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Facebook Dating Review 2024 – Real Chance or Waste of Time?

Facebook Dating Review 2024 – Real Chance or Waste of Time?
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Active Audience 53%
Quality Matches 50%
Popular Age 26-38
Profiles 1 700 000
Reply Rate 97%
Ease of Use 8.1
Popularity 6.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Does not cost anything to use
  • Friendly towards the LGBT community
  • "Second Look" and "Secret Crush" features
  • The feature can be embedded into the app for Facebook
  • The user base is not enormous
  • Users need to have a Facebook account
  • Some bugs do exist in the system

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Facebook Dating is the next generation social media dating platform that is primarily intended for creating relationships.

How Does Facebook Dating Work?

Facebook has been growing rapidly and now has over 2 billion users worldwide. A vast majority of them continue to use the social networking platform as a tool for dating purposes by sending flirtatious messages or comments. Facebook dating brings its own set of advantages that help users find potential matches to tap the online dating space. There are exciting features like Secret Crush that help users find interested members.

How Does Facebook Dating Work?

Audience Analysis

Facebook Dating is present in more than 15 different countries around the world, including the United States. Men and women can register here from 18 age and above. The platform is expected to reach out to a wider section of the globe in the year 2020. It will add more users to the platform, which is rich in diversity with different languages and sexual orientations. The exact numbers about audiences are not out, but it is safe to guess that a huge chunk of the population comes from the US. The app is also quite popular in the South American and South Asian countries.

Key Features

There are some distinctive elements on this platform that can provide a positive user experience. They are the following.

Second Look

This feature allows users to get a list of potential matches in the reverse chronological order to get a second look. It will enable the opportunity to do the possible matches once again, and this revisit can help find options that were inadvertently skipped.

On Pause

Everyone needs some time away from social networking, and this also holds for dating sites. If users want to take some time away from the game, they cannot for a healthy break using the ‘on pause’ feature. It is a better option for those who want to be away from dating temporarily without deleting the profile.

Profile Content

The profiles come with an entry point that allows users to strike a conversation like shared hometowns or schools. There is a lot more emphasis on quality dating than casual flings, and the profile content feature is excellent in this regard, as it tries to create a solid foundation with a possible match.

Profile Content

Instagram Integration

As a result of Instagram being owned by Facebook, it is being integrated into different sections of the platform and dating no different. However, Instagram manages to elevate a person’s attractiveness if they happen to possess a dynamic and authentic profile. Apart from pulling all photos, this feature is quite clever as users can choose the pictures that they want to import.

Secret Crush

This feature makes use of the main Facebook profile as users can pick up to 9 friends that they have a secret crush on. If the other person also happens to like your profile, Facebook Dating establishes a match.

Pre-emptive Block List

It is possible to make sure that users are not matched with people who are not on their friends’ list on Facebook. This feature can come in handy when trying to avoid an ex-girlfriend who has been unfriended from Facebook. It can also come in handy when trying to avoid family members or an acquaintance. The pre-emptive block list makes sure that you are not getting any unwanted recommendations while also staying low in their eyes.


It may take a while before users can feel at home on Facebook Dating. It is due to the large volume of options available to a user. However, this site is straightforward to understand, with all the text clear and legible. Over the years, huge improvements have been made to the design and interface. This platform is one of the big.

Website Design & Usability

Website Design & Usability

The site for Facebook Dating is straightforward and easy in terms of looks, but there are many hidden features inside the platform. Only after a few hours of spending with in-depth research can a user find out options. However, these can be quickly understood once the task of finding them is over.

Facebook Dating Mobile Application

A full-fledged mobile app is available for accessing this platform, and it is on par with the user experience provided on the Facebook app. Both offer a similar design, and it looks brilliant from every aspect. Even though it can be quite resource-hungry, the aesthetics are well worth the trouble. It is a joy to access the app’s different features, as the transitions, navigation, and other aspects are well laid out. The advantage of using an app would be to get a direct notification when the likes are received. It helps in replying quickly to a potential match, and this can, in turn, increase chances of success.

Customer Support

Customer Support

The disadvantage with a huge business like Facebook Dating is the lack of personalized touch in the customer support segment. The best bet for solving any queries would be to use the detailed FAQ section. If it did not help, the email option would be capable of solving most issues.

Sign-Up Process and User Profile

Even though all data on this platform can be taken from the Facebook account, one should be remembered that this profile is separate. It will not be visible to friends and users who are not using this platform. There is still a need to enter some amount of profile information like children, education, religion, height, and more. These are not mandatory, but they can help increase the likelihood of getting a positive match.

There is inclusivity due to the presence of sexual orientation options and non-binary gender options. One can choose to populate the profile with pictures from the Facebook profile or uploaded new ones. Different personality questions can be answered so that the profile becomes more attractive. Furthermore, the question section also has a role to play in the matchmaking process. Even though the number of questions is not huge, they are slowly improved by the platform.

How to Sign-Up

Facebook Sign-Up

There might be a massive user base on the network, but Facebook Dating has managed to keep the signup process simple. Even then, it manages to stay very secure. After signing in to the mobile app from Facebook, users will be presented with the option of dating. If this notification is taken upon by the user, they would be taken to the setup process. It is simplified since most of the information is taken up from the Facebook account. There is very little input required from the user. It primarily involves aspects like a short bio and specialist dating questions. It would take around five minutes for a user to set up an account, but it can even be done in two minutes if the user is in a hurry.

