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BeautifulPeople Review 2024 — Real Dating Site or Scam?

BeautifulPeople Review 2024  — Real Dating Site or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 52%
Quality Matches 95%
Popular Age 22-26
Profiles 1 700 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 7.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • BeautifulPeople is a dating website dedicated to beautiful people.
  • Users have plenty of options to search, communicate, and discover.
  • Users’ privacy is the priority of the website.
  • A plethora of dating features to interact and connect with new people
  • The dating website doesn’t have a matching algorithm.
  • The voting system results in losing many quality members.
  • The website does not take strict security measures.
  • Hidden payments for every service.

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BeautifulPeople Review – Connect with the Most Beautiful People

BeautifulPeople is a dating platform for beautiful individuals only. It’s a go-to place for those singles who want to meet and date gorgeous people. BeautifulPeople has gained popularity from the day it was founded to encourage people to seek relationships on the bases of physical attraction. Though through years, the dating website has faced many controversies. Evidently, it doesn’t seem to affect its reputation if we evaluate the statistics of its aspiring users and membership. At present, the user base of BeautifulPeople is about 750,000, but not all these users are admitted. According to reports, more than 10 million users register on the website, which means that in every ten users, fewer than one got accepted on the site.

How Does BeautifulPeople Operates?

BeautifulPeople is not a site that defines beauty. The dating website itself doesn’t give votes to the beauty of its potential users. The users of the site hold and behind the future of any profile. These members decided that the users are attractive enough to admit to the community. That is the reason the site advertises itself as a dating platform with the key to the door in the hand of existing members. These users rate the members on their physical attributes. Each user of the website is obliged to voting, and existing users vote for it. After 48 hours of registration, the existing users vote into the users’ profiles, whether they are beautiful or not. The applicant can only be admitted if he or she gains enough beauty votes. The voting system has four polls:

  • Beautiful
  • Hmmm OK
  • No
  • Absolutely not

Applicants that secure average votes on Beautiful and Hmmm OK are permitted to become members. Applicants that secure average votes in No and Absolutely Not are rejected.

We got an insight into why the applicants got rejected and secured No votes?. It seems like the ugly traits of the members that are the reason for the rejection are obesity, smallmouth, unsightly nose, unhygienic appearance, balding hairline, especially for women, uneven skin, bad teeth, etc.

Detailed Analysis of the BeautifulPeople Website’s Audience

Detailed Analysis of the BeautifulPeople Website’s Audience

The members of the BeautifulPeople are those lucky people that are admitted by the votes of existing users. It’s like a contest where the members are judged on their profile photos and the paragraph in the About Me section of their profile.

A variety of age ranges are seen on the dating website, but mainly people within the range of 20 to 35 comprise the majority. Most users join the site in search of fun, meeting new people, and getting invited to events and parties. All the members have access to the Looking For the feature of BeautifulPeople. Users are divided into categories in the Members feature. The list is:

  • Newest Members
  • These users are the successful newbies accepted to the website.

  • Highest Ranked
  • These members were ranked high at the time of voting to get into BeautifulPeople.

  • Most Popular
  • These users have the most viewed profile and messages history.

  • Elite
  • The premium members fall into this category.

  • Applicants
  • These are the aspiring members of the website who want to join the BeautifulPeople community.

    Main Differences From Similar Dating Websites

    Certain features make BeautifulPeople attractive to its users. Such as:

    • The eligibility criteria based on physical attractiveness.
    • All the members stream broadcasts live activity to update profile.
    • Verification of accounts assures genuine profiles.
    • Several options for interacting with users.
    • Members can opt for private pictures that can be shared with selected users.
    • Other members show the interest is organized neatly in the Likes feature.
    • All the users mention their intention of joining the website in their profile. Whether it for seeking love or getting invitations for events and parties.
    • Users are allowed to gain some control by permitting which members can join the site and which cannot.
    • The quality of the profile pictures is in HD.

    BeautifulPeople: Dating Website With a User-Friendly Interface

    BeautifulPeople has a user-friendly interface and design for navigation. The site is easy to operate and navigate for beginners to pro.

    IsBeautifulPeople Pleasing to the Eye?

