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OurTeenNetwork Review 2024: Is It Really a Safe Site for Teen Dating?

OurTeenNetwork Review 2024: Is It Really a Safe Site for Teen Dating?
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Active Audience 52%
Quality Matches 83%
Popular Age 18-20
Profiles 1 200 000
Reply Rate 78%
Ease of Use 9.7
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It has a large number of users: It is one of the popular online dating sites for teenagers with a broad audience on the platform.
  • Entry to the site involves a simple sign-up process, and teenagers can easily create their profile once registered.
  • It is entirely free to use the site and has an interface that is easy to navigate.
  • It works both as a social network and a dating platform. It has a forum that enables teens to interact as they share their ideas.
  • It presents an easy way for young people to create connections and make friends. It also poses a high chance of getting a compatible match.
  • The platform provides opportunities for un-moderated interactions, video chats, and chat rooms that can be harmful among teenagers. Lack of moderation promotes misbehavior among the young community.
  • The site has lots of adverts that can be a nuisance to users.
  • There are some fake accounts on the site. Some of those who sign-up are grown married men and women despite this being a teens’ platform.
  • The layout design of the website is ordinary. There should be some unique design that teens can enjoy to promote the attractiveness of the website.
  • The profiles are visible to all members of the public unless you change the settings to hide them.

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Welcome to this OurTeenNetwork review for 2020. We discuss various components of the OurTeenNetwork site. Some of the components discussed include the pros and cons, essential features, website usability, and design, audience analysis, sign-up process, website safety and security, and many more. This review helps you to determine whether the platform is legit or scam. Go through it to learn more.

OurTeenNetwork is an online dating and social networking platform exclusively designed for teenagers aged 13-19 years. It has its headquarters in New York City, United States.

It has a quick and straightforward registration process, and email verification is involved. Single teenagers use this platform to make friends and build relationships.

It contains features such as chat rooms and searches functionality. It also serves to educate the members on various issues, such as the consequences of unprotected sexual encounters and the adverse effects of teen pregnancy and parenting.

How Does OurTeenNetwork Work?

How Does OurTeenNetwork Work?

OurTeenNetwork works by bringing together teenagers who are willing to join this dating and social networking website. The members create their profiles and post on the site.

They can rate each other based on attractiveness, and individuals get a chance to connect via multiple avenues such as video chats and forums.

Members are allowed to meet their perfect match. From there, they can start any type of relationship desired.

Additionally, this platform provides services to women who are interested in other hot young women. All you have to do is just to specify the attributes that your partner should have or the qualities you want her to possess.

This online dating site also targets single men who are interested in single men. You can create a profile and specify your requirements, and a match will come up with the same qualities and interests that you want.

Audience Analysis

  • Geographic Distribution: All individuals from any geographic location are free to be members of this platform.
  • Gender composition: The site is composed of both the male and female genders seeking companionship, friendship, and or just casual relationships. However, there are more male than female individuals who have registered on the site.
  • Sexual Orientation: This online dating website accepts membership of the audience from all kinds of relationships.
  • Relationship status: Members on the platform can either be single or in relationships. The site offers a variety of relationships, from companionship to a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship.
  • Age structure: All members on the site are teens mainly aged between 13-19 years. Young adults also have an opportunity to experience online dating with the potential to meet new partners for a long-term relationship from the platform.
  • Ethnic Backgrounds: This young adult dating platform accommodates individuals from all ethnic backgrounds. Teenagers seeking for potential love partners or friendship from all races can join the site. From here, they can find a member based on their preference from any background.

The site, however, is mainly being dominated by people of Caucasian ancestry.

OurTeenNnetwork Key Features

The site has some essential features that work for all registered members. Some of these features are:

  • The search feature that enables members to search for profiles based on their chosen search criteria.
  • There are chat rooms where the teens can converse.
  • Availability of teen forums: individuals can share their ideas through discussions and form relationships with people in the community.
  • Hot or not poll feature, where members do the voting.
  • “3D City” virtual world.
  • “Calculate chemistry” and “Today’s biorhythm” features.

Is OurTeenNetwork User Friendly?

