only the Android devices owners can download the app on their gadgets. You can download it from the Google Play Store without charging. The Fuck Marry Kill application has positive reviews overall, so, it’s worth paying your attention to.

Customer Service

If you have any questions concerning the app’s services or any technical issues, you can contact a FMK customer support team. The specialists from customer services are always ready to help you and give you a qualified advice. Send them a request applying Contact Us section to get an answer.

If can also apply a FAQ section to get answers to your questions.

The Procedure of Registration and User Profile Creation

Fuck Marry Kill Review – Is This App Worth Using?

It’s not difficult to register and create a profile to become a part of FMK congregation. First of all download and install Fuck Marry Kill app from the PlayStore absolutely for free. Use your Instagram or Facebook account to connect it with the app. That’s all, now you have a profile on FMK. All information from your Facebook or Instagram account will be automatically redirected to FMK profile.

What you will have to specify is your sexual preferences, your education, and you will have to write a short bio. A short description of yourself will help other people to understand whether they suit you or not.

Registration via social media accounts is an attempt of the app to guarantee that the person who is using the app is real. It’s the way to minimize the quantity of sham profiles. Moreover, the moderators from FMK manually check the information from the profile. If everything is OK, your profile will be approved. The process of verification takes up to 30 minutes.

How to Register on the App?

The process of registration is simple and quite understandable. You don’t need to spend much time to register on Fuck Marry Kill. First of all, go to the PlayStore to download the app from it for free. Install the app on your mobile gadget and link your Instagram or Facebook account to it. That’s all, the procedure is finished.

Bear in mind that all the users of dating sites and apps must be of legal age. Only people who are 18 or more have a right to use the services of dating resources.

What You Should Know About Profile Quality and Verification

Fuck Marry Kill Review – Is This App Worth Using?

To create a profile on Fuck Marry Kill, you need to choose what social media account to use – Facebook or Instagram. After you link your social media account to the app, your profile is ready to use. All information from your social media account will be used for FMK profile. This also helps to confirm your authenticity. You will also be asked to specify your sexual preferences, education, and write a short description of yourself. Though, as the experience shows, the daters choose the app’s participants based on their profile photos. Your education is not important.

Your FMK profile must also undergo an additional verification procedure. The moderators from FMK will scrutinize all the data from your social media accounts. If something is wrong your FMK profile will be rejected. The verification process usually takes 5 to 30 minutes.

Most of the dating platforms offer their clients basic and advanced search options. Basic search allows choosing the partners according to the age and location. Advanced search implies searching according to specific characteristics such as appearance, interests, hobbies, and so on. The daters can also search using the keywords.

Unfortunately, there is no search system provided by the Fuck Marry Kill app. You will have to rely on the app’s matchmaking system.

Ways to Contact Other Users

Fuck Marry Kill Review – Is This App Worth Using?

Conversing with other participants of the app is a real fun. There are a lot of ways to contact other users especially if you have a paid abonnement. Paid membership gives you a lot of privileges while free subscribers have some limitations. Sending and receiving messages is free of charge. But the zest of the app is that you need to vote for the participants, determining whether you want to Fuck, Marry, or Kill this particular participant. The vote system allows creating a match. The matches can start conversing, and flirting with each other.

What Subscription Options Are Available?

As many dating platforms, Fuck Marry Kill proffers its users free and paid options. Using free Fuck Marry Kill abonnement, plenty of the app’s options will be available for user. If you want to see how the app functions, use a free subscription. To get all the functions of this app, you will have to pay. The longer subscription plan you choose, the less you pay.

What Options Are Available Within Free Subscription?

To be a free subscriber means that many of FMK options will be unavailable for you. The functions that are available within a free subscription are:

  • You can create an account.
  • You can send and receive messages.
  • You can play Fuck Marry Kill.
  • You can invite your friends to test the app.

What Options Are Available Within Paid Subscription?

Fuck Marry Kill Review – Is This App Worth Using?

To get more options of FMK app, it’s recommended to purchase the paid abonnement. You will be able to get all the functions of a free subscription + additional cool options. They are:

  • You will be able to see who voted for you.
  • Send a Wink.
  • Boost Your Profile option becomes available for you.
  • You will get Power Vote option.
  • You will get a VIP membership.

How Much Does Subscription Cost?

The Fuck Marry Kill app offers its users three subscription plans: 1 week, 1 month, three months.

If you want to purchase a week abonnement, you will have to pay almost 5EUR. One month abonnement will cost you nearly 3EUR. Three months abonnement will cost you 0,66 EUR per month. The total sum you will have to pay is almost 2EUR

So, as you see, the longer subscription you purchase, the less you way.

Additionally, you will have to pay for sending Winks.

10 credits will cost you almost 3,5 EUR (0,35 EUR for one credit).

20 credits will cost you almost 6,5 EUR (0,32 EUR for one credit).

30 credits will cost you almost 8,5 EUR (0,28 EUR for one credit).

The price you will have to pay for options are quite moderate. That’s why most of the app’s daters prefer purchasing paid membership. Moreover, the longer subscription plan you have, the less you pay for FMK options.

How to Cancel a Subscription?

Fuck Marry Kill Review – Is This App Worth Using?

Most of the functions are available in the app’s Settings. Skip to this section and adhere to the instruction.

If you want to return your funds for paid subscription, it’s not possible to do. If you’ve made a purchase, you won’t be able to return your funds.

Is the App Safe?

All people want to feel safe when communicating on the dating platforms. The Fuck Marry Kill app is safe and reliable. The app has rather strict verification procedure when registering. You need to link your social media account to the app. The app’s moderators check the information from social media accounts and decide whether to deny your FMK profile or not.

This helps to decrease the number of fake profiles, thus making communication within the app more safe and pleasant.

What Fuck Marry Kill Alternatives Are Available?

If you are searching for Fuck Marry Kill alternatives, see the following list.

  1. Tinder is a mobile dating app that is not linked to a specific city. It is looking for a soul mate within the distance specified in the settings. Moreover, you don’t need to create any profiles — a couple of photos, a few words about yourself (this is also not necessary) and you may start searching your perfect partner.
  2. Bumble is an interesting dating app where a girl takes the first step. The functionality is similar to Tinder and Badoo, which makes the app intuitive to use. The app doesn’t provide special variation: registration is only available via a phone number or Facebook account.
  3. Happn is an app that uses your location data to provide you with the closest possible matches for dating. When you find yourself close to a person who matches your characteristics, his/her profile rises to the top of the search feed. Then you can view the potential partner’s photos, liked them, and start a conversation.

Final Word

Fuck Marry Kill Review – Is This App Worth Using?

If you want to play a romantic game and you don’t have any definite goals in mind, then Fuck Marry Kill will suit you perfectly. This social game combines the characteristics of the funny game and a dating resource.

The app is only available for Android-based devices and can be downloaded from the PlayStore for free.

The app offers its users free and paid options. Paid abonnement will give you more advantages. Most of the members use the paid options because the FMK prices are quite moderate.

Play Fuck Marry Kill, get acquainted with new people and have fun!

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