    BeautifulPeople have a lot of features on its platform. The overall design of the website makes navigation easier. The site is designed simply and straightforwardly but gives its users a productive experience. All features are organized on the header menu. You can see a sidebar with each tab along with a notification bubble for unread messages. Moreover, at the bottom, there are some additional tabs like Browser History, Activity Stream, Favorites, etc.

    Is There a Mobile Application for BeautifulPeople?

    BeautifulPeople offers an app for the convenience of its users to keep in touch on the go. The mobile has similar features as the browser except for the Events and Forums section. The Rating function is a bit different compared to the website: It takes a long time to load and process and display pictures of profiles only. The buttons for the voting are shown as X and checkmarks buttons.

    How to Contact Customer Support Service of BeautifulPeople?

    BeautifulPeople has an organized and efficient customer support service. Members can report and ask any questions by sending an email through the Contact Us tab on the website. You can also send mail to the given address.

    Where to Start?

    The dating website has an easy registration process, which is completed within minutes. The main concern is the approval procedure, which decides your fate.

    How to Create an Account on BeautifulPeople?

    How to Create an Account on BeautifulPeople?

    Like many other dating sites, the registration process of BeautifulPeople is simple. Users have to provide some personal data like their birthdate, gender, area zip code, current location, and an impressive username with a strong password. Later you have to write a little about yourself, like stating your sexual orientation and net worth. Users have to fill all the requirements. Users are required to provide the reason for their joining the website. The option is already given, and you can choose between:

    • Love
    • Fun
    • Networking for business
    • Social networking
    • To get invites for events and parties.

    You can sell one or two or all there is no restriction on how many you want to choose. Accounts are activated via email verification. An activation link is sent to your email account after activation you have to upload a profile photo. Once the picture is uploaded, users are directed to their dashboard, where a timer is displayed. Users can see the voting status and also the time of their application. It takes 48 hours to determine whether you are in or out of the community.

    How Do You Know There Are Real People on BeautifulPeople?

    There are eight sections of the profile of members at BeautifulPeople.

    • Profile header.

    Member’s username, profile picture, height, location, weight, and details about the last log are included in this section.

  • Contacting features.
  • The contacting feature is displayed under the header if the profile. You can see Messages, Send Wink, Chat and also Add to Favorites.

  • Photo gallery.
  • Users can upload pictures other than profile pictures. These pictures go to the gallery, which is available under the tab of contacting icons.

  • ‘I’m looking for it.’
  • This section reveals the intention of the members for joining the dating platform.

  • Personal information.
  • The information about the user’s background, physical appearance and lifestyle fall in this category

  • ‘About Me.’
  • A paragraph that describes the personality of the user that is displayed below the personal information tab.

  • Interests.
  • There is also an optional section called Interests at the bottom of the profile. Members can enlist their interest in sports, hobbies, books, TV shows, and music. If the section is not filled, it is removed automatically from the profile.

  • Sidebar.
  • I’m the sidebar you can Report and Block buttons. You can see the thumbnail pictures of the suggestions about the profile.

    You can edit or alter any information by going to your profile directly. Members can put privacy settings on pictures and select which users can have access to the gallery.

    Search Tools on BeautifulPeople

    Search Tools on BeautifulPeople

    Standard users are allowed to search with simple search systems. Members have an option to choose how much distance there should be between them and their partner. They can search on gender basis or age.

    There is also an advanced search feature where users can get specific about lifestyle, education, appearance, and occupation. It will narrow down the result according to members’ preferences.

    How to Get in Touch?

    BeautifulPeople does not offer any matching algorithm, unlike other dating websites. Members have to find their best match themselves with the help of BeautifulPeople features. The first option is to find the names of users in your location and that are currently online. The second option is to see the categories in the Members tab where the website have displayed users in specific categories like:

  • Newest Members: this includes the users that just got accepted.
  • Highest Ranked: this includes the highest voted, members.
  • Most Popular: these include a user with most messages etc
  • Latest Updated Photo Galleries: this includes members who uploaded pictures in the gallery recently.
  • Today’s Birthdays: this includes users who have a birthday

  • It’s a great deal to place users in these categories; it helps to break the ice and initiate a conversation. For instance, if you are checking a member’s gallery, you can comment on their picture. You can take a look at Today’s Birthday section and wish a happy birthday to the birthday boy or girl.