Is OurTeenNetwork User Friendly?

This site is user-friendly with exclusive features that interest the teenagers. The interface design is appealing and user-friendly. Any individual can easily understand how the website works due to its simple design.

OurTeenNetwork Website Usability & Design

The website has a user-friendly design with a simple and easy to navigate interface. The desktop site is a bit challenging for first-time users, but it becomes simpler with time.

It has features that are easy to interpret even among the less literate. Generally, the design is simple, with top-notch functionality that creates an exciting experience. There are tips and resources offered on the website, such as those concerning cyberbullying, social networking safety, and more.

Does OurTeenNetwork Have A Mobile Application?

Currently, there is no mobile application for this teen social network and dating site. However, one can still enjoy access to the web version wherever they are. You just need to sign up and access the platform, either the mobile version or through the desktop version.

Users get a complete and integrated experience with all the features from their smartphones the same way they would when logging in on a desktop site. Members find it refreshing being able to navigate through the site features at their comfort freely.

Customer Support

OurTeenNetwork has active customer support through their help desk and support team who can be reached 24/7 at any time. Users are free to engage a team of experts at any time of need. Some of the issues submitted to the support team include queries, comments, and suggestions from members.

If you have any such concerns or any other opinion, you can send an email to the customer support via [email protected]. The team offers quick feedback on the raised customers’ issues.

How to Sign Up and Create a Profile

The sign-up process to OurTeenNetwork website is a pretty straightforward, and quick process. All you need to do is create a username, type in your registered email address, and a secured password in the spaces provided.

Also, you need to specify your age in years and your location. Your username will be made accessible to the public, and you are free to either use your real name or pseudonym. You can choose whether or not to provide the following personal information: Your Kink, Snap chat, Instagram, Tumblr, Skye, and Twitter usernames.

Essentially, getting a new account on the platform is entirely free with no hidden charges and takes up less than 5 minutes of your time.

To sign-up, you need to go to the website’s homepage, click on the ‘Sign Up’ tab located in the middle of the page. Here, you will be redirected to the sign-up section and fill in the required information.

After you’ve filled in all the information required, you need to agree that you have read and understood the terms and conditions by clicking on the box provided. You can now sign in to the platform and utilize the services provided.

In the subsequent sign-up sessions, you can log in through different social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

You can later merge your account with the social network account used.

Here’s The OurTeenNetwork Sign-Up Process

To sign up, follow the following steps:

  • Create your username
  • Enter your email address.
  • Enter a password chosen according to your preference.
  • Select your gender.
  • Key in your city.
  • Enter your age in years.
  • Input your Kik username- optional and will be shown in the Menu>Kik
  • Input your Snapchat username- optional and will be shown in the Menu>Snapchat.
  • Input your Instagram username- optional and will be shown in the Menu>Instagram.
  • Input your Tumblr username- optional and will be shown in the Menu>Tumblr.
  • Input your Skye username-optional and will be shown in the Menu>Skype.
  • Input your Twitter Username-optional and will be shown in the Menu>Twitter.
  • Check on the box provided, indicating that you have carefully read and agreed to the terms and conditions of the site.
  • Click on the ‘Sign In’ button. Here, you will be directed to the site’s dashboard.

Profile Details & Verification

Profile Details & Verification

The profile quality of this platform is generally reasonable. The profiles can be viewed in an order arranged based on the Snap chat ID.

Everyone, including non-members, can view the posted profile, photos, and any other personal information provided. Members can search you based on the info shared on your profile.

Any of the info posted can be made accessible on Google, Google images, and other such platforms. Any data that you publish can be viewed by everyone, including both the registered and unregistered people.

Email verification is done during the registration process whereby you are supposed to click on the link provided on your email to complete the registration process.

You will be sent a notification via your email on any action taken on your profile, such as a post created, private message, and so forth. This ensures the verification of any activity undertaken on profiles and promotes profiles transparency.

OurTeenNetwork Search Options

This online social network and dating site has a search feature that allows you to key in the search feature that you are looking for, such as location and age, based on your preference.