Profile Quality and Verification?

The quality of profiles available on this platform is excellent and just like in the bigger concern. Going through all of the profiles may not take so much time, like on Facebook, but it is easy to make use of the search option. The verification procedures are quite strict and very difficult to bypass. It is one of the factors behind the high-quality profiles. They stand to profit most by the deteriorating number of fake users, who are taken out of the window by the verification techniques.

By default, Facebook Dating comes up with suggestions based on user profiles, preferences that have been set, groups, events on Facebook, and content shared on Facebook. Even then, it is possible to adjust the match settings in different ways like lifestyle, belief, location, and more. Once the match preferences have been set, the suggested profiles will appear on the home screen, and users can choose to accept or reject these options.

Matching and Chatting

Facebook Matching and Chatting

Even though Facebook has a user base that runs into the billions, Facebook Dating cannot be compared since its user base is substantially smaller. Most of the Facebook users are not aware of this feature, as it is being promoted subtly. As a result, it is impossible to come across a large number of users in a nearby locality like a Tinder. However, Facebook may be making sure that the user gets multiple opportunities.

Like many other dating apps, Facebook Dating makes it possible to interact with other users only after the match is established. Instead of swiping left or right for a member, if a user happens to like a particular person and their profile, they use Facebook’s most used feature – like. If users come across a person that they are already familiar with, this like feature can help decide if they want to expose their identity before sending an interest.

The Secret Crush feature can help in this regard, as people can secretly send likes to friends on Facebook – even if they are not part of the Facebook Dating eco-system. A user will be notified if the other person also comes up with the same interest. If not, it will go away without any sign.

Subscription Options

Just like the bigger social networking Cousin, Facebook Dating manages to stay completely free, and users do not have options when it comes to the membership.

Free Version

Facebook Free Version

The free option is the only choice when users decide to be part of Facebook Dating, and this is just like the social media version of this brand. Despite being free, users get to enjoy all forms of features.

There is no paid version on this platform.


There are no pricing plans from Facebook Dating since it does not provide a paid option.

Cancelling Subscription

It is not possible to cancel the Facebook Dating subscription since a paid plan does not exist. However, one can delete the profile entirely by going into account settings and choosing to delete it. This action will remove all data from the platform.

Safety & Secure?

Facebook Safety & Secure

Even though Facebook is one of the world’s biggest companies, it does not have a great privacy record. The business model of Facebook has always been about selling users data so that they stand to profit. Even though the practice has slowed down after the advertisement platform’s improvement, Facebook Dating may not be completely different. The fact that Facebook Dating is entirely free makes it hard to trust the security aspect, but third-party sites cannot crack upon the platform in a bid to steal user data. On this front, Facebook Dating employs many features that can be relied on by users. Although plenty of personal information makes its way into this platform, users can be relatively confident about supplying the data.

There is the usual set of options, like being able to block users, report conversations, or even report users. Users can use them to increase the feeling of safety on this platform.

Facebook Dating Alternatives and Competitors

Facebook Dating Alternatives and Competitors

Even though Facebook has more than 2 million users and appears relatively on its own without competition, the same cannot be said about the dating section of the site. There are competitors with bigger user bases, and they should be taken into account when considering this platform. The chief competition comes from:


Tinder remains the one platform that has to be overcome by Facebook Dating to gain a substantial market share. Tinder operates in different countries around the world, and it is considered the gold standard for finding casual hookups and short-term relationships. When it comes to helping secure long-term relationships, the platform’s effectiveness can be questioned, as the platform’s nature is to promote speed dating. There is minimal reasoning behind the choice of a potential match apart from appearance.


Facebook Bumble

It is also a swipe dating app that manages to put the female sex in the driver’s seat. Even though both genders are accepted on the platform, only the women are capable of initiating contact. It significantly reduces the chances of success for a male who is trying to impress with a conversation. A large part of the matching process is done based on appearance, while the men have to wait for a message. Limited chat availability also makes it difficult for men while increasing the security aspect for women. A BFF mode is available on the Bumble platform so that it cannot be only about relationships, but people can also use it for friendships and casual connections.


Hinge is more than a regular dating app, and it has been designed particularly with a view of increasing the security systems. The platform is ideal for people looking for serious relationships, as it is easy to contact users. A strict verification procedure means that Hinge has very few fake profiles, while existing profiles are also filled out for the most part. One of the biggest criticisms would be the app-only access for this platform. Despite the growing usage of mobile devices, it alienates a section of the users.


There is no doubt that Facebook has been able to revolutionize the social media platform in recent times. However, the platform is not great when it comes to getting relationships. In this regard, Facebook Dating becomes a savior by offering a standalone option for the same. The incredible brand image gives it a lot of credibilities. The ability to pull data from the main profile makes it very convenient for users to set up and get started within a few minutes. This platform may not be great for one-night stands and casual hookups, but it is a place where users can get to know each other in a much more credible way. It is a fantastic platform for romantic interactions.

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