    Users can also find matches and meet people by using the search option. There are two levels of search tools: basic and advanced. That means, Basic Search has three criteria on which members search. It includes the current location, age range, and gender. At the same time, Advanced Search has more filters than the basic search. It provides eye and hair color, sexual orientation, education, and smoking preference.

    BeautifulPeople took a ride in their search tools and believe that they have the best searching system in all dating websites. The first hurdle is always physical beauty on any dating website. At BeautifulPeople, you know there will be no compromise in physical appearance.

    After registering to the website, standard members show their interest by sending winks and adding users to their favorite list to access any time. Approved members have limited access to interact with users, and premium members have a lot of luxurious features to enjoy their time in the site and find someone special.

    Members can ask to send free messages if they authenticate their account with identity verification. This way, standard users enjoy the luxuries of premium members to some extent. All in all, to experience the website fully, it is recommended to upgrade your membership to a premium level.

    What Types of Membership Are Available on BeautifulPeople?

    What Types of Membership Are Available on BeautifulPeople?

    The subscription offer at Beautiful people has three duration packages. It is recommended to upgrade your membership to get the full benefit of the website.

    Services for Standard Members

    • Standard members can create a free account
    • They can create a profile without any charges
    • They can view and enlarge other users’ photos
    • They can vote for new members
    • They can send winks to other users
    • They can add members to their Favorite List.

    What Else Do Premium Members Get?

    • Premium members can text and receive messages
    • They can request access to private pictures
    • They can view people interested in them
    • They can chat live with other users
    • The can see who add them in their favorite list
    • They can join forums and participate in the discussion
    • They can access the member’s final score at the voting
    • They can see who voted the application as beautiful and who liked them

    What Is the Pricing Structure of BeautifulPeople?

    • One month subscription charges: 24.99 USD
    • Three months subscription charges: 16.99 USD per month and 50.97 USD in total
    • Six months subscription charges: 12.49 USD per month and 74.94 USD in total

    How to Cancel BeautifulPeople Subscription Plan?

    Members can cancel the subscription plan anytime by going to the account settings of the website and change the settings.

    Is It Safe to Use BeautifulPeople?

    Is It Safe to Use BeautifulPeople?

    Safety is BeautifulPeople dating website priority. The strict verification policy only lets genuine users through. The privacy policies of the website indicate all its privacy strategies how the information is collected and by no means shared with any third party.

    BeautifulPeople keep their customers’ privacy confidential and provide security tips to avoid scammers or fake profiles. Moreover, users can report any suspicious activity to customer support, and they will act accordingly.

    What Alternative and Competitor Websites and Apps Are There?

  • Tinder
  • Tinder is the best way to meet people for hookups and a one-night stand. The website finds a perfect match within your vicinity. You can swipe right if you like the user and swipe left to move on. Thousands of hot women and men look like models. If someone likes you back, a match is made, and you can interact with them.

  • Match.com
  • Match.com is another leading dating website that has kits of beautiful singles from all backgrounds and ethnicities. You can use the extended search filters to find sexy singles in any category. The robust matching algorithm if the website finds perfect matches based on the users’ preferences. If you prefer beautiful women with long hair from America. The site will find someone that matches your criteria.

  • Zoosk
  • Zoosk is an online dating website that has a vast members base. The site provides ample opportunities to its active users ti-connect with their perfect match. Zoosk accesses the messages of its members and analyzes whether they are compatible or not.

    Final Verdict: BeautifulPeople Dating Website Review

    After reviewing BeautifulPeople in-depth, we get to the conclusion that the site is an excellent platform for aspiring models. They will be readily accepted to this community as it survives on physical attributes. The site offers various features to interact with members. The communication gestures are accessible to only premium users. Standard members can send Wink to show interest, but can it initiate chat. Premium users, however, enjoy a plethora of great features like chatting, live video, receiving text, etc. To enjoy the site with all its bells and whistles, we recommend enjoying your wallet and upgrading to premium membership, especially when you are looking for a relationship.

    The security measure is strict, particularly the verification process, and users’ privacy is kept confidential at all times. If you are attractive and want to find someone beautiful or get some invites to parties and events, BeautifulPeople is perfect for you.

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