Once you input your search feature run the search button, all the results related to your search will be displayed. This is a point where you go through the search results to identify your perfect fit.

You can use the profile details provided by members to find your favorite profile either for friendship only or to initiate dating as you identify your perfect match.

How To Chat and Match on OurTeenNetwork

This platform provides you with an opportunity for users to interact in a variety of ways, including video chats, messaging, and the virtual world.

You can send both public and private messages to your favorites as soon as you log in to an account. You can chat on the website using a pseudonym in case you do not want the messages to appear under your name.

You are provided with features that can allow private communication. For example, you can use private messaging to communicate on non-public conversations on the website. Additionally, you are given a chance to interact on non-public ways through protected posts and direct messages.

Further, features such as voice and video chats have enhanced the dating experience on this website as users can get instant feedback from their potential matches.

Members can freely access profiles of single young adults and can search for a potential match through the search feature. From the search results, you can link with any profile at any moment by initiating a conversation through a chat.

This website has not put any defined matching algorithms for its users.

Membership Options

There is only one membership option provided in the platform that is the free membership.

All services are provided for free to registered members.

Free Membership

With a free account, you can enjoy various features such as building a profile, going through potential matches, and adding your favorite photos to your account.

You also get the opportunity to access the search feature and browse through your fellow teens’ profiles, send messages to them, and even add like their photos.

There are currently no paid subscriptions on the OurTeenNetwork website.


There are no pricing plans since membership is entirely free.

How To Cancel Your OurTeenNetwork Subscription

Since the membership available is entirely free, there are no subscriptions done.

Therefore, you are not required to make any subscription cancellation.

Website Safety & Security Measures

Website Safety & Security Measures

OurTeenNetwork always works to promote website safety and security. Some of the measures put in place are:

  • The members’ communications, including private messages, are stored and processed. This process involves scanning malicious content, detecting spam, and prohibited photos, illegal, homophobic, or pornographic words.
  • Terms and conditions contain a portion of the website’s safety and security information that members must read and agree to on the registration process.
  • New users have to create a strong password during the sign-up process to protect their accounts.
  • A profile photo upload by users is mandated during the sign-up for security reasons on the website.
  • The privacy policy is in place to secure members’ data.

OurTeenNetwork Competitors and Other Alternatives

OurTeenNetwork website faces competition from alternative teen social networking and dating websites such as MyLOL, Crush Zone, Teenber, Teens Town, TeenChat, Fun Date City, and many more.

This review provides a brief description of three of these sites to give you a basic understanding of OurTeenNetwork competitors and alternatives.

  • MyLOL
  • My LOL an online teen social networking and dating site available for all individuals aged 13-19 years. Membership is from all over the world, with a majority being from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. The sign-up process is straightforward and quick. You can sign up using your email address or your social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, or any other site to quicken your profile creation. It has a variety of features that users can enjoy. However, some specialized features are only available for premium members. It has a mobile app that can be accessed both on the Android and iOS devices.

    • Teenber
    • Teenber is a free online dating and networking site for teens. Its mission is to meet young people with common interests and make new friends. It has swiping features like the Tinder dating app where you swipe right to like an individual’s profile and swipe left if you do not like it. The site has a straightforward and quick registration process, and it allows teens from all over the world to sign up. Members interact on the platform, begin friendships, and even develop online relationships. There is a mobile app available for free download for Android devices.

      • TeenChat
      • TeenChat is a platform that allows teens, both boys, and girls, to interact with other individuals of their age and share their ideas. The site is entirely free of charge with a quick and easy registration process. It allows individuals aged 13-19 years to sign up. Guests can also access the platform. The site has essential features such as forums, chat rooms, and enabled friend requests.

        There is no mobile app currently available for TeenChat. A mobile version with the same functionality as the web version is available for free access with no downloads.

      Final Conclusion

      Final Conclusion

      OurTeenNetwork is an excellent interactive platform for teens, either for making friends, having fun, or having a relationship.

      However, we would not recommend that teens join this platform due to the cons associated with it, such a fake profiles and un-moderated chats among teens involved. If there’s a need to join the platform, we would recommend parents’/guardians’ guidance.

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